SBC Podcast #52 ūüéß: David Lovell From The Bookmaker DragonBet

In the latest Smart Betting Club Podcast I am joined by ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’ David Lovell, who is one half of the duo that runs the independent bookmaking firm,¬†DragonBet¬†alongside his brother, James.

Immersed in the betting world from an early age thanks to their bookmaking father, John Lovell, both David and James have recently launched to go alongside their on-course bookmaking in Wales.

David provides a refreshing vision for what a bookmaker should be as we discuss the mechanics of running a smaller firm and how they differentiate themselves from the faceless corporate books.

You can listen to Episode 52 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

In-depth Chat with DragonBet

In this episode, David and I discuss:

  • The Lovells’ history in bookmaking
  • The innovations that David’s father John introduced into the industry
  • How the Lovell brothers complement each other and have the right mix of skills to make their business work
  • The inspiration behind DragonBet, its Welsh identity and pricing up markets that no-one else does
  • ‘White Label’ bookmaking – how it works, its benefits and its drawbacks
  • Hosting casino and E-Sport products on the DragonBet website
  • The day-to-day challenges of running a bookmaker operation & the regulatory changes on the horizon
  • Managing sharp punters and how David views them differently from arbers or fast-feeders
  • On-course bookmaking, the benefits of face-to-face interaction with customers and the challenges that rail bookmakers are up against
  • The Lovell brothers’ future plans for DragonBet

David was a fascinating guest and it was so informative to learn about the bookmaking industry and day-to-day operations at an independent firm.

You can learn more about DragonBet by visiting their website or by interacting directly with David and James on their social media accounts (their Twitter handle is @DragonBetWales).

More on Firms Like DragonBet

Many of us have grown tired of dealing with the impersonal and incompetent service at larger bookmakers and here at the SBC we have been doing lots of work to profile firms like DragonBet and what they can offer smart bettors.

An SBC profile of DragonBet (and other likeminded bookmakers) is available on our regularly updated Independent Bookmaker page, providing a comprehensive summary of the different options available with these lesser known firms.

We also invite your comments and experiences on this page as we build up a dossier of helpful information for those of you looking to bet away from the main firms we all know about!


How to have a Fantastic Cheltenham Festival: SBC’s Top Tipsters & Strategies To Win With!

The Very Best Tipsters for the Very Best Races

The Cheltenham Chatter has (hopefully!) reached it’s peak with just a few days until the Supreme Novices’ Hurdle will be met with an excited roar at Prestbury Park.

The ground, handicap plots, declarations and leaked marks have all been in the headlines but we have one objective here at the SBC –¬†making profits from our betting!

With that in mind, we have collected some of the most suitable services for you to consider below and have concentrated on those that are best placed to help you make money at the Cheltenham Festival.

Free Tipsters

SBC Membership provides access to nine free tipsters and we have selected the three that we feel are best placed to help you profit next week:

  • ‚ÄčPricewise With PCB¬†is a constant source of generously priced winners as Paul Chandler-Burns curates Tom Segal’s Pricewise tips, reading between the lines to adjust the bets take and tweak the standard staking plan.¬†92 points profit¬†and a¬†12% ROI¬†over the last 2 years suggests that the service is well worth a follow.
  • Kieran Ward 13/2 – 8/1 tips¬†has a solid and consistent record with¬†10,143 bets¬†providing¬†1,055 points of profit¬†at¬†11% ROI.¬†12 years of proofing has seen just¬†one¬†losing year as an impressive profit chart keeps going in one direction – upwards!
  • ‚ÄčAchievable Value¬†is the newest member of the Free SBC Tipster ranks and a 6 month proofing period has shown a¬†10.43% ROI¬†at¬†BSP!¬†This is quite the feat and we can report that the brains behind the service is¬†disappointedwith these returns! Covering a wide range of races, Achievable Value is an excellent option for any bettor, especially those limited to exchanges.

Premium Services

Another benefit of SBC membership comes in the form of considerable discounts for the very best services. Of our 7 Premium Racing Services, we have selected two that have shown a considerable edge at Cheltenham before:

  • ‚ÄčOptimum Racing, run by podcaster, Andrew Lowrie, promises to be ready for every chase race at the festival. This service’s specialism, selectivity & aim of a 20%+ edge before selecting horses makes it a solid addition to anyone’s portfolio. 8 years of proofing has shown a¬†165 point profit¬†and a¬†23.3% ROI, all from just¬†508 bets. There is currently 20% off his service ahead of Cheltenham starting!
  • ‚ÄčNo Foto Needed¬†is a hidden gem that keeps beating the bookmakers and exchanges alike. Over 1,600 bets has resulted in a¬†16.21% ROI¬†to advised prices and remarkably, this figure grows to¬†25.62%¬†when measuring selections against¬†Betfair SP, making this an excellent option for all punters!

Additional Cheltenham Benefits

In addition to the snapshot of SBC offerings above, we would also like to highlight some other services that we feel are perfect for profiting at the home of National Hunt Racing:

  • Northern Monkey Punter¬†has an enviable record at Cheltenham and has a¬†two week free trial¬†ready for SBC Members.
  • Bookie Bashing¬†has so much to offer and their¬†Horse Racing Tracker¬†is perfect for exploiting all of the extra places on offer throughout festival week – SBC members can save¬†25%¬†off their first 3 months of membership.
  • Learn Bet Win¬†is an excellent tipping service with a superb record at Cheltenham – thanks to the extremely detailed analysis provided during the festival. Run by the professional punter Declan Meagher, it is a great way to turn losing into winning – you can hear all about it in¬†SBC Podcast #47¬†where Declan talked me through the service. We also recently re-reviewed his service in SBC 131, where you can explore in-depth the edge he has and who it is suitable for.

Sign Up Now

With less than a week to go, the good news is that all of this and more is available to you with SBC Membership.

After signing up, you will get instant access to all of the free tipsters, premium discounts and discounted services that come with being part of our winning club.

3 month, 6 month and annual memberships are all¬†available here¬†– with the National Hunt season approaching it’s peak, now is the perfect time to get signed up and access what the¬†very best tipsters¬†have to offer.



Beating the BSP: Introducing Achievable Value

Eight free tipsters with combined annual savings over £850is a brilliant benefit of SBC Membership. How about nine?

Well, that’s what we have for you today as I would like to introduce a brand new horse racing tipster,¬†Achievable Value.

This service has been proofing to us since September and, as you can see below, has recorded a very encouraging 87.71 points @ 10.43% ROI during this period.

Best of all Рthis is at Betfair SP (after commission) and based on 841 bets during this period.

To add a further boost to these figures, the brains behind ‘Achievable Value’ is¬†disappointed¬†with the performance in the proofing period as it is¬†below¬†his historical returns!

Achievable Value’s Edge

Achievable Value is run by a professional horse racing veteran with positive results dating back as far as 2005. During this time, he has trialled various systems and strategies, honing the model that he has for you today.

This model was built to make a profit at Betfair SP, because like most shrewd punters, the tipster was long ago closed down by the bookies and Betfair SP is his only way to get bets on.

Hence the name ‘Achievable Value’ as the bets and odds are 100% Achievable!

The method behind Achievable Value’s success includes:

  • A concentration on horses in the ‘sweet spot’ odds range between 4/1 & 8/1
  • An internal handicapping system to identify undervalued horses
  • Video analysis of tracked horses
  • A constant refinement of strategies to keep what works and remove what doesn’t

To read more about Achievable Value, its record and the mechanics of how the service will work for SBC members, please click here.

SBC’s Free Tipsters

Achievable Value joins our other 8 free tipsters, who all provide excellent value for SBC Members.

Two of them – Kieran Ward’s¬†13/2 to 8/1 service¬†and¬†Pricewise with PCB¬†will be providing their expertise during the upcoming¬†Cheltenham Festival,¬†making it the perfect time to get some free advice sent to your inbox each day!

In addition, we have experts on boxing, basketball and hockey with two further horse racing services that focus on their own niche markets.

You can see all of the results for each of our free tipsters in the SBC Free Tipster spreadsheet.

Sign Up

To access all of these tipsters for FREE, all you need to do is sign up for SBC membership.

The savings made from one of these tipsters is identical in valueto an annual package, so if you would like to access just one of them, everything else that comes with membership will be a bonus!



Fresh Off The Press: The SBC’s Latest Horse Racing Tipster Profit Report

Here at SBC we have just released our new Horse Racing Tipster Profit Report, outlining our ratings and recommendations for the many different racing tipsters we proof and track.

With Cheltenham quickly approaching, this provides the perfect opportunity for you to sign up to the SBC and read all of our detailed analysis and commentary.

Inside, you will find updated results figures for each tipster, comparative league tables to help you pick out the best racing experts and our independent commentary to help you decide which tipsters you should follow in!

Changing Times, Changing Analysis

This report is a little different from what has come before it.

Bookmakers, markets and liquidity are changing all of the time and we have introduced even more assessment tools, focusing on providing the clearest possible picture of what services offer and how practical it is to follow them.

Fair Odds – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

One of the focal points of our reports, especially when it comes to racing, is our quest to highlight those racing tipsters who quote realistically achievable odds.

This is vitally important in this day and age as bookmakers ‘treat’ customers who take bets in weak, early markets to account closures and heavily limited stakes.

One bad example of this came in the form of a racing tipster we proofed (but refused to review given how they worked) who continues to tip bets into early, weak markets.

Tips are released at 5pm the day before racing – as soon as bookmakers price them up -and it is not rare to see a bet quoted and settled at 20/1, which has been slashed to 10/1 within minutes.

We have seen 20/1 winners logged that no-one will realistically be obtaining given how quickly the odds move. And if you do get on these bets, your bookie accounts won’t last 5 minutes.

When putting this issue to the tipster he simply shrugged and says its not his problem.

Hence why we won’t be reviewing – plus the fact he has listed a Dead Heat bet as a full winner for well over a month, despite¬†our highlighting of the issue!

Adjusted Odds Tables

To combat this and fairly measure¬†attainability, we have produced ‘adjustment tables’ that reflect tipsters’ odds at different intervals¬†after they are released.

This paints a picture of which services are realistic to follow if you can’t get on straight away and which ones require ‘lightning quick clicking’ to get on. They look like this and provide a valuable summary of¬†price sensitivity¬†for each service.

More Than Just Profits Or Return On Investment

In summary, this Racing Tipster Profit Report provides our recommendations of tipsters that offer:

  • A¬†long-term edge¬†and¬†profitability
  • Realistic¬†release times for bets so that followers can get prices¬†without restrictions
  • An avoidance of¬†using stand-out prices¬†and¬†fair odds settlement¬†when prices change dramatically just after tip release
  • Membership Caps¬†for those services where price sensitivity is an obvious issue

We feel that these expectations should be a bare minimum for all tipsters and have made this clear to all of the current or prospective we monitor, meaning that only the very best tipsters are recommended to our members.

Sign Up To Read In Full

To read the latest Horse Racing Tipster Profit Report you will require SBC Membership.

To sign up for instant access to all of our reports, discounts, free tipsters, analysis and guides, click here.