SBC Golf – Bet Where The Sharp Punters Are!

Welcome to the SBC Golf Premium section, which is dedicated to highlighting the best golf tipsters available at the Smart Betting Club

Golf is one of the most successful sports to bet on currently with large ROI’s being made by several top tipsters and many professional (and semi-professional/recreational) punters alike.

The reason it is so popular is based on this profitability PLUS the fact you can bet with either bookmakers, betting exchanges or a mixture of the two.

So whether or not you like, watch or bet on Golf doesn’t matter – if you can follow the simple advice given by the SBC Golf Tipsters on what to bet on and where, then their historical records indicate the success you can achieve.

Its why so many sharp bettors are currently betting on the sport. Golf is where the clever money is!

To prove this, collectively the 4 SBC Golf Tipsters have made some huge profits for followers over the last few years as you can see in the image below:

Results Tracking

You can explore all the historical results for each of the 4 services via this regularly updated SBC Golf spreadsheet.

The Current SBC Golf Quartet

SBC Golf is made up of 4 expert golf tipsters – each of whom is available at a discount to Smart Betting Club members. They are:

Golf Betting Club

The newest addition to SBC Golf for 2024 is this unique service as run by Neil and Duncan Campbell, both of whom have a proven track record tipping since 2020.

When you consider that the service in question

Tipping on all three major golf tours, they advise pre-tournament bets into liquid betting markets on a Wednesday via Telegram as part of their very easy to follow service.

Yet perhaps their most unique and powerful angle is their in-play betting tips, which make up a considerable portion of their advice, with day-by-day commentary to accompany their selections.

With a superb long-term record in-play to accompany their fair-odds pre tournament advice, Golf Betting Club is an ideal service to follow through 2024 and beyond.

Weekly Golf Value

The Weekly Golf Value service supplies you with the best bets for the European and PGA Tours as selected by the unique ‘Golf Tracker’ tool available via the Bookie Bashing website. LIV Tour tournaments were also added to the tracker in late 2022, providing another source of value bets.

The Golf Tracker can be time intensive so Weekly Golf Value saves you time and effort by picking the best bets for you and sending them directly to your inbox every Wednesday.

Taking no more than 10 to 15 minutes each week to follow, SBC members get sign-up and significant discounts on the cost of joining Weekly Golf Value.

PGA Profit

The 2021 SBC Awards ‘Best Sports Tipster’ Gold Award winner, PGA Profit selects and advises bets to back on the PGA tour and has made a profit in each year since starting out in 2018.

Tips are sent straight to your inbox with recommended stakes and write ups for why the selections are advised, leaving you the simple task of placing the recommended bets.

For those of you unable to bet with bookmakers, most if not all of the selections can be easily backed on Betting Exchanges such as Betfair at better odds.

Golf Insider

Golf Insider is a true stalwart of the Smart Betting Club as the service has been with us since 2014 and has made significant profits during this period.

Such longevity is not possible without fantastic results over the long-term and this is a reason why the service is a multiple SBC Awards winner.

Featuring tips from a golf odds compiler who works for a bookmaker, his advised bets can easily be backed with either bookmakers of betting exchanges, ensuring there is plenty of choice on how to get on.