Free Report: How Rowan Made A 64.4% ROC Last Year With Tipsters

To help illustrate the profits you can make following tipsters, you must read this very special report from SBC writer, Rowan Day on the performance of the ‘tipping portfolio’ he followed during the 2015/16 tax year.

Download The End-Of-Year Report PDF Here

It covers the profits he made in the ‘tax-year’ April 2015 to April 2016 by following a small amount of tipsters – and the sums he made are very impressive indeed!

All told over the past financial year, Rowan made a Return On Investment (ROI) of 7.2% and a Return on Capital (ROC) of 64.4% from his selection of tipsters.

Applying this to actual monetary sums, a 64.4% ROC would have brought about the following profits:

  • £2,000 into £3,288.00
  • £5,000 into £8,220.00
  • £10,000 into £16,440.00
  • £20,000 into £32,880.00

The Biggest Bang For Your Betting Buck

Real Life Betting For Profit Inspiration…

The tipsters featured in this End of Year Report are the exact same ones that Rowan has been blogging about each week via his special ‘Bet Diary’ for the past 18 months.

Through the Bet Diary he shares the ups and downs of following a tipster portfolio plus his thoughts on each tipster and how/why he follows them.

It’s the perfect companion to our SBC Magazines & Reports and provides practical assistance plus real-life inspiration to those of you keen to do the same!

The Bet Diary and also his regular ‘Practical Punter’ Reports are available as part of the Smart Betting Club service and the Practical Betting Help we offer all members.

Risk-Free Membership

If you are keen to emulate Rowan (or even to simply copy his approach!) then do consider a Smart Betting Club membership.

We provide you with all the tools, information (both theoretical and practical) to help you make the most of betting for profit using professional tipsters.

Best of all – you can sign-up now for either a Gold or Platinum subscription and enjoy a 30-day risk free membership. So if you find our service not to your liking (we don’t imagine you will!) then you can get your money back, no questions asked.

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342% Growth In 1 Year: The Tipsters This Punter Followed…


  • What kind of profit can I make betting?
  • What return on investment (ROI) can I expect to make?
  • How does this compare to other ‘investments’
  • How do I know it really is possible to gamble successfully?
  • Which tipsters should I follow to enjoy success?

These are all questions that I’m sure many of you have asked yourself at one time or another when considering betting for profit.

But wouldn’t it be good to have semi-professional and full time bettors on hand to tell you
first-hand about their betting experiences, showing you just exactly how they make their money?

Especially a punter that made 342% betting bank growth last year alone? 

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The Tipster Profit Train

The practicalities of punting for profits.

By typing “Best Investments 2016” into a search engine, it would appear that we should be overjoyed at the prospect of getting a rate of return of 8 to 12% from any investment.

Yet, last year, an SBC member and semi-professional gambler made 342% profit and still thought he could have done better!

Yes, that’s 3.42 X his initial starting investment in one year…You are reading that right!

What’s more, via SBC’s Latest Practical Punter Report (as published last week) he showed members exactly how he did it and the exact tipsters he followed and strategies he used for his success.

Allowing you the chance to copy him exactly or simply use his report as inspiration to help you beat the bookie!

Follow others who are making their betting a success

Last week’s release was just the latest in a series of special Practical Punter Reports we have published, which are geared to show you exactly how other punters are making money.

The Practical Punter Reports cover all aspects of betting, including:

  • Which tipsters stand the test of time to provide profit year after year;
  • How to make the most of your bookmaker accounts, and how to make them last;
  • How to set up your bank;
  • How to minimise risk and make your investment a safe one;
  • How to use the betting exchanges profitably, after the bookies restrict your accounts;

We could tell you all about the theory that goes into making such a great profit and we’re sure you would learn a lot about successful betting if we did.  But we don’t want to stop there.  We feel that being a Smart Betting Club member should mean that you can see all the theory being put into practice in the real betting world…and that is exactly what our Practical Punter series does.

The Best Tipster Guide - SBC

Follow the real world ups and downs of “Investment Betting”

We all know that betting brings its own ups and downs.  How many times have you heard that old cliché, that gambling is one long “rollercoaster ride”?

And you know what?  The reason clichés become clichés is generally because they happen to be true.

Betting really does involve periods of prolific profit making which are frequently followed by sharp drawdowns, and a failure to deal with the unique mental challenges this brings is the most common reason for people failing at what is a great way to invest money.

That’s just one more reason why we feel the Practical Punter Reports are so useful to our members.

Written by long-term profitable gamblers, they highlight and describe the realities behind the theory.  They illustrate the mistakes that are so easy to make and the strategies that really do work to make you money.  What’s more, they help you to identify with someone who has been making money from following tipsters for years – and that will help you enormously when it is necessary to ride out the bad times and making your punting pay.  Soon, you will be scornfully looking at the ads boasting a potential return of 12% per annum, and thinking much bigger.

Access the Practical Punter reports

The idea behind each Practical Punter Report is to provide both inspiration and encouragement to those trying to achieve the same goal – making money through tipsters.

  • How to choose the right tipster
  • How to choose the right bookmaker
  • How and when to up or down stakes
  • How to deal with losing runs (and winning ones too)
  • How to build a winning betting portfolio

Access to the Practical Punter Reports is supplied to all Gold or Platinum Smart Betting Club members.

You can sign-up today and gain instant access to the full Smart Betting Club service and let us show you how to make money betting, both in theory and practice!

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Fink Tank Service


4 Do’s and Don’ts Of Successful Punting!

Just like most things in life, your first steps when trying to make serious money from your betting can sometimes be the hardest

Often you will have all kinds of questions such as…

  • Which tipsters should you follow?
  • How much should you stake on each bet?
  • When should you take a profit?
  • How should you handle bad runs?

And whilst we can certainly help you answer all of these questions as an SBC member, sometimes there is just really nothing better than actually following someone else doing it themselves for real.

Which is where our betting blogger and columnist, Rowan Day comes in – thanks to his real-life betting reports and blog that detail his exact tipster portfolio and just how much money he is making(and indeed sometimes losing – after all betting is not always about counting your winnings, it’s about the overall profit you make).


Rowan’s Betting Story…

Rowan started betting seriously for profit around 4 years ago with the simple goal of making some extra cash to pay the bills and enjoy a couple of nice holidays for his family.

He joined us here at the Smart Betting Club, started following a number of our Hall of Fame recommended tipsters and since then has never look back.

A career writing about his betting experiences then blossomed and since November 2013, he has been penning regular ‘Practical Punter Reports’ for SBC members.  They highlight some of the real live issues involved in following a range of tipster services to make good profit. So popular did they prove that earlier this year, Rowan also started writing a more regular ‘Bet Diary’ on the SBC website to go into this in more detail.

After all, it’s one thing finding the best tipsters (which is where we come in) but there is simply no substitute to listening to those who have turned the theory into practice.

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Successful Betting.

To help you sample a little bit of what Rowan provides to members via his real-life betting articles and blog, we have copied below a few of his Do’s and Don’ts of getting a successful betting operation off to the very best start (as taken from his latest Practical Punter Report).

DO prepare yourself mentally for the path ahead.

The better prepared you are mentally, then the easier you will find running a betting portfolio from a psychological point of view.

Make sure you read all the guides that the Smart Betting Club have available for download on the website, especially the ‘Betting X Factor‘ report from February 2015 (available via the Betting Magazines members section).

Engage with people you know have experience and who can provide guidance on social media or via email.  Open communication with the tipsters you intend following – they’re a nice bunch, honest!   More to the point, you’ll find that they can often help you keep your feet on the ground during their good spells and keep you from too much navel-gazing through the bad.  And share your experiences with others who are trying to do the same as you.

All of this will help you to cope mentally with the trials and tribulations that lie ahead.  I actually started to write a blog about my experiences, inspired by some of the email conversations I had enjoyed with some of the tipsters I followed.  You get to see things from a different perspective and it is always good to avoid being too egocentric when it comes to your betting.

If you’re ready mentally, you’re more than half way to being successful before you even start.

DO focus on the money.

What I mean by this is that profitable gambling isn’t an exercise in finding thrills and spills.  Indeed, I know one or two professional gamblers who describe what they do as “grinding” out bets.  I don’t know about you, but the word “grind” doesn’t suggest that they’re looking for excitement and massive highs from their betting.

Sure, it’s nice to back a big priced winner at a Festival like Cheltenham, and you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t get a buzz out of that.  But on a day to day basis, you should be focusing on the end result of what you do, which is making money.  Watching every race you bet in, or following every goal in every match you have a financial interest in, is a short cut to the mad house.  You need to be maintaining a healthy mental equilibrium, not be searching out adrenalin rushes.

Gone are the days I used to use my Flashscores app on my mobile to tell me how my bets are getting on.  Try spending quality time with the kids when your phone beeps to tell you that Dunfermline are down to 10 men and have just conceded a 95th minute goal, scuppering your 3/1 winner!

DON’T spend a lot on tipster subscription fees at the start.

Look upon your new betting career in the same way you would if you were starting a new business.  You want to keep your overheads as low as possible, and then consider reinvesting some money to develop your business, once you’ve actually made some cash.

And besides, there’s no need to.  There’s some excellent free tipsters out there, plus others who charge very little and represent remarkable value for money.  Find them, and use them.  Make some money, and then consider joining the more expensive services in the market using some of the profit you’ve made.

DON’T over analyse and make damaging changes in the way you do things.

It’s massively important to have “down” time when you can relax, forget about getting prices, forget about the chances of missing emails, forget about figures and how you can improve performance, etc., etc.

I found this the hardest aspect of all when it came to betting by following a portfolio of tipsters.  My mind would be constantly whirring and the problem is, when betting performance takes a quite normal turn for the worse – as it inevitably will from time to time – and your brain is trying to find solutions for what really aren’t problems, then it will.  But these “solutions” are frequently counter-productive, for they force you into making changes that you should definitely not be making.  You will find yourself dropping a tipster just before he goes on a great run, changing your staking so that the recovery takes longer than it should, or making yourself miserable when there really is no need to be.

I’m not saying you should never make changes or alter things, but they need to be made little by little.  It’s a good idea to set a date when you sit down to assess how things are going.  I tend to do so twice a year; at the beginning of January and then six months later in June.

Settle on your tipsters.  Settle on your staking.  And then go with the flow.  Don’t overanalyse, don’t tinker, don’t fret.  Chill out, have trust in your initial work in setting up your portfolio, and then go with the flow.  The long term results will benefit if you do.

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Read More From Rowan..

You can find six more invaluable successful betting Do’s and Don’ts to both save and make you money in the latest Practical Punter Report from Rowan. This and the full back catalogue of ‘Practical Punters’ (18 in total) are available with an SBC membership.

SBC members can also read the week by week progress of Rowan’s tipster betting portfolio via his regular ‘Bet Diary’ posts.  Here you can read all about the latest betting issues and how he gets the most out of his tipsters, all of which have been reviewed and recommended by us.

The ‘Bet Diary’ is also a great place to interact and ask questions, so you can find out all you need to know about how to make money following tipsters.

So if you are after some inspiration on how you too can follow Rowan and start making money by following tipsters –

Gain instant access now with a Smart Betting Club membership.

Tipster Profit Report August 2015

Maximise Profits For Cheltenham and Beyond…

Cheltenham festival is around the corner, but with bookmakers restricting accounts of winning punters on a daily basis, you begin to wonder if it’s worthwhile.

It used to be a badge of honour to receive a bookmaker’s cease and desist letter, but now account restrictions can be dished out for minor infringements such as refusing to use an online casino!

The Smart Betting Club track and monitor a huge number of successful betting tipsters, many of whom have built up impressive records over many years. Our members get access to some of the best sources of betting profits, but it would only partly be fulfilling our duty if we stopped there.

We don’t just show you which tipsters to follow, we also provide practical tips on how to follow a professional tipster. Find out more here.

Maximise Profits For Cheltenham and Beyond…

If you are looking for real-life guidance on how to make a profit using tipsters, then our practical punter series is for you. The Practical Punter Reports are just one of the many additional benefits you gain access to with a Smart Betting Club Gold level subscription.

Written by profitable semi-pro gamblers, Practical Punter Reports explore everything from the sports they bet on to the exact make-up of their betting portfolio (namely the tipsters they follow!).

The idea behind these special reports is to provide both inspiration and encouragement to those trying to achieve the same goal – making money through tipsters.

In the latest Practical Punter Reports, you’ll find a number of methods for maximising profits at the Cheltenham festival and betting in general. Specifically this month the reports cover:

  • How to adapt in an environment where the bookies are becoming less and less accommodating.
  • How to get an ROI 10%+ betting on horses on Betfair.
  • Profitable angles for in-play football betting.
  • Why waiting for value in-play makes sense.

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When To Take Betfair SP and When to Wait!

If you’re using the exchanges to bet on horses, the biggest dilemma is knowing when to take the current price and when to wait until the off. As with most things in life, there’s no hard and fast answer to this conundrum, but semi-pro gambler Rowan Day has shared his tips in this month’s Practical Punter.  The names of the services are available to members.

When the bets, from whatever service come out, I’ll simply place an order at the price I know the service will record the bet at. Sometimes this is matched immediately, but more often the longest price available is a little shorter than what I need.

With [Tipster A] bets, I then tick the ‘Take SP’ option offered should my order not be matched prior to the race going in-play. The reason I do this is that so far, over a good number of bets, this service has proven to be profitable to Betfair Starting Price so I don’t feel as if I’m taking a massive risk of denting my profits too much if with the occasional bet, I’m taking the Betfair Starting Price.

I estimate that 80%+ of my pre-race orders for [Tipster A] horses are matched prior to the race starting. And that’s a conservative estimate. On the day I’m writing this for example, there have been seven different horses tipped by this service; six of those bets had their orders matched prior to the race, but only one when I initially went to place the bet.

The situation is a little different with [Tipster B] If there’s enough liquidity in the market when the tips are issued, I’ll simply be as quick as I can and secure the best price possible. This is because learning from experience, [Tipster B] is a master at identifying value and it’s not unusual for the horse to go off at a much shorter price than that advised, and it’s not all due to weight of subscriber’s money. If the liquidity isn’t there, I’ll adopt the same strategy as I do for [Tipster A]. [Tipster B]  too, has a track record of turning a profit to BFSP.

And it’s the same with [Tipster C] but to be honest I find nearly all of my orders being matched fine. It can be slightly more tricky when going for the place part of the each way bets given out, but even then I’ll be matched at the appropriate price far more times than not.

The latest Practical Punter Reports Are Out Today

Betting can also be a lonely game sometimes – and these reports are our way of trying to foster the most supporting ‘expert punter’ community possible here at the Smart Betting Club.

The Practical Punter is now 15 editions strong and regularly tackles topics such as:

  • How to choose the right tipster
  • How to choose the right bookmaker
  • How and when to up or down stakes
  • How to deal with losing runs (and winning ones too)
  • How to build a winning betting portfolio


You can sign-up here to a GOLD or PLATINUM subscription to gain instant access to these latest reports (and our entire back catalogue)


PS. The Practical Punter reports are just one of the many benefits you can experience with a Gold level Smart Betting Club membership. Our full range of benefits includes:

  • 1 Year Access To the Smart Betting Club Magazines.
  • 1 Year Access To Our Tipster Profit Reports.
  • Qualifying Bets From Our Expert Football System.
  • Profitable Free Tips On our Members Only Forum.
  • Expert Insights In Our Pro Punter Bet Diary.
  • Our Ultimate Betting Package Guide.
  • Access Our Entire Back Catalogue.
  • Exclusive Tipster Discounts.
  • Our Money Back Guarantee
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Real-Life ‘Practical Punter’ Reports For Betting Profitably

If you are looking for real-life guidance on how to make a profit using tipsters, then the 2 latest ‘Practical Punter’ Reports published today will be right up your street.

Written by 2 different (yet ultimately profitable) semi-pro gamblers, both Practical Punter Reports explore everything from the sports they bet on to the exact make-up of their betting portfolio (namely the tipsters they follow!).

The idea behind these special reports is to provide both inspiration and encouragement to those trying to achieve the same goal – making money through tipsters.

After all, betting can also be a lonely game sometimes – and these reports are our way of trying to foster the most supporting ‘expert punter’ community possible here at SBC.

Access All 7 Practical Punter Reports

The Practical Punter Reports were first introduced back in November 2013 last year as a way to highlight some of the very real practical implications of following a range of tipster services.

Its one thing finding the best tipsters (which is where we come in) but there is simply no substitute to listening to those who have been there, bought the t-shirt and made cold hard profits.

Currently, there are a total of 7 Practical Punter Reports available to SBC members and you can expect to read at least 1 new report each month.

The Practical Punter series regularly tackles topics such as:

  • How to choose the right tipster
  • How to choose the right bookmaker
  • How and when to up or down stakes
  • How to deal with losing runs (and winning ones too)
  • How to build a winning betting portfolio

You can sign-up here to gain instant access to these latest reports (and our entire back catalogue)