If you are interested in making money using tipsters or other betting services, then the Smart Betting Club is here to help you.

Over the years, we have independently proofed, analysed and rated thousands of tipster services in order to find the very best betting experts with a proven track record of success.

We rate and rank each tipster on everything from their profitability and customer service through to how easy it is to obtain their advised odds and the volatility when following them in.

The very best and most genuinely profitable tipsters are then listed in our ‘Hall of Fame’.

As a Smart Betting Club member, you gain full access to the Hall of Fame, plus all of our magazines, reports, reviews and ratings. We provide you with everything that you need to find the best tipsters and make money from your betting. If you would like a good starting point, our 'Five Stages of Profitable Betting' is perfect for you and links to an accompanying 3-part podcast.

Really And Truly
Enlightened And Amazed…

Actual member testimonial

”I have been conned and ripped off something terrible in the past, with betting software, systems, programs, junk, scams, all sorts of garbage. Since becoming a SBC member about 6 months ago, I have been really and truly enlightened and amazed at what is really out there for serious people such as myself…. I really take my hat off to you professional gamblers!”

Keep Updated On The Tipsters In-Form

Once we uncover and review a good tipster, we then continually track and proof their performance to keep you fully up to date with their ongoing progress and form.

In our regular ‘Tipster Profit Reports’, you can view tipster league tables, charts and analysis to ensure you know who the best performing tipsters actually are.

For every tipster, we also keep a detailed key facts page, with 10 regularly updated ratings for all aspects of their service.

Those of you who like to go even deeper with your analysis can also explore the 'Advanced Tipster Analytics' we now publish on every tipster service – just one more way that we help you identify the best betting experts for you!

A Genuine Punter-Friendly Service

Due to the unique member-funded model we employ, the Smart Betting Club is one of the very few organisations truly on the punters’ side and able to speak truthfully about the betting industry.

This unique approach allows us to tackle issues that really matter to you such as account restrictions, the best and worst bookmakers and how to use VPNs for your betting.

Many betting newspapers, websites and media outlets are funded by bookmaker advertising and are compromised by their need for bookmaker revenue. They put the bookmakers first and you, the punter, a distant second.

We are proud to be different and fiercely protective of the people we represent – you, the ordinary punter.

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