As a Smart Betting Club member you can gain full access to the best performing expert tipsters and services with track records of making money for followers.

This winning information has come through years of independently verifying those in the industry, reviewing the good, the bad and the ugly of the tipster world.

So, whether it is to simply make a bit of extra cash to go on holiday each year or a genuine attempt to make more significant sums, our tipster reviews can help you find the right experts to follow.

The Tipster Review Process

Each tipster reviewed by the Smart Betting Club goes through an intensive review process in order to fully examine just how profitable (or not!) they might actually be.

Whether it be a horse racing, football, baseball, golf or tennis tipsters under the review microscope – we leave no stone unturned in our quest to examine what they have to offer.

After all, only genuine tipsters that have a realistic track record of success achieve a Smart Betting Club recommendation and entry into our Hall of Fame.

This is why we only review tipsters that meet the following criteria:

  • They are willing to proof to us for a long-term period (usually a minimum of at least 1-2 years ahead of any review)
  • They operate a professional service
  • They operate ethically with good customer service
  • They keep a detailed record of performance and are fully transparent
  • They showcase a clear edge over the bookmaker and the ability to make a profit betting. It’s also important to note that we do not review tipsters that only provide tips solely via social media

Only once we have compiled a thorough set of data analysis and have built up a long-term experience of their service via proofing, will we then review them on behalf of SBC members.

‘A Massive Fan Of Your Service’……

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I have become a massive fan of your service since joining a few months ago and you have put me on to a number of services I would never have considered myself, and also saved me from following a few dodgy ones!

Odds Movement Tracking Analysis

One of the most important aspects of each SBC tipster review is the ‘Odds Movement Tracking’ we perform.

This helps to gauge the individual price movements of any advised tip over time and compare it to the results the service claims.

For example, if a tipster advises a tip at 6/1, yet within 5 minutes the best odds you can obtain for it are 4/1, then that is a black mark against the service. Can you realistically match the results they claim?

Equally, if a tipster advises a tip at 6/1 and after 60 minutes the same odds are still available, then this indicates a service with good odds availability.

The odds movement tracking we perform varies from tipster to tipster, based on their sport and the betting market, and it is a very useful gauge of just how practical any tipster service actually is.

The easier it is to obtain or improve on the settled odds, then the greater the appeal to you as a potential member of a tipping service.

The One Place You Can Go

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The one place you can go to find out if a service is genuine or not.

10 Different Tipster Ratings

For each tipster under our review microscope, we also rate them on 10 different aspects of the service they offer. This is based on a scale of 1 (very bad) to 5 (very good) and we constantly update these ratings to ensure they are relevant and reflective on ongoing performance.

To help showcase how they can help you, here is a brief guide to the ratings we provide for each tipster and exactly what they indicate:

1. Returns (AKA Profits!)

This is always the first rating we supply as ultimately a tipster is only as good as the profits they can make you. The greater the profit, Return On Investment or betting bank growth (ROC), then the higher this rating will be!

2. Risk

There is always an element or risk in following any tipster, yet for some the level of risk is greater than others. For example, a tipster with only a 1-year history of profitable tips is a riskier proposition than a tipster with a 5-year profitable record (if the number of annual bets is relatively equal). Risk is also profiled over short and medium term timeframes as we use drawdowns, average odds and other metrics to calculate likely variance and losing runs (see ‘Patience’ below). Another factor that is considered here is consistency; a tipster that chops and changes strategy every few months is going to rate poorly when compared to an expert with a more settled method. Our risk rating communicates exactly how ‘safe’ your money might be when following a tipster.

3. Cost

Exactly how much does a tipster charge and how does that compare with others offering a similar service? The cost rating rewards those offering the best value for money service and helps you find the best, more affordable expert(s).

4. Odds Availability

For many tipsters, especially those supplying racing tips, odds availability is a critical tipster rating. After all, if you, as a potential customer of a tipster, are unable to obtain the odds they claim, then there is little reason in following them in!

5. Transparency

With this rating, we relate just how open and honest a tipster is. For example – do they publish accurate and detailed results on their website or do they keep them hidden from view? Transparency and openness is key in the tipster industry.

6. Customer Service

We also keenly observe the customer service experience you might receive if a member of any given tipping service. How quickly do they reply to emails and how do they treat you as a customer? This rating outlines our experience of the quality of service on offer.

7. Suggested Portfolio Weighting

Should you choose to join a tipster, exactly how much money and what proportion of your betting bank should you apply to them? This rating outlines our recommendation, based on our overall confidence in the service and the strength of our ratings.

8. Patience

How long might you need to assign in terms of time to ensure a clear profit from following any given tipster? Our patience rating outlines this and is based on the profile of the tipster, their historical record and the odds/strike-rate they operate to.

9. Points Betting Bank

For each tipster we analyse, we also suggest a ‘points betting bank’ that we would advocate you use to maximise your profits. This is designed to cover potential losing runs and maximise winning runs without ever going ‘bust’. It's all part of the money management advice we provide to help you make the most from your betting.

10. Recommendation

Our final rating provides an overall guide to the recommendation we currently apply to any tipster. The higher a tipster rates and the longer it has been in service, then the greater the recommendation for you to purchase a subscription with them.

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To help you even further, we also put the very best tipsters in our ‘Hall of Fame’, which is our regularly updated list of top tipster recommendations.

Any service listed in our Hall Of Fame section has been fully proofed by us as a genuine, professional and above all profitable service. We make assessments based on first hand experience that we have made a profit using them and where we see no obvious reason why these profits won’t continue in the short to medium term.

Very often, a Hall of Fame rating has been won over a long period of time, with the majority of tipsters listed within this elite set having a track record dating back several years. Longevity and consistency of profits is key to receiving a Hall of Fame rating.

Advanced Tipster Analytics

In 2019, we introduced a new, deeper set of Advanced Tipster Analysis for all SBC reviews to help you further identify the right tipster service(s) for you.

This advanced analysis is provided through the the usage of Monte Carlo Simulations, which effectively allow us to replicate the profile of any given tipster service over several million data points.

So, rather than calculate what might happen when analysing 1,000 or 2,000 live bets, we do so over say 90 million – a much more useful data set!

The results of each simulation can help to answer key questions for any given tipster such as:

  • Is a betting record more likely to be based on luck or skill?
  • What kind of losing runs or drawdowns might you realistically expect?
  • How do their live results compare to their simulation results?
  • Have they benefited from some freak results and outliers that are unlikely to be replicated?
  • What size betting bank do you REALLY need?

Ultimately, all the outputs from these simulations help to give us a greater understanding of the quality of any given tipster. Certainly, it is far more useful than just scrutinising the live results only.

You can find this Advanced Tipster Analysis as standard in each SBC Tipster Review.


More recent SBC Tipster Profit Reports have placed a greater emphasis on performance with exchanges and sharp bookmakers. This is essential as in an industry where bookmaker account restrictions and/or closures are becoming ever more common, many SBC members will not have a plethora of outlets available to them. Some tipsters will only be profitable with bookmakers, some will have an edge across the board and some are solely designed for exchange/sharp bookmaker use. What our reports do is make that very clear for the reader.