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  1. Hi Pete,

    Thought this might be useful for other members.

    Many thanks for your interest in Ostlers Racing, but unfortunately, we paused our online and WhatsApp betting at the end of May and have stopped taking on new accounts whilst we wait to see the outcome from the expected Gambling White Paper re affordability checks.

    Once this has been published, then dependent on the outcome, we will come to a decision about the online side of our business, and will be in touch accordingly.

    Thank you again for your interest in Ostlers Racing.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi Pete
    This looks really useful -thanks.
    Do you have any information on the security of funds. it would seem to be particularly relevant for smaller bookmakers.

    • Hi Stephen,

      Not at the moment but I agree that would be useful to add in. I imagine most if not all are relatively unprotected due to the high costs and issues dealing with banking for many in the betting sector, something that will be even more acute an issue for smaller firms.

      That being said, many of the major bookmakers and exchanges offer no or only little security of funds as it stands currently so its an issue industry wide (regulation failure again)

      I would as standard assume its not protected and never leave too much in any account beyond what you need to bet with in the short term.


  3. My experience with Goodwin was mixed. Lovely people on the phone and good customer service. BOG on racing. Where it fell apart was every single horse was quoted bottom price on the OC grid. Hard to win at that equivalent margin. Sports bets were quoted more reasonably on the couple of times I asked.

  4. Sharing with permission a quote received from one SBC member via email who told me this about Macbet:

    “Im a relatively new SBC member and have looked at your recommendations for smaller bookmakers. Opened a whatsapp account with MacBet and nothing but impressed so far. Have found them willing to have to/fro ’til you reach a mutually agreeable price.”

  5. I’ve been using McCartanbet this month for my morning horse racing bets and I’m impressed with what I’ve experienced so far. Telegram messages are picked up & responded to instantly, prices match up to what’s available on Oddschecker and the service is great.


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