Restricted By The Bookies? 10 Expert Betting Exchange Tips (Part 1)

It is common knowledge these days that if making money betting on horse racing, you will at some point encounter difficulty with either your stakes being restricted or even your bookmaker account being closed.

There are some exceptions to this rule such as the ‘winners welcome’ firm, Black Type and it’s fair to say that each bookmaker approaches it differently (as outlined in our ‘Getting On’ Report last September).

Yet for many punters, one of the most popular places to bet without issue are the betting exchanges.

Which is why I have put together this 2-part guide, featuring 10 betting exchange tips for following racing tipsters.


1) Understand When The Money Hits Racing Exchange Markets

As an exchange-only racing punter, it’s important to understand that the vast majority of money only starts to flow into most racing markets approximately 10 to 15 minutes before the off.

(I say most as there are some obvious exceptions such as at Cheltenham or other big race meetings, which will see larger sums traded earlier)

To showcase this, compare the amount of money traded on Betfair for each of these 5 races that took place on Monday the 27th March 2017.

I simply noted down the amount of money traded at 3 time points: 21 minutes, 11 minutes and 1 minute before the off for each of the 5 races.


Without exception, the most trading took place in the 11 minutes before each race started.

Take the 4.30pm race as one example – at 4.19pm, there was £60,925 traded yet come 4.29pm, this was £495,057.

Within 10 minutes an extra £434,132 had been traded – 87% of the entire market!

The knock-on effect of this is two-fold.

Firstly, its knowing that the majority of trading takes place and when your exchange bet is most likely to be matched.

Secondly, its understanding that prior to the final 10 minutes, it is harder to get your racing bet accepted, especially if it’s based on advice coming from a popular tipster.


2) Avoid Tipsters That Advise Bets Early

Just as the final 10 minutes leading up to race time sees most of the action on the exchanges, the very early stages of a racing market see very little activity indeed.

All of which makes understanding how far in advance a tipster puts up a bet crucial, because as a general rule – the earlier a tip is put up, the harder it is to get the advised price (and vice versa)

Tipsters who advise tips the evening before racing, often provide you with next to no chance of following if restricted to using the exchanges only.

To give an example, I currently proof one racing tipster that puts up bets around 6pm the evening before racing.

As I write this article I noted they had just put forward a tip at 6/1 for a race at 3.20pm the following day. Immediately jumping to the Betfair market for this race, I found that just £492 had been matched across all 10 runners in this race at that point.

The advised 6/1 price was now as short as 5.1 (4/1) on the exchange so already the value had to a large part disappeared. Obviously a few punters following this tipster had gobbled up what little money there was to be had at 6/1.

It’s a scenario I have seen unfold countless times with this tipster (and it’s the main reason we have not recommended them to SBC members) and they are patently unsuitable to an exchange-only punter.

Yet they are not alone in tipping up so early in advance of a race – so be very careful to avoid such tipsters if limited to exchanges only.

I have made around 20k per year extra”…

I used to work as trader for Paddypower and Sportsbet so i have an obvious interest in betting. [Using Tipsters] I have made around 20k per year extra.”    
As written by Justin – An SBC member since December 2013

Click here to read more from Justin on his SBC membership experience

3) Focus On Tipsters Where The Odds Hold Up

The next point is an obvious one – if using exchanges, don’t follow tipsters where the advised odds are going to get smashed in.

Take for example a free tipster like Hugh Taylor. As soon as he puts up a tip, hundreds of people rush to bet on it and in turn the bookies slash the odds due to the huge volume of money coming in.

Yet, despite this, Hugh still settles his bets at the original advised price he quotes, which only a very small number of punters will have realistically obtained.

In this scenario, there is next to no chance you will get matched on his tips at this price via the exchanges UNLESS the price bounces back. And given how much his odds move downwards, this is highly unlikely to happen too often.

This is why here at SBC we rate all tipsters by ‘odds availability’ and track how their odds move compared to the results they settle to. It helps to identify tipsters you can use on the exchanges.

Take the odds tracking we performed on one tipster first reviewed in November 2016. We tracked over 100 tips and how their advised prices moved immediately and after 15 and 60 minutes had elapsed.


As the table indicates – the average odds available after 0, 15 and 60 minutes were better than those the tipster was quoting!

Why exactly was this? Well, it went down to the simple fact this tipster was only quoting a price if AT LEAST 3 proper bookmakers were offering it and wasn’t putting the tips up until around midday.

Effectively, you could improve on the quoted odds and ultimately this is exactly the type of tipster you can follow on the exchanges.

4) Consider Betfair SP Tipsters

One of the simplest angles to make a profit on the exchanges is by following tipsters that make a profit at Betfair SP (after commission of course!).

They offer the easiest, most simple approach as once a tip comes in – you simply place the bet, stick in your stake at Betfair and walk away.

Although the number of profitable Betfair SP tipsters is growing, it’s still a fairly small pool to choose from currently.

Alongside All Weather Profits (read all about them and their £1 30 day trial here) I have recently been investigating another racing tipster with a tremendous track-record at Betfair SP.

Over the course of 1092 bets – at simple 1 point level stakes, they have made a 167.3 point profit at 15.3% ROI. This is after 5% Betfair SP commission has been deducted.


Providing one simple angle for those of you after a simple exchange tipster for you follow.

5) YET…If You Can, Don’t Always Take Betfair SP!

Whilst the Betfair SP angle does work and is good for those of you short of time – you can often get better prices simply by taking a bet on the exchanges closer to the off rather than just Betfair SP – especially when it comes to a popular tipster.

This is because the more people that bet on a horse at Betfair SP, the greater the chance that the final Betfair SP odds will be shorter than they should be. Betfair SP effectively cannabilises itself.

Therefore, if following a ‘Betfair SP’ tipster, my suggestion for optimal profits is to consider placing a bet in the traditional exchange market before the race starts.

This might require you logging onto the exchange in the 15 minutes before the race and simply taking the best price available at this time.

By doing this, you can often get a better edge than simply taking Betfair SP.



That’s my first 5 tips done and dusted and I will be back in a few days with 5 more pointers on how to use the exchanges if following tipsters.

In the interim, if you are interested in discovering more on the best tipsters for use on both betting exchanges and with bookmakers, then the Smart Betting Club is here to help you.

Our uniquely detailed reviews, ratings and recommendations will showcase to you the best tipsters across a whole variety of categories including:

  • The Best Horse Racing Tipsters
  • The Best Sports Tipsters
  • The Best Free Tipsters
  • The Best ‘Odds Availability’ Tipsters
  • The Best Betting Bank Growth Tipsters
  • & Much More Besides!

Making it as easy as possible for you to find the right tipsters for you to follow!

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Peter Ling
SBC Editor


4 Reviewed Tipsters Up Over £26K Profit Last Year (After Subs Fees!)

Last week saw the release of the very latest Tipster Profit Report, featuring details on 4 new ‘Hall of Fame’ rated tipsters making serious profits.

An SBC Hall of Fame award is only given to those tipsters we fully recommend – it’s an accolade we certainly don’t dish out lightly!

Yet when you consider that the 4 combined have made a profit AFTER subscription fees of £26,384 to our suggested betting banks – it’s easy to see why they deserved the upgrade. Especially considering the fact those fees average just £143 per month.

Allow me to explain more…

£26,384 Profit For Just A £143 Monthly Outlay

In each Tipster Profit Report, we publish ‘Suggested Profits’ tables, which help to outline the realistic profits all of our Hall of Fame tipsters are making.

These are based on our ‘Suggested Betting Bank’ recommendations that indicate the profits you can make if following our betting bank advice.

Using these suggested betting banks, below you can read the EXACT figures from the 4 new Hall of Fame-rated tipsters over the past 12 months.


The headline figure to watch out for here is the combined profit of £26,384 for all 4 of these tipsters from the past 12 months. This is generated from a £143 monthly outlay (a figure already deducted off the £26,384 profit tally) and a total of £10,500 set aside as a betting bank.

Of course, you don’t need to follow our suggested betting bank sizes – you can make a clear profit with each tipster if using smaller betting banks.

As per some of the other ratings included here…

Service Intensity details how much time a service will take out of your day to follow. A high intensity rating suggests a tipster that advises several tips every day vs. a low intensity tipster that might put up just 1 tip per day.

The monthly cost is the average subscription fee payable to the tipster for their advice and the start date is when they started out tipping. Finally, the SBC trial or discount column, lists those tipsters either offering SBC members a preferential deal, be it a free-trial or exclusive saving.

I have made around 20k per year extra”…

I used to work as trader for Paddypower and Sportsbet so i have an obvious interest in betting. [Using Tipsters] I have made around 20k per year extra.”    
As written by Justin – An SBC member since December 2013

Click here to read more from Justin on his SBC membership experience

More On Each Of The 4 Tipsters

Although the exact identities of each tipster is protected for Smart Betting Club members only (The ‘Secret’ part of our name in action!) below you can read a quick snapshot of just why we rate them so highly below…

Tipster 1
£2000 made a £7,991 profit after fees in the last 12 months.
788% Bank Growth since July 2014
£1 60-day trial available

The first tipster in our list is a racing expert we have been tracking since July 2014, during which time he has proofed 2770 bets and made an exceptional ROI of 25.44%.

Perhaps most impressively is the betting bank growth, which since 2014 sits at 788% – you would have grown your investment nearly 8 times during this period!

If you are interested in this tipster, you can enjoy a 60 day free trial for just £1, with access to our Tipster Savings.

Tipster 2
£3500 made a £4783 profit after fees in the last 12 months.
442% Bank Growth since October 2013
50% discount on your first month

The second tipster entered into our Hall of Fame is another racing tipster, yet one that focuses on the big meetings and tips horses at double-figure odds.

Over the course of 2457 bets, they have made a 16.77% ROI, although in the last year they have upped that significantly to 31.64% ROI thanks to a string of big winners.

Once again, you can save on this tipster with a 50% discount on your first months membership if an SBC member.

SBC 99 468X60

Tipster 3
£2000 made a £8258 profit after fees in the last 7 months
449% Bank Growth since July 2016

The 3rd and final racing tipster entered into our Hall of Fame this month has been making some mindboggling profits in a very short space of time – with 449% bank growth in just 7 months.

Tipping up plenty of bets every day (between 15 and 20 on average) it’s only for the more full-time punters amongst you, especially considering they have put up 4670 tips since July 2016.

The standard of performance has been excellent and over such a large set of data, they are unquestionably Hall of Fame standard.

Tipster 4
£3000 made a £5082 profit after fees in the last 12 months
421% Bank Growth since December 2014

Last but certainly not least, the final tipster upgraded into the Hall of Fame this month is a South American football expert making some serious profits for followers.

Over the course of 1582 tips, he has made a 8.26% ROI from his must-follow advice, which in these easy-to-get-on football markets is an excellent return indeed!

Has been in especially good form over the last 6 months, making 132% Bank Growth from 434 bets during this period.

Get Stared With Hall of Fame Tipsters

If you are looking for help finding good tipsters that can help you make money betting, then our Hall of Fame is without doubt the best place to start.

Alongside the 4 featured above, you can also find a further 20 Hall of Fame rated tipsters in our latest Tipster Profit Report (read more about how these reports can help you)

As ever, all our Tipster Ratings and Reviews are 100% independent and any Hall of Fame recommendations are based on each tipster meeting our strict criteria for inclusion. Unlike other review sites, we never accept payment for positive reviews, nor use affiliate links which might compromise our integrity. Read more about our 100% independent policy.

You can access full details on the Hall of Fame, the latest Tipster Profit Report and our detailed ratings and reviews on hundreds of tipsters the instant you join us.

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Peter Ling
SBC Editor


“I believe so strongly in SBC’s ability to help your betting, you can subscribe with a 100% cast-iron 90-day money back guarantee”.
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4 Way Bookie Attack: Tipster Quartet Making Serious Profits


If you are interested in making money betting with tipsters, then SBC’s latest Tipster Profit Report features everything you need to know to become a profitable punter.

Inside we reveal the 4 new recommended tipsters making mincemeat of the bookies, plus the latest on a further 20 tipsters in our ‘Hall of Fame’ and 33 other ‘Shortlisted’ experts.

You can view updated results, rankings, ratings, league tables and recommendations, which make it simple to discover not just who the best tipsters are, but who the right tipster is for you.

Sign-up now to gain instant access (and the entire SBC back catalogue) or read on for more…


The New ‘Hall of Fame’ Tipster Quarter Making Serious Profits Including….

1. The racing expert that’s turned £2000 into £10,528 (after subscription fees) in the past 12 months

2. The horse racing guru hitting a 39% Return on Investment over the last year!

3. The South American Football tipster that’s made a 186% betting bank growth in the past 12 months (again after fees)

4. The ‘big-race meeting’ specialist averaging 129% betting bank growth year-on-year since 2013

Find The Best Tipsters For You!

Each Tipster Profit Report is designed to help you find the very best betting tipsters – those that have proven themselves to be successful over a long-term period of time.

To help with this we breakdown the 57 tipsters into different categories so you can easily compare and contrast them.

So for example you can find comparison tables detailing:

  • The best Horse Racing & Sports tipsters
  • The most profitable tipsters
  • The best tipsters from the last 12 months
  • The best low cost tipsters
  • The best free tipsters
  • The best betting bank growth tipsters
  • The best ‘odds availability’ tipsters (those that quote realistic prices)
  • And much more besides…

We also know that its not just profits in theory that you want but in practice. Which is why you can also view:

  • The Best ‘Adjusted Profits’ Tipsters – how their profits stand up if betting often 15 to 30 minutes after a tip is supplied (ideal if worried about not getting the advised prices!)
  • Unique ‘Suggested Profits’ Tables – how much money you need to risk and how much you can make betting. Fully tailored to each tipster to be entirely realistic.

How We Can Help Your Betting

Save Up To £35 On An SBC Membership!

You can pick up your copy of the latest Tipster Profit Report, the instant you join our service at the Smart Betting Club with full access to our exclusive members-only area.

Best of all, you can now join and save up to £35 as part of our specially discounted 2017 membership prices.

Making it a great time to sign-up and see how we can help you and your betting!

Subscribe NOW to the Smart Betting Club

Best Regards,

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor


3 Free & 3 ‘Secret’ Tipsters To Follow During Cheltenham & Beyond!


The next week in the betting world will be dominated by one thing – the 2017 Cheltenham Festival.

Yet with so many articles, interviews and race previews to absorb in the build-up to the festival, it can be hard to know who to listen to and what to bet on.

Everyone has an opinion on the best bets to place – yet who should you listen to?

Hence why today, I thought I would keep it simple and give you 6 tipsters to follow not only during Cheltenham but also all-year round. The first 3 of whom are free to follow.

Each of the 6 tipsters has a proven tipping pedigree and can help cut through all the ‘Cheltenham’ noise and find you the best tips, not just next week but for the rest of 2017 and beyond…

And for those of you relatively new to Horse Racing, this next week represents a great chance to get started with some top racing tipsters. Because even if you have never bet on the sport before – we can help you get started!

Your First 3 FREE Tipsters 

The first 3 tipsters on my list are currently available to follow for free. The first 2 are supplied free of charge to SBC members, whilst the 3rd distributes his tips free online.

1. Pilelist Racing. Free to SBC Members (Email)

First up is Pilelist Racing, who have a tremendous record of 11.90% ROI dating back to 2014 from 1066 tips. Their simple each way strategy minimises losses and maximises profits and they are bang in form currently having made a 60% ROI in February 2017!


2. The Odds Beater. Free to SBC Members (Email)

Next up is The Odds Beater who are ideal for those of you who like to have several bets each day. Over the course of more than 7800 tips, they have made a 15.84% ROI! Another service in good form (68 points profit in the last 3 months), all of their tips are available free until the end of March to all SBC members.


3. Learn Bet Win Nap of the Day. Free to all!

For the past 4 years, Declan has been providing his Cheltenham advice for free to huge acclaim – generating 274 points profit and 61% ROI during this time. Although this year, his Cheltenham advice will be set aside for members of his private service, he will still be providing tips via his ‘Nap of the Day’ FREE service.


You can also read our review of Declan’s Free Nap of The Day service in this FREE SBC Magazine.

In 2016, I made GBP 38,000 on horse racing “…

Although I’ve changed some of the tipsters I follow, there’s a core group whom I rely on. In 2016, I managed to make GBP 38,000 on horse racing.”    
As written by ‘K’ – An SBC member for several years

Click here to read more from ‘K’ on his SBC membership experience

Your 3 ‘Secret’ Tipsters

The next 3 tipsters I am unable to reveal the identifies of (this is the Secret part of the Smart Betting Club in action!) yet I do recommend each of them, especially during Cheltenham week.

4. Secret Tipster #1. As revealed in the 2017 Best Tipster Guide

The first Secret Tipster has been without doubt one of the most profitable experts we have come across in quite some time. First reviewed in the 2017 Best Tipster Guide, this racing guru has made a huge 2315 points profit at a ridiculous 1158% betting bank growth.



5. Secret Tipster #2. 66% discount available exclusively to SBC members!

The second Secret Tipster is a big race meeting specialist and Cheltenham has traditionally been one of the busiest and most profitable periods of their year. Over several seasons, this tipster has made a tremendous 16.80% ROI and 442% betting bank growth from nearly 2500 tips.

Best of all – this tipster is offering a 66% discount to SBC members only and the chance to join up for just £10 in your first month. All part of the Tipster Trials & Discounts we offer.


6. Secret Tipster #3. 60 day trial for just £1 exclusive to SBC members

The third and final Secret tipster is another Cheltenham expert with an envious record of 25.4% ROI and 788% betting bank growth from 2770 tips. Once again, as an SBC member you can enjoy a preferential deal with a 60-day trial for just £1.


Savings 468X60

Beat The Bookies During Cheltenham & Beyond!

So, there you have it – 6 tipsters (3 free and 3 ‘secret’) that have excellent track-records when it comes to beating the bookmakers.

And as during Cheltenham week the bookies are falling over themselves to attract new customers, it’s a great time to get started betting for profit using tipsters.

To find out more about all 6 of the tipsters mentioned in this email and another 55+ expert tipsters we constantly track and review in our Tipster Profit Reports – then do sign-up for a Smart Betting Club membership today.

Let us show you how you can win money betting with tipsters!

What’s more, you can currently save £35 on the cost of subscription so don’t delay, sign-up now and let us help you get started betting better right away!

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See you on the inside.

Peter Ling
SBC Editor


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Can You Make Money Betting On Baseball? This Tipster Is…

It’s a question we recently tackled here at SBC Towers with our in-depth review of a profitable Baseball tipster as published in SBC Magazine #99.

Averaging 83% Betting Bank Growth (ROC) over the past 3 seasons and with achievable odds in markets where bookmakers don’t restrict you – it’s easy to understand our interest!

Especially when you put that Betting Bank Growth into financial sums, where a £2500 investment would have made a £4,939.87 profit since day 1. Even just £1000 would have made £1,975.95.

The good news is that even if you don’t understand the sport, betting on Baseball is very easy and will come quite naturally to many of you who already bet on football.

Savings 468X60

623.3 Points Profit Over 1684 Bets

The main reason for our interest in this Baseball tipster came from the excellent record we had noted in proofing over the past 3 seasons he has been actively tipping.

Although only starting at the tail-end of the 2014 Baseball season, he has managed a 623.3 point profit, 51% strike-rate and 5.5% ROI over 1684 bets.

Here is the exact rundown of his performance each season…

(Don’t be fooled by the 2014 record – this is only based on a small sample and we get more of a representative sample in 2015 & 2016)


Now whilst a 5.5% Return on Investment (ROI) to some punters doesn’t sound a lot – we need to view this in context of Betting Bank Growth.

A good Betting Bank will be optimised to showcase how much growth you can make on your investment and very often is a better barometer of success than just ROI.

To our recommend Betting Bank of 250 Points, we discovered that over the lifetime of his service, this tipster had made 249.3% Betting Bank Growth.

In his two full seasons (2015 and 2016) this was 83% and 89.5% respectively each year…


Putting this into financial figures – here are the sums of profit you could have made with 4 different starting banks: £1000, £2500, £5000 and £10,000.

Starting with as little as £1,000 would have made a profit of £1975.95 since day 1, whereas a £10,000 investment would have returned £19,759.49 over the same period

“In 2016, I made GBP 38,000 on horse racing “…

Although I’ve changed some of the tipsters I follow, there’s a core group whom I rely on. In 2016, I managed to make GBP 38,000 on horse racing.”
As written by ‘K’ – An SBC member for several years
Click here to read more from ‘K’ on his SBC membership experience

Achievable Odds & No Restrictions/Closures

In coming years, I expect more and more punters to start betting on sports like Baseball, especially those of you struggling to get on horse racing due to bookmaker restrictions.

Indeed, our detailed odds tracking analysis indicated only a small amount of odds movement for the tips put forward – and for those of you outside the UK and able to bet with the likes of Pinnacle & SBObet, the record could be improved upon.

Firstly – those of you UK based, 2 of the main bookmakers for Baseball betting currently are Bet365 and William Hill (I imagine more bookies will get involved soon in these markets).

Over 136 bets we tracked with these 2 firms, we noted a small shift downwards of just 0.4% ROI if placing your bet exactly 15 minutes after the tip was released.

Compare that with the likes of racing tipster, Hugh Taylor where you would be looking at perhaps a 20% ROI drop in the first 15 minutes!

Yet for those of you able to bet with either Pinnacle Sports and SBOBet, within the first 15 minutes we observed a potential increase in ROI of as much as 1.1%!

And with Pinnacle Sports strongly rumoured to be coming back to the UK very soon, this could be a scenario open to everyone before too long.

How Easy Is Betting On Baseball?

For those of you who have never bet on Baseball or perhaps even never watched a game, you could well be asking…exactly how easy is it to bet on Baseball?

To help tackle this question, within SBC 99 you can also read our newbie guide to betting on the sport.

The reality is that betting on Baseball is very simple indeed.

In a nutshell, the three markets you will make most use of are:

– Moneyline (Which team will win)
– Handicap (Usually always set at -1.5/+1.5)
– Over/Under

Most of you will be familiar with these type of bets if you regularly bet on sports such as Football.

And just like Football, the Baseball markets are hugely liquid and you are highly unlikely to suffer any account restrictions or closures by betting on the sport.

The people who do move the odds are extremely big punters usually based in Las Vegas who bet astronomical sums. The bookies are not worried about you and me – ordinary punters!

“Becoming A Better Punter”

“The Smart Betting Club helps you to become a better punter and simply make more money betting. My members have the numbers to prove it. 
Samuel –


Win Your Betting Battle!

You can read both the detailed review of this Baseball tipster and the newbie guide to betting on Baseball in SBC 99, which is available to download the instant you join us at the Smart Betting Club.

Not only this – but as an SBC member you can also get a free extra 20% membership extension if joining this Baseball tipster once you read our review. All part of the exclusive tipster discounts we are able to pass onto you as an member thanks to the unique way we are funded.

What’s more, you can currently save £35 on the cost of subscription so don’t delay, sign-up right now and let us help you get started betting better right away!

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Peter Ling
SBC Editor


“90-Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee”……

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Member Experience: How SBC Has Helped My Betting | Phil

To best illustrate how a Smart Betting Club membership can help improve your betting, I have been conducting a series of interviews with real-life SBC subscribers on the difference our service has made to them.

The latest in this series comes from Phil, who has been an SBC member for 5 years and has made enough from his betting to take 4 holidays abroad every year off the back of his winnings!

What’s your name?


When did you join the Smart Betting Club?

I think i’m going into my 5th year now

What sports do you bet on?

Football, horse racing and now golf

Why did you join the Smart Betting Club?

I was using a football tipster who mentioned he had been reviewed by you. I put Smart Betting Club into Google and found the SBC website and decided to join to find out what they were all about.

How has the Smart Betting Club helped you?

The SBC has totally changed the way i feel about tipsters. Back in the mid 80’s  I used some very poor tipsters,  usually getting tips through a premium rate telephone number or sent by post. After years of making a loss I ended up moving abroad , which probably did me a big favour, and I swore i would never place a bet on a horse again.

After moving back to the UK 7 years ago I wanted to try betting again but only on football, and it was through the football tipster I subscribed to, that I came across the SBC. I took out a subscription and was surprised to find out how long a tipster had to proof their tips before the SBC would recommend them. The SBC reviews gave me enough enough confidence to subscribe to a highly rated horse racing service, to which i am still subscribed to today.

I have ended up subscribing to two more very good racing services and I am still making good profits to this day. The subs I pay each year to the SBC is some of the best money i spend.

The SBC has also taught me how to manage betting banks and staking properly.

What do you like most about the Smart Betting Club service?

The SBC is very honest when it comes to reviewing tipsters. Some review sites only review a service for a month which is not long enough.

With the SBC tipsters have to proof their tips for around a year so as to prove they are not just a flash in the pan. The SBC magazines are very informative with regular tipster profit reports. They have a great forum for people to promote their free tips and i always look forward to reading Rowan’s bet diary. Betting can be a lonely game at times so it’s always nice to hear how other people are doing.

How much have you made betting since you joined the Smart Betting Club?

I’m not going to go into figures but i will say that since I joined the SBC, my betting profits have paid for all my foreign holidays, which i take 4 times a year!

What are your betting plans for the future?

I plan to carry on the way I am for as long as possible although it’s getting harder now as i only have a handful of normal bookmaker accounts left. I have got through 6 sets of pseudo bookmaker accounts so that shows how successful i have been with my betting. I try to use the Exchanges as much as possible now to try and preserve the accounts i have left.



Read More Real-life SBC Member Experiences

Member Experience: Clive Jones

Member Experience: ‘K’

Member Experience: ‘Billy McPherson’

Member Experience: ‘Ringo’

Member Experience: Justin

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