Video Diary – Alex takes us through his results from 4 months of his betting portfolio

Alex is back with the 2nd video in his Video Diary series and this time he’s got 4 months worth of results to show us.

Since he’s been using his 4 SBC recommended betting services for some time now, we thought it best he shows us how he’s getting on.

And having seen the video it makes very good viewing! Especially the results!

In this video he goes through each service and the results he has achieved for each one.

Plus he breaks down the numbers to show us things like numbers of bets, bet size, bank, growth, and most importantly…profits.

If you’ve been wondering how lucrative some of the most highly recommended SBC betting services and tipsters can be then this is your chance to see it in real-world action.

Watch the latest video here.

Best Regards

Pete – SBC Editor

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7PM Tonight: Join the SBC and Betmarkets livestream session on YouTube

Tonight at 7pm GMT, I will be hosting Afonso Vieira, the CEO of Betmarkets in the first ever SBC YouTube livestream event.

You will be able to watch it on the SBC YouTube Channel (be sure to subscribe to it) or by following the livestream link that will be posted on the SBC Twitter account.

Afonso will be taking your questions live about the Betmarkets platform and explaining more about what his service does, the tipsters they have onboard and any other related topics.

For those of you unable or unsure if you will be able to attend the livestream itself, you can also pose your questions beforehand by emailing them directly to me at or asking them on Twitter.

Afonso and I will be doing our best to discuss all pre-asked and live questions relevant to using Betmarkets and of course you will be able to watch this video after the event on YouTube.

In the meantime, you can read SBC’s detailed exploration of Betmarkets in SBC 120 – including the 2% deposit bonus available to all Smart Betting Club members

Hopefully see you during the webcast!

Best regards,

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor