The ‘Pro Betting Fundamentals’ to guide you towards long-term betting success

With racing just a week away from returning and several football leagues gearing up for their resumption, the sporting and betting world is about to get really busy very soon.

All of which means that right now it’s a great time to you lay the foundations for REAL betting success whilst you have the time to do so (i.e. with no sporting or betting distractions!)

This might be by getting to grips with the betting banks and staking plans they use or by learning how to adopt the psychology of a winner and understanding the key value betting concept all successful punters use.

These foundations are not difficult or time consuming to put in place – yet you would be surprised how much of a difference to your profit and loss figures they can make!

SBC’s EXPANDED Pro Betting Fundamentals Section

So with the above in mind, during the past few months, the SBC team have been hard at work expanding the ‘Pro Betting Fundamentals’ and ‘Betting Insight’ section of the SBC service we provide to members to give them everything they need to lay these foundations for long-term success.

This includes unique articles on developing your risk profile, how safe and secure bookmakers are, if you should bet each way or win only AND the release of our updated 65-page Pro Gambler Blueprint Guide.

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Our Updated 2020 Pro Gambler Blueprint

First off, all SBC members get a copy of our Pro Gambler Blueprint, which is an exhaustive 65 page guide to put you firmly on the path to becoming a full time betting professional and ensure you have the fundamentals for success in place.

Freshly updated for 2020, this guide will help you transform your approach to betting and explain to you the fundamentals behind making it a success.

The Pro Gambler Blueprint is split into eight easy to follow sections:

Part One: Getting Started – The Fundamentals of Betting Success – The building blocks of what makes a consistent winner.

Part Two: The Nitty Gritty – 7 Pro Tips – Practical tips and advice on the tools, websites and resources to use when betting.

Part Three: Setting Realistic Expectations – How often you can expect to win and lose explained in both odds and percentage terms.

Part Four: The Pro Betting Mindset – Understanding the value betting concept and how to change your thinking to be a winner

Part Five: Betting Banks & How To Set Them Up For Success – A simple guide on how to setup a betting bank for each tipster you follow. Very easy to follow indeed and essential for EVERY bettor.

Part Six: Building Your Own Tipster Portfolio – Want to follow more than one tipster and run a ‘portfolio? Everything you would ever need to know is explained in this extremely detailed section

Part Seven: What To Bet On – Backing, laying, horse racing & football betting – all the main markets explained and explored

Part Eight: Producing Your Own Prices – Understanding how bookmakers work and how to compile your own odds.

There is also a handy appendix and glossary to help explain betting terms such as Laying, Yankees and Asian handicaps, alongside a comparative odds table for American, Fractional and Decimal odds.

The Unique Betting Insight Section

Those of you looking for even more expert advice will love our expanding SBC Betting Insight section, which covers in great detail key topics you need to understand to bet profitably.

Covering topics ranging from handling losing runs, to understanding value betting, through to the psychological issues at play when we bet, it is designed to help you build the best platform for sustained betting achievement.

Here are just a few recent SBC Betting Insight articles:

  • Should You Bet Each Way or Win Only?
    An in-depth look at this perennial question on the how and why you might like to bet each way or to win – specifically when following tipsters. Exploring topics such as the differing size losing runs each method brings, betting bank growth, bookmaker and exchange comparisons plus the very important psychology aspect, it’s a detailed examination of what you need to know about the best way to bet for you.
  • Understanding Risk and how it can shape the tipsters we follow and the bets we place
    A special article on the topic of risk, including 2 simple tests to work out your own risk profile and tolerance levels. Understanding your approach to risk is absolutely vital when betting as if you have the wrong setup for your risk personality then there is every chance you will fail.
  • How safe is the money you deposit with bookmakers?
    Given the closures of several bookmakers recently and their inability to pay out customer balances, this article explains the varied levels of protection offered by bookmakers to the funds you deposit with them.
  • What’s Better? Strike-rate or Profit?
    Delving into the battle between strike-rate and profit and the real-life mental challenges that occur when using tipsters, especially those that select bets at big odds and to low strike-rates. Important insight for all punters.
  • Lessons we can learn from this legendary winning gambler
    Bill Benter is the man who cracked the horse racing code and a legendary gambler to boot. Yet much of what informed Bill, informs us as punters, especially when it comes to understanding ‘value betting’. These are the lessons we can learn from him.
  • Overnight Racing Markets – A Changed Betting Landscape
    The current state of play in the horse racing market, especially those betting overnight and how this impacts those following tipsters.

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Answered: Your questions on getting started with tipsters…how much it costs, what you can realistically make and more..

Last week, I revealed details on the new Getting Started With Tipsters section now available to SBC members and how it can help you if unsure of exactly how to begin on your profitable betting journey.

It’s release actually prompted a few emails from those of you keen to know more about the process of betting for profit with tipsters, so I thought I would answer a few of the most prominent queries below

I tackle everything about how much you need to get started, what you can potentially make through to how to deal with bookmaker limits when winning….

Why you should I bother with tipsters? I can pick my own betting tips!

Almost everyone when they start betting thinks they know more than the bookmaker. At some point, usually after a few losers, the penny starts to drop that it is really hard to win money betting. It’s one thing having an opinion about the outcome of a race, game or event, yet it is another entirely to turn a profit from these opinions in the betting market.

That is why only a tiny proportion of bettors are long-term winners (estimated to be between 1% and 2%) and even fewer yet make significant sums doing so.

This is where tipsters come in – they know how and what to bet on (and when) in order to make a profit. They put in the time and effort, yet most importantly also have the skill most people don’t have at picking value betting opportunities.

How much do I need to get started?

You can get started with a small amount, yet you just need to be prepared to be patient to let this grow over time.

In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s better to start small and build up rather than go in with a big amount and learn the ropes when any rookie mistakes can be very costly indeed.

So whether you have £250 or £25,000 – you can get started and build from there as you feel comfortable

How much can I realistically make?

Again, it’s about being realistic. Anyone that says you can make £20,000 in your first year or quit your job within a few months is selling an impossible dream.

Some of the punters we interviewed in our ‘Getting Started With Tipsters’ guide started out following just 1 tipster and often a free or very cheap one at that to boot.

For example, Dave, who now makes a 5 figure profit each year told us

“My first goal was very simple – to make money betting, which is something I managed to do …. I began with just one tipster and then moved to follow around half a dozen as that went well.”

It took him 3 years to go from following this one tipster and proving he could make a profit to where he is now – making this 5 figure annual return.

Can I expect to make a certain profit every month? How does this all work?

One of the biggest challenges many punters face is learning to deal with losing, including paying for tips that lose and go on short-term losing runs.

This is because betting for profit isn’t like having a weekly wage or fixed amount of profit week-in, week-out. It doesn’t work like that in the real world.

You might make £2000 over the course of 3 months, yet it could be you make £1000 in month 1, lose £500 in month 2 and then win £1500 in month 3.

As Dan, one of our interviewed panel of experts put it:

“Don’t let your betting be dominated by whether you have won or lost in the last few weeks or months as it will always turn in time. Just let it all play out over the weeks and months and stay level-headed at all costs.

Too many people judge their success based on what they made last week, last month and so on. Don’t fall into that trap. Look at what you will make over 12 months and longer”

Can you follow any good tipsters for free? I am worried about spending a lot when starting out?

Absolutely – it’s a little know benefit of SBC membership that you can access several free tipsters to follow via email that have excellent track records. You can find details on them here and a breakdown of past performance figures achieved here.

Many SBC members get started out following a handful of these experts first and foremost. They help to get you accustomed to simple practices – such as staking plans, how betting banks work and the bookmaker or exchange accounts you might need.

What about other tipsters that charge fees – such as those in your Hall of Fame, how much do they cost?

The key thing to be aware of in terms of those tipsters that achieve a Hall of Fame recommendation is that the fee charged has to be judged in the context of the profits you can make following.

It is therefore very hard for a more expensive tipster (e.g. at £75 a month) to achieve this recognition and they only do when you can make considerably more at reasonable stakes if following. In reality, those more expensive tipsters advise a lot more bets and are more suitable to more experienced punters – often those with a fair bit of spare time to commit to following.

Having said that, the average cost for some of the best tipsters work out at around £30 per month and again the quality of each service is judged against what you can look to make following at reasonable stakes.

So for a £30 monthly outlay, you might expect to average between £100 and £200 per month profit at smallish stakes.


What about bookmakers who limit or restrict winning punters? Won’t they stop my betting once I become profitable?

Yes, this has to be a consideration and this is why we advice a series of different scenarios in our ‘Getting Started With Tipsters’ guide which depends on your circumstances.

If you are totally new, then there is less concern about this issue, yet as profits build, we advise you on the sports, markets and tipsters to focus on. All the way through to the advice we provide full-time professionals on how to profit on the exchanges or with Asian firms/bet brokers.

In a nutshell, your betting and the tipsters you focus on will need to evolve over time. This is easily achievable simply by adding in more experts that you can follow on the betting exchanges or with firms that don’t restrict you.

OK, sounds great, how can I get started?

As soon as you like – already we have several tipsters active in the German Bundesliga markets (this is nothing new – they tipped up in these leagues prior to the pandemic) and with racing due back on the 1st June and other football leagues and sports to follow soon, then things are starting to return to normal.

Given this comparative lack of sport to bet on, it does allow you to ease yourself in and so making it a good time to start with a couple of tipsters, learn the fundamentals of success (everything from your risk profile to betting banks and the advanced tipster analytics we provide) and start building up gradually.

Whenever you join, there is also a money back guarantee available with SBC membership, so if you find what is on offer isn’t suitable to you, then request a refund no questions asked!

Get Started With SBC Right Away!

You can read more on the new Getting Started With Tipsters section in this blog post, yet for those of you with additional questions to ask, please feel free to send them to me via

There is no such thing as a stupid question as we all had to start somewhere, so if I can help you in anyway, let me know!

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Interview with the punter making 5 figure profits annually with tipsters

Today I want to share with you my interview with one long-term SBC member, Dave, on how he runs a successful tipster portfolio – one that now makes him a five figure profit each year.

Having exchanged several emails with Dave over the years, I approached him to ask if he would be willing to reveal more on how he does it and to share some of the secrets behind his success. The idea being to provide some real-life inspiration and guidance as to how he is making money betting using tipsters.

Thankfully, Dave was only too happy to help answer my questions, including details on a few of the key tipsters he follows and how he juggles the practicalities of running a winning portfolio.

I have published Dave’s interview in full below for you to enjoy. Note – Dave is not his real name as I have changed this in order to protect his identity from prying bookmakers!

For those of you keen to emulate Dave, you can now take advantage of our lowest EVER Smart Betting Club membership prices to see how we can help your betting.


SBC: Hi ‘Dave’, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed. I appreciate you wish to keep your exact identity a secret, yet first, I wondered if you could reveal a little bit about when you started betting and what first attracted you to it?

Dave: I have always loved sport and have a passion for numbers and statistics. I guess it started way back with the Littlewoods pools coupon and trying to put my knowledge to good use – It never did though!

With the internet age and betting explosion that followed, I was drawn into betting online and have never looked back since!

SBC: In terms of using tipsters, why did you start using them rather than placing bets off your own steam?

I had never really thought about using tipsters before, but when I investigated it further, it seemed logical to find out a bit more information about them to try to increase my profits.

That was back in 2014, when I first joined the Smart Betting Club (or Secret Betting Club as it was then) and since then I have developed a keen strategy for making profits using tipsters

SBC: Can you remember the name of the first tipping service you joined and your experience with them?

I had used the Timeform ratings for a number of years, but the first service I used was back in March 2014, just before the Cheltenham Festival. It was called Betting Emporium and run by a couple of guys I knew from the poker scene.

They tipped Lord Windermere to win the Gold cup at 40-1 and Tiger Roll to win on the same day, which won at 10-1. I guess from that moment on, it seemed like a good idea to investigate the idea of tipsters further!

SBC: That sounds a really nice way to start to your tipster journey and I imagine the guys you mention are Neil Channing and Joe Beevers, two punters who I’ve long looked up to myself. We proof the Betting Emporium here at SBC and have been impressed with the quality of service on offer. Before I ask you more about the tipsters you use, can you outline the sports you bet on and why?

The main sport I follow from a betting perspective is Horse Racing. With bookmaker restrictions I have tried to diversify my portfolio, but nothing has really stood the test of time for me.

So, my portfolio is around 90% Horse Racing, with Football/Golf and NFL making up the final 10%

SBC: Mostly horse racing – very interesting. How many tipsters do you follow, or have you followed in the past as part of your ‘portfolio’?

I totted up how many tipsters I have used in the last 5 years for this interview and was amazed to see it stood at 181 in total!

In terms of those I actively follow, I have a dozen now that I subscribe to, although a few of them I am just watching at the moment. The truth then is that I am placing bets with my own money from the bets advised by only 8 to 10 tipsters currently.

Interestingly 5 of these tipsters I have followed since 2014 with the others added more recently. All bar two in the portfolio are tipsters that the Smart Betting Club recommend.

SBC: Wow that’s a lot of tipsters! How many of the 181 have you watched but then decided to give a miss? Can you also outline how long you ‘watch’ a tipster for?

Most of those I have subscribed to as part of that group of 181, I will give a miss. This is because I prefer to simply watch a tipster for up to 6 months in order to see if they will deliver for me and how I like to bet.

Of those I have watched and walked away from – a lot of the time their results were not profitable in terms of how I would like to follow them. They might well be profitable for others – but they don’t fit into how and when I like to bet (or indeed can bet) so it’s a very important part of my analysis.

SBC: And what about the 5 tipsters you have followed since 2014 – any you care to reveal?

The longest serving tipster in my portfolio is Kieran Ward’s Morning Value Service – which I know you rate very highly at SBC.

SBC: Do you have any preference for the type of tipster you like to follow and what is it you look for when evaluating them?

The most important factor is that I like to know when the tips are coming out, so I can make myself available to bet. I also prefer tipsters that supply information later in the day, as it is much better for account longevity from a racing betting perspective.

I also keep my own record to monitor the odds a tipster quotes and those I can take. For example, I don’t place any racing bets before 10am, so any tipster issuing bets before this time might not work for me – especially if their tips see significant support before I can get on.

SBC: The 10am start point makes sense as betting before that time on racing is known to cause problems. Can I ask what you do when the odds move on an advised bet from a tipster in your active portfolio? Do you take the lower 10am price?

I don’t like betting too early in the day and never overnight. So, the answer is it depends. Some tipsters are so heavily backed initially that the value goes right away and you are more likely to be flagged by a bookmaker. Many of these will drift out later in the day. So, my criteria are different based on the tipster.

SBC: If you miss an early price, do you ever look to get a bet on closer to the race starting either just before the off or in-play?

If I have the chance, I will have a check up on those selections I didn’t get matched on during the day. You can often beat those early missed prices close to the off, but if you can’t, then you must be disciplined and let it go (not easy! – especially when they win!)

SBC: Indeed – and that goes to the heart of making sure you obtain a value price on any bet you strike. Digging into the profits you have made, which tipster(s) have made you the greatest Return on Investment?

In terms of ROI, then there are a few that stand out, all of whom I discovered through yourselves.

One racing tipster that I have been with for years is the Value Bettor, with whom I have a lifetime 20% ROI and who continues to impress. You can read the full SBC review of this service free via this link – Editor.

Another which I added just under a year ago is The Betting Man which is also at 20% ROI. This service was reviewed in SBC Issue 108, click here to read more – Editor

One longer-term service is previously mentioned The Morning Value Service, which was the star of my portfolio for 3-4 years, however that has gone off the boil slightly during the last 15 months.

SBC: How about Return on Capital (ROC) and bank growth? Have any tipsters hit lower ROI’s but made a greater turnover for you?

They are many services that operate on smaller ROI but with larger volume. These are all about value propositions and are great for increasing your ROC. However most of these are difficult to follow because the prices go quickly and are the sort of selections that can get your accounts restricted fast. The minimum bet guarantee by some bookmakers will become useful for following these services, however you need to accept that the ROI % will be very much reduced from historic records.

An example of this type of service is the racing service you recently reviewed in SBC 109. Based on my six month trial with them and my 10am starting point, my ROI would have been less than 1%. Someone else following them with full accounts and no restriction worries might do very well, but they do not suit when and how I bet.

SBC: How often do you review your tipster portfolio and add in new services?

I conduct a review every month where I look at 1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 month performance to help put results into context. Since my early days, my portfolio has become a lot more stable and I have only added in 1 new tipster since 2018. The others I have added I am paper trading.

SBC: One of the questions many punters have is down to staking and when to increase. How has your staking changed over the years, if at all?

My total staking hasn’t changed too dramatically over the last four years but getting the right balance and staking of each tipster takes time to get right. Thankfully my profitability has increased each year so clearly that is working to some degree.

SBC: In terms of the practicality of following so many tipsters – how does that work for you on a day to day basis?

The reality is that most of the services I use are low volume, so it is not too bad from a time perspective. Saturdays and festivals are always a little bit busier but most normal weekdays are relatively easy from a time/work perspective.

SBC: That’s good to know it’s entirely manageable, but what do you do when you take a holiday or want a week off? Do you switch off entirely or continue to bet when ‘away’?

There is a 3-4 day break normally at Christmas!

Seriously it is important to take a break from anything you do, and this is no exception, so I do try to switch off entirely, although I can’t say that I always achieve this.

SBC: Another issue for many punters is losing runs and how to deal with bad runs of form when your tipsters can’t seem to find a winner. How do you handle them?

It’s definitely not easy!

The first time something bad happens, i.e. you have a big losing week or a losing month, it is pretty hard to take, and you have to rationalise to yourself what you are doing.

When losing, you go through a range of emotions, but ultimately, I trust in what I am doing and have the long term results to prove it, so I always reflect on that. That is where my records where I can see performance stringing back 24 months help.

SBC: Obviously as a winning punter, most people wonder how you get your bets on. Do you use bookmakers or exchanges or a mixture of both?

This is the most difficult part these days – getting the bets on.

I try to spread mine out as much as I can, and I have a detailed spreadsheet that includes every bookmaker I am aware of!

That would be my tip – open as many accounts as you can and spread your bets out amongst them.

SBC: Are there certain firms you use more than others to place your bets?

I will place a bet wherever I can, but most firms have shut me down. Thankfully many new ones pop up all the time and I am getting better at ensuring those I do open, remain so.

SBC: Do you have any tips that you care to share on how you keep them open?

Well, as per my last point, I don’t think there is a bookmaker I haven’t used, although keeping your accounts open is definitely an art form.

There is lots of advice on this via SBC, such as betting later in the day and spreading out bets as much as possible, which really do help. Read more on the restrictions help we provide members via this link – Editor

Ultimately, you don’t realise how important your accounts are until you can’t use them, so don’t ignore this problem until it impacts you.

SBC: Finally, what advice would you have for those keen to repeat your success and run a tipster portfolio?

Be disciplined, be truthful and use the information that is out there. The SBC has a plethora of information available so there is no better place to start!

I would also recommend reading Rowan’s Bet Diary Pro on the realities of following a tipster portfolio. We have different portfolios (albeit with some similarities) but the idea is the same and many of the things that impact us all such as handling losing runs are discussed on there.


A huge thank-you goes to ‘Dave’ for giving his time and expertise so readily as part of this interview.

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Deeper Betting Knowledge: Why understanding your ‘risk profile’ can make such a difference to your punting profits

It is fair to say that wherever you look now, betting is becoming more and more prominent in our society. Bookmakers are heavily involved in all major sports, especially so in the field of sponsorship and the increase of sporting coverage in the media has only heightened interest across the board in betting.

What hasn’t changed though are the risks involved in betting and how we as humans understand this and are affected by it. Nor the immutable rules of investment such as the fact that anything promising you a high reward almost always comes at a higher risk.

It is therefore important that we understand risk and how we as humans react to it.

Yet most crucially of all from a betting point of view – how we can calculate our own risk profile and how that should inform the way we bet and the tipsters we follow.

Understanding Your Risk Profile

Each of us has our own thoughts on the level of risk we take in our day to day lives. What we term your risk profile.

Are you for example, happy to risk speeding while driving as you calculate the chances of getting caught to be slim?

Alternatively, perhaps you prefer to drive within the speed limit to completely rule out the chances of attracting the long arm of the law.

If you do speed, how often and how far above the speed limit are you willing to risk on a fine or losing your licence? Are you happy to go 5%, 10% or even 20% over the limit?

We very often take these risk decisions and many others every day in our lives without realising.

Whether it be our speed driving or even in today’s coronavirus impacted world – when and how often we go outside and if we wear a mask when doing so. These decisions all feed from our in-built risk profile.

Therefore understanding risk and our perception of it is also especially important to those of us who gamble successfully.

If your approach to betting isn’t compatible with your risk profile, then chances are at some point it will cause you to fail or lose money.

The ‘Risky’ Tipster Promising +30% ROI  & Who They Suit

Through the Smart Betting Club and the tipsters we review and recommend, we see plenty of examples of the different types of risk that are open to us when betting.

So to highlight this we publish several different ratings that rank those at both ends of the risk spectrum for our members to note.

For example, there are those higher risk experts who put up betting tips at large prices, who offer high rewards, yet come with the risk of large losing runs or drawdowns at differing points in time.

These high risk tipsters can be very testing when following especially for those of you who might have a risk-averse risk profile.

As ever, that immutable law of investment rings true – high reward investments come at a high risk.

Take for example our recent review of a very profitable racing tipsterThis is a service who over 1200 bets had made a profit of 389.77 points @ 30.19% ROI at advised prices. An exceptionally fine record.

Most people will immediately note the extremely high ROI at over 30% and be attracted to it – yet it is vitally important to explore the facts behind the service to check whether it is suitable for you or not. As for some people, it will be simply too volatile a follow for their risk profile

As we get into the figures behind the profits, what is notable about this service is that it tips up bigger priced selections at an average price of around 14/1 and attains a strike-rate of approximately 14.14%. Just over 1 in 8 tips win.

So, whilst this service has made an extremely high ROI at 30% ROI, it also had endured some bad losing runs at time, as indicated by the drawdown graph below. This highlights the depth of each bad run the service has suffered, which have pushed just beyond 100 points at one point.

So if you were someone considered to be risk-averse, there is every chance that if you had joined at the onset of any of these bad runs – possibly the drawdown in excess of 100 points, you would have quit before it could recover.

And it is important to state that this tipster did recover from this bad run, and the profits have since continued, but it took time and patience to do so. Something those of you risk-averse might not be comfortable with.


How to Evaluate Your Approach To Risk

The good news is there are several ways to work out your risk profile and tolerance including some simple tests we provide to Smart Betting Club members on how to calculate where they stand.

Yet if you are keen to work out your risk profile, you might want to see how many of the following, if any, apply to you:

  • You get upset easily after short term losing runs
  • You quickly give up if something starts losing
  • You don’t handle losing money very easily
  • Your moods are impacted by losing runs and losing money
  • You feel if paying for tips they should not lose regularly
  • You feel the need to win money every week/month

If any of the above ring true, then you may well be a candidate to take a more risk-averse approach and to step away from any tipster, system or strategy that has a low strike-rate of success.

If however…

  • You can stick out long losing runs
  • You can lose money and not be upset by this
  • You understand that you may not win every day/week or month
  • You understand that anything with high reward comes at high risk
  • You are happy to take a chance and speculate.

Then you may well be more suitable to a low strike rate, more long-term type of tipster that offers a higher reward in exchange for higher risk.

Using SBC’s Ratings To Help Calculate The Risk Of Any Tipster

To help you calculate the level of risk involved with any given tipster, we provide several different risk related ratings when reviewing a service.

For example, our simple risk rating works on a scale of 1-5 and is updated every few months for each tipster we monitor.

  • A risk rating of 1 indicates a very high risk tipster and one that will be suitable to those of you who have an extremely aggressive risk profile.
  • A risk rating of 5 indicates a very low risk tipster and one that will be suitable to those of you who have an extremely conservative risk profile.

Beyond that we also provide several other more detailed ratings that relate to risk as follows:

  • Patience: Expressed as per the length of time you need to commit to following a tipster to ensure a profitable return. Those with patience ratings 12 months and beyond can be considered higher risk as if you join at the wrong time (which no-one can predict) then you might well need to be very patient.
  • Risk Reward Ratio – This is a simple rating that accurately reflects the level of risk versus the rewards of following any given tipster.
  • Capital Risk Ratio – A simple percentage figure illustrating the size of betting bank lost during the worst run any tipster has endured. The higher figure lost the greater the risk.
  • Dispersion Factor Rating – This rating takes out the top and bottom 5% of results and those that might be considered outliers or ‘freak results’. The ensuing rating outlines just how risky a tipster will be to follow.

Ignore Your Risk Preferences at Your Peril!

Perhaps the biggest risk that you can take is to ignore this area altogether and simply ‘cross that bridge when you come to it’.

You really need to act and understand this area because if you make choices that are incompatible with your risk profile and tolerance, it could set you back a long way.

Failure to bet in a way that is compatible with your risk profile could cost you in the form of lost winnings, extra losses and even unused subscription fees if you choose to follow tipsters.

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