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We are delighted to welcome a brand new Premium Service to the roster at SBC in the form of Golf Betting Club, whom you can now join and enjoy a significant saving on access to all of their tips as an SBC member.

With exceptional pre-match and in-play golf betting advice that you can follow either with bookmakers or on exchanges, GBC stands out as a fantastic addition to any golf betting portfolio

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All of the Tours, All of the Markets, All of the In-Play Action. £50 Discount Available with SBC!

A 21.52% ROI spanning nearly four years is an enviable track record for any golf tipster. When you consider that the service in question tips into mature betting markets, then this figure stacks up against the very best golf services out there – a category that Golf Betting Club clearly belong to.

In addition, they cover all three major golf tours, demonstrating how well placed they are to tackle the markets as the sport restructures over the next few years.

Yet perhaps their most unique and powerful angle is their in-play betting tips, which make up a considerable portion of their advice, with day-by-day commentary to accompany their selections.

With a superb long-term record in-play to accompany their fair-odds pre tournament advice, Golf Betting Club is an ideal service to follow through 2024 and beyond.

Best of all, SBC members can enjoy a significant discount on the cost of subscription!

2024 In-Play Winner: Chris Kirk @ 40/1!

Chris Kirk got 2024 off to a flyer for Golf Betting Club by winning the Sentry Open with a storming finish at 40/1. Advised at the end of play on Day 2 when he was widely available at 40/1, Kirk won by 1 shot in a stacked field to take the spoils for members. A really fantastic example of how GBC finds and advised value bets after each day of every golf tournament!

Introducing Golf Betting Club

Run by sibling duo, Duncan and Neil Campbell, Golf Betting Club has established itself as one of the best golf tipping services out there since it began during 2020.

Fanatics of the game from an early age, Duncan and Neil followed their father from course to course as he covered golf in his role as a journalist. Betting quickly followed and by combining their knowledge of the sport with their financial backgrounds, the Campbells proved to be very successful. This led to the birth of Golf Betting Club, as they decided to share their advice with subscribers.

Since launching in 2020, these experts have recorded over 1,228.91 points of profit, with a consistent performance resulting in a 21.52% ROI:

Standard ‘Outright’ picks are where they start but this service offers more than most.

First-Round Leader selections, Two/Three-Ball match ups and Special Markets (e.g. Top Nationality bets) make up a more blended staking plan before tournaments start.

In a departure from what most golf tipsters offer, Neil and Duncan are not done there. Daily reflections, ongoing commentary and in-play bets make up a major part of ‘GBC’, increasing the opportunities to profit from their expertise.

All bets are supplied in an easy to follow fashion using the free app – Telegram. When subscribing to the service, you will be added to the service’s Telegram group and will receive a notification when they post a bet or update.

Finding An Edge – SBC Podcast With Neil & Duncan

Before taking a more detailed look at Golf Betting Club’s historical results, it is worth investigating where the Campbell brothers find their edge. Here is their appearance on SBC Podcast #25, where they discussed their strategy with SBC Editor, Pete Ling:

An encyclopaedic knowledge of the players and courses is central to the selection process, with regularly refined profiles informing which golfers make the shortlist and which ones don’t.

Keith Elliot’s form study was a massive influence on this approach and it has formed the brothers’ thinking about the sport as they use key strengths and weaknesses to make cases for backing the the right players at the right time.

Statistics also help Duncan and Neil to form their tissues but they feel that an appreciation of the intricacies of individual players mark them apart from their tipping contemporaries.

Pre-Tournament Selections

Course form, recent form, the profiles of previous winners and key metrics such as tee-to-green rankings all feed into making a shortlist but ‘intangible’ considerations, such as a player’s life circumstances, historical performance in certain weather, interview comments and their current mindset all help to eke out those competitors available at value prices.

Having two minds is a key strength of this service as the back-and-forth (or arguments!) help to filter selections down. Independent shortlisting is a starting point, with agreements making the staking plan and the remainder being debated quite rigorously!

When thinking about the practicality of this service, it is worth noting that selections are released after markets have settled and liquidity has arrived on the exchanges. This is important, as dramatic price cuts (which are common with some of the more ‘well established’ golf tipsters) are less of an issue. Not having to place bets within minutes of tip release is a massive positive and taking value at this point in the week is less likely to cause issues with bookmaker accounts.

In-Play Betting

Watching live tournament play is a big part of the Campbell brothers’ week as they are always on the lookout for the players who are showing good form.

Long-priced selections are a common theme in this part of their work as they look for players who may ordinarily struggle to string good performances together but are ‘running hot’ on any given weekend. Jim Herman is a prime example of this type of player as even though he is consistently ignored by the market, he often finds three or four rounds to contend at long prices.

Each day concludes with a summary of the action as the Campbells have seen it. In-Play bets accompany this information, providing followers with 4 days’ worth of betting advice (not just one!).

The Record – Profits Since They Began

As you can see from this table, Golf Betting Club have been profitable in every year to date, even with the predictable variance that comes with betting on golf.

Below you can see their combined record of pre-tournament and in-play betting tips as advised over the years:

Staking has remained relatively constant throughout this period, which is reassuring for those looking to bet similar sums from week to week. As with any golf service, variance is high and this was evident in 2022, where returns were lower than other calendar years, especially 2020.

With this in mind, it is worth browsing the bet-by-bet record for Golf Betting Club, which we have documented – going back to the start of 2021 – in this regularly updated spreadsheet. Here, you can see the aforementioned consistency – staking, the average prices of golfers and the markets that are played in remain constant so even when variance occurs, you can be confident of the long-term performance.

Due to the Pre-Tournament and In-Play segments of their offer being very different from most golf tipping services, we have also split those two parts of their record up for analysis.

Pre-Tournament Record Of Profits

First up, we have the Pre-Tournament record. 2020, 2021 and 2023 were all profitable, with a very small loss in 2022. The overall record stands at a profit of 647.43 points from 2,342 bets at 18.79% ROI.

The staking for this part of the service typically makes up around 50-75% of turnover, with outright bets making up the majority of these selections.

First-Round Leader and Top Nationality bets are also common, with Match Bets and other Exotic Markets making the staking plan on occasion, especially in the less traditional tournaments.

In-Play Record Of Profits

In-Play betting is a unique feature of Golf Betting Club in a departure from the majority of both free and paid golf tipster services.

This tranche of bets typically makes up 25-50% of the overall staking plan and although it shows more variance from both the Pre-Tournament and Overall records, has been profitable in every year of operation, outperforming the rest of the bets in the process.

These in-play bets are sent at the conclusion of each of the first 3 days play in the usual 4 day golf tournaments. They include plenty of insight and thoughts on the current state of the tournament alongside clear advice on which additional players that GBC feel offer value in the betting markets.

Service Nuts & Bolts

Bet Notifications: All bets are sent via Telegram. All you need to do is download the free Telegram App (available on mobile or desktop) and you will be added to the Golf Betting Club Telegram group as a member.

Type of Bets: Bets from all markets form the overall make up of Golf Betting Club’s selections; outright, first-round leader and match bets are common pre-tournament with outright bets and match bets common once the action has started.

Bet Release Timing: Pre-tournament bets are sent out on Wednesdays. In-Play bets are sent out on the evening before the next day’s play.

Staking: Staking varies with around 15 points being a typical outlay for any given tournament.

Bookmakers/Exchanges: A range of bookmaker accounts and exchange access is ideal. A Wednesday release means that prices should be attainable; as with most exchange betting, win prices are likely to be bettered (when compared to advised prices), with less places available for each-way betting.

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