beating soft bookmakers USING TIPSTERS and other betting services

The vast majority of tipsters and betting services focus on beating 'soft bookmakers' - the gambling operators who concentrate on serving recreational, losing punters.

As these firms are designed for every day bettors, their odds and concessions are often very generous and instead of operating in a 'sharp' fashion by frequently changing their odds, they restrict or ban customers who demonstrate any kind of skill.

This is frustrating, but it does offer opportunities. By betting in the right way and 'going under the radar', you can make some serious profits before being shut down. There are so many different operators out there, so repeating this over and over can help you to build up quite the bank!

To aid prolonging the profits you can make from soft bookmakers we have extensive  help, advice and guidance on how to extend the life of your bookmaker accounts and avoid restrictions alongside bookmaker guides for both independents and major operators.

Reviewing services that can help you get to this stage is the SBC's 'bread and butter' and we have reviewed hundreds of such services since establishing ourselves in 2006.

Below are a few examples of services that have gone under the SBC microscope - there's plenty to choose from so we are confident that there is something inside for everyone!

SBC’s core WORK: Beating bookmakers!

A sizeable portion of our tipster reviews and tipster profit reports are centred on beating soft bookmakers and even the work we do that focuses on exchanges or sharp bookmakers is normally applicable to profiting from these firms. Our reviews track profitability, volatility and bank growth before following up with more advanced analytics to look at things like odds availability, losing runs, Monte Carlo simulations and drawdowns.

Within our team we have decades of collective betting experience, so all of these numbers are accompanied by our expert commentary, with practical advice central to any review or report we publish. Everything we do is geared towards our members finding services that are suitable for them - we all have different circumstances and this is central to any conclusions we draw! 

Here are some examples of tipsters and services who beat the bookies:

Free Tipster Service: 13/2- 8/1 Horse Racing Bets

SBC Members are well acquainted with Kieran Ward as he has built numerous systems and services that beat the bookmaker's in horse racing markets.

His 13/2 - 8/1 service is free to SBC Members and it is quite the performer - over 1,000 points profit has been made by followers since launch in 2021 and this equates to a Return On Investment (ROI) of over 10%! Kieran has various offerings that we have analysed in depth - one thing they have in common is that they all beat the bookmakers!

Edwards’ Tips – Snooker & Golf Tips

Run by former professional snooker player, Craig Edwards - Edwards' Tips is a unique offering as it provides tips for two sports - snooker and golf.

Craig gets it - he times bets perfectly, doesn't take stand out prices and offers flexibility for followers who have different outlets to get their bets down. Slow, steady profits from snooker bets provide a solid foundation and this is complemented well by Craig's golf tipping, where he finds big-priced winners at a rate way ahead of the odds he takes!

Monetos - In-Play Football Tips

Born out of a podcast hosted by four professional punters, Monetos has established itself as one of the leading in-play football services.

Data plays a key part of the team's edge and this is complemented by experience and an excellent understanding of game states. Moneylines, handicaps, goalscorers, cards and corners are all staples of what Monetos do and as an additional benefit, these bets are welcomed by bookmakers as they are typically reserved for use by losing punters!

Golf Betting Club - Pre Tournament & In-Play Tips Across All Tours

A favourite of members across the world, Golf Betting Club have several unique features that make them the perfect service for those looking for a golf service.

They tip into all of the major tours (PGA, DPWT & LIV), they find excellent value 'exotic' plays and they don't stop when the tournaments start - in-play selections are shared throughout Thursday to Sunday, making this a 4-day-a-week service! Odds are sourced from providers who have an international presence (e.g. Kambi, Bet365), making this service accessible to all. The service's fair odds policy sums their offering up - this service is all about practicality and getting on at realistic prices - most members have ROIs that exceed the official record!

No Foto Needed

Run by a mysterious industry insider, No Foto Needed has built up an enviable record beating the bookmakers in the UK & Irish horseracing markets.

Despite being anonymous, the brains behind this service has shared plenty of insight with his members, using extended interviews and his daily thoughts to teach them how a trader's mind works (and how to beat them). On top of this, he has delivered some excellent profits, with a record spanning over 2,000 bets yielding double-digit returns. No stand out prices are used and as selections are delivered in the late morning, getting on is achievable for most punters.

Bookie Bashing - Models & Trackers To Beat Bookmaker Prices

Do you want to bet on horse racing, golf, football, rugby or darts? Bookie Bashing has tools and trackers for all of these sports (and more), making it the perfect toolkit to go to battle with a bookmaker.

Built with a 'value betting' ethos, Bookie Bashing is different as it doesn't offer tips per se. Instead, it has a suite of tools designed to find value in the betting markets. With live feeds that incorporate bookmakers' prices in real time, you can use this service 24 hours a day and with the models creating 'true' prices, it offers a wealth of betting opportunities.

We all use Bookie Bashing at the Smart Betting Club and we have reviewed various parts of the service (notably horse racing, golf and football) in depth to test their models for profitability. For those who want to make serious profits from gambling with soft bookmakers, Bookie Bashing is an excellent option.

So Much More in Tipster Profit Reports!

In addition to reviewing services, we constantly assess their ongoing performance in our Tipster Profit Reports. If we observe a noticeable change in a service's output (either positive or negative), we update members in these detailed bulletins.

The very best services are enrolled into our Hall Of Fame - an honour that many tipsters are very proud of! Member feedback, SBC Award votes and results tracking all feed into this process, meaning that we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to knowing who are the best tipsters!

The majority of the resources on our site will help you to beat soft bookmakers. Here are a few:

  • Our free tipsters provide members with a wide range of excellent options
  • Our Premium Services cover football, golf, horse racing and basketball, providing a multitude of discounted services with impressive records
  • Our Tipster Reviews look at services in detail, with tips, tricks, hints and hacks to maximise profitability
  • Our Intelligence section will help you to squeeze more value out of your accounts by prolonging their use and avoiding restrictions & closures
  • We preface every review or section of the site with advice to gauge whether a service is right for you

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