About Us

The Smart Betting Club is an independent and honest reviewer and assessor of tipster services and guide on how to make your betting as profitable as possible.

We have proofed and analysed thousands of tipster services, with the very best reviewed in our regular ‘SBC Magazines’, where we explore in great detail just how profitable they actually are.

Each tipster is rated and ranked on everything from their profitability and customer service to how easy it is to obtain their advised odds. The very best and most genuinely profitable tipsters are then listed in our ‘Hall of Fame’.

We constantly track and monitor these very best tipsters and feedback to our members on their ongoing progress with tipster league tables, ratings, charts and analysis in our ‘Tipster Profit Reports’. Enabling you to keep up to date on the best performing tipsters.

The Smart Betting Club’s remit also covers anything and everything that matters to keen gamblers – be it by tackling issues such as account restrictions, reviewing bookmakers or simply by being a trusted source for genuinely unbiased ‘punter-friendly’ information.

So as a member you can find not only tipster reviews but all kinds of relevant information, articles and guidance on what it takes to make a profit betting.

We are proud to be different and fiercely protective of the people we represent – you the ordinary punter.

Here is why you can trust the Smart Betting Club:

1. We Are 100% Independent

Unlike almost all other tipster review and betting websites we are 100% independent, ensuring we take no affiliate deals, bungs or favours for writing positive reviews. This enables you to have full confidence that when we say something is good, it genuinely is and we are writing with your best interests at heart.

Rather than take a cut or a percentage of any sales of any service we review, instead the Smart Betting Club service is funded by members subscriptions. It is a fully transparent model so as a member you know our reviews and recommendations are always 100% genuine.

Furthermore we do not accept bookmaker advertising so are not compromised by any need for bookmaker revenue.

2. We Look Long-Term

Everything we do is focused on making long-term profits, which is why you will never see us recommend a tipster based on short-term stats or hot streaks of form. Instead we look to what can be made over the long-term, usually at least 12 months and a large enough set of stats to draw firm conclusions from.

It is one reason the average length of time it takes for a tipster to win an SBC ‘Hall of Fame’ recommendation currently stands at over 3 years. We value longevity in a tipster.

3. We Are On The Punters Side

Because we are funded by our members, it also ensures we are fully on the side of the punter and can speak the truth about the betting industry. Many betting newspapers, websites and media outlets are funded by bookmaker advertising and so are unable to be truly on the punters side. They are compromised by their need for bookmaker revenue.

The Smart Betting Club is 100% independent and does not rely upon or carry bookmaker advertising in our reports, so you can be assured we are firmly on the punters side.

Business Information

The Smart Betting Club is the trading name of Fortuna Publishing Limited.