USA to UK – 5 lessons we can learn from the Action sports betting documentary

Today I want to discuss a fascinating documentary I recently watched on sports betting and gambling in America and the lessons we as punters can take from it – wherever we are based and whatever it is we bet on.

The show itself is called Action and over the course of 4 one hour long episodes, it explores the legalisation of sports gambling as the industry in the US develops following the lifting of the previous ban on betting in the American Supreme Court last year.

It follows several characters throughout the 2018/19 NFL (American Football) season and the very different ways they seek to make an income from betting.

Whilst the show has rightly come in for criticism for the some of the people it follows throughout – you can understand to some extent why they did so.

Professional sports betting by its nature is very boring – usually just a guy sat at a computer all day, so the producers decided to follow a few larger than life sports bettors characters in the main.

Focused at the US market and novice bettors in general, the show does raise some interesting points, so inspired by it I wanted to share 5 lessons we can learn about betting – wherever you are from!

Watch out – US Betting Terminology Used!

Throughout my article below, I have used a few US based terms. Loosely this is what they mean:

Handicapper = Tipster
Futures = Antepost
Picks = Tips
Moneyline – bet on a team to win

1. Buyer beware Stateside

One of the most controversial figures in the show is that of Vegas Dave – a self proclaimed ‘No 1. sports information consultant’, who in reality seems little more than a marketer selling ridiculously expensive picks to an audience he openly describers as ‘degenerates’.

If Vegas Dave was ever able to show a long-term profit, I would be very surprised and he seems to have built his reputation on a few big wins in the ‘futures’ market.

The sad reality is that the US Market is filled with people just like this – ‘professional’ handicappers and sites working in cahoots to make money first, provide you genuine winning advice second (likely a very distant second too). If you thought the UK and European tipster market was tricky to navigate (at least without SBC’s help) then you need to be 100 times more careful Stateside.

With all that in mind, I am currently exploring the US handicapping market to try and better understand who exactly is genuine and who to avoid – with the goal of releasing my findings later this year.

2. Not always a correlation between price and quality

One thing Vegas Dave is very good at is marketing – given the millions he openly admits making every year in orders for his picks. Extortionately priced at $497 for just 1 bet or ‘whale-play’ as he calls them – his pricing helps to quash the notion that there is always a correlation between quality and price, especially in the tipping/handicapping world.

Just because you are paying $100’s for picks each day or week – this is no guarantee you are getting a better calibre of expert. In reality, you might just be falling victim to a marketer with a slick tongue who knows how to maximise his revenue through creative pricing and a large social media presence.

Consider the more mature UK and European tipster market (where SBC currently specialises) as you can find quality proven expertise from tipsters charging anywhere between £20 and £40 per month for their service.

The kicker as always is that whatever you pay, it should easily be made back at average stakes over an average period of time.

If you need to stick £250 or £500 on a bet just to cover the cost of purchasing 1 pick/tip, you are being taken advantage of.

3. Hunting for value is universal

Another character featured throughout the show is Bill ‘Krack’ Krackomberger – a professional gambler based in Vegas. What separates Krack from many of the others on the show is his attitude to sports betting and how he beats the book.

Firstly, he fully understands the need to obtain value and the difference getting better odds can make, especially in the ultra competitive NFL markets. He is shown driving from location to location in Vegas simply to get the best odds on a bet. It might only be a few % points, but when you are risking $30,000 on a single bet as he is – this all adds up.

It’s the same lesson the world over as simple things like – using an odds comparison site to find the best odds for your bet or placing it on exchanges like Smarkets or Matchbook versus Betfair, whereby you get lower commission rates. The Smarkets rate for example is always 2%, whereas Betfair’s charge begin you at 5% – one easy way to get a 3% better return on your bets.

4. Remove emotion from your bets or pay the price

Krack is also wise to the need to remove all emotion from your betting if trying to make a profit. Rather than sit in the sportsbook lounge whilst the games are on and live every part of his bet out in real-time, instead he sits at his laptop and pays no attention to the ‘action’. Wins or losses are lines on a spreadsheet and he never gets too high or low whatever the outcome.

You only have to compare his approach to the legion of punters sat in the Vegas sportsbook lounges – all of whom suffer the ups and downs of their bets in real-time to know Krack has it right. Swearing at the TV screen, claiming the matches are fixed or chasing wins by placing more and more bets as the day wears on – its easy to see how betting takes its toll mentally on so many people.

Whether it be a Vegas casino, British bookmaker or simply streaming a game through your laptop – there is real value in taking a step back from watching your bets if trying to make money.

5. The NFL Market like all major ones is highly efficient

Finally, its worth a note that making a profit betting into the main NFL markets (moneyline, spread, over/unders) is extremely difficult due to the volume of money traded in the market.

Finding major value bets is therefore near impossible for most punters and indeed handicappers – something the show doesn’t communicate nearly enough in my opinion.

It’s the same for most major leagues and competitions – be it NBA, Baseball, the Premier League or even Champions League. These markets are hugely efficient due to the amount of money traded within them and finding a value edge long-term is very difficult.

Anyone that can make a few percent points return on investment over a decent data sample from these major betting competitions is doing very well indeed (and they should talk to a betting syndicate!) and its important to be aware of this.

So if you read about a tipster claiming a 10% or 15% ROI in a major market like this – be very cautious indeed and ask yourself: what do they know that millions of others don’t?


In summary then, whilst Action is firmly developed for an American audience – the reality is that the same qualities it takes to win betting on sports in the UK are the same in America.

The sports, markets, terminology and bookmakers used are often very different, yet the key concepts remain very true indeed.

For those of you interested in learning more about how the Smart Betting Club independently regulates and reviews the UK & European tipster markets, you can read more via the following links:

How We Can Help Your Betting

The Tipster Review Process

Our 100% Independent Policy

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Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor


Can You Make Money Betting On Baseball? This Tipster Is…

It’s a question we recently tackled here at SBC Towers with our in-depth review of a profitable Baseball tipster as published in SBC Magazine #99.

Averaging 83% Betting Bank Growth (ROC) over the past 3 seasons and with achievable odds in markets where bookmakers don’t restrict you – it’s easy to understand our interest!

Especially when you put that Betting Bank Growth into financial sums, where a £2500 investment would have made a £4,939.87 profit since day 1. Even just £1000 would have made £1,975.95.

The good news is that even if you don’t understand the sport, betting on Baseball is very easy and will come quite naturally to many of you who already bet on football.

Savings 468X60

623.3 Points Profit Over 1684 Bets

The main reason for our interest in this Baseball tipster came from the excellent record we had noted in proofing over the past 3 seasons he has been actively tipping.

Although only starting at the tail-end of the 2014 Baseball season, he has managed a 623.3 point profit, 51% strike-rate and 5.5% ROI over 1684 bets.

Here is the exact rundown of his performance each season…

(Don’t be fooled by the 2014 record – this is only based on a small sample and we get more of a representative sample in 2015 & 2016)


Now whilst a 5.5% Return on Investment (ROI) to some punters doesn’t sound a lot – we need to view this in context of Betting Bank Growth.

A good Betting Bank will be optimised to showcase how much growth you can make on your investment and very often is a better barometer of success than just ROI.

To our recommend Betting Bank of 250 Points, we discovered that over the lifetime of his service, this tipster had made 249.3% Betting Bank Growth.

In his two full seasons (2015 and 2016) this was 83% and 89.5% respectively each year…


Putting this into financial figures – here are the sums of profit you could have made with 4 different starting banks: £1000, £2500, £5000 and £10,000.

Starting with as little as £1,000 would have made a profit of £1975.95 since day 1, whereas a £10,000 investment would have returned £19,759.49 over the same period

“In 2016, I made GBP 38,000 on horse racing “…

Although I’ve changed some of the tipsters I follow, there’s a core group whom I rely on. In 2016, I managed to make GBP 38,000 on horse racing.”
As written by ‘K’ – An SBC member for several years
Click here to read more from ‘K’ on his SBC membership experience

Achievable Odds & No Restrictions/Closures

In coming years, I expect more and more punters to start betting on sports like Baseball, especially those of you struggling to get on horse racing due to bookmaker restrictions.

Indeed, our detailed odds tracking analysis indicated only a small amount of odds movement for the tips put forward – and for those of you outside the UK and able to bet with the likes of Pinnacle & SBObet, the record could be improved upon.

Firstly – those of you UK based, 2 of the main bookmakers for Baseball betting currently are Bet365 and William Hill (I imagine more bookies will get involved soon in these markets).

Over 136 bets we tracked with these 2 firms, we noted a small shift downwards of just 0.4% ROI if placing your bet exactly 15 minutes after the tip was released.

Compare that with the likes of racing tipster, Hugh Taylor where you would be looking at perhaps a 20% ROI drop in the first 15 minutes!

Yet for those of you able to bet with either Pinnacle Sports and SBOBet, within the first 15 minutes we observed a potential increase in ROI of as much as 1.1%!

And with Pinnacle Sports strongly rumoured to be coming back to the UK very soon, this could be a scenario open to everyone before too long.

How Easy Is Betting On Baseball?

For those of you who have never bet on Baseball or perhaps even never watched a game, you could well be asking…exactly how easy is it to bet on Baseball?

To help tackle this question, within SBC 99 you can also read our newbie guide to betting on the sport.

The reality is that betting on Baseball is very simple indeed.

In a nutshell, the three markets you will make most use of are:

– Moneyline (Which team will win)
– Handicap (Usually always set at -1.5/+1.5)
– Over/Under

Most of you will be familiar with these type of bets if you regularly bet on sports such as Football.

And just like Football, the Baseball markets are hugely liquid and you are highly unlikely to suffer any account restrictions or closures by betting on the sport.

The people who do move the odds are extremely big punters usually based in Las Vegas who bet astronomical sums. The bookies are not worried about you and me – ordinary punters!

“Becoming A Better Punter”

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Samuel –


Win Your Betting Battle!

You can read both the detailed review of this Baseball tipster and the newbie guide to betting on Baseball in SBC 99, which is available to download the instant you join us at the Smart Betting Club.

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Peter Ling
SBC Editor


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The Complete US Sports Betting Package Out Now!

Earlier this week we released the 4th and final SBC US Sports Tipster Report, designed to help you make money betting on all things Stateside.

The release of Issue 4 helps to complete our full US Sports Betting Package and if you are keen to get started making money betting stateside, it is essential reading.

Each of our 4 US Sports Reports help reveal the best tipsters in the US betting market across 4 major sports: Baseball, Ice Hockey, American Football and Basketball

Not only this, but our unique how-to-bet guides will explain just how to punt on each of these sports – perfect if you are totally new to them!

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What’s Inside US Report #4

Exclusive Review 1) The NHL Tipster with several profitable angles including ‘official’ picks with 13.5% ROI and ‘basic’ selections up 10.6% ROI in the last 5 years. Exclusive 60% discount available to SBC members

Exclusive Review 2) The popular NBA tipster hitting 4.2% ROI long-term and averaging around 44% betting bank growth each season. Our review identifies a simple tweak that can almost double the ROI to 8.3%.

Exclusive Review 3) The NHL Tipster with a 246 pt profit (10.7% ROI) from 519 bets last season. Most impressively of all, our odds testing indicates you can actually improve upon the advised prices.

How-To-Bet-Guide: NFL Never bet on American Football in your life? Don’t worry as our NFL guide will explain how the game works, player positions, competition structure and most important exactly how to bet upon it.


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Why You Need To Consider Betting On US Sports

Last Friday saw the release of the 3rd and latest US Sports Tipster Report, featuring a plethora of tipster reviews and expert guidance for those keen to bet on the likes of Baseball, Basketball, American Football & Ice Hockey.

The US betting market is proving to be very popular with many SBC members at the moment, simply due to the great money-making opportunities on offer with the right tipsters and generally speaking, some very punter-friendly bookmakers.

To help explain more about these US Reports, we recently Sat down with US Sports Editor, Rowan Day to find out exactly how they can help you make money betting.

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First of all, can you explain what it is the US Sports Tipster Reports provide?

Rowan, US Editor: Sure.  The US Reports are based on the format SBC members are familiar with for the Betting Magazine reports we produce for UK and European based tipping services.  They contain the same in-depth tipster reviews that SBC is famous for, except this time the focus is on US Sports & betting markets.  Our aim is to provide members with the insight needed to enable them to choose who they follow from the most successful US Sports tipsters,  safe in the knowledge that the SBC have done their usual, thorough, due diligence.

We set out to both inform and educate members who may not be too familiar with the US Sports arena, the betting markets, or the jargon used, but for whatever reason would like to diversify their betting.

And of course, as always with the SBC, we want to make sure people are aware of the traps and pitfalls that come with exploring new markets, and believe me, our initial impressions were that there are more sharks and conmen operating in the US tipping industry than there are in the UK and Europe!

What was it that made you decide to tackle the US Sports market in the first place?

Rowan: It was becoming increasingly clear from feedback we were getting from our members that there is a strong and growing interest in betting on US Sports.  Some of the more experienced bettors, who need to be able to get fairly large stakes into markets that could absorb them having had their UK-based ‘High Street’ bookmaker accounts limited, realised that sports like the NFL carry huge markets through every week of the season.

Then there were those with less betting experience but who were interested in American sports, perhaps gained from watching the increasing European television coverage of NFL, NBA and MLB, and who wanted to know if there were any good tipsters out there that would add to their enjoyment.

What is the appeal of betting on US sports?

Rowan: Well, I’ve mentioned the huge markets that carry massive liquidity, and to serious bettors that is a real boon.  With the odd exception, we tend to find that good US tipsters don’t cause prices to crash, and generally speaking, if there is an initial drop in the odds offered on a pick, they frequently rebound.

There’s also the fact that there are serious US-based bookmakers like 5Dimes who stand a bet to larger stakes and don’t close accounts in the same way as so many of their European counterparts do.


OK, so moving onto the US Tipster Reports themsleves, what can you find in each report and what sports are covered?

Rowan: The main sports we cover are American Football (NFL), Baseball (MLB), Basketball (NBA), and Ice Hockey (NHL).  Across the three US Reports issued to date, we’ve reviewed services that between them have covered all of these sports.  Each review really drills down into a service and analyses the results achieved in such a way that bettors can easily see where a tipsters strengths lie, and which can then be exploited to add profit.

In addition to the tipster reviews, each US Report contains a ‘how-to-bet-on’ guide on a different US sport so as to help explain them for those unfamiliar. For example, in Issue 3, we feature a guide to betting on Baseball – ideal for anyone totally new to the sport to get to grips with it.

Each article breaks down the rules of each of the main sports covered, and allows the reader to start looking for profitable angles for themselves that can be used to make money from betting on US sports.

How exactly do you review a tipster? Can you walk me through the process?

Rowan: The first thing we do is identify those services that are showing promise and might be of interest to members.  We then ask the tipster if we can proof their bets and if so, and once we’ve collated a fair sample of their picks, we let our data analysts loose!

They examine every aspect of the tipster’s performance, looking for areas of strength and weakness in addition to the headline ROI and ROC figures.  This often kicks up valuable information that can be utilised to increase profits, or at the very least avoid areas where a tipster is perhaps not so strong.

For example, we discovered that with one service we reviewed, we could use the data supplied by the tipster in such a way that we could massively increase turnover and ROC in one simple stroke.  Information like that is priceless!  Anyway, once all the data analysis has been done, it’s sent over to me and I write up the review and present it in a way that is easy to read and follow.

You just released Issue 3 of your US Tipster Reports, can you walk me through what is inside?

Rowan: We have two full reviews, one of a chap who has done incredibly well tipping in basketball and hasn’t had a losing season since starting his service back in 2007!  The other takes a good look at an ice hockey specialist who has achieved an ROC of 360% over just two and a half seasons of betting!

As the MLB baseball season is just getting into full swing we also have an article that takes a comprehensive look at the sport, covering the rules of the game, the scoring system, how the league is structured and of course, how to bet on the sport.  We follow this up with a first look at what looks to be a baseball tipster with a considerable amount of potential that has come onto our radar.

How about Issues 1 and 2 – are they still available and what do they feature?

Rowan:  First things first, yes, they are still available.  Anyone signing up to a Platinum membership will immediately have access to all three US Sports Reports.

Issue 1 carried a massively detailed review of a service based out of the States with very reasonable subscription charges and which covers all of the main US sports, plus some others such as college football and basketball amongst others.  We broke this down somewhat though, to really get to grips with the baseball bets offered, and then in Issue 2 we did the same with American Football.  The findings were extremely interesting to say the least!

We also reviewed an NBA tipster in Issue 1, and ran an article taking a look at how to bet on this exciting sport, plus an article outlining the very real traps that exist in US tipping circles and which are very easy for the uninitiated to fall into.  For example, whilst we were researching the market, we found that many so called ‘independent’ tipster monitoring sites were anything but!

Issue 3 carries three full reviews including two specialising in American Football betting and another NBA tipster, plus another “How To Bet” article, this time on the NHL (ice hockey).

Smarkets Betting Exchange

Are there any differences between betting on US Sports compared to the likes of Horse Racing and football?

Rowan: Fundamentally, no, there are no real differences, really.  Some of the jargon associated with US sports betting is different, for example we might place a bet on the ‘Moneyline’ in an NFL match, which simply means we’re backing a team to win.  The main differences are not in the betting itself, but the fact that the markets are huge and easy to get a bet into without account restrictions, as previously mentioned.  Not something that can be said for anyone who consistently does well betting on the horses!

How about US tipsters compared to UK tipsters – what are the differences there?

Rowan: One big difference we’ve noticed is that US tipsters seem to have no concept of a completely independent monitoring body.  It appears there is no SBC equivalent in the States!  Therefore I think to some US-based tipsters, they have a slightly lower expectation of the levels of customer service they feel obliged to provide.  Speaking to many people, a lack of communication between tipster and subscriber is commonplace.

Another difference can be cost, too, with many US tipsters charging extortionate amounts for picks that
haven’t ever been proofed anywhere!

What bookmakers do you need for US sport betting?

Rowan: With the increasing popularity of US sports in the UK and Europe, all the big High Street bookmakers price up US sports markets now.  The big Asian books run hugely liquid markets on all US sports, and then there are the American firms like 5Dimes and Bovada that can be used too.

One company that we can recommend strongly is Matchbook, who we’ve found often offer the best odds in the market, even when taking into account the commission Matchbook customers pay.  We’ve high hopes too for Smarkets and we’re keeping a close eye on what they have to offer from a US point of view

It all sounds great, what do you have planned for the future for US Report subscribers?

Rowan: We’re constantly scouring the market for more top notch US Sports betting tipping services so that we can break these services down and direct our members towards making strong profits from betting on US sports.   We’ve several in the pipeline including a very cheap NFL tipster with a strong track record over the past five seasons, which should come out just in time for the new NFL season in the early autumn.

Other than that we’ll be finishing off our ‘How to Bet’ guides with an in depth look at American Football, and we also plan to bring news of tipsters who specialise in areas such as College Football and Basketball which are massive markets in their own right.

How can someone find out more on your US service?

Rowan: Well they can always contact me directly with any questions they have at

By following this link too, they can read more about the service and what we have to offer and most importantly, how to join!


My thanks go to Rowan for taking the time to answer all of these questions about his US service.

You can grab all the US Sports Tipster Reports with a Platinum SBC membership with instant access as soon as you subscribe.


More Ways To Profit From US Sports Betting

Now the nacho dust has settled on the Super Bowl, we’re pleased to announce the release of our 2nd US Sports Tipsters report.

This specialist report is jam packed with the latest tipster reviews and guides designed to help you make money on US Sports. Gain Instant Access To Our US Reports As A Platinum Subscriber.


Here are just a few highlights of what you can find in our 2nd US Report:

Tipster Review: The Basketball Expert with 12.4% ROI

NBA (Basketball) betting offers huge potential for profits with a packed season and fantastic odds availability. In this US Sports Betting edition, we run the rule over an NBA expert who has achieved an impressive 12.4% ROI, which more importantly translates to a 163% Return On Capital based on our recommended bank.

Advised odds are achievable according to our testers, but this tipster may need to sort out his staking as our analysis shows that you can increase returns by betting to level stakes instead of advised stakes!

Tipster Review: Don’t Judge This Tipster By Its Cover

The NFL and College Football season may be over for another year, but there are good reasons to get prepared now.

In this month’s review of an NFL tipster, we highlight how their Ante Post results are their jewel in the crown. This year’s Super Bowl winners, the New England Patriots, were advised at the beginning of the season at 10/1 and this contributes nicely to an impressive overall Ante Post record of +29.01 points with an ROI of 52%.

With betting on NFL really starting to become very popular indeed, it’s time to put this NFL tipster on your watch list.


Tipster Update: Why Monitoring US Tipsters Is Rarely Straightforward  

The Smart Betting Club takes great pride in the impact it has had on tipster proofing in the UK and Europe. By focusing on the data and never taking commission for our reviews, we have slowly helped clamp down on tipster bad practice.

Sadly the US markets are still on the wild side and this month’s updated review highlights how nothing can be taken for granted with US tipster results.

Before you sign up to a US based tipster, make sure you check our reviews and guidelines.

Expert Guide: How to bet on the NHL (Ice Hockey)

In our first edition, we explored all you need to know about NBA betting for those unfamiliar with the sport. In this edition our US expert provides an in-depth guide to NHL (Ice Hockey).

The NHL offers a long season with the playoffs stretching well into the summer. Our guide explains the main betting markets and where to get the best value.

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Out Now: Our Expert US Sports Tipster Reports

The Smart Betting Club is proud to announce the launch of our new USA Sport Focused Tipster Reports designed to help you make money betting Stateside.

Whether you are a total novice or complete expert when it comes to betting on US Sports, these new reports will help you every step of the way.

Our debut US Issue contains 3 profitable tipster reviews on NBA, NFL and MLB plus an easy to follow guide for newcomers on how to bet on NBA.

Available now as part of our new Platinum Package, you can sign-up now to gain instant access to Issue 1 of our US Tipster Reports or read on for more details…

Our US Tipster Reports Feature:

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  2. Easy to follow explanations and betting guides to help you understand all US based Sports (Ideal if totally new to them!)
  3. PLUS Most importantly – How to avoid being duped by US Sports tipping scams!

As Ever – 100% Independent Reviews

Critically, our US Sports Tipster Reports are 100% independent, ensuring that at all times you can trust the information and reviews we reveal to you.

This separates what we do from almost all other US based tipster review websites, who earn money from referring sales to the tipsters they feature.

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