Football Tipsters: 8 Of The Best For The New Season


Love it or hate it, the new football season is now officially here and with it comes the opportunity to start making money betting on the beautiful game once again.

And to do that, you need to get away from all the cliched pre-season guides featuring washed-up former pro’s and their ‘expert predictions’ and instead focus on the top tipsters proven to make money football betting.

Tipsters such as the 8 featured below, all of whom we continually monitor as part of our independent proofing service and feature in our regular betting magazines and reports.


We know these guys are good as we track every single bet they tip – winners and losers and report back to our members on just how they are performing overall. Although we have removed their identities above (as this is for paid-up SBC members only sorry!) you can see all the key stats from months active to ROI, points profit and bank growth.

The 8 tipsters above might not be household names or get to cosy up on the Match of the day sofa every weekend, yet they know a heck of a lot about making money football betting!

You can read detailed reviews and ratings on each of the 8 tipsters above PLUS the stats on their ongoing tipping results as a Smart Betting Club member.

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