⛳ Golf Betting Club Delivers AGAIN Before The Masters! ⛳

Congratulations to those of you who signed up to Golf Betting Club after reading our blog post last week!

A service that is really firing this year, Akshay Bhatia delivered their latest winner as he won in the Valero Texas Open after being advised as a headline tip at 60/1 earlier in the week:

Bhatia looked like cruising home until an unbelievable final round by Denny McCarthy forced a playoff, which Bhatia took after his rival inexplicably found the water on the first playoff hole.

This success takes the service’s overall profit for 2024 to over 125 points and with ‘GBC’ tipping into mature markets, across all three tours, in exotic markets and in-play, they really do provide the complete package as we can see here:

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With The Masters opening the Major season next week, now is the perfect time to join Neil and Duncan Campbell in their regular forays into the betting markets.

If you would like a sneak peak of their opinions about the action at Augusta, they have just released this free-to-read piece on their website. Inside, you will find trends, course info, shortlist ‘prerequisites’, stats and weather analysis.

SBC Membership can save you between £25 and £50 on Golf Betting Club Memberships and if you would like to read about the service in more depth and the different subscription options, you can do so here.

As ever, if you have any questions, please get in touch!

⛳ Two Golf Tipping Titans: Golf Betting Club vs. Weekly Golf Value ⛳

Weekly Golf Value has long been a favourite of ours here at the SBC as the service performs year after year, with quite remarkable returns by every metric.

The ‘new kid on the block‘ grabbing a lot of attention is Golf Betting Club and after some remarkable winners from both services in recent weeks (and with the Major season upon us), we thought that we’d profile them side by side, with some comparisons to help you decide which one would suit you best:

The Newcomers: Golf Betting Club

The pretender to the crown, ‘GBC’ have had a brilliant 2024, with two stand out wins being joined by plenty of other returns and some bad beats!

Unfortunately for GBC, Kiradech Aphibarnrat (80/1) was in the latter group in the weekend just gone as he was beaten in a gruelling playoff but previous winners this year have demonstrated the service’s edge perfectly…

The first of those was Chris Kirk, a 40/1 winner recommended in-play. This facet of what Neil and Duncan Campbell offer is unique, with daily updates from each tournament providing a more comprehensive service than anything else in the market as value is highlighted right up until the last round of play.

Matteo Mannassero (200/1, with a ‘tracked price of 175/1) was the service’s ‘big recent win’ and the analysis from Neil & Duncan demonstrates how sharp their service is:

A fair price policy, realistic bets available with plenty of bookmakers and a later release time make GBC the perfect example of how to tip into golf markets. The in-play angle is a real ‘USP’, making this the perfect service for anyone who wants to watch tournaments unfold with regular betting investments.

The Established SBC Superstars: Weekly Golf Value

If GBC are the pretenders to the crown then Weekly Golf Value are the consistent and grizzled veteran who have proven themselves over and over again as their record demonstrates:

The aforementioned Kiradech Aphibarnrat may have cost GBC but his opponent in that playoff was Jesper Svensson who won for Weekly Golf Value (at 50/1).

He joins Rikuya Hoshino (45/1) and Darius Van Driel (55/1) as selections who have won in 2024 alongside 27 places, an area where the service finds consistent value using the Bookie Bashing Racing Tracker.

For those of you who would like to learn how that all works, this video provides an explanation, with Tom Brownlee joining a SBC ‘panel’ to discuss all things golf:

Which One Is Best For You?

The Masters, The PGA Championship, The U.S. Open and The Open Championship will be arriving thick and fast in the next few months, making this a good time to consider adding a golf service to your portfolio.

These two services have similarities – they both cover all of the tours, they both have excellent historical records and they both have practicality and value at the heart of everything they do.

The differences are where you can judge for yourself which one you would prefer.

A quick run through the tournaments each week? Low workload? Lots of bookmaker options? Weekly Golf Value is probably the best call.

Ongoing action, exotic bets, a wider range of odds and commentary that can help you find your own bets? Golf Betting Club may suit you best.

If you would like more of a blend, with different strategies for finding value and a higher field coverage then these services also complement each other, making both an option!

If you are interested in signing up, please visit these services’ respective SBC pages!

Weekly Golf Value

Golf Betting Club

As ever, if you have any questions, please get in touch!

Another WGV Win On Tony Finau & Don’t Miss Tonight’s Discount Deadline

Fresh off the 1-2-3 with 45/1, 40/1 and 66/1 selections last week, Weekly Golf Value has struck AGAIN with headline pick Tony Finau running away with the Houston Open this weekend.

Tipped at 18/1 with various bookmakers, Finau maintained his comfortable lead going into Sunday, winning with 4 shots to spare.over the rank outsider, Tyson Alexander.

The good news is that even if you missed out this weekend, there is a 10% discount available for any 6 or 12 month subscriptions to Weekly Golf Value! You will need to be quick though – the offer ends at midnight tonight (Monday the 14th)

Remember that this discount can also be applied to PGA Profit with these two services boasting ROI’s of 33.45% and 29.78%.

You can explore their results in full at the SBC Golf results spreadsheet.


To get your 10% discount, simply use the coupon code HENLEY on any of the 6 or 12 month subscription options to either Weekly Golf Value or PGA Profit before midnight tonight.

2022 has been an excellent year for SBC Golf and we would love for you to join us so that we can celebrate our wins together into 2023!

Ben Coley Update: The latest results from Sporting Life’s top free golf tipster in SBC 130

The latest SBC Magazine – Issue 130 has just been published and it contains details on 2 more golf services with a winning edge.

Golf continues to be one of the most popular and profitable betting markets to get involved with and these 2 tipsters have shown exactly how to take full advantage of it!

One of those analysed is the Sporting Life’s free golf tipster, Ben Coley, for whom we have penned a full 2022 update on performance and in this article I reveal more on just why he is so good!

Download SBC 130 and the entire SBC Back Catalogue of Reviews, Reports & More with a SBC Membership.


Ben Coley is a free to follow tipster who shares his advice via the Sporting Life website each week.

Here at SBC we have tracked him for years and with interest in his tips as high as it has ever been, in Issue 130 you can read a full update on performance.

The reason for the interest lies in his form because as the below table indicates, his current profit tally since 2017 sits at 1279 points with a 23.06% ROI


Yes there have been some yearly fluctuations which is natural betting on a sport like golf, yet recently Ben also added some more winners to his 2022 tally with extra profits on both Cameron Smith at 28/1 and Richie Ramsay at 25/1.

As well as a deep exploration of his record, this review also updates on:

  • Our real life usage and following of Ben each week
  • Drawdown and bankroll management advice
  • How to increase profits via a progressive reinvestment strategy
  • Odds movement & Betting Exchange strategy
  • Interview with Ben himself


The 2nd tipster explored in SBC Issue 130 is another very interesting golf tipster with 2 winning strategies of note!

Strategy 1 is based on betting with bookmakers each-way on golf and we have identified an edge hitting a 15.53% ROI from 3042 bets since Jan 2021

Strategy 2 is based on betting win-only at Betfair on golfers and again its got a great record with a 28.46% ROI from 1358 bets to date.

Best of all, both strategies are supplied as part of the one service, available from 30 Euros a month, with a 20% SBC member discount also available!


To read SBC 130 and also our huge back catalogue of past issues and reports, a Smart Betting Club membership is required.

You can join the club from as little as £42.99 + VAT for 3 months with extra savings on the 6 and best value 12 month options

Plus we’re so confident that you’ll love our subscription that we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked for up to 90 days, depending on your membership term.

If you have yet to make a profit betting OR if you are looking to add more profit on top of what you already make, then the time to get started is right away.

As soon as you sign-up you are given INSTANT access to the Smart Betting Club members area and all of our expert betting content.

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Why this golf tipster ticks so many boxes. Bookmaker Edge ✔️ Betfair Edge ✔️Affordably Priced ✔️

The latest SBC Tipster Review has just been published, featuring our detailed examination of a very interesting golf tipster with 2 winning strategies of note!

Strategy 1 is based on betting with bookmakers each-way on golf and we have identified an edge hitting a 15.53% ROI from 3042 bets since Jan 2021

Strategy 2 is based on betting win-only at Betfair on golfers and again its got a great record with a 28.46% ROI from 1358 bets to date.

Best of all, both strategies are supplied as part of the one service, available from 30 Euros a month, with a 20% SBC member discount also available!


This is a brand new service to SBC and one we have been tracking since early 2021 and the review is the culmination of a lot of work analysing and exploring what they do.

Here are some other key facts you can read in this 5000+ word review:

  • Full overview of the service and its operation and suitability
  • Detailed breakdown of performance by year, golf tour, stake, odds range and even bookmakers.
  • Betfair win only results include a 2% commission deduction to ensure fully accurate
  • Odds availability study on how the quoted prices for betting with bookmakers hold up after being advised.
  • Betting bank, drawdown and staking analysis to ensure optimal usage
  • Monte-carlo simulation results and what they tell us about following the service in real life
  • Exclusive 20% SBC member discount on the cost of joining (save up to 50 Euros!)
  • Honest SBC opinion and thoughts on who the service is suitable for.

Download this review and the entire SBC Back Catalogue of Reviews, Reports & More with a SBC Membership.


To read this review and also our huge back catalogue of past issues and reports, a Smart Betting Club membership is required.

Best of all – SBC memberships are currently at super low prices, starting from as little as £37.99 + VAT for 3 months.

When you consider you can save up to €50 on the cost of the golf tipster in this review as an SBC Member, you can effectively join us with no real outlay.

Plus we’re so confident that you’ll love our subscription that we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked for up to 90 days, depending on your membership term.

If you have yet to make a profit betting OR if you are looking to add more profit on top of what you already make, then the time to get started is right away.

As soon as you sign-up you are given INSTANT access to the Smart Betting Club members area and all of our expert betting content.

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Free 33 page sample of our Golf Betting Guide 🏌️⛳ Includes 5 Top Tipsters We Recommend!

Many of the sharpest punters agree – one of the best, most lucrative sports to currently bet upon is that of Golf.

Love it or loathe it from a sporting perspective, the number of great offers and terms that bookmakers offer (plus the value you can also get on the exchanges) has seen more and more punters start betting on the sport to earn a few quid!

Which is why today I want to again highlight the free expert golf betting guide that my team and I put together earlier this year to explain its potency.

It’s a 34 page free sample for you to download and includes:

  • 5 of the best tipsters and strategies we recommend for golf
  • The full lowdown on the SBC team’s profitable golf performance last year (including the tipsters we used)
  • The secrets to winning with both the bookmakers and exchanges
  • Golf betting tactics and advice from experienced punters

You can access the Free Report via this link



Proof of the success available from betting on golf can be seen in the ongoing excellent form shown by two of the tipsters that make up SBC Golf – our own curated group of golfing tipsters.

For those with bookmaker accounts, the Weekly Golf Value service keeps hitting its straps with another winner last weekend on Sam Burns at 30/1.

Dating back to 2019 when their strategy started, the Weekly Golf Value best bets have made a £9,591.97 profit at 35.38% ROI from 1830 advised tips. All from a £1000 starting point!

For those of you who want to bet just on the main PGA tour events each week and with a mix of bookmakers and exchanges, then the PGA Profit service ticks all the boxes.

Fresh off a May where they backed 3 winners at 33/1, 16/1 and 45/1, their numbers dating back to 2018 showcase a 32.8% ROI from 1423 bets.


Love or hate golf – the reality is that its a fantastic sport to bet upon currently.

With options for getting on with betting exchanges, its also open to all punters including those of you closed or limited with bookmaker firms.

And for those of you not sure or wishing to take it slowly, there are also a few excellent FREE golfing tipsters to follow and watch to ease you in.

So whatever you do, make sure you check out our free golf report and some of the top tipsters turning a profit on the sport currently.

Ben Coley – the free to follow golf betting tipster

Good tipsters are hard to come by. Even harder to come by are free to follow tipsters that are also good. This is why the service that golf betting tipster Ben Coley provides for Sporting Life is so impressive; not only is Ben a great golf tipster with a profitable long term record when betting on golf, but he is also absolutely free to follow and you’ll never have to pay a penny to see his tips.

You will of course have to risk your own bankroll, but as we’ll explain in this blog post that is certainly a risk worth taking.

Ben Coley is the chief golf betting tipster and Deputy Head of Editorial for Sporting Life. His tips are freely available to follow on the Sporting Life website as the site operates a policy which relies on getting traffic to the site and readers betting through their affiliated bookmakers.

Additionally, Sporting Life is part of a company called Hestview that is also owned by Sky Bet, who in turn are owned by Flutter Entertainment who also own the bookmakers, Betfair and Paddy Power. Complicated or what! This all means means they implement a few tactics to try and get you betting with these firms – especially Sky Bet.

Firstly you can sign up for a free Sporting Life account that grants you special access to various betting content; but to do this you’ll need a Sky Bet account as you login to Sporting Life using that account. Also as mentioned above the site will be pushing odds that are available at Sky Bet and may well be biased in this way when providing tips. So just make sure you’re aware of these things when placing bets using this golf tipster service.

This is how they are able to give their tips away for free as they rely on getting numbers through the door and over to their bookmaking sites rather than subscription costs. As ever when a website offers something for free, there is a always a catch or reason!

But taking that all into account, it does not impact on the quality of Ben’s service and he can definitely attract the punters to Sporting Life with his fantastic golf betting record and expert betting reviews he provides on a weekly basis. 

You might not be able to get on with the bookmakers he advises or his parent company also oversee if long-term profitable, yet as this article explains there are other ways to get your bets on via the exchanges and/or other bookmakers.

+692 points profit in 2021 alone!

His betting record for 2021 alone was one of his best performances to date. According to the Sporting Life website and the SBC betting record which we track independently he returned an extraordinary +692.51 betting points in the year based on the advised stakes for every selection tipped.

Ben’s yearly record is available to view by anyone on the Sporting Life website here.

And as you’ll see there have been many other profitable years secured by Ben’s tipping service. There was a blip in 2019 but this was purely down to variance which is something that all profitable bettors are aware of and have to be comfortable with. But apart from that every other year has been a profitable one meaning 5 out of 6 profitable betting years.

So with the fact that Ben is clearly a profitable tipster, what is the best way to use the service? 

After all, it may not be completely clear on how to use Ben’s points betting system (especially for beginners) and at SBC we have been successfully using the service for years. 

So let us impart some gambling wisdom that will steer you on the right track when using this fantastic golf betting service.

Bankroll management

As with almost all golf betting services, long periods without winners are commonplace. This is due to the nature of golf betting markets with relatively large fields fighting for just one winning spot. Ben clearly has an edge in the golf betting markets, yet you do need to be patient for this to manifest itself at times.

With that in mind it is important to assign an amount of money you are willing to risk when following Ben’s tips and then assign a staking strategy based on that amount of money and the points tipping system he uses. 

Back in 2020 we took a deep dive into Ben’s service and did some in depth analysis on Ben’s results which involved independently reviewing a 12 month period of tips and calculating points return and ROI.

That period returned a healthy 116.29% profit at 11.13% ROI yet along the way there were all kinds of ups and downs to be contended with. 

It did allow us to see the biggest drawdown (losing period) which means we can calculate an appropriate bankroll and the number of points which is designed to deal with the biggest expected losing run based on historical results.

With the worst run seeing a drawdown of 344 points we would therefore advocate a betting bank in the region of between 500 to 600 points if following Ben in. The former figure is for those of you who take a riskier approach and the latter for those of you who wish to play it reasonably safe.

So if you allocate a £2000 bank to this strategy for example, that would be around a £3 or £4 point. You can see an example of Ben’s tipping below and how he tips in betting points each meaning a £2000 betting bank would be £8 each-way if using a 500 point bank.

As with all betting, only risk what you can afford to lose and make sure you stick to your bank roll strategy in order to de-risk going bust.

Odds movement and exchange strategy

With popular, free to follow tipsters, sometimes there is an issue of being unable to get on the advised odds due to bookies shifting odds after tips or due to the market moving the odds due to the weight of money behind popular bets.

Ben’s service does also suffer from this to an extent but as this is golf betting odds are either much slower to move or they move less. 

During our review of Ben as mentioned above, we found that often after odds moved the market shifted back in our favour and we were able to get similar prices to what was advised.

Better still we were able to get bigger odds at Betfair Exchange meaning we could eke out that extra bit of value whilst not risking the wrath of the bookmakers with account limitations and closures.

To give a live example of the odds movement in action – below are the tips as put up by Ben for the Portugal Masters. I have listed the original odds put up by him at 5.23pm on the Monday 7th September alongside those available 24 hours later.

Note – Coetzee won with Laurie Canter 2nd to make it a very profitable tournament!

3pts e.w. George Coetzee at 18/1 (1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
Best odds 24 hours later: 15/1 (bookmaker) and 18.5 (Betfair)

1.5pts e.w. Jason Scrivener at 30/1 (1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
Best odds 24 hours later: 30/1 (bookmaker) and 44 (Betfair)

1.5pts e.w. Wilco Nienaber at 33/1 (1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6)
Best odds 24 hours later: 25/1 (bookmaker) and 29 (Betfair)

1pt e.w. Laurie Canter at 70/1 (1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
Best odds 24 hours later: 66/1 (bookmaker) and 75 (Betfair)

1pt e.w. Jake McLeod at 125/1 (1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
Best odds 24 hours later: 100/1 (bookmaker) and 130 (Betfair)

Bookmaker accounts you’ll need

Ben will mainly tip at 3 bookmakers: Sky Bet, Paddy Power, Betfair Sportsbook – The firms owned by Flutter Entertainment who also own the Sporting Life website.

That being said, many of his tips can be matched at other bookies that are offering the same odds and place terms. 

Always check Oddschecker to see if the odds and place terms are either the same or better.

Below is a list of valuable to have bookie accounts for when betting on golf in general:

  • Sky Bet
  • Paddy Power
  • Betfair Sportsbook (Note – Paddy Power & Betfair Sportsbook offer the exact same terms and odds)
  • William Hill 
  • Bet365 
  • Boylesports
  • Betfred (Note – you can match Betfred’s golf terms online in shops)

And don’t forget you can follow the bets at the exchange as mentioned above.


So therein lies the reality of following Ben – a great tipster no doubt, but one where you might have to work and be shrewd to get the value odds. If able to do that and also willing to ride out the cruel nature of golf betting at times, then the rewards are clearly there. 

We continue to track and report back on the performance of Ben’s tips in our Tipster Profit Reports so you can keep a full update on proceedings and exactly how he is faring. Ben was also featured in our 2022 Golf Betting Guide.

If you would like to find out more about golf betting in general then our SBC Golf section is another fantastic resource to learn more. 

He’s only gone and done it again! The Rainmaker strikes at 55/1

Free SBC Golf Tipster, The Rainmaker followed up last week’s 80/1 winner on Luke List, with another BIG win in Saudi Arabia, where he tipped up Harold Varner to win at 55/1.

A full 2 points each way were invested in Varner who hit an astonishing shot to Eagle the very last hole and take the spoils. Having led for most of the tournament, nerves seemed to have got the better of him before he came up trumps right when it mattered.

This has taken The Rainmaker’s profit tally to +213 points from 342 bets @ 23.80% ROI since he began back at the end of March.

Best of all, he is still totally free to follow catch-free. No payment, membership or credit card is required.

Simply sign-up to follow him free of charge via his SBC Free Tipster page.

Why He Is Free!

We have made The Rainmaker free to follow as a way to sample the quality of the free tipsters we now offer as a part of SBC membership.

Giving you the chance to sample how these free tipsters can help you make money.

The Rainmaker’s tips are currently available to everyone totally free of charge with each tip supplied via direct email.

So if interested in following him in, make sure you sign-up to his free mailing list today. We can’t guarantee winners like this every week but that won’t be stopping him aiming for the hat-trick!

Sign-up for The Rainmaker

More golf winners – this time the free-to-all tipster who hit a 80/1 winner!

He has been knocking on the door of a big win in recent months and finally on Saturday Evening it all came together for FREE SBC Tipster ‘The Rainmaker’ when his headline tip, Luke List won at 80/1.

Advised alongside 5 other tips for the Farmers Insurance golf tournament (he also put up the 6th placed Justin Rose at 80/1), it’s taken his free record since March 2021 to a 10.3% ROI and 90.48 points profit.

Its fair to say this profit tally could easily be more after a string of 2nds and 3rds including TWO last week! Both Rafa Cabrero Bello (110/1) and Tom Hoge (140/1) lost by just 1 shot the week prior, so it was just reward to see the Rainmaker get one over the line on Saturday.

He has had a LOT of 2nds and 3rd at big odds that have just missed out by the odd shot here and there since he began.

Follow The Rainmaker for FREE (no SBC membership required)

The Rainmaker’s tips are currently available to everyone totally free of charge with each tip supplied via direct email.

Making it a great time to sign-up to his mailing list and get insight from a top notch golf bettor.

We have made The Rainmaker free to follow as a way to sample the quality of the free tipsters we now offer as a part of SBC membership.

You can sign-up to follow him free of charge (catch free) via his SBC Free Tipster page.

8 reasons why we love betting on golf at SBC

Every single member of the SBC team loves betting on golf. It’s probably fair to say that golf is currently our favourite sport to bet on. That may change in the future as the markets evolve and we adapt to them, but it’s where we stand right now.

But why do we love betting on golf so much?

There are many many reasons, 8 of which we’ve highlighted in this post. We hope by the end of reading it you’ll be just as excited about betting on golf as we are.

1. It is very profitable

The main reason is the most obvious – golf betting is very profitable indeed over the long-term.

This is perfectly showcased by the results that SBC tracks as part of its independent review service. 

You can see an overall picture of SBC golf results, plus specific records on the SBC Golf page.

But to give you an idea, betting records for the 3 SBC Golf tipsters up until end of 2021 were as follows: 

These results are all over the long term with the 3 specific SBC golf tipsters records going back at least 3 year for every service. 

2. It doesn’t take up too much time

One of the great things about betting on golf is that it’s not time intensive. Typically, there are 2 major tours to tackle when betting on golf: the PGA Tour and the European Tour (now named the DP World Tour).

This means that twice a week you’ll be placing your bets for a few hours at a time. It’s not like horse racing where there are multiple events per day, golf is just 2 hours per week. Once your bets are on, tournaments will usually start on a Thursday and finish on a Sunday. So for this period you can sit back and see how your guys get on.

Some tipsters also advise extra in-play bets at the end of each day and of course you can always use the in-play betting element to get any other bets that you might have missed out on before Day 1 began.

3. Big wins, high ROIs

Due to the nature of golf betting markets, the odds on players to win an event are usually quite large: It’s not uncommon for 40/1, 50/1 and above winners. 

You can see some of these winners on the SBC Golf page. which demonstrates the potential for long odds selections getting the  job done. And with big winners, big return on investments (ROI’s) are not far behind. 

Some notable results and records from previous years would be…

  • Martin Laird winning in October 2020 at 275/1
  • K.H. Lee winning in May 2021 at 175/1
  • PGA Profit’s 2021 record of +444.60 points at 51.28% ROI

4. Bookmaker Options 

The services we feature and recommend at SBC provide tips that are available at multiple bookmakers or even on betting exchanges like Betfair (see below).

These will range from your ‘blue chip’ bookies down to some of the lesser-known companies.

That means there are great options for placing bets and if you don’t have access to one bookmaker, you’ll likely have access to another that is providing the same value bet.

Bookmakers will also regularly offer plenty of concessions when betting on golf each way. Standard place terms are usually that they will pay out on the first 5 golfers to finish, but bookies will pay out anything from 7 places to 11 places at major tournaments. This is a great way to find value bets when betting on golf.

5. Less Restrictions 

In general, our experience is that bookmakers tend to be less sensitive to golf bets when it comes to restricting the size stake bets you can get down.

It’s well known that sometimes even a whiff of a suspicion that you’re a shrewd bettor on the horses and you’ll quickly get stake restricted at the bookies. 

This is less common when betting on golf. Clearly it still happens sometimes, and winning accounts will get closed down eventually; but it’s likely your betting account will last longer by betting on this sport than when betting on others.

In a similar vein, some bookies will restrict on a per sport basis. In our experience at SBC, you’re sometimes still able to get money down on golf even if restricted on another sport with the same bookmaker.

Overall, it is our feeling the bookies are less ‘sensitive’ to golf betting profits and will take a lot longer to close or limit your accounts if winning on the sport.

6. Odds Movement 

Odds movements in golf markets tend to be a lot slower than other sports such as horse racing. 

Again, due to the nature of golf betting, money will trickle in over the few days before the event starts meaning price volatility is lower. This is a good thing for bettors as it means you have more time to get on good value bets.

Using a selection from a tipster as an example, once the tip is sent, it’s likely you will have hours rather than minutes to obtain the advised price.

7. Bet on the Exchange

Betting on golf is very much exchange friendly. While some tipsters require you to bet at bookmakers to take advantage of the extra place payouts, there are plenty of services whose models are not so reliant on extra places and can be used to turn a profit at the exchange.

This blog article gives a great explanation on 2 exchange friendly golf betting tipsters and how their tips are profitable at Betfair Exchange. 

To be able to bet profitably at somewhere like Betfair, is perhaps seen as the holy grail of betting as you can free yourself from the shackles of bookmaker account restrictions and closures. The more you can do this the better!

8. Scalable

Finally, golf is certainly a sport that you can grow your bankroll on as the larger than usual ROIs allow you to increase profits as you see fit. 

This of course can be true for all sports when making a profit but as the SBC team will testify, there has been some healthy bankroll growth over the last few years when betting on golf.


We hope this goes some way to explaining why golf is such a great sport to bet on. You can learn about our golf specific products at the SBC Golf page and you can also ask me anything at alex@smartbettingclub.com