Betting Tools: VPN’s, VPS’s, Virtual Machines & More With Neel Shah

This week’s SBC Podcast is the second part in our series that focuses on how bookmakers collect and use your data, plus the tools, software and resources to help you as a smart bettor.

We talk about:

Virtual Private Networks (or VPNs) – how they work, the advantages, the limitations and what to look for when purchasing them
Virtual Private Servers (or VPSs) – how they are different from VPNs, who they are most likely to benefit and how they mask your personal data
Proxifiers – how you can enhance your technology (and confuse the bookmakers further!) by using additional IP addresses
Virtual Machines – how you can ‘build a computer within your computer’, why this can be useful and how it can be limited by your computer’s power

& More!

SBC Podcast #45: Bookmaker profiling and data collection / What you need to know as a smart bettor

This week’s SBC podcast episode is the first of a two-part series that focuses on how bookmakers collect data and profile customers.

You can listen to episode 45 now via Apple / Spotify / Google and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

With stories of withheld winnings, altered odds, intrusive personal checks, closed accounts and voided ante post bets all being reported by punters in the last few weeks alone, it is fair to say that trust and goodwill towards bookmakers is at an all time low.

Unfortunately, we may be at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their use of your data.

Six handpicked tipster services to consider for your portfolio – SBC Racing goes live!

What are you looking for in a horse racing tipster?

Pure profit?
Bankroll growth?
Low risk?
Minimal workload when placing bets?
Achievable odds?
Betting Exchange options?

Well, on the brand new SBC Racing Page launched today, we are sure that there is service for you, whatever your needs.

SBC Racing sees us assess all of our Horse Racing Premium Tipsters from the customer’s point of view and this new page helps you to answer the question ‘Which racing tipster(s) would suit my portfolio and which ones wouldn’t?’

One of the very best horse racing tipsters – New SBC review you won’t want to miss!

Like the words ‘genius’, ‘World class’ and ‘greatest’, the word ‘shrewd’ is used too much in the racing and tipster worlds. I use it sparingly and only in circumstances like today when describing the man who is covered in the very latest in-depth SBC Tipster Review.

I am talking about an SBC Hall Of Fame veteran of 7 years that ticks the following boxes:

A service that has racked up 5,000 bets over the last decade with a 16.9% return on investment (ROI);
A service that is profitable year after year, in all race codes and at all odds ranges
A service ranges that records results fairly and provides excellent customer service;
A service that has seen a 694% return on capital (ROC) since 2013.

Another WGV Win On Tony Finau & Don’t Miss Tonight’s Discount Deadline

Fresh off the 1-2-3 with 45/1, 40/1 and 66/1 selections last week, Weekly Golf Value has struck AGAIN with headline pick Tony Finau running away with the Houston Open this weekend. Tipped at 18/1 with various bookmakers, Finau maintained his comfortable lead going into Sunday, winning with 4 shots to spare.over the rank outsider, Tyson Alexander. The good news is that even if […]

SBC Golf profits keep on growing in 2022 – let’s celebrate with a discount!

We normally associate tricasts with horse racing or greyhounds but… how about golf?

Remarkably, Weekly Golf Value selected Russell Henley (45/1), Brian Harman (40/1) and Joel Dahmen (66/1) and this trio filled the first 3 positions in last week’s WW Technology Championship!

To celebrate the continued growth of SBC Golf, we are offering you a 10% discount on both of our Weekly Golf Value & PGA Profit services when you sign-up to a 6 or 12-month package before midnight on Monday 14th November.

New Podcast: Horse Racing Expert, Matt Bisogno of

In the latest SBC Podcast episode I was joined by Matt Bisogno, the founder of the website, racehorse syndicate owner and ex head of the Horseracing Bettors Forum.

Matt was a fascinating guest as he has his finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to everything connected with betting on horse racing. Whether it be the popularity of Geegeez and the tools and software it offers to those trying to ‘solve the racing puzzle’ or even the failure of the industry to grow itself and appeal to a wider audience.

That failure also expands to how it treats those who bet on racing and Matt outlines his understanding of how the land lies as per topics like betting restrictions and just why bookmakers struggle in the current ‘concessions’ climate to lay bets.

Betting Fundamentals, Pro Gambler Blueprints & Unique Insights

Mastering betting banks, staking plans, variance, understanding risk, statistical analysis and betting psychology are some of the essentials for successful gambling and here at the Smart Betting Club, we have built a suite of tools and resources for you as a member to use.

To showcase this, I have written below about some of the guides, tools and advice available to you to as part of the Smart Betting Club.

Want to win at betting? Learn about losing first

One of the best podcasts I have heard in a long-time dropped on Thursday with an exceptional discussion featuring analyst Joseph Buchdahl on the reality of betting for anyone that has aspirations of winning.

Joseph was the latest guest on the Pro Bet Podcast hosted by Mark Holder and Andrew Lowrie (2 former SBC podcast guests no less) and one of the topics he constantly referred to was how key it is to understand losing runs and how to handle them.

Its critical because no matter how good you are as a bettor, simple maths and probability dictate you will have losing runs at some point in your betting journey.

It is therefore how you handle, understand and prepare for them that often makes the difference between carving out a profit long-term or not.

Many punters ignore this at their cost – perhaps because they don’t want to think about losing and what it might be like when a bad run hits.

Yet take it from me – understanding this concept and the things that Joseph talks about in this episode is 100% crucial to long-term success.

3 Brand New Tipster Reviews In SBC 131. Issue Out Now!

The latest Issue of the SBC Magazine is out now with 3 new tipster reviews to explore in full.

Our headline review this month is our exploration of the insider information based racing tipster with a ROI close to 17% since 2020!

We also have detailed profiles of a pay-as-you-win tennis tipster and a long-shot horse racing service. All three reviews can be read in full as a member of the Smart Betting Club