⚽️ 24% ROI and ROC Above 100%! Easy To Use Tracker Delivers Massive Profits – Review Out Now!⚽️

For those of you who read Rowan Day’s Bet Diary series, some quite remarkable 2024 results were posted recently as our resident writer discussed his use of the Bookie Bashing Early Payout Tracker.

Using Lucky 15s for his staking, Rowan has posted Return On Investment (ROI) figures of 25.42% and this excellent performance has resulted in his starting bank for this strategy more than doubling this year (Return On Capital stands at 110.11%!).

📈 Chasing Profits: Steaming Selections That YOU Can Follow! 💨

Chasing Steamers is one of the most innovative and impressive services we have had the pleasure of reviewing over the last few years.

Consistent profitability, a high volume of bets, strong bank growth and excellent customer service are all accompanied by smart and efficient bet delivery and results tracking, making this the perfect service for those who have access to bookmaker accounts.

Major Coup For SBC – A New Top Tipster Joins Us!

We are delighted to announce a real coup for us here at SBC, as we have recruited yet another high quality tipster, who for the next few months at least, has agreed to provide SBC members with exclusive access to his excellent service.

The service in question is called The Daily Sheet and is so named because it features a list of bets to take each day as advised throughout the morning from 9am to 12.30pm.

⚽️ The In-Play Football Tipster With An Edge From Bet365 & the Betfair Exchange ⚽️

In the latest tipster review from April’s mega betting magazine! (Issue 141) we continued the ‘football focus’ theme with an introduction to the in-play football tipster that boasts an excellent record over nearly 1000 bets.

Easy to follow with both bookmakers and exchanges, our review of this service has proven to be extremely popular indeed with it being the first in-play tipster we have ever recommended to SBC members.

📰 SBC Magazine Issue #141: A Football Focus For April! ⚽️

After an extremely busy month at SBC, today we are releasing SBC Magazine Issue #141, which has a strong football betting theme in preparation for the Euros!

Despite a high profile podcast with the CEO of the Gambling Commission, Andrew Rhodes, we have still got plenty of our ‘bread and butter’ content prepared and released in April, with two long-term winning football services put under the SBC review microscope!

We provide a snapshot of what’s inside below. If it sounds like it could be for you, then sign-up for membership to get instant access to SBC 141 and our full back catalogue

🎧SBC Podcast #74: An Expert Panel Discuss The Andrew Rhodes Interview & What It Means For Punters

Following up on last week’s special podcast interview with Andrew Rhodes from the Gambling Commission, we’ve just released a special ‘reaction episode’, which is now available for download.

Joining me were three betting experts – Dan Waugh, Harry Stewart-Moore, and Chris Fawcett – as we delve into the key points discussed and offer insights on both what Andrew did and didn’t say and the work of the under-fire regulator.

SBC Podcast #73: Andrew Rhodes – CEO Of The Gambling Commission

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by The Gambling Commission CEO Andrew Rhodes for an in-depth chat about the regulation of gambling in the UK.

‘The White Paper’ was published last year and this document has resulted in some fierce debate across the gambling world, with the Gambling Commission coming under fire as accusations of bias, secrecy and incompetence have been levelled at them.

This chat provides Andrew with the opportunity to refute those claims and to discuss some of the issues that are of interest to you – the punters.

I didn’t get to ask about every topic on our list (restrictions, Minimum Bet Liability (MBL), the debate around statistics in gambling and many more items were considered) but it was great to get some clarity on things like affordability, the black market and bookmaker behaviour.

April: Football Focus at SBC! 📈 First of 2 Tipster Reviews Out Now

For April, we are concentrating on the beautiful game, with two new, in-depth tipster reviews to help SBC Members navigate profitable betting on this sport.

Football is a great betting medium as bookmakers are less wary of it, liquidity is high and there are numerous ways to get on, including soft bookies, sharp books and exchanges.