Revealed: How Much We Made Using Tipsters Last Year

To help showcase how easy it can be to make money betting with tipsters, we have today released a special report outlining the betting profits made by SBC writer, Rowan Day over the last 12 months.

Inside this report, you can read all about Rowan’s tipster portfolio and exactly how much he has made following 8 tipsters over the past 12 months.

The good news is that its been another profitable year for him….Providing yet more evidence (were it needed) that the top rated tipsters we recommend are well worth following!

Download Rowan’s Bet Diary Report PDF

Read More Via The Bet Diary

For the past 2 years, Rowan has been writing a free weekly betting blog called the ‘Bet Diary‘ for SBC, through which he has outlined the ongoing profit (and occasional losses) the tipsters he follows have made.

This newly released report outlines the total profit figures over the period April 2016 to March 2017 for each of the tipsters in his portfolio.

Rowan follows just 8 tipsters, which are a mixture of horse racing, football and golf tipsters that suit him and his commitments.

Updated weekly, check out the Bet Diary for the latest from Rowan.

How To Copy Or Even Improve On Rowan’s Profits

If you are keen to emulate Rowan (or even to simply copy his approach!) then you might like to consider a Smart Betting Club membership.

We provide you with all the information (both theoretical and practical) to help you make the most of betting for profit using professional tipsters.

Through access to the Smart Betting Club you can read all of our reports and magazines on the best tipsters for you to follow.

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See you on the inside.

Peter Ling
SBC Editor


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Why You Should SERIOUSLY Consider Betting On Tennis

If you have yet to consider betting on Tennis, then the tipster reviewed in the latest SBC Magazine (Issue 100) might make you think twice!

With 135.8% Betting Bank Growth (ROC) since March 2016 and with achievable odds in markets where bookmakers don’t restrict you – it’s easy to understand our interest!

Coupled with a high strike-rate, the ability to bet via the Exchanges PLUS the fact it can fill the void in a quiet summer for football betting – I want to urge you to check out our latest review!

Allow me to share some more details on what we uncovered in this latest tipster review and just why you need to consider betting on Tennis…

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135.8 Points Profit (10.6% ROI) Since March 2016

First and foremost, the only reason we are interested in any tipster is the ability to make a profit betting and this Tennis tipster ticks all the boxes in that respect.

Since he first began in March 2016, he has provided 1,286 tips and made a 135.8 point profit at 10.6% ROI (Return on Investment).

For those of you interested in betting bank growth, the ROC (Return on Capital) is an equally impressive 135.8%.

More than doubling your betting bank if following since he started.

NK 240417

Achievable Odds & No Restrictions/Closures

Profitable results aside, there are several other reasons why you need to consider Tennis betting:

  • Bet On The Exchanges Or Via Asian Bookies
    As this tipster focuses on the main ATP tennis tournaments, this allows you to bet via the exchanges such as Betfair and Matchbook, where liquidity is strong. Those of you with access to ‘Asian’ bookies such as Pinnacle Sports and SBOBet can also get your bets on.
  • Easy To Get Your Bets On! (Less Restrictions)
    Unlike sports such as Horse Racing where it can be a right battle to get your bets accepted by the bookie, it is generally a LOT easier to place a tennis bet. Even with some of the usual high-street bookie suspects that limit your ability to place racing bets.
  • High Strike-Rate Of Winners
    Another benefit this tipster provides is his high strike-rate for success, which sits at 48.4% long-term.  Just under every 1 in 2 bets you place will go onto win.
  • Short Losing Runs
    No-one likes losing and the high strike-rate also ensures that any bad runs are relatively short. The worst calendar month loss stands at just -8.3 points in January 2017. This loss was quickly made back and 2017 now stands at +36.1 points profit after an exceptional run of form.
  • Bet Throughout The Summer
    This Summer, there is no World Cup, Euros or even Copa America to enjoy and bet on, so it promises to be a quiet one for football fans! Yet, there will be plenty of Tennis matches and tournaments to fill the betting void with.
  • Diversify Your Portfolio
    If you follow a few tipsters then its important to diversify the sports and markets you bet on. Tennis is a great way to do this and avoid over-reliance on just one sport like horse racing or football.

SBC 100 468X60

Game, Set & Match To You!

Whether you are a Tennis fan or or not, be sure to check out our in-depth review of this tipster as featured in SBC 100 – available the instant you join our club.

After all, it matters not a jot if you enjoy the sport you bet on if it makes you money!

Alongside Tennis, we also review and recommend tipsters across a plethora of other sports such as Horse Racing, Football, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, American Football & Darts.

Whatever and wherever your interest lies, we can help you and your betting.

I should also mention here that as an SBC member you can also get a free extra 20% membership extension if joining this Tennis tipster once you read our review.

All part of the exclusive tipster discounts we are able to pass onto you as an member thanks to the unique way we are funded.

What’s more, you can currently save £38 on the cost of subscription so don’t delay, sign-up right now and let us help you get started betting better right away!

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Peter Ling
SBC Editor


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Matt Bisogno Interview On The SBC 100 Milestone

To herald the release of the 100th SBC Magazine earlier this week, I was recently interviewed on all things ‘Smart Betting Club’ by Matt Bisogno of

Matt grilled me on everything from the early days of SBC, how our review process has developed, through to the tipster world as it stands today and the main issues punters now face.

You can read the interview in full below – I hope you enjoy it!

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Matt Geegeez: You’ve been going since 2006 – the same year I started online, incidentally, and we have similar aspirations for betting on horse racing, though of course SBC’s remit is broader than just racing. How does it feel to have reached the 100 issue milestone? Did you ever think you would reach this point?

Pete SBC: Honestly, no, the idea of reaching a milestone like this was beyond what was envisaged at the time. The main reason to launch was the lack of a good and transparent tipster review service, especially as we knew of plenty of profitable tipsters we felt merited exposure to a wider audience.

Having lasted 11 years and 100 magazines, I like to think we have achieved much of our remit – to help ordinary people improve their betting profitability. Had we not, I don’t think we would still be here!

Matt: Why do you feel SBC has stood the test of time and lasted so long? What is the secret to its success?

Pete: There are a couple of reasons behind our longevity.

First of all it’s the fact we have been able to consistently find good quality tipsters to review and monitor. Without these, there would be little reason for a service like SBC and I am pleased to say that if anything, the quantity and quality of genuinely good tipsters out there has only gotten stronger over the years. One of my toughest jobs now as an Editor is shortlisting the tipsters we do review in each magazine as inevitably someone’s nose will be out of joint because their service isn’t being featured.

Secondly, I would have to say that our independent stance has really helped us stand out too as the public always knows our opinion is unbiased and fair. Nor are we influenced by advertising or ‘under the table’ deals to praise something for any reason other than a belief it is genuinely good.

Compared to many other, especially mainstream betting media outlets, who are clearly compromised by their lack of independence, I think our stance appeals to those seeking impartial advice.

Matt: There’s no doubt that SBC has made a mark in the online betting space. What impact do you feel you have had?

Pete: I certainly like to think we have had a hand in dragging standards up when it comes to tipster services.

Whilst there will always be those tipsters that try it on, in the main, punters these days expect a lot more from any tipster before signing-up to a service and can spot a scam that much easier.

Whether that’s the ability to see a full set of results (not just the winners) or some evidence of third party proofing to verify claims, punters are more clued up to what to expect from a tipster.

I also think we have helped make the idea of using tipsters to make money a more realistic proposition. So many SBC members are doing this these days and blogs like our own Bet Diary, have helped expose this as a realistic goal.

SBC 100 468X60

Matt: Amongst other things, you are known for your tipster reviews and reports. What has changed in the tipping world over the past 11 years (both good and bad!)?

Pete: Continuing from that last point of improved standards, certainly the professionalism, transparency and quality of tipsters in general has changed and for the better. Especially those we review at the sharper end of the market who really have a significant edge.

A large chunk of this is down to what is required to stand-out in today’s crowded tipster market place. It’s no good just simply giving out tips and hoping they win.  Thought needs to go into your customer service, odds settlement policy, the bookmakers you quote and your staking and betting bank advice, plus many other things.

We have also (thankfully) seen the decline in popularity of premium rate phone tipsters who would hide behind unobtainable winners and could claim all sorts in their adverts, regardless of how good they are. Most of them were and still are, ridiculously overpriced and unprofitable.

Matt: And have you evolved your approach to reviewing tipsters? How exactly?

Pete: As SBC grew and expanded, so too did the time and resource we could plough into our reviews, which in turn really helped us improve them and set certain important standards.

The odds tracking we run for all our tipster reviews is a case in point, because through this we monitor how the advised odds hold up for each tip advised. If for example a tipster is advising and settling a bet at 16/1, yet within 15 minutes it is consistently likely to be a best 10/1, you need to know about that!

Just this week I have been examining a racing tipster claiming a ROI of over 45%, yet if taking the best price on their tips just 15 minutes after release, the ROI drops by 25%. Even if you can get the advised odds, these kind of price drops will only see your bookmaker account red flagged for restriction.

Our approach to betting banks is also another area we spent a lot of time working on, to ensure we could apply certain standards across the board to make for easy comparison.

Matt: Return on Investment, Return on Capital, points profit, strike-rate… there are a lot of ways of measuring the effectiveness of a tipster. Which is the one key calculation out of all of them you look for? And how would you rank those four?

Pete: Out of all of them I would tend towards Return on Capital, because ultimately it tells you how much money you will make if following. If I know a tipster makes 200% bank growth in an average year, I know that £2000 will make me £4000 and can put the profits in context.

Return on Investment is also very useful as it tells you how much you must stake to make a profit so should never be ignored. A tipster might claim they made £5000 profit last year, but if you had to risk £500,000 to achieve that (A ROI of just 1%) you wouldn’t want to follow them in!

Both ROI and ROC together are a potent way to judge a tipster.

In order of importance I would go: ROC, ROI, Points Profit, Strike-Rate.

SBC Subscription – The Best Money I Spend Each Year”

The SBC reviews gave me enough enough confidence to subscribe to a highly rated horse racing service…I have ended up subscribing to two more very good racing services and I am still making good profits to this day. The subs I pay each year to the SBC is some of the best money i spend.”

As written by’Phil’- An SBC member for several years

Click here to read more from Phil on his SBC membership experience

Matt: Over the course of the first 100 issues, you have reviewed, literally, hundreds of tipsters. Do you think there is more choice for punters looking for tipsters these days compared to when you started? And how can punters protect themselves from disreputable tipsters?

Pete: Yes, there is certainly more choice for punters these days. One simple reason for this is how easy it is to setup a website and take online payments these days, so anyone can do it.

There are also quite a few good ‘tipster hub’ website that do this for you, such as Pyckio, Betting Gods & Tipster Street (alongside our own Premium Section), who operate to high standards and feature a smattering of good tipsters.

In terms of protecting yourself, I would urge any punter interested in a tipster to firstly check sites like SBC and Geegeez for our own reviews on their service. If that uncovers nothing then don’t be afraid to send the tipster an email to ask questions like where do they proof, do they have a full history of results and what is their odds quoting and settling policy?

Very often the reply received will be indicative of their customer service and how genuine they are. And if something doesn’t seem quite right…move on! There are plenty of other tipsters out there that you can follow.

Matt: Do you think social media has had a positive impact on the tipster industry?

Pete: For those genuine tipsters, social media can be a useful way to notify followers of tips, to share information and interact with their audience and in that sense it helps.

On the other hand, I find social media to be a breeding ground for all kinds of bad tipster practice as it’s so easy to open a new Twitter or Facebook account claiming to be a betting guru. Most of them only make money through bookmaker affiliation when their followers post a loss and it’s something the authorities need to clamp down on. It’s illegal in many countries to earn money promoting a product or service without making it clear you have a vested interest.

Add into this the frankly ridiculous number of tipsters who claim to be able to win 10 bets on the run at short odds (a fool’s quest if ever there was one) and in many ways, social media hasn’t helped all that much.

Matt: What have been the biggest fundamental changes impacting punters in the past decade?

Pete: Certainly, the biggest change has been as regards racing punters when it comes to betting restrictions and closures.

You can still win money but depending on how much you stake, the sports you bet on and the tactics employed – these all have an impact on how long your accounts remain open for when betting on racing.

What started as a problem that impacted only high rollers at big stakes (and which the bookies denied took place) has become all too common-place.


Matt: How have restrictions and closures impacted your reviews and the tipsters you focus on?

Pete: With any racing tipster, it’s probably one of the most important considerations. For example, some racing tipsters that put up bets at 5/6pm the evening before racing offer little genuine chance for punters to get on in a sustainable way. Especially those tipping at the larger end of the market on horses the bookies are wary about money coming in for. The merest whiff of support for a horse at that time with the bookies will impact the odds and there is next to nothing available on the exchanges.

Instead, we focus on racing tipsters that put up tips you can realistically follow without too many issues. Our preference is for those sustainable, fair and practical services as whilst restrictions do exist, there are ways and means to prevent their impact for quite some time.

Naturally, we have also extended our focus on other sports like Football, Tennis & US Sports where this issue doesn’t exist. The odds in these markets are often extremely competitive and better value, plus of course – entirely sustainable as your account is less likely to get limited.

Matt: What are your thoughts on the promised changes to the bookmaking industry by the Gambling Commission?

Pete: They are long overdue as bookmakers have been getting away with murder for years. Whether it’s manipulating their terms and conditions to suit them, delaying or refusing withdrawal payments or encouraging problem gambling with the proliferation of FOBT machines.

This latter point is for me the kicker as it’s the only reason we have so many bookie shops open these days. Strict limitation on them might well force bookies to go back to taking bets.

Everything I hear tells me that change is coming and that the Gambling Commission (GC) in conjunction with the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) mean business. Let’s hope so and that the all-powerful bookmaker lobby doesn’t see these measures watered down.

Matt: Do you hold out much hope for a ‘right to bet’ law compelling all bookmakers to lay all punters a bet?

Pete: Not now as I think the GC and CMA are more focused on FOBT’s and bookie behaviour/customer service rather than a right to bet.

Ultimately, I think any campaign for a ‘right to bet’ will be a slow burner and may take more time and pressure before it is considered by the authorities.

Perhaps the most likely approach for change may lie from bookmakers themselves and if any other firms fancy following the lead of Black Type who promise to lay all punters up to £500 on racing. No doubt other firms are watching their business model to see how they fare and may well launch something similar in future if they feel there is a market.

Matt: Have you any thoughts on other sports or betting markets that punters impacted by restrictions could look into?

Pete: As previously mentioned, sports like Football, Golf, Tennis, plus all the various US Sports offer some very sustainable profits to punters with the right tipsters.

Very often the betting markets for these sports are super competitive with very tight margins, all of which works in the punters favour.

In fact, just this week I have been interviewing one American based SBC member who is unable to bet on racing, yet has still made $1m dollars betting with tipsters in the past 5 years. He is proof that betting with tipsters does not have to be limited to racing!


Matt: Looking forward, which other sports do you cover currently, and do you plan to focus more on them in the future?

Pete: Aside from those already mentioned we also cover tipsters providing advice on, darts, rugby, American football, baseball, ice hockey and basketball.

We do plan on covering more tipsters from these sports in the future, especially given the quality of expert we are currently tracking.

Matt: What developments do you expect to see in the betting world in the next few years?

Well I do expect to see more and more on e-sports in the next few years as it’s a rapidly growing market. Already I am proofing one clued-up e-sports tipster who has quietly been developing an impressive record. I expect more to come out of the woodwork soon!

Matt: Going back to your eleven years with SBC since 2006 – out of everything you have achieved, what are you most proud of?

Pete: Ultimately, it’s the fact that we have helped so many people make a profit from their betting through our advice, reviews and reports. There is nothing better than at the end of a hard day, picking up an email from someone thanking us for the difference we have made. It makes all the hard work worthwhile!

Matt: And finally, what are your plans for the future and the next 10 and the next 100 SBC magazines? 

Pete: In short – To keep on helping punters win and beat the bookies!

Just as over the last 11 years we have evolved and adapted our reviews to provide answers for punters in a changing betting world, so too will we moving forward.

The plan for the next 10 and 100 magazines is to keep uncovering more quality tipsters to provide even more choice and opportunity across a wide range of sports and markets. We will also be tackling the subjects that matter to punters, whether it be restrictions or even the use of automated software to help you bet – something we will be featuring in SBC 101. Yes, despite the ink barely being dry on SBC 100, already I am thinking of the next issue!

Matt &

My thanks to go Matt for taking the time to interview me and for his interest in the Smart Betting Club!

For those of you unfamiliar, Matt runs the very successful (and highly recommended by SBC readers, who voted it #1 betting website in our recent awards survey) website, which provides start of the art racecards, ratings, form tools, reports & much more besides.

New users can take a one month Geegeez Gold trial for just £1, or if you’d prefer to have a browse first, register here to get a free Gold feature daily plus full Gold access to selected races each day.

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Celebrating The 100th SBC Magazine!

The very latest SBC Magazine has just been released and its time to celebrate given that its our 100th ever issue!

Over the past 11 years we have reviewed hundreds, if not thousands of tipster services – many of which continue to help SBC members make some considerable sums of money betting.

Our 100th issue is no different as it features 3 fantastic new tipster reviews for you to read, plus our detailed interview with the punter that’s made $1m betting with tipsters in the past 5 years.

Sign-up now to gain instant access to SBC 100 (and the entire SBC back catalogue) or read on for more details.

Here’s What’s Inside SBC 100

SBC 100 Cover

$1 Million Dollar Interview

Our detailed interview with Billy, who has won $1m betting in 5 years.
How & why he has enjoyed such success PLUS the tipsters he follows.

Expert Tipster Review #1

The Irish racing experts with 550% bank growth since August 2015
A well run and impressive tipster service – special discounted deal now available for SBC members keen to follow

Expert Tipster Review #2

The Tennis guru up 10% ROI From 1174 ATP Tips In 2 Years.
Complete with achievable odds & 20% bonus for SBC members.

Expert Tipster Review #3

The 46% ROI Racing Tipster
A popular service, yet not one that will suit all punters. Find out who they are and if they will help you make a profit!

Smart Betting Club

How To Get Your Copy (& The Entire Back Catalogue!)

You can access your own copy of SBC 100 and our entire back catalogue of magazines the instant you join the Smart Betting Club.

This includes every single tipster review we have ever written (there are literally hundreds available!) and all of the Hall of Fame Tipsters we recommend to make you money betting.

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All of which comes with a 90 day money back guarantee – so you can sign-up totally risk-free, with everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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Best Regards,

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5 Shrewd Tips To Help Avoid Bookmaker Restrictions

Today I want to reveal my 5 tips to help you avoid bookmaker restrictions – ideal for those of you closed down or limited by unfair bookies. It is a follow-up article to my 2 part guide on using the betting exchanges – read both Part 1 and Part 2.

Here then are 5 simple tips on keeping your bookmaker accounts open and unrestricted for as long as possible!

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1) Bet More On The Big Race Meetings & Festivals

Whilst many bookmakers care very little for run-of-the mill midweek racing fare, they do raise their game when it comes to the major race meetings.

Whether it be Cheltenham, Goodwood or simply the big feature races each weekend, the extra interest and money swirling around these races allow the bookies to lay more bets.

Yet how bookies react to winners at the different meetings is notable as a big 20/1 winner at the Cheltenham Festival won’t raise half as much interest in your betting account than a 20/1 winner on a wet Wednesday at Wolverhampton.

Therefore, one strategy a number of punters (and tipsters) utilise is to bet a lot more during the major race meetings.

One tipster we recently upgraded into our Hall of Fame takes this approach – and their primary focus is to provide tips for higher quality races.

It’s a strategy that has reaped dividends already this year with the first 50 tips of 2017 making a 107.4% ROI, following on from a 26.9% ROI from 496 tips made in 2016.

Below is what they have made after subscription fees in the past 12 months (Figures taken from March’s Tipster Profit Report)

Big Race MEeting

Best of all, you can save 50% on the cost of your first months membership with our Tipster Savings.

Whether you follow a big race meeting specialist tipster like this or simply focus and stake more during the major festivals, it a strategy worth serious consideration.

2) Bet At Shorter Odds

Many punters dislike tipsters that tip at short prices because the theory goes that anyone can pick out these tips and make a profit.

To which I say “Well, if its that easy, why aren’t you doing it?”

The reality is most people can’t pick short-priced tips that will win long-term and do need expert help to guide them.

The tips might seem ‘obvious’ but actually making a profit backing short priced favourites is a lot harder than you think.

Yet doing so is especially helpful when it comes to keeping your bookmaker accounts open.

Logically it makes sense as someone who regularly backs winners at 8/11 or 2/1 is never going to raise anywhere near as much concern for a bookie compared to someone who backs winners at 12/1 or 20/1.

The other benefits of this betting include shorter and more manageable losing runs and crucially of all – you can often use much smaller betting banks, thus increasing the bang for your buck!

One tipster showcasing this strategy was first reviewed by us back in September 2015 (SBC Issue 94) and focuses on very short favourites. In the past 12 months alone, they have made a 74.7% betting bank growth despite backing at such short odds.

So the next time someone tells you it’s impossible to make money backing odds-on shots, send them our way!


3) Don’t Follow Hugely Popular Tipsters

One of the quickest ways to suffer a restricted account is to regularly take a price on tips that rapidly shorten in the market.

I used the example of Hugh Taylor in Part 1 of these articles last week, but it’s not just Hugh and his followers who cause odds to tumble – it can also be any number of tipsters who have large numbers of punters backing their advice. Especially if they are tipping into immature racing markets.

Following such tipsters becomes a battle to get the advised odds and it’s not rare to see a tip put up at 10/1, go into 6/1 in the space of just 20 to 30 minutes.

If you are fast on the draw in these scenarios, you might get a good price, yet at the potential cost of your account being restricted.

It isn’t too difficult for a bookie to run reports looking at those punters beating the odds in this manner and red flag their account for restriction.

Often this kind of restriction will happen EVEN if you don’t make a profit. The bookie notices you constantly beat the odds and that is exactly the customer they don’t want.

Try and focus instead on tipsters where there isn’t a mad panic to get the advised odds as soon as they send out a tip.

Our profit adjustment tables and odds availability ratings will help you identify such tipsters.

Taking the example of the short-odds tipster featured in Point 2 above, below is the difference we found when we compared the odds they quoted with those we tracked in our analysis:

Short odds tipster

To explain this table – to the advised prices, this service makes an average annual profit of £1,055 after fees.

Yet we found that by simply shopping around and taking the best odds 15 minutes after each tip was advised, you could on average enjoy a 2.5% ROI boost.

Making a possible profit difference of £1,940 in your favour!

4) Avoid Tricks Like ‘Each Way Thieving’

10 to 15 years ago, one favoured approach for many a shrewd punter was the ‘Each Way Thieving’ method.

This was where you picked a race with 8 to 9 runners and a strong favourite and backed the 2nd or 3rd favourite each way.

In this scenario, you would get perhaps anywhere between 4/1 and 10/1 on your each way bet (depending how short the favourite was), which would often place to make either a small profit or break-even. On the occasions the favourite didn’t live up to expectations, you would often win and pick up a big priced winner.

The trick of course was to pick the right horses and races to be on, but this method was adopted by many a tipster, including a now defunct service called Winning Racing Tips who used it to great effect.

Why did the service close down?

Well ultimately, Paul, the chap who ran it realised that betting in this manner was now likely to cause more problems that it solved when it came to restrictions. So, whilst on paper it worked, in reality, punters betting in this method were now quickly being restricted and closed down. Paul took the sensible decision to close the service.

My advice is to not just avoid Each Way Thieving but also other similar ‘loopholes’ when betting on racing.

Every bookie is wise to the tricks of the trade and just like arbing, bonus hunting and the like – you often will find your account compromised.

The Confidence To Make Decent Profits Using Tipsters”

I’ve discovered that tipsters who charge enormous amounts don’t necessarily do any better than those who charge moderately….Perhaps most importantly, SBC gave me confidence that it is possible to make decent profits over time by following tipsters.”

As written by’K’- An SBC member for several years

Click here to read more from K on his SBC membership experience

5) Diversify The Sports You Bet On

My final piece of advice is to consider betting on other sports than horse racing and to diversify.

Many bookies these days look upon horse racing as little more than a pain in the backside.

For them it’s a loss leader – a gateway sport if you will, which they use to lure people in with the sole aim to get you playing in their casino, or worse still, throw money away playing their insidious FOBT machines. The last thing they actually want is a genuine horse racing customer!

Those of you who bet solely on racing (and who don’t fall prey to the charms of their casino or other mug bets) are viewed with suspicion.

The best approach is to bet on other sports, which also offer great returns without the risk of restriction.

To illustrate this, below you can find the historical annual profits from the top 7 sports tipsters as taken from our March 2017 Tipster Profit Report.


Each is more than doubling their money over the course of an average year with between £2,254 and £3,606 profit from a £2000 bank (You can of course with smaller sums if you prefer!)


I do hope that over the course of these emails, I have helped guide you through the options available to you as a keen punter both on Betfair and with the Bookmakers.

In an ideal world, bookmakers would act honourably and simply take bets from all punters – not just the losers but as we all know these days, most bookies treat their ‘non-losing’ customers with disdain.

Therefore we need to be shrewd and bet according to the state of the betting world we operate in.

Finding the best tipsters is the easy part (simply use our tipster ratings) but making sure you are able to make a sustainable long-term profit requires a bit more attention.

Which is where we can help at the Smart Betting Club as our ratings, reviews and reports help identity the best, fairest tipsters for sustainable profits.

<< JOIN THE Smart Betting Club TODAY >>

See you on the inside.

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Restricted By The Bookies? 10 Expert Betting Exchange Tips (Part 2)

Today, I am continuing with Part 2 of my guide to using the betting exchanges to maximise your racing profits

If you missed Part 1 on this subject, you can read my first 5 betting exchange tips here

OK, back to business with Tips 6 through to 10…

6) Don’t Bet If The Value Has Gone

Although it’s down as point 6, in actual fact it is one of the most fundamentally important points to consider when betting full stop: VALUE.

All successful punting is based on the concept of value betting – the fact that the odds for any particular bet are priced in your favour. The odds you take on a bet really matter.

If you can get 5/1 on a horse that should be 4/1, then you have a strong value bet.

Yet if the same tipped up horse at 4/1 is only available at 3/1 – the opposite applies.

If you constantly are taking too short a price on a horse, you will lose money.

Which is why it’s important to ONLY bet if the value is still there.

Many good tipsters recognise this and put up their minimum value odds to make you aware of where the value cut-off point actually lies.

They recognise that a tip might see market support and if it does, you know where to draw the line.

If restricted to exchange betting, look out for this and stick to the minimum value thresholds – they are there for a reason and they will guide you as to the prices to take.

And whatever you do – never feel obliged to place a bet regardless the price. The next value bet will be along before you know it. Feeling you NEED to have a bet for the sake of it is not healthy for you or your bank balance!

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7) Recognise You Will Win Some, Lose Some

Mindful of the need to take a value price, if exchange betting you must accept that sometimes you will miss out on a bet if the odds are too low.

Yet on the flipside, you might also get BETTER odds on other bets when the odds drift.

Whilst on occasions, you might miss out on a winning bet because you can’t get the right odds, on other occasions you will enjoy a bigger payout through this strategy.

If and when this happens, remember the logic behind it all and try to be as phlegmatic as possible.

All gamblers HATE missing out on winning bets, especially if they feel they should have been on it, yet they very rarely remember the times they missed out on a bet that lost.

My suggestion here is to consider keeping a record of each occasion you miss out on a bet (both winners and losers) or get a greater value price than you might have originally. Through this, you can track the ups and downs and see at a glance exactly how you have fared overall.

I Like That SBC Is Independent”…

I like that the SBC is independent. I know that when they recommend a tipster, or upgrade or downgrade an existing rating, that their opinion is based on results and judgement, not on hidden commissions.”    
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8) Don’t Worry About Drifters

Flowing on from this last point – don’t also get too bogged down by the idea that a ‘drifter’ (a horse whose odds get bigger as the race draws nearer) is no longer worth backing.

Racing pundits like to bang on about horses being weak or friendless in a market, yet the reality is they have no idea if this market move is significant or not.  They are often just filling airtime.

If market support was so telling – everyone would simply lump on a horse at the first sign of it being backed in.

Unless there is clear evidence a horse has something wrong with it before a race, don’t be unperturbed by backing a ‘drifting’ bet.

Look at it instead as a chance to get better value. If you can get 10/1 about a tip advised as value at 6/1 earlier in the day – take it!

After all, unless the horse in question has a major problem – if a tipster you trust said that 6/1 is a value price, then 10/1 will represent a massive increase.


9) Can’t Get Matched Straight Away? Put In A Request

If you can’t get on a bet earlier in the day at a value price, you might also like to consider putting in a request to get matched on the exchanges later on that day.

There are two ways you can do this – requesting a price pre-race and also in-play.

Pre-race betting is easy – you set the odds you want to take and put the request into the market to hopefully be matched. If come the start of the race it isn’t matched, the bet is cancelled.

Putting a bet in the in-play market is different as it ensures the bet will also remain available throughout the race as it takes place.

When doing this, it’s important to be aware that you will ALWAYS be matched in-play on any bet that loses the race BUT there is no guarantee you will be matched on a winner.

Therefore, you do have to approach in-play betting with caution and it is best when used in conjunction with watching a race live and an understanding of racing in general.

You also might only want to leave a bet to be matched in-play, when the odds pre-race are very close to those you wish to take OR perhaps risking only half stakes.

Equally if you have a good knowledge of racing, you might want to make judgements based on the competitiveness of each race, the merits of each horse (does it prefer setting the pace or being a backmarker) and the distance run.


10) Don’t Limit Yourself To Just Betfair

When most punters think of betting exchanges, they immediately think of Betfair, which is only natural as they were the original and now biggest exchange.

These days, Betfair do standout for another reason – they charge a higher commission rate then many of their rivals.

Betfair’s base rate starts at 5% commission on all bets – a sum that does decrease but only once you place a significant number of bets with them.

Instead I recommend you open and use accounts with 2 exchange rivals: Smarkets & Matchbook – both of whom charge much lower commission rates. Smarkets for example charge a flat 2% commission on all bets.

This 3% difference might not sound like a lot but it really does all up over time.

Another alternative option is also Betdaq, although their commission rate also starts at 5%.

My suggestion therefore when exchange betting is to try and place your bet with either Smarkets or Matchbook first.

Usually you will be able to obtain identical odds to those on Betfair, yet you lose less in your winnings to commission.


I do hope over the course of this 2-part guide I have helped provide some answers to questions you might have about betting on the exchanges.

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See you on the inside.

Peter Ling
SBC Editor


“I believe so strongly in SBC’s ability to help your betting, you can subscribe with a 100% cast-iron 90-day money back guarantee”.
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