All you need to find the best sports tipsters – Football, Golf, Tennis, NFL & more

Are you looking for a new tipster to follow this coming football season?

Or perhaps you are looking to find an expert to help you make a profit on sports like Tennis, Golf, NFL, Darts or even Boxing?

Well if that is you, then the latest SBC Tipster Profit Report is here to help as it features independently reviewed results, rankings and comparative league tables for the Best Sports Tipsters as uncovered by us since 2006.

Available for immediate download with an SBC Membership, this report is the gold standard of tipster tracking and will help pinpoint the best experts for you to follow when betting.

New podcast With Richard Hayler of IBAS about bookmaker disputes

In the latest SBC Podcast Episode I was joined by Richard Hayler, the Managing Director of the betting dispute organisation, IBAS, to answer questions on his service and the current setup of the industry to adequately tackle the growing number of bookmaker complaints.

If you are one of the many punters with issues as regards bookmaker behaviour and IBAS’s role handling disputes, you won’t want to miss this episode!

Winner Odds Video Guide – Your Questions Answered

Following some of the articles we have published on the Tennis tipster service – Winner Odds, I have fielded quite a few questions on the nature and suitability of this service for those of you interested in what it offers.

Articles such as this real-life testimonial from one SBC member who made $15,562.41 using Winner Odds in just 6 months.

The questions sent on include the likes of…

How does it find value bets?
What bookmakers does it work with?
Can I use it on betting exchanges?
Can I use with the likes of Pinnacle?
Can I get alerts about bets to my phone/computer?
Is it possible to make a profit betting at short odds as they suggest?

Ben Coley Update: The latest results from Sporting Life’s top free golf tipster in SBC 130

The latest SBC Magazine – Issue 130 has just been published and it contains details on 2 more golf services with a winning edge.

Golf continues to be one of the most popular and profitable betting markets to get involved with and these 2 tipsters have shown exactly how to take full advantage of it!

One of those analysed is the Sporting Life’s free golf tipster, Ben Coley, for whom we have penned a full 2022 update on performance and in this article I reveal more on just why he is so good!

Special New Podcast On Last Week’s 10Bet Trey Mullinax ‘100/1 or 175/1’? Saga

In this very special new episode of the SBC Podcast, I was joined by my partner-in-crime Tom Brownlee to unpack all of the gory details about what took place last week regarding the bookmaker 10bet and their unsuccessful attempt to change the payouts they owed on the winning golfer – Trey Mullinax.

Having settled bets on Mullinax originally at 175/1, 10Bet tried to adjust this 48 hours after he won to 100/1, much to the disgust of many in the betting world.

Unwilling to let them get away with this, Tom and I campaigned vigorously about it on social media and just 48 hours later, 10Bet relented and re-resettled it at 175/1 – the correct price.

How one SBC member made 15k in 6 months using this recommended tipster service

In SBC Issue 129 we took a fresh, detailed look at the tennis tipster service – Winner Odds – a service we have been recommending for several years due to the excellent track record of success it has built up

Further proof of this came just this weekend with an email out of the blue from one SBC member who outlined how they had made $15,562.41 using Winner Odds in just 6 months.

With their express permission, I have shared the email and screenshot evidence they sent over below – It makes for fascinating reading!

10bet voiding Mullinax 175/1 and paying out at 100/1 – Statement from the Smart Betting Club & Bookie Bashing

14th July Update: After speaking with the owner of 10Bet, we understand they have now decided to settle ALL bets at the original 175/1 odds. If you are one of those impacted be sure to check your accounts – we expect this to be resolved within the next 48 hours. 13th July Update: We have […]

New Podcast Interview With Pro Punter, Mark Holder

In the latest episode of the SBC Podcast, I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing a total legend in professional betting circles – Mark Holder.

Mark has been betting for a living for the past 30 years and has seen it all and bought the t-shirt when it comes to making it pay!

In this special one hour interview, he explains how he has adapted and evolved his betting over the years to continually eke out a living as a punter and just how he does this now with bookmakers and exchanges.

Why this golf tipster ticks so many boxes. Bookmaker Edge ✔️ Betfair Edge ✔️Affordably Priced ✔️

The latest SBC Tipster Review has just been published, featuring our detailed examination of a very interesting golf tipster with 2 winning strategies of note!

Strategy 1 is based on betting with bookmakers each-way on golf and we have identified an edge hitting a 15.53% ROI from 3042 bets since Jan 2021

Strategy 2 is based on betting win-only at Betfair on golfers and again its got a great record with a 28.46% ROI from 1358 bets to date.

Best of all, both strategies are supplied as part of the one service, available from 30 Euros a month, with a 20% SBC member discount also available!