📈 Chasing Profits: Steaming Selections That YOU Can Follow! 💨

Chasing Steamers is one of the most innovative and impressive services we have had the pleasure of reviewing over the last few years.

Consistent profitability, a high volume of bets, strong bank growth and excellent customer service are all accompanied by smart and efficient bet delivery and results tracking, making this the perfect service for those who have access to bookmaker accounts.

We first reviewed CS back in November 2023 in a very detailed 18 page review that explored all aspects of how it works – including our experiences using it in real-life.

This means that we have plenty of tips, tricks and ‘hacks’ to choose the very best bets and prolong your action. To top it off, a 50 Euro discount is available too!

How Does It Work?

Chasing Steamers‘ is an apt title as this service tracks prices on the World’s largest sharp bookmaker, Pinnacle, and alerts you when any given selections shorten by a significant amount.

This means that (if you are quick enough!) you can back the selection with a soft bookmaker and take a value price before it gets backed there too.

Here is an example of what a Chasing Steamers notification looks like, with a minimum odds to beat and a 10% value bet for if you want a stronger filter:

All bets are delivered via the Telegram app and this ensures that it is easy to pick up bets as soon as they are delivered.

With a bookmaker account or two, you can make some serious profits, with a very solid and consistent edge playing out over as many bets as you want to take.

Best of all, this service delivers selections all day, every day. This means that you can set aside time for when you want to bet – missing ‘tips’ isn’t a problem like with other tipster services as there are always plenty more on the way!

It’s also an ideal service for those of you looking for something to bet on with the football season winding down! (although some might ask does it ever truly wind down with so much football on this Summer?!)

That’s because Chasing Steamers also advises bets on other key sports beyond ‘Soccer’ including Basketball, Tennis and several others such as Volleyball, Darts and Handball.

How Can SBC Membership Help?

A predictable issue that arises with taking value with soft bookmakers is account restrictions.

This is a reality with any expected value strategy but with plenty of experience under our belts, we have come up with numerous ways to help maintain use of services like Chasing Steamers. These include:

  • A free service that helps you to prolong any account by strategically placing neutral (or slightly negative) EV bets
  • SBC Member Video guides specifically for Chasing Steamers, where we discuss how to camouflage bets, filter out the best value and maximise profitability
  • A detailed bookmaker guide that profiles over 70 (yes, seventy!) fully licensed firms where you can get money down
  • A detailed, in-depth tipster review where we discuss everything from odds availability, bankroll management, drawdowns and long-term performance

Sign Up For All Of This & More

To get all of this (and much more) you will require a paid SBC Membership and options for different subscriptions are available to view here.

Chasing Steamers is a brilliant ‘bank builder’ and with a SBC Member discount you will cover nearly half of the cost of an annual membership before you access the rest of the site!

Further information about discounts and other member benefits are available to read here – as ever, if you have any questions, please get in touch!


🥇SBC Awards Results!🥇 Your Best Tipsters, Websites, Podcasts, Bookies & More

After weeks of speculation, wall-to-wall media coverage and many behind-the-scenes shenanigans (see the report!), the biggest and best betting awards of the year have been settled!

Thousands of votes have been counted, with some categories decided by just a handful of respondents’ preferences.

In the report linked below you can read about everything from the Best Free Horse Racing Tipster and Best Podcast through to the Best and Worst Bookmakers and the Best Betting Expert.

All as decided by YOUR votes!


Prize Draw Winners

Earlier today we also drew at random the winners of the prize draw for entering the SBC Awards. Well done to Ronald C, Simon K & Josh W who won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes!

11.18% ROI, nearly 100 points profit and profitable on exchanges!

All by following one of the country’s leading tipsters!

Tom Segal is one of the most well-known and respected judges in racing. For over two decades his ‘Pricewise’ column has guided followers to profits by selecting horses at value prices.

Despite this success, we all know that there are issues with following tipsters like Tom in such as:

  • Drastic price cuts with bookmakers on the tips he puts up (especially immediately after its advised)
  • Little or no exchange liquidity when bets are advised
  • The need for ‘copy’ to be written and tips advised even when a ‘no bet’ message would be preferred.
  • Long losing runs given preference for larger priced horses

Pricewise with PCB

All of the above and more are reasons why many smart punters feel unable to use tipsters like Tom.

That is until we introduced our solution – Pricewise with PCB.

This service uses a series of filters to curate Tom Segal’s tips, making it easier to follow with bookmakers and even with exchanges!

Run by the professional punter Paul Chandler-Burns, it filters Tom’s bets by

  • Using a more blended staking strategy to reflect different confidence levels
  • Employing each-way/place betting to smooth out variance
  • Filtering bets using data such as RPRs (Racing Post Ratings) and Paul’s own expertise as a professional bettor
  • Adding in PCB’s own bets

Results To Date

It’s fair to say that this curated strategy has been extremely successful.

Since the start of 2022, Tom Segal’s column has had a difficult period, with a small loss over a 514 bet sample if taking ALL of his bets.

Despite this, Pricewise with PCB has recorded a 12.41% ROI over the same time period, outperforming the standard service by over 20 percentage points as you can see below.

This is in line with our proofing period that dates back to 2021, with an overall ROI of 11.18%!

This performance is not just confined to bookmakers either. Results at the Betfair Starting Price (or BSP) are also strong with a 9.49% ROI being reflected in a healthy looking P&L graph.

Learn more & sign up

After 2 years and 4 months of supplying these tips for free to SBC members, Pricewise with PCB is now available to all for a membership fee.

Best of all there is a 10% earlybird discount for those of you subscribing before the 10th June 2023.

You can learn more about Pricewise with PCB by visiting the service’s SBC page.

Here, you will find detailed analysis, a deeper explanation of the service’s edge and a bet-by-bet record so that you can assess the data in greater detail.

Pricewise with PCB joins 6 other members of our SBC Racing stable.

Can you really try out the best tipsters for free?


You can make great money from your betting by following tipsters.

You simply pay for their expertise, follow the instructions, and the profits will flow.

After all, if you want your sink unblocking, you’d call a plumber.  Or you’d try a mechanic if there’s something wrong with your car and you don’t know where to start putting it right.  Well, if you want to make money from gambling, is there a better or easier way than hiring the services of an expert tipster?

The problem is, there are a lot of bad plumbers, mechanics, and tipsters out there, and they’re all after your money.  How do you know you’re not about to be stung when you take on one of these people?  How do you know you won’t waste money hiring a bad tipster who will lose you even more cash when you follow their bets? 

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to put a tipster on trial for free or at a greatly reduced fee before taking the plunge?  That way, you could test him out to make sure his style suits you.  Then, and only then, you could pay him the subs fees, and with much greater peace of mind.

A Case Study: Fantastic 2 Month Trial With Award Winning Tipster

An SBC membership opens up all sorts of possibilities when it comes to securing free trials and discount offers.  You can check out the best tipsters in the market with minimal risk.

Let’s look at a typical example.

Top football betting service Winabobatoo has been proofing to us here at the SBC for ten years (and no disreputable service ever lasts that long!).

On Wednesday we announced an extra special deal where SBC members can subscribe to the Winabobatoo service for just £2 for 2 months.

Proven Profits From Football Stats Model

Winabobatoo uses a statistical model to identify value in the UK 1×2 football markets, and members can use the ratings in many ways.  It is so simple to follow one or more of the many proven systems Winabobatoo has generated, or you can use the ratings can be used to develop your own systems.

Either way, Winabobatoo has proven itself by producing consistent profits.

Take the ‘Plus 5 Value’ system for example, which has got this season off to a flier, with 9 points profit so far at an ROI of 20%!

Or Winabob’s  own ‘Thirty Point Plan’, already 8.5 points towards it’s season’s target of 30 after Month 1.

There are many ways to follow Winabobatoo.  It is a simple task to find an approach that suits your personality and betting style.  You can read much more about the various systems and methods that you can use in our own in-depth and independent review.

And don’t forget, you can try this service out for yourself for 2 months for just £2 as an SBC member via the Tipster Discounts & Trials we offer.

Winabob And The Famous SBC Combo System

Winabobatoo is one of the heavyweight football ratings systems we use to put together our famously profitable Combo Football Betting System bets.

In short, we found that betting the teams identified by two or more of the best football ratings services will massively boost your profits.

You can see from this table that shows how our suggested systems, that combine the bets from these services (including Winabobatoo), will grow your betting bank at a rapid rate of knots:

Combo System SBC

You can read more about our very popular Combo Football Betting System in the 2015/16 Essential Football Betting Compendium supplied to all SBC members.

Football Compendium Guide

Putting The ‘SPECIAL’ Into Special Offer

It’s always great to be able to pass on special offers and discounts to our members, and we can put the icing on the top of the cake when we can also raise money for a very worthy cause.

It is no secret that last year, Mike Lindley, the brains behind the Winabobatoo service was diagnosed with cancer.  Happily he was treated successfully and has made a full recovery.
Now, he’s on a mission to raise as much money as he can for Cancer Research.

For every person that signs up to the special £2 for 2 months Winabob offer via the SBC, Mike will donate the £2, and the SBC will match the donation.  Mike also hopes that people will make a voluntary donation from the profits made during their 2 month trial.

So far, nearly £5,000 has been raised by Winabob members.  This offer will benefit everyone – it gives you access to a proven, profitable football betting service, and more and more money will be raised for a great cause.

You can read more about Mike’s story and his aims via his ‘Just Giving’ page.

Special Offers And Discounts Galore!

The Winabob special offer is just one of many that SBC members enjoy.

Look at these examples of just some of the exclusive offers SBC members are making money from right now:

  • Sports betting service with 98% bank growth in the past 12 months – free trial until the end of October.
  • Racing guru running at an all-time ROI of 37.5% from early 2014 – 60 day free trial.
  • Long-term Hall of Fame racing service Northern Monkey with 11.7% ROI from 4,000 proofed bets – 2 week free trial.
  • Long-term football betting service specialising in top European leagues – 60 day free trial.

You can read more about these and many other discounts, free trials and priority subscriptions to the very best tipsters in the market here.

All of these offers, and many more, are exclusive to SBC members.

Remember when we said it would be lovely to be able to try out tipsters before taking the plunge?  Well, by signing up to the SBC you will be able to both save money and trial tipsters proven to be the very best, making sure they’re right for you, and with very little or no upfront costs.

And in the case of Winabobatoo, you’ll be donating to a great cause to boot!

How To Combine Tipsters & Boost Your Betting

Earlier today we released the 4th part of our new football season guide in the form of our much anticipated ‘Combo Tipster Report’.

It is essential reading for anyone who follows football tipsters (or just tipsters in general) as it showcases just how you can improve your betting profits by using just one simple strategy.

So if you are keen to find out how the Combo Tipster Report can help you, read on for more details!

Make Money Betting - Join the Smart Betting Club today

What is the Combo Tipster Report all about?

The Combo Tipster Report looks at one key aspect of using football tipsters to make profit namely…

What happens when more than 1 tipster puts up the same team as a bet?

We have all heard of the phrase “2 heads are better than 1” and we wanted to put this to the test by analysing 4 top tipsters across all 4 top English leagues to see what happened when they put up the same tip.

We spent hours plugging the data in and researching this question, yet it was well worth the effort as the findings were impressive to say the least!

Tell me about what you uncovered?

We found that there was a clear pattern of boosted performance, especially when 3 of the 4 tipsters put up the same team as a bet.

This happened more regularly than you might think with 918 such bets from the past 4 seasons alone showcasing some impressive performance. Here is what we discovered…

Tips put forward by just 1 tipster: 2320 bets, 121.9 pts profit and a 5.3% ROI

Tips put forward by 3 or more tipsters: 918 bets, 135.9 pts profit and a 14.8% ROI

All told, by following this Combo Method, you would have made an extra 14 pts profit from 1402 fewer bets. Critically this boosted your ROI by 9.5% as well.

…And so on the back of this knowledge, we have put together 6 recommended ‘Combo Tipster’ Systems for the new season, which are also listed in the report.

What are these Combo Tipster Systems and how can they help?

The basic theory here is that by either focusing in on these ‘Combo Tipster’ selections alone or by staking more on them we can massively improve our betting.

Each of the 6 Combo Systems therefore take a different approach when it comes to staking.

For example Combo System E (which is my favourite) suggests staking 1 point on any tips highlighted by 1 to 2 tipsters, and staking 2 points on any tips highlighted by 3 to 4 tipsters.

Had you done this over the past 4 seasons, you would have placed 4998 bets with a profit of 378 points and ROI of 6.4%.

Best of all though is the Betting Bank Growth (or ROC as we often term it) which stands at 378% over the past 4 seasons. Averaging 94.5% per season.
Fink Tank Service

Exactly how can punters put these findings into practice?

It can help you in 2 different ways.

Firstly if following any of the 4 football tipsters we feature in the Combo Report, you can apply it straight away. All 4 tipsters are very popular and profitable in their own right but when put together they really shine. If keen to follow any of these 4, there are significant discounts available on all of them for Smart Betting Club members (Read all about our Big Tipster Discounts!)

Second of all, punters can benefit by applying this Combo Tipster theory to their own betting.

Do you follow more than 1 tipster and wonder what to do when they back the same horse or team?  Well our research shows that if they are genuinely good individually, together they will perform even better.

What else is in the Combo Tipster Report?

Alongside a full rundown on all of the Combo Systems & Analysis above, in the report you can also find:

  • How the odds compare if taking an early price on a football bet, set against the odds at kick-off. Is it better to bet early or late? Our research reveals all.
  • Which method of football betting will make you the most bang for your buck – Asian Handicap or Win only? We have another article devoted to this topic.
  • How the top tipsters perform by league – find out where they make money and where they struggle!
  • Which bets you should cut out from your football betting and why – our odds analysis reveals the least profitable bets you can do without.

You can grab your copy of the Combo Tipster Report PLUS our full 5 part new football season guide with a Smart Betting Club membership.


114% Football System Profits [Special Discount]

Free Football System For SBC Members

The Fink Tank system is heading for a strong close for the season. Find out more and how you can get a 10% discount for this week only.

This season we’ve been banging the drum for the free football system that we make available to the Smart Betting Club members. Our core mission is to help punters find the very best tipsters, but offer a select number of free systems as nice bonus.And as we enter the final month of the season, it looks as though SBC members will be taking this nice bonus all the way to the bank!

Special 10% Discount

Before we update on the system, we recognise that we’ve just a month of the regular football season remaining, so we’re offering a 10% discount for this week only so you can test out the free system (amongst other things!) ahead of next season.

To take advantage of this discount, plug in one of the following codes to receive 10% off at checkout.


The Combo Systems - SBC92


114% Profits This Season

Our football system is based on the excellent free Fink Tank ratings and you can follow these yourself should you wish.

What Smart Betting Club members have exclusive access to is our short list of value bets, saving you the time and complication of working out the raw ratings.

There are four different methods available to follow the ratings, but the jewel in the crown so far this season has been the AH15 Value Method. This system only picks bets if there is at least 15% value in the available odds and uses Asian Handicap to reduce any volatility in betting returns.

Here’s a summary of all the different systems we track:


  • P/L: Is the points profit to level stakes betting
  • ROI: Is the profits divided by the total amount staked (profit on turnover)
  • ROC: Is the Return on Capital which measures your return on your original starting bank. So £1,000 would now be worth £2115.00
Here’s how the season chart looks to date:

We Do The Work For You

We also highlight the best odds and the next best bookie if those odds have gone. For UK focused punters, we supply a UK bookmaker only spreadsheet. ‘PIN’ stands for Pinnacle and ‘B365’ standing for Bet365.

If you’re new to Asian Handicap betting, fear not. Another valuable bonus of joining the Smart Betting Club is our comprehensive pro betting guide which covers all the basics you need to know such as Asian Handicap betting and other betting essentials.

Get all the qualifiers

We’d like to stress again that the Smart Betting Club is not a tipping service and these bets are put up as a value added extra to our core offering of comprehensive tipster reviews. As ever, there are no guarantees with the tips we’ve put up, but we hope they do give you an idea of how the system could work for you.

If you want to access all the qualifiers this weekend and the other benefits of membership, then join us at the Smart Betting Club today.

To take advantage of 10% discount, plug in one of the following codes to receive 10% off on checkout.

Why Asian Handicap Isn’t Always Best

Maximise your football betting profits

Over the last few months we’ve slowly been revealing the intricate details of our powerful football betting combo method to our subscribers.

The general idea is to examine tips from a select group of profitable tipsters and pay particular attention to any tips that overlap. If more than one tipster or ratings service is going for the same team, the more likely it is that you’ll make money.

We’ve explored this strategy from various angles and this month we tackled a key question for our subscribers –

Should you bet with Asian Handicap or Home/ Draw/ Away?

For the initiated, Asian Handicap can be used to take out the draw. This means you might win or get your money back if there’s a stalemate instead of losing. There’s more to it than this, but the general gist is that you tend to sacrifice bigger odds in return for the security of covering the draw.

But is this always the right strategy? No! & here’s why…

First we’re going to set a baseline figure by revealing all bets selected by at least one of the four tipsters over the three seasons 2011-14.

All Qualifiers Win vs Asian Handicap

All Qualifiers Win vs Asian Handicap

Win = Home/ Draw/ Away betting

AH = Asian Handicap

You can see from the table above a fairly consistent pattern for both the Home and the more profitable Away bets – strike rates are increased with Asian Handicap, but profit (in ROI terms) is reduced by using the Asian Handicap option. There are no real surprises here; we’ve sacrificed a higher return on investment for a smoother more reliable path to profit, BUT …

… the key point is what this means in terms of Return on Capital (ROC), the bottom line measure of how much our “betting investment” is expected to return over time?

As it turns out, they end up almost identical for this group of selections, a ROC of around 385% over three seasons, equating to an annualised ROC of 128-129%, i.e. more than doubling our bank in the average year:

All Qualifiers – Return on Capital

All Qualifiers - Return on Capital

However, this only tells part of the story, because what we’re really interested in are the qualifiers that are picked out by multiple tipsters more than once. 
Let’s find out…

The Combo Systems - SBC92

Now we’re specifically looking at those bets which are picked by more than one tipster.

Multiple Qualifiers – Basic Performance Statistics

Multiple Qualifiers - Basic Performance Statistics

Now we can see another dramatic drop off in ROI performance with Asian Handicap betting, particularly with the home bets.

Multiple Qualifiers – Return on Capital

Multiple Qualifiers - Return on Capital

It seems that this time round we’ve also had to sacrifice some Return on Capital if using the AH approach to betting these selections. The straight Win bet approach has produced an annualised ROC of around 115%, but betting the Asian Handicap reduced this to around 91% per year, averaged over the three seasons 2011-14.

Why is this, and why did we not see this lower ROC for the earlier, wider group of all qualifying selections?

One possible reason, and something that certainly fits intuitively, lies in the nature of the two groups of bets. The bets which “don’t make the grade”, when moving from all qualifiers to the combo bets, are those which are selected by one tipster only. We’ve also observed that a disproportionately high number of low odds bets were flagged by one system only.

Another key reason is that performance of away bets. These are quite often at bigger odds and it seems that taking Asian Handicap in these cases dramatically erodes the value available.

Should you drop Asian Handicap

We’ve highlighted again the importance of using Return on Capital as the primary measure of a betting investment. We found that, for all qualifiers, the ROC was very similar whether you use Win or AH betting (128-129% per year over our 2011-14 sample), but this equated to a drop from 6.2% ROI (Win bets) to only 3.6% for the AH bets.

How best to utilise them may well come down to personal choice and your individual betting circumstances. Do you prefer the smoother, more predictable route to profit that Asian Handicap betting normally provides, or are you sufficiently comfortable with the greater highs and lows associated with the riskier, but apparently more rewarding, win betting approach? Have you been restricted by, or are unable to access, a number of bookmakers offering the stand-out prices on Win bets? Are you a more experienced, high roller wanting to take advantage of the greater liquidity and larger betting limits offered in the Asian Handicap markets?

This is just a snapshot of the analysis we undertake in our Smart Betting Club editions. If you want more sign up here.

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Betting Tipsters & Systems: How To Move From Casual To Expert Gambler

The lowdown on how tipsters and systems can help make your betting pay…

Like many people my age, summertime means just one thing: Wedding invites.

And with every wedding these days, I also get the ubiquitous stag do, for which it’s fast become a tradition amongst my friends to host them at one of our local racecourses.

A great day out you might think for a betting man – not quite!

It’s not that I don’t like horse racing, but a day at the races puts untold pressure on my shoulders because everyone expects me “as the Editor of the Smart Betting Club” to pick them out a guaranteed winner.

You get the idea – if I can magic up a big 20/1 winner for the guys, the hotel rooms and bar bill is sorted for the night!

Betting as we all know is never that easy and after every stag do, I seem to end up having to explain why the fact I didn’t back a big winner that day, doesn’t correlate to me having lost my touch.

Learning How To Make Money Betting Long-Term

Continue reading

Betting Tipsters & Systems: How To Move From Casual To Expert Gambler

The lowdown on how tipsters and systems can help make your betting pay…

Like many people my age, summertime means just one thing: Wedding invites.

And with every wedding these days, I also get the ubiquitous stag do, for which it’s fast become a tradition amongst my friends to host them at one of our local racecourses.

A great day out you might think for a betting man – not quite!

It’s not that I don’t like horse racing, but a day at the races puts untold pressure on my shoulders because everyone expects me “as the Editor of the Smart Betting Club” to pick them out a guaranteed winner.

You get the idea – if I can magic up a big 20/1 winner for the guys, the hotel rooms and bar bill is sorted for the night!

Betting as we all know is never that easy and after every stag do, I seem to end up having to explain why the fact I didn’t back a big winner that day, doesn’t correlate to me having lost my touch.

Learning How To Make Money Betting Long-Term

Continue reading

Get Your Free Best Betting Systems Download

If you are like me and have spent time betting online, you will know how hard it is to find good or winning betting systems.

It can feel like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack, because quite frankly there are thousands of rubbish betting systems out there. Be it Racing or Football Systems, they are often cobbled together, unproven and will only waste your time and money.

Which is why at the Smart Betting Club we have decided to step in and have released today our Secret Betting System Guide – compiling what we believe to be the best betting systems and strategies for you to follow.

What’s more, we have even put together a Free Sampler of our Secret Betting Systems Guide for you to download. Continue reading