Twin Racing Experts – 2 fantastic new racing tipsters explored in SBC 128

Betting on horse racing is one the most popular sports for all kinds of punters – and for good reason – as with the right expert(s) to guide you, there is a serious edge to be made!

To back this up, in the latest SBC Magazine (Issue 128) the SBC team reviewed 2 very promising racing experts, both of whom have showcased a long-term profit betting not just with bookmakers, but also at Betfair SP.

This free-with-SBC tipster hits a new profit high with 41.75 points made in just one day

Are you looking for your next horse racing tipster but concerned about laying out the funds to join an expensive service? At the Smart Betting Club we cater for all budgets which is why we have a ‘Free Tipster’ section that provides quality services at no extra cost above your SBC membership payment. Quality services […]

Tipster update: ROI jump from 32% to 42% for this in-form racing expert

What a last few weeks it’s been since we reviewed Hanbury Racing! Since the cut-off point for our latest review that featured the prolific racing tipster, Hanbury Racing’s ROI has jumped from 32% to over 42%! That’s another 400 points profit in just a few weeks Better still, that ROI has shot up to 44% […]

New SBC Podcast with big priced winner specialist, Richard Hutchinson of Hanbury Racing

The very latest SBC Podcast has just been published featuring my in-depth discussion with the owner of the Hanbury Racing tipping service – Richard Hutchinson.

This episode is the perfect accompaniment for the detailed SBC review of Hanbury Racing and the edge it has to both bookmakers AND at Betfair SP.

Our review identified the service had a 32% ROI to bookmakers and 37.7% ROI at Betfair SP at the time of publication.

You can listen to this episode now via Apple / Spotify / Google and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

You can also watch both Richard and I record this episode on the SBC YouTube Channel

Hanbury Racing – A 32% ROI with bookmakers and 37.7% ROI at Betfair SP.

What do you think makes a great horse racing tipster service?

How about one with a long term profitable record of 32.36% ROI to advised prices over the past 2 years?
How about one that is not only profitable at the bookmakers but also at betting exchanges, including to Betfair SP?
How about one that is currently offering a huge 25% discount for those with a Smart Betting Club membership?

Well the service examined in our latest Tipster Review ticks all 3 of those boxes.

That service is called Hanbury Racing and with 2 years worth of profits behind it, our detailed review confirms it’s a tipster that is really doing the business for followers

New SBC Podcast with professional racing punter & tipster, Quentin Franks

The very latest SBC Podcast has just been published featuring my chat with top racing expert and tipster, Quentin Franks.

Working 15 hour days and up at the crack of drawn each day, Quentin was good enough to share about what goes on behind the scenes as a pro punter and the reality of betting for a living – something he has been doing for the past 10 years.

As well as some of the things he looks for in a value bet and the tools he used to study horses, Quentin also discussed some of the smaller, independent bookmakers he often uses to get bets on and why more punters need to consider them.

He also outlines just why these firms welcome his business alongside his thoughts on the racing scene in general and his fears for it in the long-term.

We also explore his long-running SBC Hall of Fame rated tipping service which is now in its 8th year, during which time it has generated a 15% long-term ROI from over 8000 bets.

Lies, damned lies and statistics in the tipster world

In the crazy world we live in currently, the collection and analysis of data is never far from the headlines.

Whether it be examining political polls, interest rates and inflation or the spread of Covid-19, the ability to interpret complex data and make informed decisions from it is key.

As we have seen from the different approaches to Covid-19 across the world, many ‘experts’, especially the uninformed ‘sound-bite’ variety, struggled to interpret data correctly and made often perhaps well-meaning, yet flawed decisions.

Yet, what you may ask – does that have to do with betting?

The reality is that whatever field you work in, interpreting data and its outputs is vitally important, including SBC’s world of tipster reviews and recommendations.

Certainly nowhere near as important as working out how to counter the spread of Covid-19, yet for those of us interested in betting and the goal of making money, it is important to us.

Yes, we can review a tipster from the basics of data. Pick out what they made over the last 3 months or simply pile in on one that made the most money in 2021, but would that be right?

3 tipsters revealed from March’s report including a service thats turned £1000 into £9500+ in under 4 years

The latest Tipster Profit Report from the SBC Team is out now and it contains over 40 tipsters reviewed, across multiple sports, price points and membership options. All told, it’s a surefire way to find a profitable tipster that fits your budget and betting portfolio strategy. Today I wanted to give you a taster of some of […]

Vote now in the 2022 SBC Awards – Your best tipster, website, bookmaker, podcast and more!

Fellow bettors, we want YOUR opinions on all things betting related in this year’s bigger than ever SBC Awards. The awards that give YOU the chance to give your feedback on all things positive (and negative!) that happened in the betting and tipping industry over the past 12 months. We have 10 public categories for you […]

Special new SBC podcast on the increase in bookmaker disputes & complaints

In the very latest Smart Betting Club podcast, I tackle the growing number of complaints being made about bookmakers, specifically when it comes to issues of account suspensions, delays processing withdrawals and some of the extra ‘security’ and ‘ID’ checks that are increasingly becoming commonplace. The allegations some are making is that bookmakers are adding unnecessary […]