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We are continuing our big betting giveaway today with the release of our FREE 2013/14 Season Fink Tank Football System to all who want a copy!

This profitable system has been given a major update over the close season and now features details on its performance over all 4 English Leagues dating back 5 seasons. In all, we have examined over 10,000 games and uncovered numerous ways you can use it to make a serious profit.

Its quick and easy to use – Register to receive your copy for free here:

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Our Big Free Betting Report Giveaway!

Ask any bookmaker what kind of punter scares them the most and they will often tell you ‘its the ones who know what they are doing’. They love taking bets off drunk hen and stag do parties on a day at the races, but start to show a bit of nous when placing your bets and they will get twitchier than Harry Redknapp at a bird-watching conference.

Therefore the more we know and understand about betting the greater our chance of ultimate victory and profits actually are.

Whether its following a great betting system (like our Fink Tank football system),  learning from expert gamblers on the secrets behind their success or knowing who the best (and worst) tipsters actually are… it can all make a difference to the dream of betting profitably.

So to help you achieve this goal, we are giving away 5 of our best free betting reports from the past 12 months for you to explore.

Within them you can find everything from How to bet on Live Football Matches to Expert Gambler Interviews and Free Profitable Tipster Reviews to help you in this profitable betting goal.

Each of the 5 free reports is available in PDF format and yours to share with whoever you so please. (But whatever you do…don’t tell your bookie!)


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Out Now: The Latest (Secret) Tipster Dossier

This week saw the release of the very latest Smart Betting Club (SBC) Tipster Profit Report – featuring results details on 53 of the very best betting tipsters we have uncovered in over 7 years of independent reporting.

In each unique report you can find unique tipster league tables, ratings and ‘Hall of Fame’ listings, all aimed at helping YOU identify which often little-known tipsters are genuinely profitable.

You can find out which tipsters…

  • Make the largest profit?
  • Make the largest betting bank return?
  • Are the simplest to follow?
  • Are easy to get advised odds with?
  • Offer the best option on a budget? (including 5 totally free)
  • And most importantly…can genuinely make you money betting?

All of these questions and more are answered courtesy in this latest Tipster Profit Report, enabling you to quickly and easily find the right tipster to start bashing the bookies with!

What’s more – many of these tipsters are far from household names and its only Smart Betting Club members who know exactly who they are.

Pick up the latest Tipster Profit Report instantly as a Smart Betting Club member – available for less than 22p a day.

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Earn 20% Cashback With A Skrill Gambling ‘E-Wallet’

In today’s column I want to share a top pro gambler tip on how to keep all of your betting activity as organised as possible…and also how you can save (and make) money in the process.

If you enjoy a bet then the chances are you have at least one, if not several different bookmaker accounts, which although the right thing to do (after all the more bookies you use, the better the odds you can get), does mean it can be a nightmare keeping on top of it all.

One of the big problems with having multiple bookie accounts is that it also can mean your bank account becomes cluttered with constant deposits and withdrawals (hopefully more of the latter!). It can also be a slow and sometimes costly exercise to constantly use your debit and credit cards for betting.

Keeping track of your betting performance also becomes that much harder when its muddled in with your Council Tax and Tesco food shopping bills…plus of course, potential issues when it comes to explaining your betting activity to outsiders.

Indeed, a few years ago, I had a heck of a job convincing my Mortgage company as to why there was so much money coming in from the likes of Ladbrokes and Bet365 in my bank account! Thankfully they saw more coming in than going out, but it was the final time I used my current account for betting I can tell you.

An Easy Solution For Gamblers

There is one easy solution to all of this for keen gamblers – which is in the form of digital wallets (or e-wallet) services such as those offered by companies such as Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers). Continue reading

The Betfair Trading Scam & 15% Value Football System

First off this week I want to highlight a very concerning Betfair Trading Scam doing the rounds, which seems to have caught a few people out.

Those behind this scam have obtained the phone numbers for thousands of keen gamblers and are sending text messages offering a risk free trial of their Betfair Trading service. This might sound harmless enough until you realise there is no actual free trial – they simply want access to your personal details and any funds in your Betfair account.

One such example text message received is as follows:

BETFAIR TRADERS. Earn RISK FREE profit on your online account daily using our team of specialist traders. For more info on the FREE TRIAL text back (YOUR NAME)

Upon sending a reply back, you can expect to receive a call from this mysterious company, who will do everything in their power to convince you to give them a free trial.

Ultimately, all they want is access to your Betfair account for ‘trading’ purposes, but if doing so, not only will they clear your account of its funds, but they can also then access your bank details. Not good at all! Continue reading

Football Systems: 6 Profitable Betting Systems To Follow

If you have spent any time at all checking out the mountains of get rich quick football systems that are sold on the internet, you will probably know most of them are a complete waste of time. Indeed, many football systemsgiven their potential effects on your bank balance are downright lethal.

You would certainly be right to assume that good football systems don’t grow on trees…which is why we are so excited to announce the release of a major profit update to our Fink Tank Football System for the new season.

Its significant as our research has identified 6 different sub-systems for use with the Fink Tank – each of which has a profitable track record from the past 5 seasons.

Take our ‘Win Value 15’ System for example, which over 2540 bets, has a profit of £2,847.00 at just £10 stakes, which equates to a Return on Investment of 11.20%.

6 Profitable Football Systems

For the past 3 seasons, our original Fink Tank system picked up a string of profits in the English Premier League with a 7.3% Return on Investment from 983 bets followed by SBC members.

We were so encouraged by this performance we spent the summer researching the Fink Tank System further – drilling through 10,000 games and odds from the past 5 seasons across all 4 English divisions (Premier League, Championship, League 1 and League 2).

The upshot is that in doing so we have discovered 6 sub-systems for you to follow the Fink Tank Value System this coming season – all of which have massive potential.

Check out the table below for full details on how good they are!

Return on Investment represents your overall profit on staking (i.e. a ROI of 11.20% suggests that for every £100 you stake, you make £11.20 on average).

Return on Capital indicates your betting bank growth – so a ROC of 553% suggests you would have grown your starting bank 5.53 times itself.

So whether you enjoy backing favourites, big-priced outsiders or even Asian Handicaps, there is a way of following the Fink Tank System that is suitable for you.

You can find full details on each of these 6 systems, plus a lot more besides in the Full Fink Tank System Guide – now available for download the instant you join us at the Smart Betting Club.

A Genuinely Profitable Football Betting System

Here is the full rundown of what access to the Fink Tank Football System Guide will provide you:

  • Analysis of the Fink Tank system over 5 full seasons and over 10,000 games;
  • Where exactly the Fink Tank makes money from a betting perspective and how you can profit from it;
  • Home/Away, Individual League, Odds range & Stage of Season data;
  • 6 suggested systems for you to use this season (both traditional 1X2 and Asian Handicap betting) and full rules on how to pick them yourself.
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