Can You Make Money Betting On Baseball? This Tipster Is…

It’s a question we recently tackled here at SBC Towers with our in-depth review of a profitable Baseball tipster as published in SBC Magazine #99.

Averaging 83% Betting Bank Growth (ROC) over the past 3 seasons and with achievable odds in markets where bookmakers don’t restrict you – it’s easy to understand our interest!

Especially when you put that Betting Bank Growth into financial sums, where a £2500 investment would have made a £4,939.87 profit since day 1. Even just £1000 would have made £1,975.95.

The good news is that even if you don’t understand the sport, betting on Baseball is very easy and will come quite naturally to many of you who already bet on football.

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623.3 Points Profit Over 1684 Bets

The main reason for our interest in this Baseball tipster came from the excellent record we had noted in proofing over the past 3 seasons he has been actively tipping.

Although only starting at the tail-end of the 2014 Baseball season, he has managed a 623.3 point profit, 51% strike-rate and 5.5% ROI over 1684 bets.

Here is the exact rundown of his performance each season…

(Don’t be fooled by the 2014 record – this is only based on a small sample and we get more of a representative sample in 2015 & 2016)


Now whilst a 5.5% Return on Investment (ROI) to some punters doesn’t sound a lot – we need to view this in context of Betting Bank Growth.

A good Betting Bank will be optimised to showcase how much growth you can make on your investment and very often is a better barometer of success than just ROI.

To our recommend Betting Bank of 250 Points, we discovered that over the lifetime of his service, this tipster had made 249.3% Betting Bank Growth.

In his two full seasons (2015 and 2016) this was 83% and 89.5% respectively each year…


Putting this into financial figures – here are the sums of profit you could have made with 4 different starting banks: £1000, £2500, £5000 and £10,000.

Starting with as little as £1,000 would have made a profit of £1975.95 since day 1, whereas a £10,000 investment would have returned £19,759.49 over the same period

“In 2016, I made GBP 38,000 on horse racing “…

Although I’ve changed some of the tipsters I follow, there’s a core group whom I rely on. In 2016, I managed to make GBP 38,000 on horse racing.”
As written by ‘K’ – An SBC member for several years
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Achievable Odds & No Restrictions/Closures

In coming years, I expect more and more punters to start betting on sports like Baseball, especially those of you struggling to get on horse racing due to bookmaker restrictions.

Indeed, our detailed odds tracking analysis indicated only a small amount of odds movement for the tips put forward – and for those of you outside the UK and able to bet with the likes of Pinnacle & SBObet, the record could be improved upon.

Firstly – those of you UK based, 2 of the main bookmakers for Baseball betting currently are Bet365 and William Hill (I imagine more bookies will get involved soon in these markets).

Over 136 bets we tracked with these 2 firms, we noted a small shift downwards of just 0.4% ROI if placing your bet exactly 15 minutes after the tip was released.

Compare that with the likes of racing tipster, Hugh Taylor where you would be looking at perhaps a 20% ROI drop in the first 15 minutes!

Yet for those of you able to bet with either Pinnacle Sports and SBOBet, within the first 15 minutes we observed a potential increase in ROI of as much as 1.1%!

And with Pinnacle Sports strongly rumoured to be coming back to the UK very soon, this could be a scenario open to everyone before too long.

How Easy Is Betting On Baseball?

For those of you who have never bet on Baseball or perhaps even never watched a game, you could well be asking…exactly how easy is it to bet on Baseball?

To help tackle this question, within SBC 99 you can also read our newbie guide to betting on the sport.

The reality is that betting on Baseball is very simple indeed.

In a nutshell, the three markets you will make most use of are:

– Moneyline (Which team will win)
– Handicap (Usually always set at -1.5/+1.5)
– Over/Under

Most of you will be familiar with these type of bets if you regularly bet on sports such as Football.

And just like Football, the Baseball markets are hugely liquid and you are highly unlikely to suffer any account restrictions or closures by betting on the sport.

The people who do move the odds are extremely big punters usually based in Las Vegas who bet astronomical sums. The bookies are not worried about you and me – ordinary punters!

“Becoming A Better Punter”

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Win Your Betting Battle!

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