Free Tipster Trials & Discounts

Enjoy Exclusive Savings & Free Trials On Many Of The Best Betting Tipsters!

As a Smart Betting Club member you can benefit from a large number of exclusive special deals, free trials and large discounts on many of the very best tipster services.

Very often you can also find yourself saving more than the cost of joining the Smart Betting Club with some of these deals, which include:

Free Trials

  • Trial the ‘Hall of Fame’ rated Northern Monkey Punter racing service free for 2 weeks;
  • Trial a Hall of Fame rated Darts service free for 30 days;
  • Trial a winning racing tipster for 7 days for just £1.
  • Trial the Quentin Franks racing service free for 15 days.

Major Discounts

  • Save £25 on the annual cost of the Matchday Profits service.
  • Save 25% on each of your first 3 month’s membership with Bookie Bashing
  • Join Horseracing Network for just £10 for your first 3 months
  • Enjoy a 30% bonus credit on your first purchase with Pyckio tipsters.
  • Save £10 every month on the cost of a membership to the Racing Consultants service
  • Save 20% on the cost of joining Neil MacDonald’s Bookie Insiders football service
  • Enjoy a 50 Euro saving on the cost of Winner Odds

These deals and offers are all thanks to the combined power of the Smart Betting Club, where through our unique contacts, we are able to negotiate exclusive deals for our members.

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Priority Subscriptions

Its not only discounts and free trials that you can access as a Smart Betting Club member but very often priority subscription deals for the most popular of services.

Occasionally the best tipsters apply membership number limits to protect the quality of service. Very often these tipsters will offer Smart Betting Club members the first option to join before anyone else!

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