July 2021 Update: How ‘safe’ is the money you deposit with bookmakers? Essential advice and information

Today, I have a very important update to share with you on the topic of bookmaker fund security – or indeed the lack of it from many of the firms that we all bet with.

It’s safe to say its of critical importance to anyone that bets regularly and especially so if you hold large sums of money in any of your bookmaker accounts.

This is a topic I have regularly discussed over the years and what follows is an excerpt from an updated article recently published for members of the Smart Betting Club on this topic.

Whilst not the ‘sexiest’ of topics – it certainly is an essential one for anyone that bets, so please do take the time to read it and understand more on how safe the funds you deposit with bookmakers actually are.

My results from my SBC betting portfolio – 6 months in

Alex from SBC here letting you know that I’ve been given the privilege of writing for the Smart Betting Club on a permanent basis. From now on you’ll be hearing directly from me about your favourite betting subjects on top of the usual great content that Pete releases for SBC. I can’t wait to get […]

The Spanish football tipster with an 8 year profitable record betting at Pinnacle

Betting and being profitable at Pinnacle is perhaps the holy grail (or pinnacle) of sports betting for shrewd bettors who understand the complexities of betting with normal bookmakers.

Reason being is that Pinnacle does not follow the same business model of UK bookmakers and actually encourages winners to bet on their site meaning no limitations and the opportunity to bet large stakes.

Plus, as it’s one of the sharpest bookmakers around, it means you are clearly doing something right if you are able to make money there.

This is why the latest SBC Tipster Review of the Serpa Bets service is so fascinating as its a football tipping service that has made a profit to Pinnacle quoted odds for several years.

Magic Multiples: How This £42.75 bet returned £8652.83!

Are you like one of the many successful gamblers that have faced restrictions from bookmakers due to your success?

Has this derailed your attempts to make some serious profit before you’ve even got started?

And maybe you’re looking for a solution but haven’t come across anything that can help yet?

If so then the Magic Multiples betting service (Currently 100% FREE to follow with SBC) might be the answer to your account restriction problems.

Especially given that just a few weeks back, it tipped up all 6 of these selections on the same day! Yes that’s a £42.75 bet returning £8652.83!

Video Diary – Alex shows how he uses this special golf ‘value tool’ to bet on the US Open

It’s the US Open this week and to celebrate Alex has recorded another video in his video diary betting series, this time all about the profitable Golf Tool he uses.

In the video Alex explains exactly how he used it to pick his selections for the 2021 US Open at Torrey Pines.

He also updates us on his latest results from using this golf tool, which include an amazing 1st and 2nd place in last week’s European Tour event.

New Bet Diary Podcast. Discussing the reality of betting with tipsters!

Each year professional sports bettor and long time SBC writer Rowan Day documents his betting portfolio progress in the form of his Bet Diary Annual Report.

To further showcase the report and the profits his betting portfolio made since 2020, we’ve also recorded a special podcast that goes through the year’s betting in detail.

On the podcast I chat to Rowan about the key aspects of his annual report and he shares some fantastic insights into his professional betting strategy.

Video Diary – Alex takes us through his results from 4 months of his betting portfolio

Alex is back with the 2nd video in his Video Diary series and this time he’s got 4 months worth of results to show us.

Since he’s been using his 4 SBC recommended betting services for some time now, we thought it best he shows us how he’s getting on.

And having seen the video it makes very good viewing! Especially the results!

Read about the 7 ‘Hall of Fame’ betting tipsters all enjoying a fine start to 2021

Introducing the Magnificent 7… no not the all time classic film but some of the most highly rated tipsters that have been reviewed by our unique and independent SBC report system culminating in our May 2021 Tipster Profit Report.

These are 7 of THE best betting tipsters and services around…period.

These are the guys I’d trust giving the keys to the village to.
These are the guys producing the results.
These are the guys who have started 2021 with all guns blazing.

How much our betting portfolio made us since Jan 2020

Want to know how a betting professional makes his living by following some of the best recommended SBC tipsters? Then read this free Bet Diary report…

It reveals exactly how much SBC writer and professional bettor Rowan Day did with his betting portfolio since the start of 2020.

And it’s good news…it was another profitable period for him – in spite of all the challenges faced during this period due to the pandemic!

In our latest FREE to download report, we show you exactly how Rowan managed to navigate this difficult time and turn a significant profit during it.

Alongside details on the tipsters he follows, the report covers some important points that will help you with your own profitable betting.

Free golf tips! Sign up to these 2 new golf tipsters for absolutely free!

We’re giving away free tips from 2 expert golf tipsters! All you have to do is sign up with your email address to start following free of charge.

That’s right – you can now sign-up to get tips from both ‘The Rainmaker’ and ‘Euro Tour Profit’ sent direct to your email address each week.

Links and how to sign-up follow…