This Tuesday @ 4.30PM – Miguel From Winner Odds LiveStream Q&A

At 4.30pm GMT this Tuesday afternoon the 16th January, I will be hosting a special livestream event with Miguel Figueres from the fantastic Winner Odds Tennis Service.

Miguel is the developer of the AI based model that Winner Odds uses to identify value tennis bets and his service is very popular based on his consistent ability to beat the bookmaker.

He is also the co-founder of the Spanish Association of Sports Betting Players – AEJAD, which seeks to represent the interests of bettors, including fighting back against unfair bookmaker practices.

To explain more about his Winner Odds service, his work at AEJAD, Miguel will be joining me to answer YOUR QUESTIONS on the Smart Betting Club YouTube Channel from 4.30pm on Tuesday the 16th January.

For those of you unable or unsure if you will be able to make the Livestream, you are also welcome to email or tweet your questions to me ahead of 5.30pm. You can email me your questions by replying to this email or Tweet/DM via @sbcinfo for those of you on Twitter.

We will publishing the video after the event for all to watch.

Note – to answer questions, you do need to be a follower of the SBC YouTube Channel.


Winner Odds is a service I use personally and as I explained in this special video recently had made me over £39,000 profit over the space of a few years.

In this video I introduce the Winner Odds service, using the context of our process at SBC to show how and why it has become central to my portfolio.

I will be back on Tuesday shortly before 4.30pm to share the link for the Livestream! I hope you can join us.

Pete – SBC Editor

Betting Clever Podcast & Video – Tom Brownlee joins to talk football betting & more

At SBC we’re all about betting clever.

Our brand new podcast series is based on that ethos and it aims to bring you the very best winning betting content from real-life professionals making a living in the industry.

The 2nd episode in this series is out now and features special guest and professional bettor Tom Brownlee.

Tom is owner and founder of the advantage play site Bookie Bashing and is one of the sharpest minds in the professional betting space.

I get the chance to quiz Tom about some really interesting topics including…

  • How Tom bets on football to try and make a profitable edge.
  • The Bookie Bashing football coupon strategy that involves betting in bookmaker shops – this is a good one!
  • Withdrawal strategies – Tom provides some valuable insight into the minefield that is withdrawing your winnings from the bookies.

Tom, as always, is great value and I’m sure there’s plenty of content here that can help inspire your betting in some way. As well as listening to this podcast via all the usual channels, you can also watch Tom and I on YouTube for the first time!




Watch on YouTube


Video Diary – Alex takes us through his results from 4 months of his betting portfolio

Alex is back with the 2nd video in his Video Diary series and this time he’s got 4 months worth of results to show us.

Since he’s been using his 4 SBC recommended betting services for some time now, we thought it best he shows us how he’s getting on.

And having seen the video it makes very good viewing! Especially the results!

In this video he goes through each service and the results he has achieved for each one.

Plus he breaks down the numbers to show us things like numbers of bets, bet size, bank, growth, and most importantly…profits.

If you’ve been wondering how lucrative some of the most highly recommended SBC betting services and tipsters can be then this is your chance to see it in real-world action.

Watch the latest video here.

Best Regards

Pete – SBC Editor

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