SBC Member Testimonial #7

Name: Name: T.W.
SBC Member

“When setting up my portfolio the SBC played a key role in identifying tipsters which I may wish to consider and they continue to do so keeping the portfolio fresh with new ideas. With the explosion of social networking sites there is a lot of readily available info for the new age gambler, this is highly useful but also throws up a lot of garbage and it can be very time consuming to sift through all this, the SBC essentially does this job for us and centres in on the real players in the industry.

With a vast number of tipsters independently proofed they give information not only on how the selections preformed but also how the service works, whether it is manageable and if it offers long term stability.  The overall ratings of each tipster and the hall of fame table show all the worthwhile tipsters in the business.  Forget about these advertisements in the Racing Post promising an income of 50 grand a month, this is the real deal with long term figures and results laid out right before your eyes.  I pick out tipsters which I feel will fit into my model and then do some real time proofing of my own and the SBC are yet to give me a bad lead.”