Discover the best golf tipsters ?ÔłŹ‚õ≥ starting with this new ‘Hall of Fame’ rated expert (a must read review!)

Today has seen the publication of the first tipster review from our forthcoming¬†special golf betting report¬†and it’s safe to say this is not a tipster service you want to miss out on.

In fact, this golf tipster has gone straight into our ‘Hall of Fame’ because they…

  • Offer a¬†simple, profitable strategy¬†for betting on golf that anyone can follow and use.
  • In tracking have made a¬†35.04% ROI¬†in real life profits over the past year.
  • Appeal to everyone from the big staking professional to the small staking newcomer.
  • Are affordably priced (yet also offer a¬†20% discount¬†on their cost to SBC members only)

To fully explore their service, our 6500 word review showcases all aspects of what is on offer and this alongside a video walkthrough we have also produced, outlines how you can maximise your profits using it.

Access to this new review and all parts of our forthcoming special golf report – which includes 2 more golf tipster reviews due for publication soon is available with a Smart Betting Club membership.

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9 tipsters to follow with an SBC membership +9.99% ROI from 11,600 bets. A great way to get started betting with us…

If you are after some simple, affordable ways to make a profit from your betting then be sure to check out the tipsters you can now follow with a Smart Betting Club membership.

With the addition of our forthcoming new NFL tipster, Touchdown Profit, we now have 9 tipsters you can follow with all tips sent direct to your inbox.

Here is what each of these 9 tipsters have achieved long-term across several sports:

How Can You Follow These Tipsters?

Access to all of the above tipsters is provided exclusively to¬†Smart Betting Club paid members. Sign-up to the service and visit our ‘Free Tipsters’ section for instructions on how to sign-up to each of them.

How Are The Tips Sent?

All of the tips are sent via email directly to you. You can simply sign-up for those that interest you the most!

Why Do SBC Offer These In-House Tipsters?

We do so as its an ideal solution for those of you not sure where to start OR wary about spending money on subscription fees to a tipster service. Instead you can get all of the above as part of your Smart Betting Club membership.

How Quickly Can You Make A Profit?

Betting profits never come in a straight line so we make no bones about stating you will need patience and discipline to profit long-term from these tipsters. We can’t guarantee (nor can any tipster) that you will make a definitive profit within 1 week or even 1 month, yet what we can show you is that given time these tipsters have made a clear profit. If you join with that realistic mindset, you will go far!

Where Can I See More Detailed Results?

We keep a detailed log of all results at this online results spreadsheet. Please explore the individual tipster results sheets to see a full breakdown of performance.

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Inside the latest SBC magazine (Issue 118) including the 2 new ‘Hall of Fame’ standard tipsters

The very latest SBC Magazine – Issue 118 is out now and it’s a horse racing special featuring¬†two more winning tipsters¬†reviewed and our major new report into the Betfair racing market.

This issue forms part of our ongoing Betting Exchange series dedicated to helping you turn a profit following tipsters on the likes of Betfair, Betdaq, Matchbook & Smarkets. Ideal for those of you blocked and limited by bookmakers for winning!

Inside SBC 118 you can read:

Tipster Review #1: The betting expert with a 9.76% ROI at Betfair SP from 7811 bets advised. 14 page detailed review & exclusive 2 week trial to the tipster available to SBC members only.

Tipster Review #2:¬†The ‘Hall of Famer’ that’s made money with both bookies and at Betfair for more than a decade. 13 page detailed review and free month offer available to SBC members only.

Insight Article: Exploring the Betfair market, How Betfair SP compares and when to place your bets for the biggest profit.

You can access this latest magazine and our entire 15 year strong back catalogue of tipster reviews and articles the instant you join the Smart Betting Club.

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When exactly should you place your racing bets & why Betfair SP isn’t always the answer. New report reveals all.

As part of our recent focus on exchange betting, today we have published a special report exploring the Betfair racing market and exactly when you should bet to get the best value odds.

Examining the live market odds for 30,861 horses that have run so far in 2020, we have compared the best prices at several time points before the race starts and Betfair SP itself.

This analysis has identified several trends and patterns that can help you time the placement of your bets for the greatest possible profit. Ensuring you get the highest odds possible.

For example, one clear pattern was found at short prices, whereby a 9.3% increase in odds could be obtained simply by betting early.

Another trend came at larger odds where there is a clear edge simply by taking Betfair SP above a certain threshold. Yet it was also clear that Betfair SP is not always the optimal way to bet and knowing when and where can make a difference to your bet returns.

This report also threw up several other findings of note and if you bet on horse racing on the exchanges, whether it be at Betfair SP or in the pre-race Betfair market, this guide is for you

Part of our Exchange Betting Racing Special

This special report forms part of our recent focus on exchange betting, specifically surrounding horse racing tipsters who make a profit on Betfair or at Betfair SP.

Tipsters such as this extremely popular racing tipster with a 16.51% ROI on the betting exchanges or this Betfair SP tipster with a 10.10% ROI since 2012.

You can gain full access to this special Betfair racing report AND all of the tipsters we recommend for usage on the exchanges with a Smart Betting Club membership.

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Racing Not Your Thing??
If you are not interested in horse racing – don’t worry. In the next SBC Magazine, we are beginning a very special series focusing on golf betting including 2 fantastic tipsters we fully recommend! Keep your eyes peeled for information on this coming soon.

Best regards,

Peter Ling
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New: The ‘Hall of Fame’ tipster affordably priced with a 2 week free trial & profitable with either bookies or Betfair

The very latest SBC Tipster Review is out now featuring our take on the racing expert with over a decade of beating the bookmaker (and Betfair SP) that we are delighted to welcome into our Hall of Fame of recommended tipsters.

It’s also yet another review from our¬†Betting Exchange series¬†dedicated to helping you turn a profit following tipsters on the likes of Betfair, Betdaq & Smarkets.

Our New Hall of Famer…

Here is why we rate this particular tipster so highly:

Firstly, the main reason –¬†PROFITS!

  • Over the course of a decade recording odds to VERY fair bookmaker odds, he has made a¬†8.56% ROI from 7811 advised bets
  • There is every likelihood that you would have easily improved on this ROI simply by taking better odds (and indeed our experience suggests this to be the case)
  • Of the past 11 years he has been active, all bar one has been profitable and overall he has made consistent returns for those following him in.

Next –¬†Affordability, Free Trial & Customer Service

  • The service itself is also priced in such a way to make it accessible to as many people as possible. For example you can follow until the end of November for just ¬£100 (¬£25 a month)
  • Best of all, exclusively to SBC you can also enjoy a¬†free 2 week trial of this tipster. This is only available to PAID SBC members.
  • The customer service and quality of emails, write-ups and more from this tipster are of the highest standard.

And finally –¬†Betting Exchange Profits

  • Our analysis indicates you could make a increased profit by taking¬†Betfair SP with a 9.76% ROI¬†to this metric (vs the 8.56% with bookmakers) over the same 7811 bets

All of the above and more can be explored in this new 14 page, extremely detailed tipster review, which is available now!

Get Instant Access To This & Our Full Exchange Series

You can access this latest review and our entire 15 year strong back catalogue of tipster reviews, reports and articles the instant you join the Smart Betting Club.

As an SBC member you can also explore our growing ‘Exchange Tipster‘ section and several other tipsters we have identified as profitable on the betting exchanges including these 3 other recent reviews as released in the last 2 months:

Review 1¬†–¬†The extremely popular racing tipster¬†up more than 16.51% ROI at Betfair since March 2019. All automated through a simple bot.

Review 2¬†–¬†The Betfair SP and bookmaker profitable racing tipster¬†with a proven edge on the big races and meetings.

Review 3¬†– Is this pound-for-pound the best racing tipster out there? It could well be –¬†read why here!

See you on the inside!

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor

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