Can you really try out the best tipsters for free?


You can make great money from your betting by following tipsters.

You simply pay for their expertise, follow the instructions, and the profits will flow.

After all, if you want your sink unblocking, you’d call a plumber.  Or you’d try a mechanic if there’s something wrong with your car and you don’t know where to start putting it right.  Well, if you want to make money from gambling, is there a better or easier way than hiring the services of an expert tipster?

The problem is, there are a lot of bad plumbers, mechanics, and tipsters out there, and they’re all after your money.  How do you know you’re not about to be stung when you take on one of these people?  How do you know you won’t waste money hiring a bad tipster who will lose you even more cash when you follow their bets? 

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to put a tipster on trial for free or at a greatly reduced fee before taking the plunge?  That way, you could test him out to make sure his style suits you.  Then, and only then, you could pay him the subs fees, and with much greater peace of mind.

A Case Study: Fantastic 2 Month Trial With Award Winning Tipster

An SBC membership opens up all sorts of possibilities when it comes to securing free trials and discount offers.  You can check out the best tipsters in the market with minimal risk.

Let’s look at a typical example.

Top football betting service Winabobatoo has been proofing to us here at the SBC for ten years (and no disreputable service ever lasts that long!).

On Wednesday we announced an extra special deal where SBC members can subscribe to the Winabobatoo service for just £2 for 2 months.

Proven Profits From Football Stats Model

Winabobatoo uses a statistical model to identify value in the UK 1×2 football markets, and members can use the ratings in many ways.  It is so simple to follow one or more of the many proven systems Winabobatoo has generated, or you can use the ratings can be used to develop your own systems.

Either way, Winabobatoo has proven itself by producing consistent profits.

Take the ‘Plus 5 Value’ system for example, which has got this season off to a flier, with 9 points profit so far at an ROI of 20%!

Or Winabob’s  own ‘Thirty Point Plan’, already 8.5 points towards it’s season’s target of 30 after Month 1.

There are many ways to follow Winabobatoo.  It is a simple task to find an approach that suits your personality and betting style.  You can read much more about the various systems and methods that you can use in our own in-depth and independent review.

And don’t forget, you can try this service out for yourself for 2 months for just £2 as an SBC member via the Tipster Discounts & Trials we offer.

Winabob And The Famous SBC Combo System

Winabobatoo is one of the heavyweight football ratings systems we use to put together our famously profitable Combo Football Betting System bets.

In short, we found that betting the teams identified by two or more of the best football ratings services will massively boost your profits.

You can see from this table that shows how our suggested systems, that combine the bets from these services (including Winabobatoo), will grow your betting bank at a rapid rate of knots:

Combo System SBC

You can read more about our very popular Combo Football Betting System in the 2015/16 Essential Football Betting Compendium supplied to all SBC members.

Football Compendium Guide

Putting The ‘SPECIAL’ Into Special Offer

It’s always great to be able to pass on special offers and discounts to our members, and we can put the icing on the top of the cake when we can also raise money for a very worthy cause.

It is no secret that last year, Mike Lindley, the brains behind the Winabobatoo service was diagnosed with cancer.  Happily he was treated successfully and has made a full recovery.
Now, he’s on a mission to raise as much money as he can for Cancer Research.

For every person that signs up to the special £2 for 2 months Winabob offer via the SBC, Mike will donate the £2, and the SBC will match the donation.  Mike also hopes that people will make a voluntary donation from the profits made during their 2 month trial.

So far, nearly £5,000 has been raised by Winabob members.  This offer will benefit everyone – it gives you access to a proven, profitable football betting service, and more and more money will be raised for a great cause.

You can read more about Mike’s story and his aims via his ‘Just Giving’ page.

Special Offers And Discounts Galore!

The Winabob special offer is just one of many that SBC members enjoy.

Look at these examples of just some of the exclusive offers SBC members are making money from right now:

  • Sports betting service with 98% bank growth in the past 12 months – free trial until the end of October.
  • Racing guru running at an all-time ROI of 37.5% from early 2014 – 60 day free trial.
  • Long-term Hall of Fame racing service Northern Monkey with 11.7% ROI from 4,000 proofed bets – 2 week free trial.
  • Long-term football betting service specialising in top European leagues – 60 day free trial.

You can read more about these and many other discounts, free trials and priority subscriptions to the very best tipsters in the market here.

All of these offers, and many more, are exclusive to SBC members.

Remember when we said it would be lovely to be able to try out tipsters before taking the plunge?  Well, by signing up to the SBC you will be able to both save money and trial tipsters proven to be the very best, making sure they’re right for you, and with very little or no upfront costs.

And in the case of Winabobatoo, you’ll be donating to a great cause to boot!