Minimum Bet Guarantee Update – Betfair, Skybet & Bet Victor

There was a very welcome announcement last week on the topic of Minimum Bet Guarantees with news that Betfair have decided to extend their own £500 guarantee to cover all races from 10am onwards each day.

Previously, Betfair were only offering this guarantee on Class 1 and 2 races, so the fact it’s been expanded onto all UK and Ireland meetings is certainly a positive step for shrewd punters looking for places to bet. 

Read all about the current Minimum Bet Guarantee offers from Betfair, Skybet & Bet Victor in this update article

Profitable with Bookmakers & Betfair SP – The racing tipster quoting fair & achievable odds

Last week saw the release of the very latest SBC Magazine – Issue 108 which featured reviews of 3 new winning tipsters to help in your profitable betting quest.

Chief amongst them was our exploration of ‘The Betting Man’ service, which since inception back in November 2017 has produced some exceptional results, having made 328 points at 27.2% Return on Investment.

Yet as good as his form has been, as tipster reviewers we always need to delve much deeper than simple headline profit figures to get the real lowdown on how good a service really is – including one of the most vital topics – Odds Movement.

SBC Awards: Vote for your best & worst bookmakers, websites & podcasts

Public voting has now opened for the Smart Betting Club’s 2019 Tipster & Betting Awards, and we want your help in deciding the best (and worst) of the betting world from 2018.

This year – not only do you have the chance to name and shame the bookmakers you both like and dislike, you can also vote for your favourite betting website and podcast.

Best of all, those of you taking 60 seconds to cast your vote can also enter a special prize draw to win one of 3 prizes including a brand new Dell Chromebook Laptop (Worth £200) and lifetime SBC Membership (Priceless!)

The Betting Man: Exclusive first review & 50% discount on the tipster everyone is talking about

The latest SBC Magazine (Issue 108) has just been published with the feature review our exploration of the on-fire racing tipster: The Betting Man.

Described by SBC members as ‘The best service I have ever followed‘, ‘Peerless‘ and ‘Highly recommended if you are serious about making the game pay‘, you can read our full independent analysis in this complete review.

The Football Insider With A Unique ‘Laidback Betting’ Tips Strategy

Earlier this month saw our publication of the very latest SBC Best Tipster Guide review – our take on the outstanding football insider tipster with 12 seasons of profits behind him.

Since the start of the 2016/17 season alone, he has made a 87.6 point profit from 583 bets at 11.5% ROI and averaged 80% bank growth each season to outline just why he rate him so highly.

But its not just this recent record behind our recommendation, but several other key points ranging from his longer-term profitable record, his football & betting connections, his suitability for exchange or bet broker only punters and his laidback betting approach.

To help illustrate more on this, here are 6 key reasons as to why you need to read this review.

“Best service I have ever followed…I am up 5k since February” – The free tipster with rave reviews

It has been an outstanding 12 months for one of our free tipsters at SBC: The Betting Man and his performance only serves to highlight how our free tipsters can give you a head-start with your betting.

All told, since he began sharing his tips for free with SBC members in November 2017, The Betting Man has made 317.4 points profit at 27.82% ROI from 613 bets.

That’s over £3000 at simple £10 stakes…not bad for a free tipster!

Read on for more on his advice, what SBC members think of him and other free tipsters now available.

2 must-watch video interviews on a minimum bet guarantee & bookie restrictions

For those of you following the ongoing topic of bookmaker fairness and a right to bet without restrictions (AKA a Minimum Bet Guarantee), then I want to point you in the direction of 2 excellent video interviews published recently by the bookmaker, Star Sports.

It includes the ‘ordinary punter’ viewpoint with a fascinating interview with Brian Chappell (AKA Jimmy Justice) from the Justice For Punters pressure group alongside another interview with Skybet CEO, Richard Flint on why his firm don’t take bets from winning punters as part of their business model.

All fold its a fascinating insight into the industry, the greed of bookmakers and why a Minimum Bet Guarantee ruling is needed