2019 Betting Exchange & Bet Broker Guide Out Now

Discover the best ‘lesser-known’ places to bet with SBC’s 2019 Betting Exchange & Bet Broker Guide.

Tackling 6 different firms – this guide avoids all the usual bookies you already know about and focuses on the lesser-known places that the professionals use to get the best odds.

They might not be household names or bombard you with adverts every time you watch sport on TV, but what they do offer you is the chance to get better value odds on the bets you strike.

Read the detailed SBC review of the Wizard of Big Odds tipster service

Fresh off the press today at the Smart Betting Club is our detailed tipster review of the Wizard of Big Odds horse racing service.

Available via the Tipsters Empire network, the SBC team have been actively monitoring and tracking the Wizard of Big Odds service for some time in order to compile this most thorough and detailed review.

Inside the review you can also find details on an exclusive 50% discount deal for those of you keen to join the Wizard of Big Odds.

How to earn ewallet cashback betting. Download our free guide and start adding extra to your bank

By taking advantage of e-wallet cashback when betting, you can easily start to make an extra £100 to £200 per month by following a few simple steps

Whilst your betting income might fluctuate on a weekly and monthly basis, ewallet cashback ticks over whether you win or lose as its based on your staking and turnover.

Download our free ewallet cashback betting guide now!

The Best Football, Tennis, Golf, Darts & Boxing Tipsters Explored. Find The Right Expert For You

Discover the Best Sports Tipsters with SBC’s NEW Tipster Profit Report. Honing in on the best Football (both pre-game & in-play), Tennis, Golf, Darts & Boxing Tipsters that we have reviewed since 2006, in this latest report you can explore SBC’s unique ratings, rankings, analysis and best buy tables to help you find the right expert for you.

The tipster quoting incorrect profit figures & how to avoid copy and paste tipster reviews

When it comes to analysing tipsters, I like to think the SBC review process is very detailed – pulling apart all facets of a service to really get to the truth of whether they make a genuine profit or not

Yet, in SBC Issue #113 we came across a very rare occurrence – a tipster quoting a completely incorrect Return on Investment (ROI) figure.

The very strange thing about this particular tipster is the fact that prior to their review, they had been analysed by several other review sites, yet none of them had noticed this ROI error.

Through this article I explain why you need to be very careful with free tipster reviews, especially those simply copying and pasting content as they are heavily incentivised to do so.

Another 325.69 points profit in September for SBC’s in-house tipsters

September was yet another winning month for the Smart Betting Club’s ‘Free Tipster’ Group with a total of 325.69 points profit made for followers. Highlighting once again how good these experts are to help you get started betting profitably without breaking the bank! This is because access to each of these tipsters is provided exclusively to Smart Betting Club […]

SBC Insight: Understanding your betting strike-rate & the losing runs that go with it

When betting it is essential you understand your strike-rate of winning bets vs losing bets and how this can guide you as per what to expect in terms of bad runs of form.

In this special SBC Insight article – you can discover more on the length of losing runs you might suffer based on your strike-rate with a handy reference table to guide you.

Its an essential tool and one I return to again and again, especially during bad runs and when I can’t see where my next winner is coming.

Part 2 of ‘A Bookies Worst Nightmare’ – 2 New racing tipsters reviewed in SBC 113

The very latest SBC Magazine (Issue 113) is out now and it’s Part 2 of our special ‘Bookies Worst Nightmare’ focus on profitable horse racing tipsters.

Inside this special magazine, 2 very different NEW racing tipsters go under our review microscope and the findings make for fascinating reading.

SBC interviewed in new betting podcast series from gambling.com

For those of you keen to learn more on the Smart Betting Club and the concept of using tipsters for profit, then make sure you listen to a new betting podcast featuring SBC Editor, Peter Ling.

Interviewed as part of a new Gambling.com podcast series entitled ‘The Knowledge’, host Jessica Lamb explored several topics including the SBC review process, the tipping world itself, the concept of value betting and most crucially – dealing with the psychological challenges of betting for profit.

Those of you interested in listening to it, can do so now via Soundcloud, Spotify or directly via your browser through this link

1 winner from 41 bets – Why you should follow this tipster

In this article, I outline a couple of reality checks on life following a racing tipster.

Not a reality check in the form of a worry these top rated experts don’t know their stuff. Because they do – the profits they make are real.

But a reality check in terms of what to expect when following a racing tipster

And the very strong reality that even the best betting experts suffer a losing run.