Here at the Smart Betting Club, we believe that we can help anyone make their betting a success…

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Not only this, but you can read the opinions of many other trusted betting experts on just why the Smart Betting Club service can help you and your betting.

SBC Member Testimonials

SBC was undoubtedly the biggest single factor in setting me up for success at the outset. You gave me the confidence to get through a horrendous start where I lost £3776 of my opening £5k in the first 82 days. Without you, I would have lost my bottle completely.

Following a fantastic start to 2017 (awaiting some corrections!) so far I am up £35,210 in 23 months. Thanks guys!!!

Clive Jones
SBC Member

“Made all the usual mistakes when starting out, came across SBC, now all my tipsters have been sourced using SBC mag or forum, learned about portfolios, record keeping, bank management and countless snippets of valuable information to make me a successful and profitable punter”

Name: B.H.
SBC Member

“Forget about these advertisements in the Racing Post promising an income of 50 grand a month, this is the real deal with long term figures and results laid out right before your eyes. “

Name: T.W.
SBC Member

“After joining SBC I started to use the less expensive tipsters in the Hall of Fame, which was the first time that I discovered that you could make money from betting. After two years I now I make a good living as a semi professional bettor.”

Name: P.M.
SBC Member

I have to admit joining SBC has been the best decision I have ever made from a punting point of view. I now only bet what I am told to and thanks to the SBC I feel I am a much better punter.

Name: L.P.
SBC Member

“I likened SBC to a price comparison website full of betting services, with detailed reviews telling members what to expect before signing up and ultimately what SBC thinks of the service”

Name: T.S.
SBC Member

“Your magazine should receive a “Nobel prize”. People says that is hard to make money. Just following you guys I am earning a lot!”

Name: N.I.
SBC Member

“I have been an SBC subscriber for more than a year now.  Thanks to your SBC services, my betting profitability has gone to new levels!  I sincerely thank you for the services to which I have subscribed based upon your recommendations turning out to be winners after winners. Thanks for all your work in sorting the wheat out from the chaff to have enabled this to happen”

Name: Darren
SBC Member

“I have benefited greatly from the wealth of helpful information on your website, particularly in relation to betting banks and betting strategies”

Name: J.C.
SBC Member

Tipster Testimonials

If you want to find the best tipping service or the most accommodating bookmaker, if you want to start betting or improve what you’re already doing, then membership to the Smart Betting Club is a must.

Matthew Walton
Matthew Walton Ltd

I have always found the Smart Betting Club a great source of information. Their attention to detail puts other competitors simply to shame.

I find their approach to sports betting professional, detailed and unbiased.

Neil Stevens-Wood
Tipster Street

The Smart Betting Club helps you become a better punter and simply make more money. My members have the numbers to prove it.

Samuel Ericson

SBC is a great resource for punters who want to cut through the marketing spin, and find out which services are worth joining, and all my dealings with them suggest they take that responsibility very seriously

Declan Meagher
Learn Bet Win

A University education can cost as much as £9,250 per year. While the Smart Betting Club costs less than 1% of that and in return you will get the best education in becoming a profitable punter that you will find anywhere.

Jon Roberts
Football Advisor

SBC really is a breath of fresh air, offering totally impartial long-term reviews of services truly acting in the best interests of sports betting punters.

Betting Gods

It is always a great pleasure to have Smart Betting Club members join our subscription base. We know they will be informed investors, with the patience and commitment required to succeed.

In an industry which unfortunately has its fair share of individuals trying to attract people with desperately unrealistic promises, the SBC provides an unrivalled service offering terrific independent, impartial advice whether you’re new to sports investing or have years of experience. We cannot recommend it highly enough.

Professional Tipster

I think Smart Betting Club is one of the few genuine sites dedicated to helping punters move forward with their betting. It is also the best site for genuine tipping services to be viewed on their performance in both the short and long term

Paul Ash
Professional Tipster

Having had my own service reviewed by the SBC I’ve seen firsthand the depth they go into their reviews I am more than happy to follow their judgement – so have followed football services on their recommendation. With sports tipping being an unregulated area, the work the SBC do in sorting the wheat from the chaff is very useful to those looking to make a second income from gambling.

Professional Tipster

In a business that sadly attracts more than its fair share of scammers, SBC provide a vital service. If you plan to follow any tipping service, membership of SBC is a must!

Matt Love
Professional Tipster

The Smart Betting Club literally changed my life twice – first when they recommended my service to their members and then when I realised there are more services out there that know what they’re doing, thanx to their monthly newsletter. An amazing service!

Professional Tipster

SBC provides an unrivalled resource for punters seeking the truth about tipping services. SBC’s impartial and in depth reviews of tipsters is an invaluable aid when deciding which service to join

Laurence Lambourn
Professional Tipster

If you value your time and money, you should set aside the cost of a Smart Betting Club subscription before you part with a single penny for a tipster’s fees. I’d consider joining SBC as an essential first step for anyone looking to take the gamble out of betting and treat it as a serious money-making proposition.

Greg Gordon
Creator of The Observer Tipster Experiment

In the often murky world of betting, where many will sell their grandmother if they thought there was something in it for them, Smart Betting Club stand out from the rest for all the right reasons. Trust and honesty are words I associate with them.

Mike Lindley
Professional Tipster

Excellent site and service, my advice to all punters thinking of using an advisory service is to research the tipsters thoroughly first and make sure they proof to a reputable service such as SBC

Mark Littlewood
Professional Tipster