SBC Podcast #73: Andrew Rhodes – CEO Of The Gambling Commission

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by The Gambling Commission CEO Andrew Rhodes for an in-depth chat about the regulation of gambling in the UK.

‘The White Paper’ was published last year and this document has resulted in some fierce debate across the gambling world, with the Gambling Commission coming under fire as accusations of bias, secrecy and incompetence have been levelled at them.

This chat provides Andrew with the opportunity to refute those claims and to discuss some of the issues that are of interest to you – the punters.

I didn’t get to ask about every topic on our list (restrictions, Minimum Bet Liability (MBL), the debate around statistics in gambling and many more items were considered) but it was great to get some clarity on things like affordability, the black market and bookmaker behaviour.

April: Football Focus at SBC! 📈 First of 2 Tipster Reviews Out Now

For April, we are concentrating on the beautiful game, with two new, in-depth tipster reviews to help SBC Members navigate profitable betting on this sport.

Football is a great betting medium as bookmakers are less wary of it, liquidity is high and there are numerous ways to get on, including soft bookies, sharp books and exchanges.

⛳ Two Golf Tipping Titans: Golf Betting Club vs. Weekly Golf Value ⛳

​Weekly Golf Value has long been a favourite of ours here at the SBC as the service performs year after year, with quite remarkable returns by every metric.

The ‘new kid on the block’ grabbing a lot of attention is Golf Betting Club and after some remarkable winners from both services in recent weeks (and with the Major season upon us), we thought that we’d profile them side by side, with some comparisons to help you decide which one would suit you best.

Bumper SBC Content: Racing Tipster Profit Report & Sys Analyst FREE At Cheltenham

The latest SBC publication – a brand new Tipster Profit Report has just been released and is available for download now.

This report is a Horse Racing only report and it includes details on two new Hall of Fame entrants (and one removal). Featuring everything you need to know about the racing tipsters to follow, not just at Cheltenham Festival but all year round!

With Cheltenham the main focus of most bettors this week, we also have a free service available to members for the week. One of our top rated Hall of Fame tipsters is System Analyst, which is run by Allan Darke and has a long history of beating the bookmaker and these days – the exchanges.

Allan has a phenomenal long-standing ability to win on horse racing and our recent members review of his service in May 2023 outlined this in extensive detail.

Well the great news is that Allan has agreed to supply ALL his Cheltenham Exchange bets free of charge to SBC members this week.

🏇 Cheltenham: An Expert’s Guide From ‘No Foto Needed’

Leading up to Cheltenham, there is so much ‘noise’ that finding quality content is tricky. To help with this, we have prepared content with four professional punters who have excellent Cheltenham records. All of them also tip, with special Cheltenham offers and exclusive discounts available with SBC Membership.

🎧SBC Podcast #71: Andy Holding From Oddschecker on Speed Figures, Punting & Tipping

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by Andy Holding, the well known racing expert who tips for Oddschecker and commentates on William Hill Radio.

Andy has been in love with horse racing from an early age and he has put in the hard yards to get to where he is, working in bookmaker shops, crunching numbers and building up a reliable system to beat the bookies.