Help Making A Profit With Exchanges & Asian Bookies

Avoiding Restrictions & Making Scalable Long-Term Profits

It is a well known fact that many serial betting winners suffer from bookmaker restrictions and closures of their betting accounts if making too much profit. This is particularly the case if betting with what are termed ‘soft’ bookmakers on the likes of Horse Racing and other ‘niche’ sports.

Although we provide detailed help, advice and guidance on how to extend the life of your bookmaker accounts and avoid restrictions as an SBC member, another route to profit is provided by betting on exchanges such as Betfair, Betdaq and Smarkets or with Asian bookmakers and/or bet brokers.

These firms make their profit based on either charging you a small commission (Exchanges) or by trading the market shrewdly and at high volume (Asian bookmakers) and so therefore will never close your account or restrict your stakes. They actually want you to bet with them as much as you can!

Mindful of this, as an SBC member we have dedicated significant resources to helping identify those tipsters you can follow profitably using either Betting Exchanges and/or Asian bookmakers.

In fact for every tipster we review, we explore the suitability of following them either via the exchanges or through Asian bookmaker or brokerage accounts as standard.

To help direct you towards the tipsters that fit into this category, SBC members can access a growing section dedicated to this topic with references and links to all tipster reviews, articles, and anything of interest from an exchange or Asian bookmaker betting point of view.

Whether this be racing tipsters you can follow at Betfair SP, tennis tipsters you can follow with Asian firms or golf tipsters making a profit in the exchange market.

Here Is A Snapshot Of What Is Available Currently:

  • Tipster Review: The Flat Specialist Racing Expert With An Edge At SP & Betfair SP

This review explores a long-running racing tipster service with a distinct edge at both advised prices, SP and Betfair SP. Taking a very selective approach to betting and specialising during the flat season, since 2016 they have made a 35.82% at advised prices, 32.77% ROI at Betfair SP and even a 18.75% ROI at SP itself. So confident in fact is this service that it will maintain a long-term edge in its chosen markets, that’s its also now offering a profit guarantee based on performance at Betfair SP, whereby if you follow for a season and make a loss at Betfair SP, they will refund your subscription.

  • Tipster Review: The Winning Football Tipster Advising Bets On Betfair only!

The key element to this latest tipster review featured is that prices are quoted and settled exclusively from those available on the Betfair exchange.  This football tipster has turned a steady profit over the course of 3 years and more than 1400 bets betting into predominantly the French and Spanish leagues alongside the Europa and Champions League competitions. Bets are only advised when markets are liquid on Betfair and thus ensuring everyone can get on and at least match, if not beat the quoted odds.

  • Tipster Review: The Free Golf Expert Up 44% ROI Since 2019

Explore the free golf tipping site with a tremendous winning track record dating back to 2019. Best of all – the tips can easily be followed and backed on the betting exchange as our review outlines the better performance achieved when backing these in real-life on Betfair. An ideal service for those of you seeking a golf tipster you can follow on betting exchanges.

  • Tipster Review: The Tennis Expert up over 10% ROI at Pinnacle

In this latest SBC tipster review, we explore the Tennis service with in excess of 11% ROI betting on the sport since 2019. All of his bets are settled at odds as quoted with Pinnacle Sports  – a bookmaker that does not restrict or limit winning accounts. In addition,  there is also scope to take a proportion of them on exchanges such as Betfair, Smarkets and Matchbook. You can also enjoy a 30% bonus on subscription as a Smart Betting Club member.

  • Tipster Review: The Spanish football tipster beating Pinnacle by 5.52% ROI!

Discover the full lowdown on the Spanish football tipster with a distinct edge over two sharp bookmakers – Pinnacle and SBOBet. Over the course of 970 bets they have beaten Pinnacle Sports by as much as 266 points and 5.52% ROI! This tipster has a profitable record dating back to 2013 and knows how to make a profit in the top 2 Spanish Football leagues – Primera and Segunda.

  • Tipster Review: The racing tipster with a distinct edge at Betfair SP

In this latest racing tipster review, we explore in great detail this service that over the course of 974 bets has showcased a ROI of 23.56% at Betfair SP (After commission). We break down all levels of performance to examine the exact edge and also outline strategies on how you can further maximise profits by timing when you bet on Betfair based on the odds of any given tip. Furthermore, SBC members can enjoy a 7 day free trial and 10% discount on all subscription options.

  • Tipster Review: The exceptional golf tipster service that can be followed on Betfair

A detailed exploration of this profitable golf tipping service with a profit made over each of the past 3 years advising golfers to be backed outright in the PGA tour. Having hit a 26.83% ROI from 1013 tips, we investigate the evolution of the tips being advised and the increased focus on outright winner tips plus outline our strategy for following them on the betting exchanges. Our experience is that good value odds can be found if placing them across a mixture of outright winner, top 5 and top 10 markets on the likes of Betfair with good odds availability.

  • Tipster Review: Pound for pound the best racing tipster (winning with bookies & on the exchanges!)

Another in-depth racing tipster review – this time exploring one of the very best betting experts out there and a service in operation for more than 20 years! Since he began proofing in 2009, he has made a 25% ROI to bookmaker prices and a firm profit at Betfair to boot with several pre-race and in-play strategies you can use.

Operates a simple 1-bet-a-day strategy that takes just a couple of minutes to follow and is one of the top rated tipsters at SBC.

  • Tipster Review: The long-running racing guru with a profit to both bookies & Betfair SP

Yet another racing tipster under our recent review microscope makes a profit to both bookmaker prices AND at Betfair SP, so you can simply pick and choose the approach that suits you best.

Only advising bets during major race meetings and festivals – when bookmakers are less reactive or suspicious of winning bets struck – they have made a 10.10% ROI at Betfair SP since 2012.

  • Tipster Review: The tennis expert offering outstanding betting bank growth 

This phenomenal tennis tipster has been making superb betting bank growth figures from many bets which can be placed on a mix of exchange and Asian bookmaker accounts. One of our top rated tipsters and for good reason – SBC members can save €50 on the cost of membership.

  • Exclusive Offer: The ‘Exchange friendly’ golf tipster up 863 points profit!

SBC members can gain exclusive access to this highly profitable golf tipster service, which has made a whopping 863 points profit @ 38% ROI since 2018. All of the advised odds can easily be matched, if not beaten by placing bets on betting exchanges.

  • SBC’s Exchange & Broker Guide

This unique guide tackles 6 different exchanges & bet brokers with a detailed examination of each and the service they offer punters looking to obtain the very best odds. If you are keen to know where to bet whether it be with exchanges, Asian firms or bet brokers – this guide will tell you all you need to know!

All This & More Available To SBC Members

All of the above and much more is available to you as an SBC member as part of our growing quest to provide insight into the best, scalable ways to make a profit without restrictions.


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