New SBC Podcast Interview with Daryl Carter, tipster for Betfair &

The latest SBC podcast is out now for free download and features my interview with professional tipster, Daryl Carter.

Daryl is a tipster with a growing reputation thanks to his daily tipping columns as published by Betfair and, which feature his racing analysis and best value bets.

In this interview, Daryl talks about his approach to finding value, the serious amount of work he puts into his analysis and his passion for betting and helping others through his work.

You can listen to this episode now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)


In this episode, Daryl and I explore his long-term tipping record, how he bets himself and the stakes he uses, plus his own struggles getting on and his thoughts on the increasing issue of bookmaker restrictions.

Daryl also touches on his concerns for the sport of racing and where it might be heading as it deals with prize money issues, fixture overloads and affordability checks.

All told its a deep dive into what it takes to be a professional tipster working for some of the biggest names in the industry and the pressure that this brings.

Daryl was also the winner of the ‘Best Free Tipster’ Award as voted for by you all in the 2022 SBC Awards. Click here to read the 2022 Awards Report if you missed it earlier this year!

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Betting on Golf Via Betfair & Betting Exchanges

Can I bet on golf on the betting exchanges and make a profit?

This is one of the most common questions I currently receive as punters making a profit betting on golf with bookmakers start looking to betting exchanges such as Betfair as a solution to get their bets on.

Usually this question is posed because bookmaker restrictions have started to bite, because as most of us are aware – if making a profit betting, bookmakers will eventually either close you down or limit your stakes.

Whilst golf betting does often extend your bookmaker account shelf-life for various reasons (variance, spread of winners vs losers, belief you got lucky), at some point it does become an issue if making sustained profits.

Which is where the betting exchanges such as Betfair come in, especially if betting on the PGA Tour where each week lots of money is traded on betting exchanges – who crucially do not limit or restrict winning accounts.

This is also all part of the journey as a punter. Win money with bookmakers first of all. Then migrate to Betfair once your accounts dry up for more scalable long-term options.


To explore this question on golf betting exchange suitability, my team and I have run the numbers on the PGA Profit service if taking Win and Top 5 Betfair prices on his selections and comparing that to bookmaker odds on the same players if backed each way.

We gathered the odds for each market dating back to November 2020 at both bookmakers and Betfair as part of this analysis.

You can read the full breakdown in this free-to-read PDF but the headline news is that betting with Betfair is only slightly less profitable with a 4.98% ROI drop.

Here is how it looks:

To explain this table – we have 420 each way bets and 13 win only bets advised by PGA Profit since November 2020.

Over the course of these 433 bets, PGA Profit has made a 646 point profit with bookmakers, yet also a 551.47 point profit at Betfair Exchange odds.

The difference in ROI between the two is 4.98% with a 33.73% Bookmaker ROI and a 28.75% Betfair Exchange ROI

Suggesting that there is only a 4.98% ROI drop if taking Betfair’s Win market and Top 5 market odds VS placing these bets each way with a bookmaker.


If this interests you, then you can read the full PDF on this analysis free of charge via this link.

It explains more on the analysis we did and the differences between betting each-way with bookmakers and Win/Top 5 markets on Betfair.

For those of you totally new to golf betting, then I also recommend our sample golf-betting guide from earlier in 2022.

It includes details on 5 of the best tipsters and strategies we recommend, plus a full lowdown on how each of the SBC team fared betting on golf in 2021 (including the tipsters we used)

You can access it via this link:

Download Your Free 2022 Golf Betting Guide

The above link opens up a PDF file for download. If it doesn’t work – email me and I will send it to you instead!

A new betting review with a twist – The Smart Betting Club examined!

For something a little different today, I wanted to highlight a new independent review that you might want to check out.

Its a little different as instead of us doing the reviewing, this time its the other way round.

The Tennis tipster, Winner Odds has put together their own, unique review of the Smart Betting Club service, which you can now read over at this link.

Its a genuine, first-hand review of the service from Miguel Figueres, the brains behind Winner Odds on the Smart Betting Club service and benefits of membership.


Just to be clear as well – this review was written exclusively by Miguel with no input or influence by us at SBC.

The first I knew of the review was on Wednesday when it was published and that’s the way I feel content like this should be. Written by a user with no financial incentive or undue influence to write something positive.

Miguel is not an SBC affiliate and will make no money should anyone decide to join us.

Just like our own independent review approach to examining tipsters

Yes we rate his service highly but have done for years and we are not the only one. This testimonial from one SBC member outlined how they had made $15,562.41 using Winner Odds in just 6 months recently)

So please do go check out the review if interested in learning more on what we do at the Smart Betting Club.

All you need to find the best sports tipsters – Football, Golf, Tennis, NFL & more

Are you looking for a new tipster to follow this coming football season?

Or perhaps you are looking to find an expert to help you make a profit on sports like Tennis, Golf, NFL, Darts or even Boxing?

Well if that is you, then the latest SBC Tipster Profit Report is here to help as it features independently reviewed results, rankings and comparative league tables for the Best Sports Tipsters as uncovered by us since 2006.

Available for immediate download with an SBC Membership, this report is the gold standard of tipster tracking and will help pinpoint the best experts for you to follow when betting.


In summary, here is what access to this report & SBC membership provides:

  • Updated Results For 30 Sports Betting Tipsters
  • Tipster Performance League Tables
  • Tipster Analysis & Commentary
  • Hall of Fame Ratings
  • Latest Savings Deals & SBC Member Discounts
  • Betting Bank & Staking Guidance
  • Video Guide To The 10 Best Sports Tipsters
  • Independent Advice On Which Tipsters You Should Follow!


Each Tipster Profit Report is designed to help you find the very best betting tipsters – those that have proven themselves to be successful over a long period of time.

And when I say a long period of time – I mean it as unlike many other tipster ‘review’ sites that base their recommendations on 3, 6 or sometimes 12 months results, instead the average age of a ‘Hall of Fame’ SBC tipster – those we recommend is over 4 years.

Inside this latest report you can read a breakdown on 30 different sports betting tipsters, all grouped into different categories so you can easily compare and contrast them to find those that suit you.

To help illustrate just how good the best tipsters are and to help find the right one for you, inside this report we break them down into different categories so you can easily compare:

  • The most profitable overall tipsters across all sports;
  • The best tipsters from the last 12 months only;
  • The best low cost tipsters;
  • The best free tipsters;
  • The best betting bank growth tipsters;
  • The best ‘odds availability’ tipsters (those that quote realistic prices);
  • And much more besides…

We also know that it’s not just profits in theory that you want but in practice. Which is why you can also view:

  • The Best ‘Adjusted Profits’ Tipsters – Discover how each tipsters profits stand up if betting 15 to 30 minutes after a tip is supplied (ideal if you are worried about not getting the advised prices)
  • Unique ‘Suggested Profits’ Tables – Discover how much money you need to risk on each tipster to make a profit – and how much you can make if doing so. Fully tailored to each tipster to be entirely realistic


An SBC membership grants you access to the report and a host of other great features, all designed to help you make money with betting.

It’s a great time to sign-up too as our memberships are currently at super low prices, starting from as little as £42.99 + VAT for 3 months.

It gets even better value if you choose a longer-term membership instead.

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If you have yet to make a profit betting OR if you are looking to add more profit on top of what you already make, then the time to get started is right away.

As soon as you sign-up you are given INSTANT access to the Smart Betting Club members area and all of our expert betting content.

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New podcast With Richard Hayler of IBAS about bookmaker disputes

In the latest SBC Podcast Episode I was joined by Richard Hayler, the Managing Director of the betting dispute organisation, IBAS, to answer questions on his service and the current setup of the industry to adequately tackle the growing number of bookmaker complaints.

If you are one of the many punters with issues as regards bookmaker behaviour and IBAS’s role handling disputes, you won’t want to miss this episode!

You can listen to this episode now via Apple / Spotify / Google and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)


IBAS is one of the best known dispute resolution services operating in the UK and Richard came onto explain how his team helps to overview and adjudicate on the very many types of disputes that take place these days.

We explored the people that make up the IBAS adjudication panel, their funding model, case numbers and how it works from both the customer and bookmaker point of view.

Bookmakers have come in for heavy criticism in recent times especially from punters who feel letdown by the failure to tackle the increase in disputes and problems that arise these days and Richard talks frankly about this from his perspective, including how some of this is outside IBAS’s remit and the need for improvement to the processes and system in place currently.

IBAS has also been regularly criticised in terms of their relationship with bookmakers and their funding model and Richard is good enough to tackle all of these concerns head on – including those from punters who have little faith in the current system.

Over this hour long interview, Richard shares plenty of insight into the current setup as per bookmaker disputes and his hopes for what might transpire in the much delayed new gambling legislation, including the potential of a new industry ombudsman, a role that IBAS is rumoured to be very interested in.

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