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Practical Advice & Guidance For Getting Your Bets Down

In today's betting world, finding expected value bets is only half of the battle - in fact most of the issues serious bettors face revolve around where to actually place their bets.

Whether it be soft bookmakers restricting your stakes, access to betting exchanges and sharp bookmakers that accept winners or simply things like how you can bet in-person, there are lots of questions many bettors have.

To help with this, we have done lots of work at the SBC and we have collected all of these resources into an Intelligence section so that they were easy to find and all in one place.

In this section of the Members' Area we have distinct resources relating to:

Major Bookmakers

In our Major Bookmakers Guide we have profiled over 70 operators, detailing how they are related, what markets they offer and notes we have made based on our (and SBC Members') experiences.

Small/Independent Bookmakers

For Smaller/Independent Bookmakers we have compiled something similar. Many of these firms have unique offerings and we document what they are best used for for sharp bettors.


The guidance for outlets to 'get on' doesn't end there - our Brokers Guide provides further advice to help you. We profile major operators such as BetInAsia, detail where these services are available and answer some key FAQs about using them.

Exchange & Sharp Bookmaker Tipsters

Some of our members cannot get bets down with soft bookmakers. To help with this, we have a specific Exchange & Sharp Bookmaker Tipsters section where we collect every tipster that we have reviewed and discuss where they can be utilised.

Your Betting Journey

We all have different circumstances and levels of experience. To help every member who joins us we have a 5 Stages Of Profitable Betting resource that details what to do when - right through from beginner to hardened professional!


Bookmaker Restrictions is a major talking point across everything that we do. In this section of the Members' Area we collect all of our reports, blogs, articles and podcasts related to learning about how bookmakers profile you and how to avoid them 'shutting you down'.

Education & Learning

If you want to learn about how to improve your betting we have an Educational Resource Library where you can find articles, reports and interviews relating to everything from staking and drawdowns through to pricing up events from scratch. 

Tipsters To Follow Based On Your Location

We have profiled hundreds of tipsters and one key consideration is how you can back selections. Some countries do not cater for certain markets and some are reliant on certain outlets to get bets down. This resource provides neat lists of examples of the very best tipsters you can access based on where you are in the world.

Where To Bet Based On Your Location

Some markets are dominated by 'soft' bookmakers such as Bet365 and William Hill. Some are centred on 'sharp' books such as Pinnacle. Others are served by exchanges such as Betfair or brokerage services like BetInAsia. This resource discusses each global region, providing information that any sharp bettor will need before getting themselves set up.

Constantly Evolving!

All of these resources are regularly updated to keep members abreast of any changes to the betting landscape or new intelligence that comes into us at the SBC.

In addition, interactive Member Only Content complements this material as the SBC team record podcasts, video chats and visual guides - just for the SBC community!

‘Advice on how to extend the life of your accounts’……

Actual member testimonial

At the time you realise that bookmakers will close and restrict your accounts very easily, SBC is a great help in telling you which tipsters prices come under the most pressure quickly and also advice on how to extend the life of your accounts.

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