The Smart Betting Club Podcast

The Smart Betting Club Podcast explore the world of profitable betting and what it takes to generate a long-term edge gambling. Join Smart Betting Club Editor, Pete, as he interviews professional punters and expert tipsters on how they make a profit betting and the lessons we can take from them for our own betting journey.

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: Tom Brownlee

Tom from the recently reviewed Bookie Bashing service talks to Pete Ling in the very first Smart Betting Club podcast. Topics of discussion include Tom’s background in betting, how and why he bets in bookmaker shops, coupons, his golf tracker and a lot more besides.

Episode 2: Greg Gordon

An interview with the football scout, Greg Gordon, who has carved out a fine career both betting and tipping on football for well over a decade. We explore his unique approach to football betting, how his work as a scout helps inform what he bets on and hear some of his stories involving famous football names such as Sir Alex Ferguson, Jim Leighton & Archie Knox.

Episode 3: Steve Jones

An interview with expert horse racing bettor and tipster, Steve Jones, who has been turning a profit for more than 2 decades in the industry.

Exploring all aspects of his experience beating the bookmaker, including how to price up a horse race and his operation of the very successful CD Systems tipping service.

Episode 4: Afonso Vieira

A detailed chat with the CEO of Betmarkets, Afonso Viera, on his new betting investment platform connecting customers with professional tipsters. Framed as the eToro for sports betting, Betmarkets is a web platform that allows you to invest in sports betting through the automatic replication of expert tipsters recommendations.

Episode 5: Nigel Seeley

An interview with the vastly experienced bettor, tipster and former odds compiler, Nigel Seeley from the Premier Sports Plays service. We discuss Nigel’s extensive background in the betting world, his work as an odds compiler and how that has helped shape the bets he places today