Real-Life Case Studies

Discover how we have helped punters make money betting 

We have helped countless people make a profit from their betting with our expert tipster reviews and reports. Below you can read a series of real life case studies that outline exactly how we have helped several punters.

Name: Justin
Joined: June 2022
Betting on: Horse Racing, Golf, Greyhounds, Tennis & Football
Following: 10 tipsters

I came across SBC on Twitter and started listening to the podcasts and reading the free reviews available. The reviews were more detailed than anything I had come across before and I had learned quite a bit from the podcast guests.

Name: Stu
Joined: January 2021
Betting on: Horse Racing and Golf
Following: 4 Tipsters

I felt safer, much safer investigating other successful tipsters as all services offered have been proofed and have up to date records of performance.

Name: Serge
Joined: October 2019
Betting on: Horse Racing, Golf, Basketball primarily, some Football (both American & European)
Following: About 15 tipsters across all sports

I joined SBC in order to become profitable with my betting portfolio. For many years I was taking lots of action based on hunches and outdated trends that don’t actually matter, and I was losing. Joining SBC was the first step for me to become a profitable bettor / advantage player.

Name: Tom
Joined: June 2019
Betting on: Horse Racing, Golf and Tennis
Following: Currently 2 tipsters, scaled down from 6

I joined SBC as I come from an analytical background with my job and simply put the analysis they do on tipping services is second to none.

Name: Markus
Joined: December 2019
Betting on: Racing, Football, Basketball, Golf and US-Sports
Following: 30-35 different tipsters or services.

I think I am in a pretty unique position, because I work as bookmaker/trader in my country as my ‘normal job’ for a regular income and also doing betting more or less full-time(which is my investment capital).

Name: D.G.
Joined: 6 years ago
Betting on: Football, basketball, tennis and horse racing
Following: 8 tipsters

If you are serious about your betting and want to take it to the next level, SBC is a necessary step.

Name: K.F.
Joined: 2016
Betting on: I bet on 4 sports (Football, Horse Racing, Golf and NBA)
Following: 1 Tipster

SBC have no affiliate links or vested interests and have a tremendous reputation as the most honest and trustworthy site for those looking to make money from betting.

I have made 35k since joining SBC in 2016 and I plan to increase my bankroll and go full time within 2 years.

Name: Darren
Joined: 2015
Betting on: Racing, Football and Golf
Following: At the moment I follow 3 racing tipsters, 1 football and 1 golf but i'd like to add another football and golf tipster and possibly introduce some tennis

The SBC introduced me to people who actually knew what they were talking about and had a genuine edge over the bookie, which is the main reason i joined.

The main way that the SBC has helped me is that it’s introduced me to tipsters who enable me to make a profit year on year. Without the SBC it would have been unlikely that I’d have stumbled across these people on my own.

Name: Dave
Joined: May 2014
Betting on: 90% of my betting is focused on Horse racing, Football and NFL with Golf covering the other 10%.
Following: 6 tipsters

SBC has helped me in different ways through my journey.  Firstly by identifying those tipsters worth following, but also those that would also fit into my schedule. The Tipster Profit Reports were such a key help in that.

Secondly at the time you realise that bookmakers will close and restrict your accounts very easily, SBC is a great help in telling you which tipsters prices come under the most pressure quickly and also advice on how to extend the life of your accounts.

I have had a better holiday every year since joining SBC!  Thank you.

Name: Ian
Joined: May 2016
Betting on: Football, horse racing & golf
Following: 7 tipsters

I like the detailed reviews & high standards that the SBC holds tipsters to. A service can boast fantastic headline figures but details such as adjusted profits after odds tracking help me to decide if there is substance to the services claims. I also look forward to the tipster profit reports as they help me to keep tabs on other services that may be of interest to me at some point.

Name: Brian
Joined: February 2013
Betting on: Horse & Greyhounds
Following: 4

I joined SBC because nearly all of the research that I require to enable me to enroll in a tipsters membership is done for you. I don’t normally invest/join without a lot of thought.

I keep records of all bets from all tipsters and my own reasons for backing my own selections and have done so for as long as I can remember. I have been profitable in all 7 years since retirement so far and my last year betting returned just over £7k profit.

Name: Dave
Joined: July 2017
Betting on: Football & horse racing
Following: 8 tipsters

It (The Smart Betting Club) has given me some crucial information on tipsters that have enabled me to have a long term edge over the bookies. Information such as long term consistency of tipsters as well as other key information such as odds and how taking odds at the wrong time can impact ROI.

Sometimes getting the advised odds from a tipster can be difficult especially if you have many other commitments but SBC gives information on whether starting prices will generate similar profits. Odds are a massive factor in profitable betting and SBC delves into this information better than anyone else.

Name: Michael
Joined: About 5 years ago
Betting on: Horse racing, football, tennis and darts.
Following: 19 tipsters

The SBC has enabled me to derive a decent second income by helping identify honest and professional betting tipsters that are available out there. Having worked in banking for over 30 years, I retired 2 years ago and and this has allowed me to increase the number of tipsters I follow so that betting has become my full part time job!

I have just conducted a review of the tipster performance for 2017 and my net profit was in excess of £58,000, the majority of it coming from horse racing.

Name: Steve
Joined: April 2017
Betting on: Football, Horse Racing & Golf
Following: Seven – Messiah, MVS, AH Edge, Prophet, Rooster, Golf Insider, Football Elite

To date, In a little over two months, I’m showing a profit of £4200 at an ROI of 4.2%. Not bad considering I’m currently suffering a draw-down of around £5k over the last two weeks.

If I hadn’t got to grips with the psychology then this would be a testing time however I’m taking it in my stride knowing I was due a correction, that it’s all part and parcel, and that it is what happens in the long term that counts.

I know you guys have got my back and are ready to advise me on any questions or conundrums I might have. Knowing I can call on your expertise and experience gives me a lot of confidence going forward.

Name: Justin
Joined: December 2013
Betting on: Tennis, Soccer & Basketball
Following: 10 tipsters

I have made around 20k per year extra through betting. Its very difficult to say how much this website has contributed but knowledge and discipline are key and SBC reinforces that. AH Edge, On the Oche, Football Investor have definitely contributed to my profits so I’d guess it has made me around 5k a year of my profit. (I used to record all my bets religiously but have been slack in recent times)

Name: K
Joined: Several years ago
Betting on: Predominantly horse racing
Following: 11 tipsters

I like that the SBC is independent. I know that when they recommend a tipster, or upgrade or downgrade an existing rating, that their opinion is based on results and judgement, not on hidden commissions.

The tipster tables are great because you can zero in on the type of tipster you’re looking for – in my case, I look at the more affordable and low workload options. I’ve discovered that tipsters who charge enormous amounts don’t necessarily do any better than those who charge moderately. I read the reviews to determine if there is anyone new I want to follow. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, SBC gave me confidence that it is possible to make decent profits over time by following tipsters, if you are disciplined.

Name: Billy McPherson
Joined: 2011
Betting on: NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, Baseball, NHL Ice Hockey, Aussie Rules Football, NRL (Australian Rugby League), Golf, Tennis, Football
Following: 22 tipsters

My total profits since joining SBC are well over $1 million of which SBC approved tipsters account for about 25% of that amount.

SBC is a legitimate source for finding successful tipsters in the world of so many dishonest tipsters. All tipsters have been thoroughly vetted, and all sections are proofed with high accuracy therefore ensuring tipsters of high quality. I would recommend anyone purchasing any service through any source to paper trade to ensure consistency, obtaining value odds and results until you are confident that the service can return a profit to a reasonable level that meets your expectations.

Name: Clive Jones
Joined: 6th March 2015
Betting on: Horse Racing, Football and Golf
Following: 8

Following a fantastic start to 2017 so far [i am in profit to the tune of] £35210 in 23 months. Thanks guys!!! Whilst things have moved on fantastically since Day One, SBC was undoubtedly the biggest single factor in setting me up for success at the outset. You gave me the confidence to get through a horrendous start where I lost £3776 of my opening £5k in the first 82 days. Without you, I would have lost my bottle completely.

Name: Phil
Joined: 2012
Betting on: Football, horse racing and now golf
Following: Several tipsters

The SBC magazines are very informative with regular tipster profit reports. They have a great forum for people to promote their free tips and i always look forward to reading Rowan’s bet diary. Betting can be a lonely game at times so it’s always nice to hear how other people are doing.

I’m not going to go into figures but i will say that since I joined the SBC, my betting profits have paid for all my foreign holidays, which i take 4 times a year!

Name: Ringo
Joined: June 2014
Betting on: Horses, Football & Greyhounds
Following: 6 in total

SBC membership has opened up new avenues and advice that I hadn’t considered previously such as keeping proper records, introducing lay bets and how they operated plus their lists of good and bad tipsters to avoid. During my first full year of using proper bookmakers, I made a profit of £42,134. However this meant six accounts were restricted and four closures…..a high price to pay!

Name: Jim
Joined: January 2012
Betting on: Horse racing
Following: 4 tipsters

You can never predict how a tipster is going to do in the next 12 months, but SBC’s reports help point out those they feel offer the best chance of success. What I can say is that I personally won 20 grand last year in 2015. This year (2016) hasn’t been as good yet as I’m down about £1000 but its very early days. Overall I am hugely in profit and thats vitally important.

Name: Alan
Joined: May 2013
Betting on: Horse racing, football, rugby & darts
Following: 14 tipsters

I think it is fair to say that the SBC has totally transformed the way I approach betting. I had in the past followed a couple of tipsters picked up from the racing press, who on the whole were largely unsuccessful and it was never possible to achieve their stated profits. The SBC has helped me identify those genuine tipsters with a proven track record of profit making.

Name: Sam
Joined: December 2014
Betting on: Football, ice hockey, horse racing, golf
Following: 7 tipsters

Their magazines are always a must read and packed with information about what tipsters to follow and who to avoid, what services  that are out there that can help you become a better bettor and more. I’ve found some of my daily tipsters there that have helped me creating a second income today and I’ve got the numbers to prove it!

Name: Steve
Joined: January 2014
Betting on: Horse Racing
Following: 5 tipsters

During 2015, I managed an incredible net profit of £11,595 (after £1,764 of tipster subscription and SBC fees were deducted).  I’m now free from credit card debt for the first time in years and am planning a cruise with my long suffering wife for our Silver wedding anniversary in October this year – happy days!