🎾My Personal Journey Using This Recommended Tennis Service🎾

Long-priced golf winners and horses that steam before winning on the bridle are very exciting but when it comes to making profit, slow and steady services are the cornerstone of any profitable betting portfolio.

For me, the SBC recommended Winner Odds encapsulates this as despite having a Return On Investment (ROI) of ‘just’ 5.15%, I have made a colossal £55,122.30 profit using it.

These returns come after over 11,425 bets and the old betting adage this reminded me of was: ROI for show, ROC for dough!’

In the video below (click here to watch), I introduce the service, using the context of our process at SBC to show how and why it has become central to my portfolio. I recorded this back in September 2023, when my profits were only £39,852.26 – since when they have risen by a further 15k in 8 months.

  • The profits I have made
  • The software behind the site & simple results tracking
  • Bookmakers, Exchanges and Sharp Bookmakers
  • Tips and tricks to add extra value to the service’s offering

2nd ‘Advanced Video Guide’ To Maximise Profits

As I touch on in the video, SBC Membership offers so much value when it comes to services such as this one.

As well as being able to read our detailed reviews on the service in question, members also have access to a 30 minute advanced video guide on maximising profits.

This second video contains:

  • More advanced tips for how to maximise profits using the service
  • Practical advice on bet placement and notification
  • How to find little known (or connected) bookmakers to use
  • How to extend the length of your bookmaker accounts using some expert tips if following this service
  • How to compound profits using multiple bet strategies – both on this sport and others
  • How to stay strong mentally and understand the pros and cons of using

Paid members also get access to:

  • Tipster Reviews where we take a deep dive into performance by every metric, discussing historical records, bookmaker availability, exchange viability and using a service practically (alongside so much more!)
  • Ongoing Performance Analysis in the form of our regular Tipster Profit Reports where we revisit services and monitor their short, medium and long-term performances with rankings, tables and explainers
  • Detailed Practical Support in the form of videos, FAQs, email correspondence and reports from the SBC Team
  • Discounts that often cover (or exceed!) the cost of SBC Membership in one go!

If you are interested in this service (or any of the other of the services that we review) then signing up will provide you with instant access to all of the benefits outlined above. My deep-dive video will be added to an extensive library of first-hand accounts of using the very best services from the SBC team.

As ever, if you have any questions please get in touch, either by email or at @SBCInfo and I will get straight back to you!

⚽️ 24% ROI and ROC Above 100%! Easy To Use Tracker Delivers Massive Profits – Review Out Now!⚽️

For those of you who read Rowan Day’s Bet Diary series, some quite remarkable 2024 results were posted recently as our resident writer discussed his use of the Bookie Bashing Early Payout Tracker.

Using Lucky 15s for his staking, Rowan has posted Return On Investment (ROI) figures of 25.42% and this excellent performance has resulted in his starting bank for this strategy more than doubling this year (Return On Capital stands at 110.11%!).

How Does This Work?

Many bookmakers (including the likes of Bet365 and BetFred) offer concessions that offer excellent value in the football markets and with some sensible staking strategies, these can be used to create excellent value bets that don’t spook bookmakers. This is because they do not trigger mechanisms that would normally flag your action (e.g. beating the closing line).

Using a tracker on the Bookie Bashing website, you can find value propositions from leagues all across the world, meaning that getting bets down on a daily basis is more than achievable!

The good news is that despite the major European leagues now being on their Summer breaks, the European Championships and a wide range of global leagues are still up and running, providing plenty of opportunities to get these bets down!

Yes we know Man City have won the league in England but leagues such as in Scandinavia, North and South America and the rest of the world continue apace as usual.

Our Review

To accompany Rowan’s diary posts, we have just published a review of this strategy, with a detailed analysis of the historical figures, commentary from the SBC team and real-life usage all incorporated to provide an overview of who this strategy is best for.

Like with any of our reviews, we use advanced analytics to break the data down and one key takeaway from this work is how bookmakers are likely to react to this betting and whether account restrictions are a big risk here (or not!).

Sign Up To Read

You can read this review (and all of our other publications) immediately with a paid SBC subscription, options for which can be found here.

In addition, subscriptions to Bookie Bashing can be obtained at reduced rates, with 25% off your first three months with this service, which has many other tools and trackers that can help your betting (golf and horse racing are just two that have gone through full SBC reviews).

To find out more about discounts, our reviews and every other benefit that comes with SBC Membership, just visit this page, where we have tried to summarise it all!

As ever, if you have any questions, please get in touch!

Smart Bash – First 3 Big Name Panellists Announced!

I am pleased to announce the names of the first three esteemed speakers who will grace our stage at the 2024 Smart BashNick Goff, Johnny Dineen, and Matthew Trenhaile.

These 3 industry heavyweights be in attendance throughout the day and will lend their expertise to engaging panel discussions scheduled to take place as part of it.

Today, I can also unveil details on two of the expert panels scheduled for the day for those attending, which are:

1. Sports Betting Models – The X’s & the Os. A dynamic session on real-time betting modeling with 3 experts! Watch as they demonstrate the art of pricing up any event from scratch.

2. Betting Syndicate Insight – Expert Panel Discussion On Running A Professional Betting Group. The type of insight you will only get at an event like Smart Bash – how exactly do syndicates win to scale?

Remember – as the Smart Bash is not being recorded or broadcast, the only way you can hear what our experts have to say is by having a ticket!

Stay tuned for the unveiling of additional sessions in the upcoming weeks, along with announcements about yet more prominent guests from the world of betting, including some very big names.

Tickets are currently priced at just £99 still but be warned – prices are set to increase very soon, so lock in your tickets now.

For more information about Smart Bash 2024, including location details, what to expect, and more, visit www.smart-bash.com to secure your Discounted Early Bird ticket for only £99

You can also purchase your ticket directly now via EventBrite.

See you there!

📈 Chasing Profits: Steaming Selections That YOU Can Follow! 💨

Chasing Steamers is one of the most innovative and impressive services we have had the pleasure of reviewing over the last few years.

Consistent profitability, a high volume of bets, strong bank growth and excellent customer service are all accompanied by smart and efficient bet delivery and results tracking, making this the perfect service for those who have access to bookmaker accounts.

We first reviewed CS back in November 2023 in a very detailed 18 page review that explored all aspects of how it works – including our experiences using it in real-life.

This means that we have plenty of tips, tricks and ‘hacks’ to choose the very best bets and prolong your action. To top it off, a 50 Euro discount is available too!

How Does It Work?

Chasing Steamers‘ is an apt title as this service tracks prices on the World’s largest sharp bookmaker, Pinnacle, and alerts you when any given selections shorten by a significant amount.

This means that (if you are quick enough!) you can back the selection with a soft bookmaker and take a value price before it gets backed there too.

Here is an example of what a Chasing Steamers notification looks like, with a minimum odds to beat and a 10% value bet for if you want a stronger filter:

All bets are delivered via the Telegram app and this ensures that it is easy to pick up bets as soon as they are delivered.

With a bookmaker account or two, you can make some serious profits, with a very solid and consistent edge playing out over as many bets as you want to take.

Best of all, this service delivers selections all day, every day. This means that you can set aside time for when you want to bet – missing ‘tips’ isn’t a problem like with other tipster services as there are always plenty more on the way!

It’s also an ideal service for those of you looking for something to bet on with the football season winding down! (although some might ask does it ever truly wind down with so much football on this Summer?!)

That’s because Chasing Steamers also advises bets on other key sports beyond ‘Soccer’ including Basketball, Tennis and several others such as Volleyball, Darts and Handball.

How Can SBC Membership Help?

A predictable issue that arises with taking value with soft bookmakers is account restrictions.

This is a reality with any expected value strategy but with plenty of experience under our belts, we have come up with numerous ways to help maintain use of services like Chasing Steamers. These include:

  • A free service that helps you to prolong any account by strategically placing neutral (or slightly negative) EV bets
  • SBC Member Video guides specifically for Chasing Steamers, where we discuss how to camouflage bets, filter out the best value and maximise profitability
  • A detailed bookmaker guide that profiles over 70 (yes, seventy!) fully licensed firms where you can get money down
  • A detailed, in-depth tipster review where we discuss everything from odds availability, bankroll management, drawdowns and long-term performance

Sign Up For All Of This & More

To get all of this (and much more) you will require a paid SBC Membership and options for different subscriptions are available to view here.

Chasing Steamers is a brilliant ‘bank builder’ and with a SBC Member discount you will cover nearly half of the cost of an annual membership before you access the rest of the site!

Further information about discounts and other member benefits are available to read here – as ever, if you have any questions, please get in touch!


Major Coup For SBC – A New Top Tipster Joins Us!

We are delighted to announce a real coup for us here at SBC, as we have recruited yet another high quality tipster, who for the next few months at least, has agreed to provide SBC members with exclusive access to his excellent service.

The service in question is called The Daily Sheet and is so named because it features a list of bets to take each day as advised throughout the morning from 9am to 12.30pm.

Its run by Matt, who is a professional gambler and has connections to several sources who supply him with shrewd value bets each day. This includes his contacts with various commission agents who share with him information on what horses (mainly) are being backed and at what prices.

Access to the Daily Sheet Telegram group also allows you to not only to see all of the official advised racing bets but also to see ‘warm’ Greyhound and Sports bets as well as knowledge of those bets being backed by Commission Agents.

The performance of his bets so far have been very impressive with the following figures at fair odds:

Late Jan to End of February 2024: 472 Bets / +145.7 Points Profit @ 31.17% ROI. ​

March 2024: 474 Bets / + 1.76 Points Profit @ 0.57% ROI. ​

April 2024: 413 Bets / +31.75 Points Profit @ 12.27% ROI . 

May is well underway and already up 22.43 points @ 51% ROI

How To Access The Daily Sheet & Other Free Tipsters

Matt has kindly agreed to allow access to his Daily Sheet Telegram Channel for anyone with a Smart Betting Club membership for the next few months.

Once you setup your SBC membership. you can find links to join The Daily Sheet Telegram Channel, where all bets are supplied each day.

You can also follow 2 other ‘Free’ Tipsters – Account Agent and Kieran Ward as this added benefit of being an SBC member.

More on them and The Daily Sheet can be found here: https://smartbettingclub.com/freetipsters/

⚽️ The In-Play Football Tipster With An Edge From Bet365 & the Betfair Exchange ⚽️

In the latest tipster review from April’s mega betting magazine! (Issue 141) we continued the ‘football focus’ theme with an introduction to the in-play football tipster that boasts an excellent record over nearly 1000 bets.

Easy to follow with both bookmakers and exchanges, our review of this service has proven to be extremely popular indeed with it being the first in-play tipster we have ever recommended to SBC members.

Especially because in-play betting is viewed very favourably by bookmakers – making it a great way to win without attracting quick account restrictions or closures.

Full details on the service in question and all aspects of what they do is only currently available to SBC Members, Subscribe now to explore the detailed review or read on for some key reasons why it should be of interest to you…

The In-Play Edge

This tipster advises bets in the major in-play markets, concentrating on the 1×2, over/under goal-lines and Asian Handicaps. Their edge comes from the use of data and this marries up perfectly with the experience within their team – the service is run by 4 professional punters!

High liquidity leagues make up a large portion of their action and this is beneficial as bookmakers take lots of bets on these games, especially in-play and there are more layers on the exchanges if you want to take bets there.

As speed is of the essence, they use Telegram to advise each bet to members of their service – which is charged at 40 Euros per month.

The Record

To be as fair as possible, this tipster tracks their bets using Bet365 prices but our review in SBC 141, identified how profitable the service is at various outlets, including the Betfair Exchange:

5.38% ROI to bookmaker prices and a 10.15% ROI on exchanges are reasons enough to be impressed, but there are other less obvious benefits to following these selections in:

  • Bookmakers like these bets. They are associated with ‘recreational’ play and have large in-built margins.
  • There is no Closing Line Value (CLV), making it hard for bookmakers to track how sharp these bets are (Note – they are very sharp!)
  • Any checks from the risk department or a trader are likely to be viewed more favourably with these bets on your ‘ledger’.

For those limited solely to exchanges, our analysis shows that around 50% of bets are available at value prices (minus 2% commission) in markets with deep liquidity. To add to this, we have tried placing bets in-play on heavily restricted accounts and have been pleasantly surprised by the amounts we can get on!

Learn More & Subscribe

If you would like to learn more about this service, then our brand new review takes a deep dive into the record and has everything you need to decide whether the service is right for you.

To read that, you will need a SBC Membership – which you will grant you instant access to not only this review but our whole back catalogue of reviews and everything else we provide to members!

As ever, if you have any questions, please get in touch!