2020 SBC Awards Results – Your Best and Worst Bookmakers

Tuesday saw the grand unveiling of the 2020 SBC Awards – featuring the results of your votes across 7 different categories from Best Free Tipster to Best Betting Website, Podcast & more.

In today’s post I have a bit more detail to share on a few of the winners, including that of just who you voted for in the Best & Worst Bookmaker Categories as well as Best Exchange.

Don’t forget you can grab your copy of the 2020 SBC Awards Report via the link below.


Best Bookmaker – Bet365

There was no contest this year when it came to your Best Bookmaker with Bet365 once again top of the pile taking nearly half of all votes cast.

There was notable movement below them as Skybet jumped from 4th to 2nd this year with 16.55% of the votes, whilst Pinnacle snared Bronze with 9.34%. The latter was quite the achievement when you consider that many punters are still unable to bet with them directly.

Of the other nominees, only William Hill polled a significant number with 7.15% of the votes in 4th spot. A full breakdown of the votes can be found below:

Best Bookmaker Votes

Worst Bookmaker – Ladbrokes (again!)

When it came to the Worst Bookmaker Award, the competition for places really heated up with 6 firms all attracting more than 10% of the vote share.

Despite the increased competition, it was Ladbrokes who once again won this Award – for the 4th year in a row no less, polling just short of 20% of your votes.

Up one place to Silver this year was Irish firm, Paddy Power, who increased their worst bookmaker vote share from 12.85% to 15.06%, whilst Coral took Bronze with 12.90%.

The 3 other firms each polling more than 10% each in 4th, 5th and 6th spot were BetfredBoylesports and Betway respectively.

The issues put forward by those of you commenting after voting in this category surrounded the usual common themes of poor customer service, stake restrictions and account closures.

For balance it is worth noting that Best Bookie Award winners – Bet365 and Skybet both also polled about 2 to 3% each in this category. Reflecting the diverse ranges of opinions and experiences many of you have when it comes to bookmaker treatment.

Worst Bookmaker Votes

Best Exchange – Betfair

This year for the first time we also introduced a separate award for Best Betting Exchange to acknowledge the growth and increased competition in this market.

With only 4 contestants, we awarded prizes to the top two, with the Gold Award taken by the Betfair Exchange who took 74.05% of the votes.

Matchbook were their nearest competitor with 15.56% of your votes and took Silver, whilst Smarkets and Betdaq polled around 10% between them in 3rd and 4th.

It will be intriguing to see how the Exchange market changes in coming years with Betfair now adopting a lower 2% commission model for those that demand it – the same tariff as their 3 main rivals.

(It should be noted you have to choose this 2% rate as by default Betfair places you on 5%, whilst there is also an 8% option for anyone who wants it – not that you should, it’s terrible value. You can read more about setting your commission rate via this link.)

Of these exchange rivals, we have already seen how Matchbook continue to lead the way with impressive content – podcasts, articles and free tipsters, whilst Smarkets have been expanding their own remit with new sportsbook app – SBK and innovations of their own. Read our recent interview with Smarkets.

More competition is only a good thing as it ensures lower costs for us punters as we have seen with Betfair’s move from 5 to 2% commission last year. We therefore welcome this rivalry in the Betting Exchange sector.

Best Exchange Votes

For more on all the other public voting categories, including that of Best Free Tipster, Best Betting Podcast, Writer & Website, make sure you grab your free copy of the 2020 Awards Report.:

How To Access The Expanded Awards Report

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The 2020 SBC Awards – All Your Winners Revealed!

It’s a pleasure to share with you today the results from the 2020 SBC Awards – helping to recognise the very best of the betting and tipping world from last year!.

You voted in your thousands across 7 different categories from Best Free Tipster to Best & Worst Bookmaker with the top 3 in each category winning a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award.

Follow the link below to grab your copy of the 2020 SBC Awards…


About These Awards

The Smart Betting Club is an independent website dedicated to helping its members and readers make their betting a success. Primarily this is through our detailed tipster reviews & profit reports on the experts to follow to do just that.

Yet, in recent years our remit has expanded beyond simply reporting on the best tipsters to uncovering the truth on the betting world itself – be it the bookmakers/exchanges you bet with or the resources, websites & podcasts that help you make informed betting decisions.

Therefore to recognize those making a positive impact on your gambling – at the start of each year we now publish these Awards to help showcase the very best of both the betting & tipping world.

These Awards are important as they are based on the fundamental SBC principles of honesty, fairness and independence, with no bookmaker affiliations or advertising requirements to cloud opinions. They represent the true judgement of the general betting public and SBC members on what is out there of merit.

Best Website, Writer, Free Tipster, Podcast, Exchange & Bookmaker Awards

In this Free report you can read the results of the following categories:

  • Best Free Tipster
  • Best Betting Website
  • Best Bookmaker
  • Worst Bookmaker
  • Best Betting Exchange
  • Best Betting Podcast
  • Best Betting Writer

A Gold, Silver or Bronze Award was given in each category based on the percentage share of votes received. You can read the exact breakdown of votes cast plus a summary of who won what and where you can find out more.

Follow the link below to grab your copy of the 2020 SBC Awards…

How To Access The Expanded Awards Report

For those of you interested in reading more on the 2020 SBC Awards results, including who won the prizes for several vital ‘Best Tipster’ categories, you can access all of this with our special expanded members only Awards Report.

This expanded members 2020 SBC Awards Report also reveals the Gold, Silver & Bronze Award winners for:

  • The Best Horse Racing Tipster
    The Gold winner made a 38.7% ROI from all advice supplied last year
  • The Best Sports Tipster
    The Gold winner made a 27.57% ROI from all advice supplied last year
  • The Best Overall Tipster
    The Silver winner made a 22.41% ROI from all advice supplied last year
  • The Best Tipster Newcomer
    The Gold winner made a 147% ROI from all advice supplied last year
  • Plus!! It also provides the lowdown on why 79% of SBC members made a profit last year from their betting.

If interested in reading this extended SBC members Awards Report, you can gain instant access with a Smart Betting Club membership – now available at the lowest ever prices for 2020.

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