The Winners and Losers from the 2024 SBC Awards – Download Your Free Report!

The results are in…and the winners and losers of the 2024 SBC Awards are now available to view.

Best Free Tipsters, Betting Podcasts, Video, Website, Expert and both Best and Worst Bookmaker (where we have a NEW Gold Award Winner!) – the public’s favourite people, services, sites and villains are ready to be revealed!

To showcase the results we have prepared a 19-page free-to-download 2024 Awards Report for you to enjoy.

Remember – these results are based on YOUR VOTES so represent the consensus opinion on the the very best of the betting & tipping industry. This is not our opinion – it’s yours!

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Why The SBC Awards Matter

These Awards are important as they are based on the fundamental SBC principles of honesty, fairness and independence, with no bookmaker affiliations or advertising budgets to cloud opinions.

They represent the true judgement of the general betting public and SBC members on what is out there of merit in the betting world and is worthy of greater recognition.

They reward those websites, services, bookmakers and individuals doing the right thing – whether it be in the information or resource they provide OR by simply offering you the best place to bet itself.

And as its voted for by you in your thousands, it represents a real barometer on what is good and also when it comes to bookmakers – what is not!

Find out more about the Smart Betting Club

Established in May 2006, the Smart Betting Club is a 100% independent source for reporting upon, reviewing and monitoring the world of betting advice.

Here is a snapshot of some of the key benefits of SBC Membership that are available to you immediately after signing up:

For more information and subscription options, please visit If you have any questions, please contact us at or via Twitter/X at @SBCInfo and we will get straight back to you!

Smart Bash: Less than 50 tickets remain. Yet more big name speakers and guests announced!

Yet more big names have been confirmed for this year’s unique betting event – SMART-BASH and if you haven’t yet booked your ticket, now is the time!

That’s because there are less than 50 tickets remaining for the event, which is being held on Friday July 19th at Chelsea Football Club.

These tickets are on a first come first serve basis and we will NOT be selling tickets on the door!

SMART-BASH 2024 will be a day packed with invaluable insights, panel sessions and networking among the betting industries brightest minds.

Newly confirmed to be speaking at the event are:

  • Luke Paton – Pro punter with a decade of golf betting experience and 8 years at Betfair.
  • Chris Poole – Director of Trading at BetVictor, 25+ years in the industry, leads a team of 50+ traders.
  • Olof Stenius: Founder of Odds Reactor Ltd, PhD in operations research
  • Harry Stewart-Moore: Expert betting lawyer and partner at Gardner-Leader
  • Brian Chappell: Justice For Punters founder & champion of bettors rights
  • Craig Edwards: Ex-professional snooker player & golf/snooker expert
  • Bill Chen: American quantitative analyst, poker player, and software designer
  • Varun Sudhakar: Ex of Fanduel and now the CEO and Co-Founder of BetDEX

SMART-BASH 2024 is being held on Friday July 19th at Chelsea Football Club and it’s a day packed with invaluable insights, panel sessions and networking among the betting industries brightest minds.

You can book your ticket now whilst spaces remain via this link

The SMART-BASH Schedule

We have also published a schedule of events for the day, which you can see below.

Event Highlights:

  • Insider Strategies: Learn from industry experts through seminars, presentations, and panels tailored to elevate your betting prowess. 💡
  • Networking Opportunities: Engage with fellow betting enthusiasts and professionals, sharing knowledge and forging valuable connections. 🌐
  • Lively Evening: Unwind and mingle at Frankie’s Bar during our lively drinks evening. 🥂

For more information on SMART-BASH visit:

Click here to purchase your ticket

I look forward to seeing you!

🎧SBC Podcast #75: Dylan From Pinnacle Odds Dropper On Market Moves, Automated Alerts & Beating Soft Bookmakers!

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by Dylan, the co-founder and co-owner of Pinnacle Odds Dropper (or POD for short!) who’s service was the focal point of the major review in our latest magazine!

Chasing steam‘, ‘top down betting‘, ‘market movers‘ and ‘warm money‘ – all of these terms broadly mean the same thing – following in smart money to make a profit.

With sharp bookmakers (like Pinnacle) focusing their resources on keeping their prices up to date and ‘soft bookmakers’ often lagging behind, services like POD help followers to make profit when the former cut prices and the latter are slow to follow them.

Automation drives this kind of service and provides ‘every day bettors’ with the opportunity to beat soft bookmakers with a steady stream of sharp information.

In this podcast, Dylan and I discuss the concept, the software he and his team have built to help execute it and much more besides. The tipping landscape is constantly changing and this type of service is part of a new breed of customisable products that give bettors the edge!

You can listen to Episode 75 now via Apple Spotify / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)


In this episode, Dylan and I discuss:

  • Dylan’s history betting and deciding between punting and starting a business
  • Building betting software from scratch
  • The evolution of POD and improvements that Dylan and his brother have made along the way
  • Using user feedback to improve the service
  • The differences between sharp bookmakers and soft bookmakers
  • Efficiency in markets and how filtering can improve P & L performance
  • The markets and sports that POD focus on
  • Timing, staking and bankroll management
  • Filtering and alert configurations
  • Vig/margin and why beating the odds is not (quite!) enough
  • Which bets to take, which ones to leave and ‘rebounds’
  • CLV and why averages are more important than individual bets
  • Results from POD users
  • The need for patience, even with an extremely consistent service
  • How high turnover and deploying your bankroll is a necessity
  • Future plans for the POD Service
  • Subscription costs and SBC Member discounts

We recently reviewed Pinnacle Odds Dropper in Issue #143 of the SBC Magazine, with detailed proofing and analysis of large data sets that come from real life users.

To read this review in full and access an exclusive discount for the POD service you will need a SBC subscription, options for which can be found here

Pinnacle Odds Dropper – Major New ‘Hall of Fame’ Service Review In SBC 143

The very latest SBC Magazine (Issue #143) has just been released, whereby we have a very detailed focus on Pinnacle Odds Dropper (or POD), a service that tracks sharp bookmaker moves to provide opportunities to profit from soft bookmakers (who are slower off the mark in adjusting their prices!).

Having used POD ourselves for several months and with a variety of benchmarked results to showcase, this review outlines just why we rate it of ‘Hall of Fame’ standard and how you can use it to eke a profit too.

Issue 143 of the SBC Magazine contains:

  • A full, in-depth review of POD based on our extensive experience using it.
  • Results breakdowns of the service, with real life users’ betting records analysed.
  • A video tutorial and walkthrough guide with Dylan, the service’s co-creator and owner.
  • Details on a significant SBC member discount on the cost of joining POD.
  • SBC News, with all of June’s key updates documented in one place
  • A comprehensive look at the wider ‘goings on’ in the betting world, with our ‘social media watch’ featuring some very interesting stories.


To gain instant access SBC Magazine #143 and all of our back catalogue of reviews and reports, you will require SBC Membership. To sign up as a paid SBC member, just click here and follow the registration link.