New Content Each And Every Month

At the start of every calendar month we release a new SBC Magazine, which is jam-packed with essential reviews, information and 'betting intelligence' for members to absorb and help push their betting forward.

Each SBC Magazine is available in PDF Format and we have hundreds of issues for you to read with a massive back catalogue alongside a brand new issue published every month.

All of our Tipster Reviews are published in these SBC Magazines. We also have documented every review in a Content Index and on each individual tipster's page in the Tipster Ratings Index. This means that if you want to read in-depth analysis on any given service, you can find it easily.

Scroll down to see what you can find in each and every magazine!

We publish a new SBC Magazine for members every month and inside each issue, you can read:

Tipster Reviews

(At least) one new tipster review where we take a detailed look at a service, with all of our in-depth analytics, commentary and analysis to help you decide whether it is right for you.

No stone is left unturned by our forensic analysis with everything from the practicality of following, betting bank guidance, Monte-Carlo simulations and of course - the actual real-life profitability under the microscope.

Latest News

Latest news, where we collect all of the latest goings on at the SBC with a collection of our most relevant blog posts, emails and updates.

Here, we document the main content we have provided for members over the last month - the perfect place to start if you haven't been regularly checking your emails!

Exclusive Member Content & Offers

Member only content and exclusive SBC Member offers that we have introduced over the previous month.

Some content isn't suitable for a mass audience so our member only podcasts and video guides are a great way to communicate with the Smart Betting Club, answering questions without giving too much of an edge a way to non-members! We have video guides for several tipster services and when these arrive, you can find them in SBC Magazines. Alongside this, features such as the 5 Stages Of Profitable Betting have additional content with more detailed practical advice - just for our members.

Another example of what you will find here is exclusive discounts or offers. An example of this comes from the first half of 2024, where we explored alternative exchange options by talking to Matchbook and BETDAQ. Both gave us lots of information about their services, with exclusive offers just for SBC Members. As well as sharing this information by email, we also collected everything that members needed to know in the respective magazines. 

Member Questions & Answers

Member Questions & Answers where we publish member questions and the SBC team's responses to them.

Issues with banking, account balances going missing and intrusive questions from bookmakers have all been covered in depth and if we can't answer questions based on our own experiences, we can carry out research or ask one of our contacts who can!

SBC Podcasts

Podcasts from the month, with reaction and extra detail for the most talked about releases.

Our personal thoughts, commentary and reflections are often a big part of this part of the magazine, especially if the guest has unique insights (or if they say things that are controversial!). Podcasts such as #70 with the Gambling Lawyer Harry Stewart-Moore and #73 with the CEO of the UK Gambling Commission, Andrew Rhodes are two examples where the reaction to the content was huge. 

Social Media

Social Media posts, where we collect opinion from the best and brightest minds to bring insight, expert analysis and latest news together, all in one place.

Twitter (or X) can be a terrible place but it is also a great platform for sharing thoughts and ideas! We collect any content that catches our eye and react to it with our own commentary. This is another great way to learn from others, to keep abreast of breaking news and to access information that is hard to come by elsewhere.

Missing account balances, open banking, the hypocrisy of the British Gaming Council and murky social media affiliates have all been common themes in this section but we also highlight positive stories too!

‘Advice on how to extend the life of your accounts’……

Actual member testimonial

At the time you realise that bookmakers will close and restrict your accounts very easily, SBC is a great help in telling you which tipsters prices come under the most pressure quickly and also advice on how to extend the life of your accounts.

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