When You Shouldn’t Bet And Why!

It seems these days as if the whole world is imploring us to have a bet with more and more bookmaker adverts bombarding us everywhere we turn.

Whether it’s being told to ‘Have a bang on that’ or to ‘Stick one on it”- everything is geared towards having as many bets as possible…Yet I want to turn that on its head today and discuss when you shouldn’t place a bet.

Any gambler worth their salt will tell you that knowing when not to bet is often just as important as knowing when to bet. Anything that can save you from backing losers or as today’s article discusses – avoiding placing bets at bad value prices should always be worth your time.

With this in mind, today I want to share with you an excerpt from our most recent Practical Punter Report, written by semi-pro gambler Rowan Day, which we publish every month for SBC members to read. His reports discuss the real-life experiences of actually following tipsters to make money betting and form part of the Practical Betting assistance we provide at SBC.

So without further ado, let me hand over to Rowan…

“Nowadays people know the prices of everything and the value of nothing”

Who’d have thought that Oscar Wilde was into sports betting?

Despite the fact that deep down I knew that placing a bet at 1.7 that had been advised at 2.0 was a fool’s game, I couldn’t bear to face the prospect of letting a potential winner go unbacked.  So in I’d wade, regardless of the price, sticking down my cash with no proper thought.  It really did take me longer than it should have done to realise that my approach was all wrong, and that I needed to pay more heed to obtaining value in my bets.

It wasn’t until I started to read and hear things from people who were obviously more experienced and successful at betting than I was, that I accepted that securing value really is the be all and end all.  I finally came to realise (and it really was a case of being better late than never!) that without this skill, the long term outcome for my betting was not so rosy, no matter how skilled the tipsters within it were at finding winners.

Of course what is an almost impossible task, at least if not using a statistical/mathematical modelling approach to betting, is identifying just how much value exists, if any, in a particular pick.  You need to remember this as you read on.

It’s impossible for any tipster to say there is X amount of value in one of his picks.  He can make a very good judgement as to whether a bet has value or not, and indeed go further and use his skill to identify when a bet has more value than another (which is reflected in his weight of staking), but whether a pick is at odds 5% better than they should be, or 10% or 20%, how precise can you be?  A skilled estimate is the best any tipster can do.

So what we must assume therefore, is that our tipster has identified a solid level of value in each and every selection they advise, and that after the point of bet release, it is down to ourselves to secure as big a chunk of that value as possible.

The Hardest Thing To Do Is Sometimes The Most Simple.

The best piece of betting advice I’ve ever been given is that you don’t ever have to bet.  No-one forces us to strike any bet, although I do understand that we can feel compelled to do so.

I would imagine that the following scenario is familiar to most, if not all of you…

You’re in the midst of a losing spell.  Last minute goals are turning winning bets into losing ones, your horses are always a nose behind in the photo finishes.  You’re feeling more and more frustrated and it’s getting harder to take as you see the balances in your bookmaker accounts falling lower and lower.

It is in this context that you get your email from your tipster who is obviously very confident about a selection, but due to circumstances you’re not able to get the bet on as soon as it was released.  Indeed, by the time you get to your laptop or PC, the price on the selection has crashed from 1.9 to 1.72..

Now, deep down, you know the value must have gone from that bet, right?  But reading the email again, the guy is so confident. It carries a bigger stake than most of his picks.  It must win.  And suddenly you’re telling yourself that amongst all these losers, you just need a win.  Something to plug the leak, stop the rot.  Does it really matter that the price is only 80% of the price the tipster thought represented value?  After all, a winner is a winner.  And how are you going to feel if after backing all these losers, you walk away from a winning bet?

Been there?  I know I have.  Many times.  And it was only relatively recently that I grew the cojones to do the simplest thing in the world…walk away and not bet.  If the price has gone too low, then as the yoof of today say, leave it, yeah?


Determining An Acceptable Price

OK, so we’re determined to be disciplined enough to walk away from placing bets that we know no longer hold any value.  But where do we draw the line between what is an acceptable price to take on a pick, and what is not?

This is a very inexact science and I’m sure there will be statisticians and experts on probabilities that disagree with what I’m about to say.  What I would say to them is that successful betting involves not just playing the numbers correctly, but includes successfully managing the psychological impact of what we’re doing.

It is just as important to get the non-mathematical aspect of running a betting portfolio correct if we are to be successful long term.  If we keep passing over bets because we’re not getting what we deem to be a value price, then it won’t be long before we become disillusioned.  For the sake of our own sanity, we do need to ensure that we are placing the majority of the bets that come through from our tipsters.  We mustn’t be too pernickety, and deny ourselves the opportunities to make some money!

It is on this basis that we have to make some assumptions, the biggest of which is that the tipster has identified a significant amount of value in each of his picks.  So as a general rule, I am looking to take no less than 90% of the officially advised odds on any of my sports bets.  That’s my cut off point, my bare minimum, although I do still want my average odds taken to be much higher, more like 97/98% of the advised odds, and in fact I actually change my acceptable minimum price depending on the nature of the individual bet.

So 90% is my minimum cut-off point for any bet that has moved odds…what do you think yours might be?

You Must Learn To Deal With The Psychology.

If you decide that you are going to implement similar strategies to those I’ve talked about here, then please do ready yourself mentally.  There WILL be times when you miss out on backing winning bets, but remember, there will also be times you don’t place a bet that turns out to be a loser.  It’s a certainty though that your mental aptitude will be tested at some point, and there will be times when you’re left shaking your head and tearing your hair out (at the same time, if your hand/eye co-ordination is good enough!).

Yet whatever you do – remember, you don’t have to bet every time – regardless of what Ray Winstone or Robbie Savage tell you!

More Real-Life Help On Actually Making Tipsters Pay…

This excerpt is taken from Rowans most recent Practical Punter Report, with the full article going on to reveal more on his own scientific approach as to how he decides to take a bet or not.

Alongside this you can also read details on the tipsters that Rowan follows, his ongoing performance and exactly how he makes following tipsters pay for him. Providing inspiration for those of you looking to do the same!

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Have you been caught out by these dodgy tipsters dealings?

Inspired by some dodgy dealings I uncovered this week (more about shortly) today I have put together a list of some of the most common dodgy tipster ‘scams’ to watch out for.

Varying from the outright scandalous to the somewhat dubious, it’s a quick rundown of what you as a punter need to be aware of before you join any tipster service.

My thanks must also go to those of you who contributed to this list via our Twitter & Facebook accounts with your own suggestions.

Dodgy Tipster #1 – Selling Other Peoples Tips As Your Own

The ‘inspiration’ for today’s article comes in the form of the very dodgy tipster discovered this week, who is selling off the exact same tips from another genuine expert as their own.

The dodgy tipster (let’s call him Malky Mackay) had seemingly signed up for the genuine experts tips (henceforth known as Vincent Tan), liked what he saw and decided to flog these tips under his own steam.

Malky sent out a suspicious looking email advertising his new site, a member asked us to check it out and so we duly did. Lo and behold, what did we spot? Identical tips as to those we at SBC have received from Vincent Tan for nigh on 12 months!

Now we know Vincent Tan is genuine as we have been performing due diligence on his website, investigating his results and working closely with him in advance of a full SBC review in the near future.

At the moment I can’t reveal too much as its being investigated but it highlights the care you have to take when you get an email out of the blue promising the earth. It might look great but in this instance – there is a very good chance that Malky’s ‘tipping service’ won’t be around too long…

Dodgy Tipster #2 – Social Media Tipsters

As Leon on the SBC Facebook page pointed out, tipsters that only use Social Media for their tips can also be a breeding ground for scams. As he commented “Most Facebook pages/Tipsters have a dozen pages and none keep records of the losers or have a staking system”

He is spot on that we need to be careful here as its all too easy to set up a new Facebook page or Twitter account, put up a bunch of tips and if they win – great, if they lose, just delete it.

This happens regularly especially with bets like accas, which are hugely popular on Social Media. All you need do is simply create 10 accounts on Twitter or Facebook, put up a slightly different version of an acca on each one and boom, one of them will probably come good each weekend.

It’s one reason we only proof or review tipsters who actually have a genuine website (not just a Social Media account) and who have at least 12 months of results to work with.

Dodgy Tipster #3 – Claiming to have ‘Inside Information’

It’s the oldest trick in the book – claim to have ‘inside information’ about tips guaranteed to win and ask for people to stump up the cash in the hope of getting in on the action.

The sad reality is that even if there is an element of people who do get inside info on certain horses to win a race – they are never going to share it with a stranger, no matter how convincing they sound or how much they charge.

In all the years working at SBC, we have discovered not one genuine ‘inside info’ based tipster worth bothering with. They almost exclusively are all-mouth-no-trousers types with one goal – to fleece you of cash.

It’s perhaps best summed up by Davy on Twitter who said in response to my question as to your tipster pet peeves… ” as an ex tipster myself, it’d be the bare faced lies. Saying we were walking the track or quoting our stable insider. All rubbish.” Quite!


Dodgy Tipster #4 – Putting Up Nonsense Prices With Nonsense Bookies

Sliding down the scale of dubious practices are the tipsters who continuously quote odds with bookies that no-one will realistically match.

Even the likes of Pricewise are at it – supplying tips this week quoting stand-out prices with bookies such as Boylesports (rated the worst of all racing bookies by our members last year) and Betway (rated as poorly as 83rd out of 100 top bookies).

Even at the best of times, punters stand little or no chance getting on with Pricewise and its especially the case when using these woeful bookies. Why not simply quote a generally available price? To be fair, its not just Pricewise that indulge in this practice, I see many other tipsters doing it, yet it gets a big black mark from us.

Compare that with some of the top-rated tipsters we monitor here at SBC – some of them will only quote a price if its available with 3 decent bookies or even settle their tip at the best odds available 5 to 10 minutes after they give it out. Best of all, the likes of Boylesports (or Spoilsports as widely known) are nowhere to be seen.

Dodgy Tipster #5 – Advising Silly Stakes & Results Out Of Context

Jonny on Twitter piped up yesterday to say his biggest tipster bugbear were those who quote profits to silly stakes such as 50 or 100 points, simply to make their profits look big. And he is right – its a big problem.

It might make a great headline to say…”We made 1000 pts profit last month” but if you had to risk 100,000 points to make that – well its nothing to shout about at all.

Tipsters that constantly claim results out of context wind us right up because it is so misleading and very often its a sign they are to avoided at all costs.

As a minimum you should expect to see full results stats including number of bets, amount staked, total profit and key calculations such as return on investment and return on capital.

That’s The Bad, How About The Good…

Hopefully the above will give you a good steer on avoiding some dodgy tipster practices and how to avoid getting ripped off.

If however, you are looking for actually bonafide, genuine tipsters then here at SBC we can help you. We work full-time on not only reviewing the best new tipsters, but also tracking the ones that continue to make money betting for SBC members.

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Trial The Sportmarket Pro Bet Broker Service Free For 1 Month

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you won’t failed to have noticed that football is back and with it comes the chance to make some serious money betting.

Earlier this week I touched on the genuine betting tipster experts who can help you in this quest, but with which bookmaker(s) should you bet this season?

To help answer that question, today I have a really special deal to share with you on the football bet brokerage service we have been investigating for some time that can make a major difference to your betting.

It’s good because not only does it allow you get all the best football odds from several bookmakers via just one account, but you can also trial it for 1 month for free courtesy of us!

I should state here, it’s probably best suited to those of you who bet at what you might term medium to high levels, but if that includes you be sure to read on…

What A Bet Broker Does…

You may well be wondering what it is exactly that a bet broker does?

Well quite simply, a bet broker can help you place bets with most leading bookmakers without going through the hassle of opening multiple accounts or transferring money back and forth.

Instead you simply have one account with the bet broker and place all of your bets through them – saving you time and money, whilst also helping you get the best odds quickly!

In many ways they are like an odds comparison site where you can not only check the best odds but bet directly with them.

Introducing Sportmarket Pro

One of the very best bet broker firms we have come across are Sportmarket Pro, who we have been observing and using for some time at the Smart Betting Club. We reviewed them twice earlier this year and all reports so far have been very positive. With the onset of the new season we thus thought it was high-time to let you all know about them!

Via their unique bet broker service, you can login to your Sportmarket Pro account and place bets which are available with any of the following firms:

– Pinnacle Sports
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– Foobet

Those of you who may have bet with the likes of SBObet and Pinnacle Sports will be aware they are amongst the very best football bookmakers – offering hugely competitive odds that many of the tired, old UK high street bookies can’t compete with.

Indeed, you might not have heard about some of the other bookies listed above, but they are all serious players originating primarily from the very busy Asian markets.

In short – they offer great odds that can make getting your bets on a lot easier!

Grab Your Catch-Free 1 Month Trial

You might be wondering so far…all sounds great but what’s the catch?

Well there genuinely isn’t a catch, beyond a few fees such as a £20 monthly charge and a £10 fee each time you withdraw.

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Football Tipsters: 8 Of The Best For The New Season


Love it or hate it, the new football season is now officially here and with it comes the opportunity to start making money betting on the beautiful game once again.

And to do that, you need to get away from all the cliched pre-season guides featuring washed-up former pro’s and their ‘expert predictions’ and instead focus on the top tipsters proven to make money football betting.

Tipsters such as the 8 featured below, all of whom we continually monitor as part of our independent proofing service and feature in our regular betting magazines and reports.


We know these guys are good as we track every single bet they tip – winners and losers and report back to our members on just how they are performing overall. Although we have removed their identities above (as this is for paid-up SBC members only sorry!) you can see all the key stats from months active to ROI, points profit and bank growth.

The 8 tipsters above might not be household names or get to cosy up on the Match of the day sofa every weekend, yet they know a heck of a lot about making money football betting!

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5-Point Guide To Finding Good Tipsters (& Avoiding The Bad Ones!)


Earlier this week I made the mistake of picking up a copy of a national racing magazine which I hadn’t read for a while, mainly due to the fact it hasn’t stocked by my local newsagent for some time.

Alongside its various articles on horse racing, I was shocked to find a whole host of very dubious looking adverts for tipsters and systems – all promising to make the reader life-changing profits.

If you wanted to find the world’s best betting system or call a premium phone-line for ‘insider tips’ you would be in clover, yet there was a distinct lack of anything substantial to back up their claims.

There was no evidence that their claimed profits could be backed up or any key stats to help put their results in context. In short, most of them had the distinct whiff of BS we have long campaigned to have eradicated from the tipster industry.

With this fresh in my mind, I thought it would be wise to pen my very own advice on how to find a genuinely professional and worthwhile tipster service.

I have left off some of the most obvious points (that they make a profit!) but here are my 5 key tips to help sift the wheat from the tipster chaff…

1) Make sure they proof to an independent verifier

It might sound obvious but in this day and age, you simply can’t just take a tipsters claims of profit at face value. Thus, the first port of call for any genuine tipster is to have their results verified by a genuinely independent third party service.

The key word here is independence as if the proofing service is using affiliate links (where they earn a cut if you join a tipster via their site), then they clearly have a vested financial interest in you joining. How independent can a proofer be if they earn money should you join the sites they verify?

Needless to say, if you come across a tipster not willing to proof somewhere genuine, it’s simple…walk away as there are plenty who do worth your time.

2) Do they list their results for all to see?

Any tipster worth his or her salt must also keep an accurate and easy to understand record of their full past performance for you to access.

This should include all bets – both winners and losers (don’t fall for the ploy of some tipsters who just list their winners) and include key performance stats on things like number of bets, total staked, profit/loss and Return on Investment/Return on Capital (read more here on why this latter figure is so important)

3) Are they more than just a flash in the pan?

The average age for a SBC Hall of Fame tipster service is well over 3 years and with good reason, as the best services stick around and last the test of time.

Don’t fall for the flash-in-the-pan tipster that hits a good (and usually lucky) run of form as often they can’t maintain this and fall by the wayside.

The best tipsters are often the longest-running, so if you find one with a good record but just a few months trading, keep a watching brief only. If they do turn out to be genuinely good, you can always join further down the line.

4) Do they respond to your emails and operate a professional service?

Any tipster charging a fee for their tips should offer a certain level of professionalism, be it sending their tips on-time or replying to emails in a courteous manner.

You can often gauge so much about a tipster by their customer service and how they respond to your questions.

Thus you should never be afraid to send a quick email before considering joining any tipster. If they are not friendly and helpful in their reply to you as a possible future customer, how might they treat you once you join and they have your money?

5) Are they consistent in their approach to tipping?

Finally, be careful if coming across any tipster that constantly chops and changes its approach to tipping. This might mean stopping and starting their service or making some major changes to the way they work – especially after a bad run.

When this happens it often screams out that they don’t really know where their edge lies…and if a tipster doesn’t know how to make a profit – well then they really shouldn’t be advising tips.

There is nothing more re-assuring than a tipster who runs a consistent, solid service with only the occasional minor and well-explained tweaks to their approach.

Be Careful Out There!

It’s fair to say that despite our best efforts at SBC, there are still plenty of very bad tipsters out there keen to take your cash off you. Hopefully the simple checklist above help you avoid the vast majority, but still you need to be very cautious and cynical until proven otherwise.

It comes to something when some of these poor tipsters are allowed to advertise unchecked in popular racing publications, but that unfortunately is the betting industry for you.

There are far too many people out there representing their own interests, be it as a dubious tipster looking for easy cash or betting publications that rely on their adverts to fund their output.

In contrast, the interests we represent here at SBC are yours – the everyday punter looking to make money betting. We are able to do this due to our independence, which allows us to say it as it really is and point you in the direction of who and what really makes money betting.

We carry no such adverts, instead we are fully funded by our members. Why not read more on how we can help your betting and benefit from our risk-free money back guarantee at the same time?


Don’t fall for these tipster lies, damn lies and statistics!

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics” …So goes the well-known phrase made popular by Mark Twain on how people and often politicians use numbers to push forward weak arguments.

It’s not just politicians who like to bend the truth with numbers, but also tipsters too, with some of the worst culprits using seemingly impressive sounding figures to distort the truth their own way.

Here are just a few claims I received in my spam email account this week from various tipsters….

  • “102 points profit so far made in July”
  • “£2551 Profit in just 4 days”
  • “Earn £800 a week tax-free per week”

The problem with each of these claims is that they only discuss profit without any context, rendering them completely useless.

Yes you might have made 102 points profit in July, but how did the 12 months prior to that perform? It’s not much use if the first 6 months of the year lost 200 points is it?

Even if the service in question has a long-term profitable record (unlikely as its spam!) then how much money did they risk to make those 102 points profit?

After all, you wouldn’t want to be risking £200,000 to make that £800 a week would you? The tipster equivalent of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut!

Why Betting Bank Growth Is So Key

So how exactly can you weigh up how valuable a tipster really is?

Well, one of the best methods we advocate is working out its Return on Capital (ROC) or Betting Bank Growth.

This is a very effective calculation as it tells you how much your initial money will grow over a period of time.

Simply quoting 102 points profit means nothing, but 102% ROC – well that would indicate you have more than doubled your betting bank!

Here are a few examples to explain further…

Tipster A makes 50% ROC in a 6 month period
– If following their tips with £2000 at the very start, you would now have a £1000 profit

Tipster B makes a 150% ROC over the course of a football season
– If following their tips with £5000 at the very start, you would now have a £7500 profit

Tipster C makes a 300% ROC over a 2 year period
– If following their tips with £1000 at the very start, you would now have a £3000 profit



For my money, working out the ROC or Return on Capital for any tipster often supersedes many other calculations, including the oft-quoted Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI works out how much you have to stake to make your profit and whilst important, it is often overshadowed by ROC.

For a classic example of why this is the case, it’s worth looking at the stats from 1 of the 4 top football services we reviewed in the latest SBC Magazine. Below you can see their full stats from all the bets they tipped during the 2013/14 football season..

Now at first glance, this might not seem too impressive, with only a 5.1% ROI and 86.9 pts profit from 1692 bets. Nothing to see there, move along…

Yet, you would be wrong to ignore them and you will see why when I add in the ROC figures below:

Due to the relatively high strike-rate and our suggested bank size, the ROC calculation comes in at 108.6% for the entire season – more than doubling your money if following.

I don’t know about you but if I could guarantee my betting bank would double every season, I would snap your hands off!

One Size Does Not Fit All

Despite all the above, you do need to be very careful when it comes to working out your betting bank sizes as some tipsters do not have a clue on what to advise!

I have seen a number of examples where a tipster has claimed huge ROC, yet clearly have far too small a betting bank suggestion. So small, that if following you would go bust long before any profit is made.

All of this is why, here at SBC we set our own betting bank sizes for EVERY tipster we review, using a special simulator we developed to help calculate the optimum suggestion.

This simulator runs all the stats for every tipster thousands of times to arrive at a suggested betting bank figure for each one.

Some tipsters don’t like this as we sometimes have to recommend different betting bank sizes to their own, which in turn might make their profit figures look worse.

Their ire matters little to us though as the key as ever is to produce fair, accurate betting bank suggestions for our members that offers them the best chance for sustainable profits.

Sign-Up Today And Find The Most ROC-king Tipsters

If interested in finding out more on not just the tipsters achieving the best ROC or bank growth, make sure you check out our regularly published Tipster Profit Reports.

In each one you can view comparative tables on the best performing (and most ROCking!) tipsters, their advised bank sizes and who is making the most bang for your buck.

For those of you keen to understand how betting banks work, we also have a full guide available in the7-part Pro Gambler Blueprint available as a bonus gift to new subscribers.

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