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I have kept SBC memberships as low as I possibly can for years now. Much cheaper than the vast majority of services in the industry and a tiny proportion of what some of SBC’s members are making through their betting.

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Why Choose an SBC Membership?

The Smart Betting Club is the premium tipster and betting review service in the industry.

Our aim is to give you the most comprehensive information about profitable betting so you can start making money from tipsters and betting services.

It is 100% possible to make a significant 2nd income from betting and we show you exactly how to do it with our reviews, reports and real-life expertise.

In operation since 2006, our 100% independent model puts you the bettor first (and not the bookie!) – something proven to work and which has made a profitable difference to countless members over the years.​

Membership Prices Increase Sunday

I have kept SBC memberships as low as I possibly can for years now. This is based on my desire to play fair and try and help as many of you as possible by pricing if affordably.

Yet as SBC grows in line with the demands from our loyal audience of members and we continue to uncover more and more profitable angles, the reality is that I simply have to increase the price of the service.

And so from Midnight this Sunday, the cost to join SBC will rise.

The good news is that those of you joining before this date will have the current low prices locked in for as long as your hold an active membership – meaning you’re protected from any future price rise.

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More information & links on the ongoing consultations due to impact UK based bettors

I wanted to share a few important updates on the email I sent a few weeks back about proposed new ‘affordability’ checks on UK based bettors.

If you missed that article, you can read it on the SBC Blog – something I urge those of you based in the UK who bet regularly to do as the implications are massive.

1. Shorter Gambling Commission Consultation – 9th Feb Deadline

The first thing to mention is that following my initial email on this topic, the UK Gambling Commission have released a significantly simplified consultation you can fill in – available via this link.

This consultation is not only shorter but more to the point without the jargon and should take no more than 15 minutes to fill in.

Time is ticking on this though and you have until the 9th Feb to submit your feedback so don’t delay!

2. Horseracing Bettors Forum Submission

For those of you looking for some further inspiration on talking points to consider as part of your submission, Colin Hord, chair of the Horseracing Bettors Forum (HBF) shared with me a summary of the key points they had put forward.

I have copied them below as they get to the heart of the issue and why in their opinion, affordability limits are not necessary.

In summary the HBF believe that affordability checks should not be introduced. The main reasons being as follows:

  • The Government has announced a review of the Gambling Act 2005 in which it wants to assess affordability checks: HBF believes that introduction of such checks is a matter for Parliamentary debate and ultimate decision by the Government.
  • Any checks will be easily avoided by using different online bookmakers, using proxy accounts set up by friends and family, betting on the high street or the racecourse in anonymity and potentially moving bettors to illegal bookmakers online and/or unregulated overseas operators, resulting in a loss of tax and levy income.
  • HBF believe that there needs to be a demarcation between betting on horseracing (and other sports) and online casino gaming, i.e. games of chance (roulette, slots, virtual racing etc.). The odds for a horse or sports event vary and depend on the opinion of the bookmaker’s odds compiler, whereas casino gaming is fixed odds betting in which the house has a built-in advantage. The horseracing bettor operates under a different risk framework to the gaming customer who is focused on the quick adrenaline buzz of the spin of a slot or the turn of the roulette wheel.
  • For many people, betting on horseracing is an enjoyable pastime, because, with time and effort, the player can develop skill that enables them to take a profit or at least lose an easily affordable amount. Horseracing betting for many is a cerebral activity that is challenging and enjoyable with an aspirational element of deriving a profit. A loss of betting revenue will have significant impact on UK horseracing.
  • The proposed limits are extremely low and would likely include small stakes players who encounter a losing run. Even those betting £5 stakes would have a 20% chance of losing £100 in a month if betting horses to win at 6/1. Betting Exchange and Spread Betting customers could also fall into affordability checks if they have liabilities of greater than £100 per month and have to deposit additional funds even though they may not have lost. Similarly, the ante-post bettor may be creating an ante post portfolio for an event that does not take place that month.
  • We also believe that there should be a reduction in cross fertilisation of casino games with those who bet on sports and horseracing and that steps should be taken to make players more aware of the house edge in casino games.
  • HBF believe that Operators should be putting the welfare of their customers at the centre of their businesses just like an airline puts safety at the heart of their business. Safer gambling tools that have recently been required should be evaluated before affordability checks are imposed. The operators should create tools and procedures that can identify those that have, or are likely to have, gambling problems. After all, the Operators can easily spot those bettors who show skill!

3. SBC Podcast On This Topic

Finally, to explain more on this subject, in the latest episode of the SBC podcast, I spoke with Brian Chappell from the Justice For Punters website on this consultation and its potential impact on UK based bettors moving forward.

Brian has been at the forefront of many discussions with several stakeholders within the betting industry and so is ideally placed to shine light on the issues at hand and how important it is for as many UK bettors to take part in the consultation.

As part of the podcast we also explore whether staking and affordability limits will be introduced as part of a solution to tackling those with a gambling disorder and why the UK bookmaking industry is in such a mess due to its structure of restricting winners and encouraging losers.

You can listen and download this episode via the links below OR simply search ‘Smart Betting Club’ wherever you get your podcasts




That’s all for today,

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor

An important update for all UK based bettors on action you need to take!

[20th Jan Update: The Gambling Commission have simplified their online consultation – a very welcome decision! You can fill in your response before the 9th February via this link.]

I have a very important post to share with you today about new ‘affordability’ checks being proposed for UK based bettors, what you need to know about it and action you can take right now on this topic.

The UK Government recently announced a gambling review which poses the greatest existential threat to the serious UK based recreational punter in decades, and we have only weeks to fight for our rights to have a decent bet upon its conclusion.

Now this may sound extreme, but we are in battle with politicians and campaigners who have little knowledge of the betting and gaming industry and are adopting a hard-line stance towards it.

Following on from the FOBT debate and subsequent stake reductions, there was an inevitability that an industry review would happen, after all whilst you are restricted to £2 a spin in a betting shop, you can sit in that very betting shop gambling thousands in online casinos via your mobile phone.

The main proposal surrounds affordability checks, which have been put forward by the UK Gambling Commission as part of their ongoing consultation on how to address the issue of gambling disorder.

Options range from limiting bettors to a monthly loss no greater than £2000 down to just £100 and several other requirements that could impact all UK based bettors in the future. Including but not limited to the need to pass on your bank statements and wage slips just to ensure you can get a reasonable bet on.

These affordability limits are being considered because bookmakers have failed abysmally to properly address the numbers of people who bet outside of their means and are considered to have a problem with their gambling.

Mixing Casino-Style Betting With ‘Skill Based’ Betting

This issue is also down to bookmakers knowingly blurring the lines between betting on skill-based events such as racing and casino-style gambling, which are the biggest driver of gambling disorder and source of bookmaker profits. There is evidence that shows that problem gambling rates are higher if betting on online slots and casino games than, for example, horse betting.

Therefore a clear differentiation needs to be made between these two forms of gambling and the Gambling Commission needs to be made aware of it.

Ensuring that it can introduce targeted action to really treat those types of betting which have the greatest issues with gambling disorder rather than a blanket limit that impacts the vast majority of us who bet and do so sensibly.

A blanket set of affordability checks on all types of betting and all punters will only serve to create more issues including likely driving a section of the betting population who wish to bet more to go offshore or into unregulated markets. It also serves as an opportune time to raise the issues of restrictions and closures of shrewd gamblers and how this contrasts with bookmakers claims to take problem gambling seriously. How can then when it is only long-term perennial losers who are allowed to consistently bet without stake restriction or account closure?

Hence my post today as it’s vitally important that those of you based in the UK make these points to both the Gambling Commission as part of their consultation and also to your MP.


There are three things you can do today to help raise awareness of the above points over the next few weeks:

  1. Submit evidence to the Gambling Commission as part of their consultation (ends 9th Feb)

This can be done at any time via the following link: as evidence from all parties (consumers and operators) is invited between now and the 9th February.

The more of you that do so and reiterate the key points I outline above (separation of casino style gambling and skill based gambling) the better.

  1. Write to your MP

I have also been working with a UK parliamentary contact who has a keen interest in betting to draw up a template letter/email to send to your MP. Here is what to do:

  • Locate your MP here:
  • You will need to input your postcode and it will find your MP and their contact e-mail address.
  • Once located, insert their name at the top and your name and address at the bottom and send the below.

Dear (insert MP name)

I am writing to express my deep concern about the current review into the Gambling Act and the suggestion by some campaigners that restrictive affordability limits are introduced to betting accounts held by recreational sports bettors.

The reason for my concern is what I would define as skilled betting on sports should not be treated in the same way as unskilled gambling on online casinos, slots or bingo. I spend many hours studying sports markets and would equate what I do to someone investing in the stock market. You do not have to face invasive affordability checks with this investing and I believe the prospect of having to send bookmakers bank statements and wage slips is a huge breach of privacy, a significant data risk and a gross infringement of liberty.

As well as this, I would argue that this is a sledgehammer to crack a nut solution, as evidence shows online slots and casino games have comparatively higher rates of problem gambling than, for example, horse betting. Introducing affordability checks for sports betting will simply drive punters to unregulated markets and hit the treasury revenues at a time the Country can least afford it.

I am therefore asking you to represent my views and contact Nigel Huddleston MP calling upon him to decouple sports and events betting from that in online casinos and reject intrusive affordability checks as part of this review.

Kind regards,

(insert name and address)

3. Sign Our Petition

You can also sign our petition backing up the above points and which will be referenced as part of the Smart Betting Club’s submission to the Gambling Commission.

The more of you that sign it and believe in the statement we are making, the more weight these points will carry and greater likelihood they will be listened to.

Sign the petition via this link



If we don’t individually and collectively do our best to take action in the next few weeks, then we can likely have no complaints if in the future we are confronted by short-sighted blanket affordability checks that might impact everyone betting from the UK.

So the more of you that can either take the consultation or write to your MP (An email will take only a few minutes to send) the better and the greater chance our voices will be heard.

There is no doubt that bookmakers have failed to properly tackle the issue of problem gambling, but any new measures introduced need to be done so in a very targeted and specific manner to avoid ruining betting for the many of us who bet sensibly and within our means.

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor



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Best Regards
Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club Owner/Founder

Your favourite betting website, podcast & more. SBC awards revealed

Today has seen the release of the very latest SBC Report – our 2018 Betting & Tipster Awards.

These awards highlight the best tipsters across a variety of markets, sports and costs (yes, we have a best free tipster category) as well as categories such as best (and worst) bookmaker, website, podcast and much more.

Canvassing the opinions of both SBC members and you, the general betting public, an SBC Award is a much sought after recognition of quality.

Whilst the full SBC Awards Report and the various best tipster category winners are available only to you as a member of the Smart Betting Club, in today’s email, I am going to reveal who won the Best Betting Website and Podcast categories.

(And next Friday I will be revealing who won the Best & Worst Bookmaker Categories too….)

SBC Awards 2018 Front Cover

Revealed: Your Favourite Betting Websites

Back in December 2017, I sent out an email inviting you to vote across 4 different categories open to the general betting public as follows:

  • Best Bookmaker
  • Worst Bookmaker
  • Best Betting Website
  • Best Betting Podcast

Starting with the Best Betting Website award – an extremely popular category, where you voted in huge numbers with the Gold, Silver & Bronze Awards as follows:

Best Betting Website 2018 SBC Awards

The unanimous winner of the Gold award for the best betting website went to who repeated last year’s success against some very stiff opposition with much larger budgets. Run by Matt Bisogno, the Geegeez site has gone from strength to strength in 2017 and remains an excellent source of information and advice for racing punters.


The Silver award went to the Odds Comparison website, Oddschecker, who have quickly become the go-to website for finding the best odds on any bet, especially when it comes to horse racing.

The Bronze award awarded to the Racing Post website, which continues to be a very useful website for everything from racing form, betting advice, news, live commentary and much more besides.

Your Best Betting Podcasts

In a new category this year, I also asked you to vote for your favourite betting podcast in recognition of the growing number of racing and betting shows now available to punters.

Here is how you voted:

Best Betting Podcast 2018 SBC Awards

Taking the inaugural Gold award was the Racing Post’s very own ‘Postcast’ which regularly discuss all the big races and football fixtures from a betting perspective.

Featuring several big-name guests and tipsters, listeners can enjoy a mix of news, views and insight.


The Silver award was scooped by the very enjoyable Final Furlong podcast – a weekly horse racing show that discusses the big issues in racing in association with At The Races. Fronted by Emmet Kennedy and Kevin Blake (of ‘It Can Be Done’ book fame) alongside regular high-profile guests, it’s an essential listen for any racing fans.

Bronze this year went to the odds comparison website, Oddschecker who despite only launching a podcast in September 2017 have become a favourite amongst betting fans. Tackling a wide range of topics from the Champions League to the Ashes, plus a recent special with football tactics expert, Michael Cox, its recommended listening material.

“My Net Profit Was In Excess Of £58,000”

“I have just conducted a review of the tipster performance for 2017 and my net profit was in excess of £58,000, the majority of it coming from horse racing.”
Michael – An SBC Member For 5 Years

Read more from Michael on his profits last year


Check Back Next Friday For The Best & Worst Bookmaker Awards

I will be back on Friday to share details on just who you voted for as both Best and Worst Bookmaker.

Let me tell you – the Worst Bookmaker Award is well worth checking out as it was a hugely competitive category with numerous firms battling it out for the golden toilet award!!


For of you interested reading more right away, you can gain full access to the complete 2018 SBC Awards Report with a Smart Betting Club Membership.

Here is what else you can read about in the 2018 SBC Awards Report:

  • The Best Horse Racing, Sports & Overall Tipster (Gold, Silver & Bronze winners)
  • The Best Free Tipster (Gold, Silver & Bronze winners)
  • The Best Tipster Newcomer (Gold, Silver & Bronze winners)
  • The Outstanding Contribution to Tipping & Editors Choice Awards (recognising some of the best tipsters and betting experts)
  • The lowdown on why 79.8% of SBC members made a profit last year from their betting.

You can currently save £45 on the cost of subscription so don’t delay, sign-up here right now and gain full access to our Awards Report!

See you on the inside.

Peter Ling
SBC Editor


SBC Awards: Vote for your best & worst bookmakers, websites & podcasts

Public voting has now opened for SBC’s Tipster & Betting Awards, and we want your help in deciding the best (and worst) of the betting world from 2017.

Alongside your chance to name and shame the bookmakers you like or loathe the most, you can also vote for your favourite betting website and podcast.

Here are the categories you can now vote for:

  • Your Favourite Bookmaker
  • Your Worst Bookmaker
  • Your Favourite Betting Website
  • Your Favourite Betting Podcast 

Cast your vote via this link

Voting itself should take you no more than 30 seconds of your time and best of all once cast, you can also enter a prize draw to win a Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ Smart Betting Club (worth £105.99)

TPR November 17 468X60

Why Your Vote Matters

There are several reasons why your vote is important as the SBC awards are your chance to help us highlight those companies doing the right (and wrong!) thing by you.

Perhaps its the bookmaker/betting exchange offering the best odds and service or even the betting website offering a superb resource for punters.

As we know not all bookies are created equally, so you can also nominate your worst bookmaker to help us expose and shame the firm(s) that got your goat last year.

Perhaps they restricted your stakes, closed your account or simply offer the worst odds and worst service going. If so we want to know who they are!

Finally, this year we have a new category – favourite podcast to highlight the growing number of quality betting podcasts out there these days.

Read About The Results Next Year

We will be publishing the results of your votes early next year in the 2018 SBC Awards, with a special focus given to the winners of each category.

The ‘winner’ of the worst bookmaker award will also get a special prize alongside the public shame of being rated bottom of the pile for all to see. Given the poor way some bookies treat many punters these days, its fair to say this is always a competitive category!

So don’t delay, cast your vote now (It will only take 30 seconds of your time!)

Best Regards,

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Founder

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Racing & Darts: How Do Black Type’s Odds Compare?

On Friday, we released for FREE our special report on the new bookmaker, Black Type, who have been causing quite the stir given their ‘winners-welcome’ policy and guarantee to lay to lose up to £500 on any given bet.

If yet to read it download your FREE report PDF

Yet whilst their unique approach to bookmaking is very welcome, what many punters want to know is does their winners-welcome policy come at a cost in terms of the odds they offer customers?

Therefore, to help answer this question and gauge just how their odds stand up in comparison, I commissioned some detailed odds tracking across two key sports they keenly price up – horse racing and darts.

You can read about this in more detail in the Free Black Type Report, but for those of you interested in either Horse Racing or Darts (Especially given that the PDC World Championship starts on Thursday) I have summarised some of the key findings below.


Black Type Darts Odds In Comparison

To examine Black Type’s odds, my team and I analysed the prices they offered during the recent Grand Slam of Darts tournament in November.

To gauge this, we tracked the odds for both players across 37 Darts games from the Group Stages to the Quarter Finals, leaving us with 74 sets of odds to compare.

We recorded the odds for all 74 outcomes from 7 different bookmakers: Black Type, Bet365, Bet Victor, Paddy Power, Skybet, William Hill & Coral.

The odds were taken at various times of day to ensure we compiled a wide and varied cross section of data.

First off, here are the average odds for all 74 outcomes from each of the 7 bookmakers:


Taking as an average, Bet365 lead the way with average odds of 2.72, with Black Type in 5thposition with an average of 2.62 – a small difference of 0.10.

As useful as this study was, it is slightly flawed for two reasons – firstly the low data sample and secondly the influence of a few larger priced ‘outliers’, which skewed the results.

TPR 468 X 60 Oct 16

Eliminating High-Priced Outliers

Although most matches in the Grand Slam of Darts were competitive, there were a few games which featured a very short-priced favourite, usually Michael Van Gerwen, and a big priced outsider.

The price of the outsider in these matches could be as high as 15/1 and with such a small pool of data, it only served to skewer the results.

For example, on the 14h November, Max Hopp was priced as big as 10/1 with Bet365 and as low as 7/1 with Paddy Power to beat Michael Van Gerwen.

By eliminating all bets at 5/1 and over from our data sample, we were then able to get a more realistic set of results. The 5 games we removed were:

14/11 Darren Webster to beat Phil Taylor. Odds ranged from 11/2 to 13/2
14/11 Max Hopp to beat Michael Van Gerwen. 7/1 to 10/1
16/11 Jeff Smith to beat Michael Van Gerwen. 11/2 to 7/1
16/11 Robert Thornton to beat Michael Van Gerwen. 13/2 to 10/1
18/11 Brendan Dolan to beat Michael Van Gerwen. 9/1 to 14/1

Here then is the table of average odds after removing these 5 players priced at over 5/1.


Without the 5 outsiders, the differences between all 7 bookies is marginal with Black Type more than holding their own. So small were the differences in fact, we had to illustrate them to 3 decimal points!

Final Thoughts on Darts Odds

Bearing in mind the limited data sample we could gather from the Grand Slam of Darts tournament, Black Type’s odds on the sport were clearly very competitive.

Considering how quick some of their bookmaking rivals are to close and restrict the accounts of punters that do well on Darts, there is even more reason to consider using Black Type for betting on the sport.

The likes of Bet365 and Bet Victor might on average offer marginally better odds, yet you do run the risk of being restricted if taking industry stand-out prices with them once too often.

For those of you keen Darts punters – make sure you also check out their free Sign The Board Darts podcast hosted by Andy Dawson and featuring guests such as comedy legend, Bob Mortimer.

Recent Smart Betting Club Publications (Click each image to read more!)

SBC 98 Cover
TPR Oct 16 Cover
Cover image
The Magic of Multiples cover

Black Type Racing Overround In Comparison

To understand just how Black Type’s racing odds stand up, we also tracked and compared their overround with those on offer from 3 different bookmakers: Coral, William Hill & Ladbrokes.

We chose Coral, William Hill & Ladbrokes as they are considered more ‘traditional’ bookmakers, with a very large betting presence both online and in the high street.

Analysing 75 races in total, we recorded the odds at different times of day and over a variety of races to build as detailed and varied a set of data as possible.

This analysis ran from the 28/10/16 to the 13/11/16, which also included each race at the Cheltenham Open meeting – helping us gauge how strong their odds were at a major race meeting as well as the standard midweek racing fare.

Here then is the average overround across all 75 races from each of the 4 bookmakers:


Taken as an average, Black Type’s overround was the best overall at 115.03%. This was 0.45% better than Ladbrokes, 1.29% better than William Hill and 2.70% better than Coral.

A very positive start to proceedings and an early indication that they offer good value racing odds.

Cheltenham Open Meeting

The Cheltenham Open Meeting ran from the 11th to the 13th November and with the high-quality racing on show, it was also useful to isolate the overrounds from this meeting for comparison purposes.

It is generally accepted that at these bigger meetings, with the greater volume of money swishing around, bookmakers pay more attention to their prices and take larger sized bets.

Here then is what we found at this meeting in terms of the overrounds from the 4 bookmakers:


Once again Black Type offered the lowest overround, although the differences between them and their competitors was bigger than ever.

The Black Type overround of 108.59% was 3.87% better than William Hill, 4.53% better than Ladbrokes and 6.63% better than Coral.

From this analysis, it is safe to say they more than held their own and their policy of ‘winners welcome’ does not come at a cost of worse odds in the horse racing markets.

If anything, the Black Type setup is allowing them to offer better value odds that favour the punter.

Perhaps the notion of employing skilled racing traders able to build and manage a proper racing book is not as dead a concept as some bookmakers would have you believe.

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