The Latest on £500 Minimum Bet Guarantees & Sky Bet’s New Offer

Minimum Bet Guarantees have been in the news recently and last week, the biggest firm yet – Skybet joined the throng with the unveiling of their own £500 ‘lay to lose’ offer.

To help keep you informed, I have penned a quick summary of what is on offer from each of the 3 firms offering these guarantees and the different terms and conditions.

Free tips: The winners keep rolling in for these experts

Back in July, I told you about the expert tipsters providing betting advice for free to Smart Betting Club members and just how well they were faring.

Well the good news is that the combined strong form has continued with further profits bagged since my July email.

Allow me to reveal all…

Insight Into The New BetVictor & Betfair £500 Minimum Bet Guarantee

A look into the new £500 minimum bet guarantee from Bet Victor and Betfair as announced this week and what it means for racing punters. Includes quotes from Horseracing Bettors Forum Chairman, Matt Bisogno and details on how to re-activate your old closed accounts

The ‘WOW’ York Ebor Tipster (40% ROI Since 2011) Free With SBC This Week

Jockeys, pundits, bookies…you name it – everyone is an expert when it comes to picking out racing tips, yet the only voices you want to be listening to are those with proven records of making it pay.

Proven records like the expert tipster who throughout each day of the York Ebor Festival (Which starts this Wednesday) will be providing his winning advice totally for free to Smart Betting Club members.

The reason I know this tipster is good is simple – because I have been proofing his tips since 2011, during which time he has built up an outstanding record and especially so during the Ebor Festival..

Over the course of 137 bets advised at York over the past 7 years, he has made a 55.5 point profit at a 40.50% Return on Investment. That is based on simply placing a 1 point stake to win on each horse at easily obtainable odds.

Expert tipsters speak: Football betting tips this season & beyond

Last week saw the release of SBC’s new season Football Tipster Guide, featuring reviews, recommendations and detailed insight into 14 of the best football tipping experts we have uncovered over the years.

Inside the guide you can also read our interviews with several of the expert tipsters, where we grilled them not only on their performance but also for their advice on what it takes to make a profit betting.

Based on some of the answers given, I have put together this neat snapshot on some of the key points raised by this gang of experts.

In no particular order then – here are some of the expert tips for profiting on football this season and beyond…

Under the microscope: 14 of 2018/19’s best football tipsters

The new season is nearly upon us and to help you find the best football tipster(s), you must check out our fantastic new 2018/19 Season Football Tipster Guide!

Inside it features our take on 14 of the very best football tipsters we have uncovered with updated ratings, rankings and recommendations on the best experts for the new season.

You can also read detailed interviews with many of the tipsters including their strategies for the coming season and their tips and advice on how to make a profit football betting.

How this ordinary punter brought his retirement forward using just 1 tipster

Earlier this week I had a really interesting chat with SBC member, Lee who, thanks to the power of the Smart Betting Club service, has brought forward his retirement by a few years after making exceptional profits using just 1 tipster service.

Lee was good enough to answer a few of my specific questions on the tipster he has followed to achieve this. Inspiration for those of you who may not think that making a profit using tipsters is possible or that you need a huge wealth of experience or money.

The tennis tipster with a great record laying & backing – ideal for exchange punters

Last week saw the release of the very latest SBC Magazine (Issue 106) which featured reviews of 3 new winning tipsters to help in your profitable betting quest.

Chief amongst them was my in-depth exploration of the fascinating Tennis tipping service with a tremendous record advising both lays and backs in men’s and women’s tennis.

It’s a service ideally suited to those of you keen to bet on betting exchanges such as Betfair or Smarkets, either because bookmakers have closed you down or you are looking to diversify your betting.