The Best Tipster Guide: Your Questions Answered


Last week saw the release of our much-anticipated 2018 Best Tipster Guide and its publication has triggered a lot of questions from many of you exactly on how it can help you make money betting.

So, to help answer some of your most common questions on its release and how it can help you, I have put together the following FAQ.

Tackling everything on just what is inside the Best Tipster Guide it should help explain more on exactly how this guide is your ticket to betting success.

Including how you can save £528.50 via 7 unique savings deals – 5X more than the cost of purchasing the Best Tipster Guide in the first place!

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Q1) What exactly is the Best Tipster Guide?

It’s a 3-part guide featuring detailed, new reviews on 14 top tipsters we recommend to follow during 2018 and beyond. Here is how it breaks down:

  • The 2018 Best Tipster Guide will feature 4 new top tipster reviews, all due to be released during the course of 2018. The very first review is out now and tackles the racing tipster up 457 points profit at 14.5% ROI since 2015.
  • The 2017 Best Tipster Guide, featuring reviews of 5 more top tipsters who continue to make consistent profits;
  • The original 2016 Best Tipster Guide, which featured our first 5 top-rated tipsters, each of whom have also continued to make a profit through 2017.

Q2) How good are the tipsters inside it?

Well with a name like the ‘Best Tipster Guide‘, it’s safe to assume that all of the tipsters within it are highly rated!

Here are a few highlights:

  • The Racing Tipster Up 711.4% Bank Growth In 2017
    (Including 406% Growth Over The 2nd Half of 2016!)
  • The Outstanding Racing Guru Up 1428 Points Profit Since 2013
  • The New Football Expert Averaging 50% Growth Year-In, Year-Out
  • The Racing Tipster With 1178 Points Profit In 6 Years
  • The Free Tipster With 302 Points Profit From 1769 Bets

Q3) How will the Best Tipster Guide help me make money?

Quite simply by showcasing 14 of the very best betting tipsters we recommend for you to follow.

Read our reviews, choose the tipsters you like the most and start following their tips in!

It really is as simple as that.

You need no betting expertise yourself – simply follow the right experts with the proven track records of beating the bookmaker (or the betting exchanges)

Q4) Are the reviews from the 2016 and 2017 Best Tipster Guides still relevant?

A good question and the simple answer is YES, they are very relevant!

Although 10 of the tipsters in the Best Tipster Guide were first reviewed and recommended back in 2016 and 2017, they have continued to make substantial profits in recent times.

Proof if needed that these are not here-today, gone-tomorrow tipsters that are chasing a quick buck but genuine long-term money making experts.

To give a quick example, one top tipster we recommended in the 2016 Best Tipster Guide had a 2017 to remember making a whopping 139.3 points profit at 44.9% ROI throughout.

Not bad considering he only tips one bet per day and is incredibly easy to follow.

“Managed An Incredible Net Profit Of £11,595″……

“I managed an incredible net profit of £11,595 (after fees). I’m now free from credit card debt for the first time in years and planning a cruise with my long suffering wife for our Silver wedding anniversary – happy days!”

Actual SBC member testimonial  Read More

Q5) How much do the tipsters featured inside the Best Tipster Guide cost to subscribe to?

We do our best to focus in on those tipsters offering the best, most value for money service possible.

There are a wide range of tipsters featured with the Best Tipster Guide, including those free to follow, although most fall into the category of between £20 to £40 average cost per month.

Some cost more, some less, but the key is always making sure you can return a fine profit long-term beyond a tipster and their subscription fees.

Before we recommend any tipster, we make sure that any fees they charge are dwarfed by the profits made and this is the case with those within the Best Tipster Guide.

Q6) How can I save on the cost of joining the tipsters featured within the Best Tipster Guide?

Due to our independent stance (see Q7) we are able to negotiate substantial discounts and deals for many of the tipsters within the Best Tipster Guide.

For example, one of the top tipsters in the Best Tipster Guide is offering a £128 discount on the cost of a year long subscription to his service.

Saving you more than the cost of purchasing the Best Tipster Guide in the first place.

Another is offering you the chance to join his service for a year for just £50 – A saving of £200!

There are many more deals like this available to you – at the time of writing there are 7 discounts with a total saving of up to £528.50 if taking them all up.

These savings often come to a greater sum than the cost of accessing the Best Tipster Guide in the first place.

“90-Day 100% Satisfaction Refund Guarantee”……

“I believe so strongly in SBC’s ability to help your betting, you can subscribe with a 100% cast-iron 90-day refund guarantee”. Read all about it!

SBC Editor – Peter Ling

Q7) How do I know your tipster reviews are genuine and to be trusted?

This is a very important question as whilst there are a ton of ‘free tipster reviews’ available on the Internet, almost all of them are biased towards you buying into the service they are reviewing.

This is because they generate their revenue from a share of the subscriptions they help to sell on behalf of the tipster they are reviewing. Therefore, it’s in their interests to show it in the best possible light.

Here at the Smart Betting Club, we have a different model.

Instead – all of our tipster reviews are 100% independent and we have no vested interest or financial gain from those tipsters featured in the Best Tipster Guide.

Therefore, when we say a tipster is good, it’s because it genuinely is, not because someone is paying us to say so!

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Q8) Ok I’m in, How do I gain access to the Best Tipster Guide?

Simple – All you need is a Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ subscription, which also provides you everything else the Smart Betting Club service offers.

Including all our SBC Magazines, Tipster Profit Reports, Bet Diary Pro & Tipping Forum access PLUS it also comes with our 90-day refund guarantee.


Best Tipster Guide 2018

Now Available: The 2018 Best Tipster Guide

Part 1 of the 2018 Best Tipster Guide has just been released, featuring details on the latest tipster expert we recommend to make you money betting.

Having made 457 points profit at 14.5% ROI over the past 2 and a half years, this tipster has demonstrated a clear edge for those following with both bookmakers and exchanges alike.

Best of all, we have negotiated a huge £200 discount on the cost of following this tipster – allowing you to sign-up for a year with him for just £50!

Full details on this tipster plus a further 13 other recommended experts can be accessed now with access to the Best Tipster Guide.

Including the likes of the racing tipster up 711% bank growth and the one-bet-a-day expert that made a 44.9% ROI last year alone.

With several significant tipster discount deals for you to enjoy, and a 90-day refund guarantee, it’s our best ever value-for-money betting package!

The Best Tipster Guide is available now via the very popular Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ membership – by signing-up today you can also save £45 on the cost of a subscription.

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14 Of The Very Best Tipsters Explored

The ground-breaking Best Tipster Guide comes in 3 key parts as follows:

  • The 2018 Best Tipster Guide featuring 4 new top tipster reviews due for release throughout 2018 (the first of which is out now!)
  • The 2017 Best Tipster Guide, featuring reviews of 5 more top tipsters, who continue to make consistent profits;
  • The original 2016 Best Tipster Guide, which featured our first 5 top-rated tipsters, each of whom have also continued to make a profit through 2017.

By purchasing access to the Best Tipster Guide, you will receive full access to all 14 detailed tipster reviews and unique tipster discounts.

You can find out exactly who these tipsters are and how you can start profiting from their advice with access to the Best Tipster Guide, but to give you a flavour, here is a brief rundown on 3 of the 14 tipsters and why they are so good…

1. The Tipster Up 457 Points Profit In 2 1/2 Years

Over the course of 2 and 1/2 years and 1176 bets, this tipster has made a fantastic profit of 457.1 points at a very impressive 14.5% Return on Investment.

This is even more of an achievement, when you consider they have achieved this by backing horses priced at around the 11/4 marker – effectively by backing 1st or 2nd favourites.

Furthermore, our review reveals the distinct edge their tips have both at Betfair SP and by backing them on the Betfair exchange each morning. Showcasing the possibility that you can follow this tipster quite readily on the betting exchanges.

2. The Racing Tipster Up 711.4% Bank Growth In 2017 (Plus Another 406% Growth Over The 2nd Half of 2016!)

This unique racing tipster service has been producing some phenomenal results for three years now.

In the second half of 2016 alone, this tipster made 812 points profit from 3845 bets at a Return on Investment of 16.64%. Most crucially of all, if following our recommended betting bank that equated to 406% bank growth in just a 6 month period!

2017 showed no let up in form either as this service made a mind-boggling 14,228.04 points profit from 7162 bets advised throughout the course of the year. This is a ROI of 15.27% and betting bank growth of an unbelievable 711.4%!

3. The Betting Guru With 484 Points Profit @ 21.8% ROI In 8 Years (Including a ridiculous 44.9% ROI in 2017!)

It takes a special tipster to make a profit over an 8 year period, but this is exactly what this racing guru achieved between 2009 and 2016 – averaging 60 points profit each year.

His simple 1-bet-a-day strategy that has proven to last the test of time and is extremely easy to follow. The 19.4% Return on Investment achieved long-term is testament to his success.

This outstanding form continued into 2017 with a whopping 139.3 points profit at 44.9% ROI added to his profit tally throughout the year.

The Pro-Punter Package

As well as gaining access to the full Best Tipster Guide, a Platinum Smart Betting Club membership also grants you full access to our complete ‘Professional Punter’ package including:

  • 1 Year of SBC Magazines;
  • 1 Year of Tipster Profit Reports;
  • 1 Year of Bet Diary Pro Access;
  • Access to our 12-year Back Catalogue;
  • Access To The SBC Tipping Forum;
  • Gold Tipster Discounts & Trials;
  • Platinum Tipster Discounts & Trials;
  • Our Best Systems & Guides;
  • Full 90-Day Refund Guarantee!

All told – it’s quite the package with a huge amount of expertise and information available to you and all from a genuinely independent source.

It’s fair to say that the expertise provided through both the Best Tipster Guide and the Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ package will give you every chance of making real money from your betting.

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Best Of All Save £45 Currently

By joining the Smart Betting Club today, you can also save a whopping £45 on the usual cost of a Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ membership (which provides access to the Best Tipster Guide!)

This is because we have slashed the price of joining to ensure as many people as possible have access to our reports, magazines and guides.

We know we can make a difference to your punting – so why not sign-up right away and get started immediately. (There is a 90-day refund guarantee available after all!)

See you on the inside.

Read more on how the Best Tipster Guide can help YOU!

Best Regards,

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Founder


How Much Can A Tipster Really Make You?

That is the question I was posed recently by a punter intrigued by what we do here at SBC, yet ultimately unsure on just how much they could make betting with our help.

After all, once you take into consideration tipster fees and the time and effort getting your bets on – is it worth your while?

Judging by the frequency I hear this question, it appears to be something on a lot of punters minds.

So I thought I would tackle this question today, using some examples from our latest Tipster Profit Report, such as the tipster that made a £12,707 clear profit from just a £2,000 starting point in the past 12 months.

…And the combination of 15 tipsters that made £35,137 in 12 months AFTER all tipster subscription fees were taken into account. Let me reveal more:

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A World Away From Backing 5/4 Horses Each Way

The first thing to make clear about the tipping world is that it has moved on significantly since the Smart Betting Club first started way back in 2006.

Forget the prehistoric tipsters putting up 5/4 shots each way or advising you to ring their premium £1.99 a minute hotline for their latest odds-on tip.

Whilst you might still find a few of these prehistoric types advertising in the Racing Post (a topic for another day), the tipster world has moved on. Nowadays, there are many highly professional and well regarded tipster services with a history of genuinely achievable profits behind them, generated over several years.

They put their customers first, settle their bets at realistic odds and best of all – are simple to follow.

The very best tipsters can be found in what we term our ‘Hall of Fame’ – which are those tipsters we recommend as offering an excellent level of service at reasonable prices, which are best of all profitable.

The ‘Suggested Profits’ You Can Make With Tipsters

So to go back to the original question and just how much a tipster can make you?

To explore this, it’s worth checking out the ‘Suggested Profits’ tables we publish in each Tipster Profit Report – an example as taken from the last report I have copied below.

These reports gives you the latest on the best tipsters and just how much they have made on an ongoing basis. Enabling you to find the best, in-form experts and those consistently ahead of the bookie.

There are currently 15 racing tipsters in our Hall of Fame (we list a separate table dedicated to sports tipsters) and here are the Suggested Profits for each of them from the past 12 months:


I have had to remove the tipster names as this is for Smart Betting Club members only (sorry – that’s the secret bit) but as you can see the profits on offer are vast.

As a combination of all 15 they have made a profit of £35,137 for a monthly outlay of £863 per month (not that I would expect anyone to follow all of them)

Here are some other key figures:

• ‘Tipster 14’ enjoyed the best profit, making a mind-boggling £12,707 profit from a £2,000 starting point after membership fees over the past year.

• Also impressing is ‘Tipster 10’ who made a £4,310 profit from a starting bank of £2,000 for an outlay of just £50 per month.

• 11 of the 15 tipsters made a profit in the past 12 months. Ideally it would be all 15, but at least you know this table is realistic because not every tipster wins over a rolling 12 month period.

• Of the 4 tipsters that made a loss – these were in general very small deficits (e.g. £20, £34 and £40). Crucially all 4 have excellent long-term records.

• The average age of a Hall of Fame racing tipster is over 5 years – showcasing how long these services have been advising bets and why they can be trusted.

Realistic Profits AFTER Fees Are Deducted

The suggested profits table above should also help answer another common question, namely:

Exactly how much money can you make after you pay for a tipster in the first place?

All the profits listed above are AFTER fees have been deducted from the final sum. So for example, the £2,632 profit made by ‘Tipster 1’ is after the £27 monthly fees have been removed.

In terms of what you can expect to pay for a top tipster, the average cost sits around the £30 marker, although this does depend on many factors. Generally, the more exclusive a tipster service (i.e. those that keep membership numbers very low to protect odds) then the higher the subscription cost.

It is worth pointing out that as an SBC member you can benefit from several exclusive discounts and free trials to many of these tipsters, which reduces these costs further too.


You Don’t Need Huge Sums To Get Started

One thing you shouldn’t be is put off by the size of the suggested betting banks on offer in the table above.

We put these together as an example, but many people can and do follow these tipsters with much less. You certainly don’t need £5,000 to get started betting profitably – far from it!

Many SBC members enjoying success from their betting started off with much smaller amounts initially and gradually built up their betting banks with the profits recouped.

After all, betting for profit is not a sprint – you should take your time to get it right.

Give Us A Try – Risk Free For 90 Days

The best news is that you can now sign-up to the Smart Betting Club risk-free courtesy of our 90-day no quibble make-money guarantee.

This ensures you can join today and if not happy for any reason whatsoever with our service, you can get a full refund within your first 90 days. Ensuring you can test us out with full peace of mind.

You can gain instant access to the latest Tipster Profit Report and everything else we offer here at the Smart Betting Club as soon as you start your membership.

Join The Smart Betting Club & Get Started Immediately

Best Regards,

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Founder


I warned you about this tipster: 25/1, 20/1 & 10/1 winners.

Last month, I shared the full SBC review of one top performing racing tipster with a proven strategy for beating the bookie, year after year.

…And wouldn’t you know it – this tipster has been proving exactly why we recommend them with 3 big priced winners already in 2018 (from just 7 bets advised)

Here are the 3 winners advised so far this year:

  • Raz De Meree at 25/1 in Saturday’s Welsh National at Chepstow
  • Buywise at 20/1 at Sandown (also on Saturday)
  • Ballyhill at 10/1 at Cheltenham on New Years Day


At £50 stakes that’s a profit of £1552.50 for 2018 already – which looks set to repeat the pattern of winning achieved by this tipster since 2012.

And it is the fact this tipster has a profitable record dating back 7 years, which is exactly why we recommend them.

Because I have seen them first-hand repeatedly beating the bookie year-in, year outvia the in-depth proofing my team and I oversee for tipsters.

These winners have not been fluked – but based on a settled strategy that has worked ever since 2012.

Perhaps even more impressively – this tipster has made a profit not only at advised bookmaker prices, but also on the betting exchanges.


Why Am I Telling You All This?

You might well be wondering – why exactly am I telling you all this in the first place?

Especially as aside from reviewing this racing tipster, I have no connection or financial interest with them whatsoever.

The reason for today’s post is quite simple – in that I want to showcase a real-life example of the type of high quality tipster we recommend to Smart Betting Club members.

Because if the Smart Betting Club is known for one thing – its for our expertise when it comes to reviewing and uncovering the best tipsters – those that can genuinely make you money betting.

It is why I shared the FREE copy of our review of this racing tipster last month. If you haven’t yet read that – click here to download your FREE PDF Review.

This free sample review is indicative of the level of detail the SBC review team goes into when analysing a tipster we recommend.

We don’t simply put forward a tipster based on a few months results or a streak of good form, but genuinely long-term stats that demonstrate they have a clear edge on the bookmaker.

A tipster has to tick a lot of boxes to get through the SBC review process and come out the other side with our recommendation.

After all our goal is not to help you beat the bookmaker for a few weeks or months but for several years to come.

20+ More Tipsters Like This In The ‘Hall of Fame’

If you enjoy this review and are keen to learn more on many other tipsters just like this one, then you might like to consider a Smart Betting Club membership.

They are just one of many tipsters providing advice across a range of sports and markets that we track, analyse and recommend for Smart Betting Club members to follow.

Upon joining, you gain full access to our ‘Hall of Fame’ listings, which features more than 20 other recommended tipsters of high quality that we independently recommend.

What’s more, as a Smart Betting Club member, you can also enjoy a significant discount on the cost of joining tipsters thanks to the special deals we negotiate on your behalf.

Over a full year with the tipster featured above, you could save as much as £133 via the Tipster Savings available to you.

Best Regards,

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Founder


The Heavyweight Boxing Tipster & More: SBC 103 Out Now!

Get your 2018 punting off to the very best start with your copy of the very latest Smart Betting Club Magazine (Issue 103) 

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Expert Guide To Boxing Betting
Discover everything you need to know to make a profit boxing. Including how the boxing betting markets work, the bookies to use & more covered in this unique guide.

Racing Tipster Up 500 Points Since 2015
Delve into our exclusive review of the racing tipster with a significant edge over the bookies. Having generated well over 500 points profit and 434% Betting Bank growth since 2015, we put them under the SBC review microscope!

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You can access your own copy of SBC 103 and our entire back catalogue of magazines the instant you join the Smart Betting Club.

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Best of all, you can also now save £45 on the usual cost of a Smart Betting Club membership as part of a special 2018 discount.

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