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Fighting Back Against Bookmaker Restrictions – Resources & Help

The issue of bookmakers closing down betting accounts or restricting the stakes you can place on any given bet is a growing practice effecting many punters in the modern day betting world. Particularly it impacts those of you betting on the likes of horse racing and other ‘niche’ sports and leagues where bookmakers are wary of ‘sharp business’.

To help tackle this growing problem – as a Smart Betting Club member you can access several expert reports dedicated to helping you understand how and why restrictions are applied and how to avoid them as best you can, for as long as you can.

Whether it be through the use of technology, being selective as to the type of bets you place, how you spread your stakes around or the bookies more likely to accept winners – SBC is here to help you.

If you would like some practical advice in audio form, SBC Podcast #59 features a chat with three members of the SBC Team and we touch on this issue.

Here is a rundown of some of the advice available to you as a Smart Betting Club member:

‘Restrictions Interview With A Bookie Insider’

In this exclusive interview, SBC Editor Peter Ling speaks with ‘The Poacher’ – a highly experienced and well connected bookmaker employee who is a specialist in overseeing betting restrictions. This is a true bookmaker insider who has agreed to share his insight with Smart Betting Club members on restrictions, how they are applied and most importantly of all – how best to avoid them for as long as possible. If you are interested in going ‘under the radar’ as a winning punter with bookmakers for as long as possible, this interview is a must-read!

‘Guide To Stake Factoring’

In this unique article we explore a leaked bookmaker document that discusses what they term in the industry as ‘Stake Factoring’ – the art of restrictions. Helping you to better understand a key part of how restrictions apply to winning accounts and what the bookmakers look for.

‘Bookmaker, Bet Broker & Exchange Guide’

A major guidebook exploring the best betting exchanges, bookmakers and bet brokers for winners. Ideal for those of you looking to get the best odds and lowest commission rates possible from sites that actively welcome winners.

‘Anti-Tracking Software Review’

Read our detailed review of the software, which is designed to help prevent bookmakers tracking your online betting activity. Want to avoid links being made from old closed accounts to newly opened accounts? Then, this software is here to help. A must-read for anyone concerned about betting restrictions.

’55 Page Getting On Report’

Released in conjunction with the launch of our Better Betting Campaign, this extremely detailed report is your ultimate guide to betting restrictions and closures. Discover the best and worst bookmakers for restrictions as reveal by our extensive survey, plus the hidden bookmaker tracking software and how to remove it from your computer. This report also features 6 interviews with professional punters on their tips, techniques and advice on how to cope with and avoid betting restrictions. Highly recommended reading.

‘Advice on how to extend the life of your accounts’……

Actual member testimonial

At the time you realise that bookmakers will close and restrict your accounts very easily, SBC is a great help in telling you which tipsters prices come under the most pressure quickly and also advice on how to extend the life of your accounts.

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