It is a well known fact that many serial winners suffer from bookmaker restrictions and closures of their soft bookmaker betting accounts if making too much profit.

Ultimately, if successful over a sustained period, you will gradually lose access to many of these soft bookmakers who are unable or unwilling to accommodate profitable bettors.

Although we provide detailed help, advice and guidance on how to extend the life of your bookmaker accounts and avoid restrictions alongside bookmaker guides for both independents and major operators for our members, another route to profit is provided by betting on exchanges such as Betfair, Betdaq and Smarkets or with Asian bookmakers and/or bet brokers.

These firms make their profit based on either charging you a small commission (exchanges) or by trading the market shrewdly and at high volume (sharp bookmakers), meaning that they will never close your account or restrict your stakes. They actually want you to bet with them  as more turnover will increase their profits!

Mindful of this, we have dedicated significant resources to identify those tipsters you can follow profitably using either betting exchanges or sharp bookmakers.

In fact for every tipster we review, we explore the suitability of following them either via the exchanges or through sharp bookmakers as standard.

To help direct you towards the tipsters that fit into this category, we created a dedicated section of the SBC members area just for them.

SBC’s Special Exchange & Sharp Bookmaker Resources

All of our Tipster Profit Reports and Reviews now record performance against exchanges and/or sharp bookmakers, providing the reader with a clear idea of whether following a service without soft bookmaker accounts is viable.

We have used this data alongside our personal betting experiences (and those of SBC members), to provide clear guidance as per each tipster, system or strategy that you can use on betting exchanges and/or with sharp bookmakers.

Here are some examples of what you will see inside:

Irish Cash Consortium – Betfair SP Horse Racing Tipster

The subject of a recent SBC Tipster Review, Irish Cash Consortium has shown itself to be extremely profitable on betting exchanges, especially in the pre-race markets.

The contacts, expertise and race-reading analysis of a well respected tipster drive this service and over 1,000 bets have derived a ROI of close to 20% for those following Irish Cash Consortium since our proofing began in 2021.

This service can be used as a ‘bet-and-forget’ follow at Betfair SP, but picking off pre-race prices or using some bot software are also viable ways to increase profitability further.

Specialisation in the Irish racing markets means that Irish Cash Consortium offers something a bit different from most tipsters on the market and can be a valuable addition to most bettors’ portfolios.

Edwards’ Tips – Golf Tipster For Exchange & Sharp Bookmaker Usage

Run by former SBC podcast guest, Craig Edwards, Edwards’ Tips specialises in the golf and snooker markets.

We have identified a clear Betting Exchange edge for the golf portion of Craig’s activities and he offers something a little different from most golf tipsters, with some lower variance top 5, 10 & 20 place selections complementing his win and each way picks.

This service is perfect for use on exchanges such as Betfair and even with many soft bookmakers who offer win market options. Given the availability and scale of the golf betting markets these days, its also a viable option for international bettors keen to use sharp bookmakers such as Pinnacle or bet brokers and/or offshore options. 

Craig provides extensive guidance to help those using the service in this way in the review published on his service earlier this year.

Skeeve – Football Tipster For Sharp Bookmakers

Another former SBC Podcast guest (see #Episode 16), Skeeve has been profitably navigating the lower league football markets for over 15 years, with many of those spent in the SBC’s esteemed ‘Hall of Fame’.

A historic ROI of over 11% should be contextualised with where the prices are quoted. Skeeve solely uses Pinnacle for his odds quotation, meaning that selections can be backed there, or exploited for further profit by mixing sharp bookie bets with exchanges and soft bookmakers.

You can learn a bit more about Skeeve’s process in this SBC piece – his specialisation is his strength and he shows no sign of losing his edge against even the sharpest of lines.

In a follow-up chat to his SBC Podcast appearance, Skeeve also went into more depth about Pinnacle and betting with Sharp Bookmakers. That can be listened to here.

Demetrio Giotti – Basketball Tipster For Sharp Bookmakers

Another tipster who has demonstrated a consistent edge against the sharpest bookmakers is Demetrio Giotti, a European basketball expert who has an extremely positive record (please see the graph below).

Demetrio’s tips are all recorded against Pinnacle pricing, meaning that they can be backed there or (like with Skeeve above) can be spread around different firms, exchanges, sharp bookmakers and bet brokers.

So Much More in Tipster Profit Reports!

In addition to the examples above, every tipster profit report also tracks and details services' results using exchange and/or sharp bookmaker metrics.

Some services are not suited to exchange use - they may contract in price or require larger liquidity - but for those that are, we explain why, when to back selections and how to alter any strategies from those used with bookmakers.

A perfect example of this can be found in SBC Magazine #135. One free tipster, a SBC Premium Service and a 'pay as you win' service designed for higher staking bettors were all analysed using our standard metrics and results recording.

In addition, we found that all three were profitable on Betfair, with time interval breakdowns and other useful tips and hints included to make the most out of what they have to offer.

We have detailed analysis for every service where we have identified an exchange or sharp bookmaker edge, categorising them as follows:

  • Horse Racing (14 services)
  • Golf (8 services)
  • Football (7 services)
  • ‘Other Sports’ (6 services)

That leaves 35 current services that we have identified for our members that can be followed without soft bookmaker accounts and alongside our previews, we provide links that contain vast amounts of information about how best to follow them.

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