Save up to £102.36 with this 43.55% ROI racing tipster before Midnight Friday

It is very rare to find a tipster who is able to maintain an Return on Investment (ROI) of 40%over an extended period of time, yet that is exactly what has happened with one top racing tipster as featured in the latest SBC Tipster Profit Report.

And best of all – if joining this tipster before Midnight on Friday you can enjoy a 50% boost on your membership terms as part of an exclusive ‘Tipster Savings‘ deal available only to Smart Betting Club members.

The top ROI figure for 2018, by quite some way, was supplied by this one-tip-a-day-racing service with 42% ROI on the year. Even more significantly, this service has been able to hold that level of performance over the more extended recent period of 28 months (Jan 2017 – Apr 2019) as follows:

Bets: 310 (1pt win)
Level Stake Profit: +139.30 points
ROI: 44.94%

2018-19 (to end Apr 2019)
Bets: 429 (1pt win)
Level Stake Profit: +182.50 points
ROI: 42.54%

Summary: Jan 2017 – Apr 2019
Bets: 739 (1pt win)
Level Stake Profit: +321.80 points
ROI: 43.55%

The service in question was also one of the first internet-based professional racing advisory services. It launched at the start of 2000 and now, in its twentieth year, it is stronger than ever.

20th Year Exclusive SBC Offer – Save Up To £102.36

To celebrate this tipster’s 20th year of operation, I am pleased to report that I have been able to secure a one-off special deal for those of you interested in joining him with an extra 50% applied to all subscriptions taken up before Midnight on Friday.

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12 months membership costs even less at just £204.72 (£17.06 per month), which equates to a saving of £102.36!

This special deal is available thanks to the combined power of the Smart Betting Club, where through our unique contacts and independent funding model, we are able to negotiate exclusive deals on the cost of joining several top tipsters for our members.

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Please note – we are not affiliated with this tipster in any way beyond our independent tracking and monitoring of the tips they provide. We are able to negotiate and offer these discounts due to the unique membership model we utilise. Read more about why the Smart Betting Club is different to all other review sites.

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor


Lessons we can learn from legendary winning gambler, Bill Benter

In today’s article I want to share a couple of betting articles I feel are of note and details on a recommended tipping service bang in form.

First of all, I wanted to share a link to this long but fascinating article on Bill Benter, titled ‘The Gambler Who Cracked The Horse Racing Code‘, as published by Bloomberg Businessweek.

Sharing his story for the first time ever, in this article you can get the full scoop on just why Bill is such a legend in betting circles, his ups and downs and just how he made his betting pay in the end.

Despite the headline behind this story being about the man ‘who cracked the horse racing code’ – through the article it’s clear how it wasn’t all plain sailing for Bill and his approach finally bore fruit after several years of trial and error.

His winning strategy was like almost all others, one based on ‘value betting‘ whereby he was able to successfully identify bets with a higher chance of winning then the odds available. Here is how the article explained it:

“[Bill had] A private system of odds that was slightly more accurate than the public odds. To simplify, imagine that the gambling public can bet on a given horse at a payout of 4 to 1. Benter’s model might show that the horse is more likely to win than those odds suggest—say, a chance of one in three. That means Benter can put less at risk and get the same return; a seemingly small edge can turn into a big profit.

High Volume & Patience

Now having an edge is one thing – making it pay on a regular basis is another as Bill knew he had to churn through enough bets on a daily basis to eliminate randomness as “The impact of bad luck can be diminished by betting thousands and thousands of times”

His ability therefore to back hundreds, if not thousands of bets in Hong Kong every day ensured this regular profit.

Now as fascinating and inspiring as Bill’s story undoubtedly is, it does raise the question as to exactly how we as punters can apply it to our own betting. Whilst none of us are likely to have the time or ability to place hundreds of bets every day as he did, there are some clear qualities that stand out, including that of patience.

His patience came more in the form of the time it took to build his profitable model in the first place, yet he clearly knew that betting for profit was about the long haul and not the short-term when it came to results.

And that ties into another article I wanted to highlight for you on the theme of patience and why its so important, especially as I feel that it is a lack of this quality which holds so many punters back with their betting. Click here to read it.

Like it or not – patience is fundamental whatever way you are attempting to make money – be it the stock market, bitcoin or anything else for that matter.

Punters without patience and those making knee-jerk decisions based on short-term form are ultimately those that only lose out – and that is something I wanted to help tackle and address through this article.

Don’t Go Overboard on Short-Term Form

The problems with a lack of patience jumped out at me again when I was putting the finishing touches to a new tipster review to be released on Sunday to SBC members.

Although this service has an exceptional record having made 400.4 points profit @ 17.76% ROI from 844 bets, it like any service does suffer from losing periods from time to time.

And any tipster who claims to never lose or suffer losing runs is telling you what you want to hear – not what is true.

To highlight this, allow me to showcase what happened if following during 2019, where if you had started on the 1st January 2019, come the end of August 2019, you would have been better off to the tune of 276.52 points @ 35.33% ROI from 285 bets advised. Each month returned a profit.

As you can imagine at that time such form ensured this was a very popular service, yet as night follows day, a losing run was due and in September and October the service lost a combined 67.79 points.

Anyone who was a member during these 2 months might well have wondered what all the fuss is about – and indeed the service in question did receive a few emails querying this point during this period.

Yet, ultimately, If you were to judge the service on just September and October alone and the 103 bets advised during this period, you would be selling yourself short.

Which is exactly why Bill’s method was based on betting high volume to eliminate bad luck or bad runs of form just like this.

With November and December back in profit with a further 38.68 points made, over the full year in 2019 the service actually made a 247.71 point profit @ 19.42% ROI from 453 bets. Very similar to the long-term ROI figure achieved of 17.76%

If this tipster interests you, then I would be happy to share details on it – drop me an email and I will send on information.

Guided By The Goal of Long-Term Profits

Whether it be the tipsters we review in each SBC Magazine, our Tipster Profit Reports or the Free Tipsters available to all SBC members, the fundamentals of being patient when betting ring true:

No-one can ever guarantee a profit over a small sequence of bets.

Bill Benter knew this – which is why he churned through so many bets everyday. He knew that taking 4/1 about a 3/1 chance would make him a profit long-term. It might take 20, 30, 50 even 100+ bets for this to come through over short-term patterns, but judged on significant data-sets, the edge would materialise.

And it is this point that guides us in our work exploring and recommending tipsters here at SBC.

Long-term profits are what matter and the ability to understand losses and place them in context is equally important. In fact, I would say its not just important, but absolutely crucial to anyone who wants to bet seriously for profit.

I hope you find this email useful and the various articles and links of note. If so, you might like to consider a Smart Betting Club membership and see how we can help you, like thousands of others before you improve your betting.

Until then, be lucky!

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor

If you have any questions on this article or a Smart Betting Club membership in general, you can contact me directly via I respond to all emails as quickly as I can!

The ‘Mystery’ of the £500 William Hill Lay to Lose Guarantee

As part of my promise to keep you up to speed on developments on bookmakers offering minimum bet guarantees for betting on horse racing, I have news to share on the ‘mystery’ behind William Hill’s new £500 guarantee offer.

I have spoken with several punters who have been notified of and used this William Hill £500 bet guarantee, yet there has been no official announcement from William Hill, nor can any documentation about it be found on their website.

To find out more, I reached out to the guys at Justice For Punters who in turn had spoke to a trusted source who confirmed that: For every UK & Ireland horse race William Hill agree to lay a horse to win £500 (where a price is available). 

Furthermore, this guarantee covers win bets only (So no each way bets) and can be taken up from when a price is first made available. I.e. unlike with other firms, there is no ‘start time’ when this offer kicks in. At the moment it is also only available to UK customers.

So it seems, there is most definitely a £500 guarantee available, although it seems to be something Hills are not at all keen to publicise – perhaps for fear of being ‘filled in’ by shrewd punters.

Whatever the reasons behind the lack of publicity, I wanted to share this news with you to keep you fully informed on what if accurate, is possibly the very best Minimum Bet Guarantee offer currently available.

Early experiences of the guarantee have led to suggestions that William Hill are now very quick to move odds on well supported bets and are now less likely to be top price or equal top price on any given horse. If true, this is likely to be expected and as we have seen with Bet Victor’s own guaranteed market, the trade-off we are likely to have to accept with bookmakers offering such guarantees is slightly worse odds.

I will share more news on this as and when I get it. Keep an eye too on the SBC Twitter Feed as through this I regularly share further MBG updates of note as and when they come across my desk.

The William Hill Offer In Full

Below you can find the full text of the £500 offer as sent on to one member of the SBC team a few days ago:

As part of our new William Hill Fair Play policy, we are looking to cater for as many of our customers as possible and as such we have extended our lay to lose guarantee:

  • William Hill guarantee to lay horses on win singles to win a minimum of £500 as soon as prices are available on ALL UK and IRE horse racing after the final race declarations
  • This applies to bets placed online and in Retail (excludes SSBT’s).

William Hill Terms and Conditions

1. UK customers only

2. Applies to all UK and Irish horse racing

3. Applies only to bets struck after final declaration stage (final field confirmation)

4. Win Singles Only

5. Main Win Markets Only

6. Excludes derived markets like Place Only, Insurance, Betting w/o, Match Bets , Specials etc

7. Excludes Ante Post bets

8. Only 1 bet per customer (household) which includes the following:

  • 1 IP address
  • 1 registered address
  • 1 Device per customer

9. Races with enhanced e/w terms may not qualify for this offer

10. SSBTs (self-service betting terminals) are excluded from this minimum bet pledge

11.We reserve the right to withhold this offer from automated trading tools/systems (bots).


Minimum Bet Guarantees State Of Play

Alongside this new William Hill £500 offer, you can find a rundown on the other firms offering a Minimum Bet Guarantee on the SBC Blog.

If you are after more detail on this topic, then you will want to read the special new SBC report exploring the various Minimum Bet Guarantee offers now available to restricted punters.

Subscribe NOW to the Smart Betting Club.

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor


How to treat your betting as an investment – genuine, long-term focused advice

If you are looking to turn your betting into an investment, then look no further than the very latest SBC Tipster Profit Report, featuring everything you need to know about the best tipsters with genuine long-term profit figures.

Independently rated and proofed, highlighted tipsters rated and recommended inside this report include:

  1. The 1-bet-a-day racing expert up 43% ROI since 2017 (With a special 50% extra membership offer for SBC members)
  2. The Betfair SP tipster up 302 points profit from 5000 bets
  3. The equine expert with a 32.7% ROI in 2019 already
  4. The boxing guru who’s made 202% bank growth over the past 12 months
  5. The football tipster up 8.36% ROI over more than 2000 bets

Available to download the instant you join the Smart Betting Club. Click here for subscription options

Unique Tipster Comparison Tables & Real Life Figures

Each Tipster Profit Report is designed to help you find the very best betting tipsters – those that have proven themselves to be successful over a long period of time.

And when I say a long period of time – I mean it as unlike many other tipster ‘review’ sites that base their recommendations on 3, 6 or sometimes 12 months results, instead the average age of a ‘Hall of Fame’ SBC tipster – those we recommend is over 4 years.

Inside this latest report you can read a breakdown on 60 different tipsters, all grouped into different categories so you can easily compare and contrast them to find those that suit you.

To help illustrate just how good the best tipsters are and to help find the right one for you, inside this report we break them down into different categories so you can easily compare:

  • The best Horse Racing only tipsters;
  • The best Sports tipsters (covering Football, Golf, Tennis, Boxing, Darts, Rugby, Baseball, Basketball & Ice Hockey);
  • The most profitable overall tipsters across all sports;
  • The best tipsters from the last 12 months only;
  • The best low cost tipsters;
  • The best free tipsters;
  • The best betting bank growth tipsters;
  • The best ‘odds availability’ tipsters (those that quote realistic prices);
  • And much more besides…

We also know that it’s not just profits in theory that you want but in practice. Which is why you can also view:

  • The Best ‘Adjusted Profits’ Tipsters – Discover how each tipsters profits stand up if betting 15 to 30 minutes after a tip is supplied (ideal if you are worried about not getting the advised prices)
  • Unique ‘Suggested Profits’ Tables – Discover how much money you need to risk on each tipster to make a profit – and how much you can make if doing so. Fully tailored to each tipster to be entirely realistic.

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The number 13 might be unlucky for some but this month signifies an important anniversary as we celebrate the 13th year of the Smart Betting Club.

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Free Download – How to easily track results from the best tipsters

As Editor of the Smart Betting Club, my goal is very simple – To help you make money and improve your betting through our independent reporting on tipster services.

One of the ways my team and I do this is through our regular ‘Tipster Profit Reports‘ which compare and contrast around 60 different tipsters to help you choose the right ones for you.

Because, unlike other ‘review sites’, our work investigating a tipster does not simply end once we publish our detailed review. It’s where it all begins…

So to help showcase how each Tipster Profit Report can help you, today I have put together a free sample report for you to download and explore more on how this all works.

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