SBC Podcast #50: Craig Edwards – Pro Snooker Player Turned Expert Bettor & Tipster

In the latest Smart Betting Club Podcast Episode, I was joined by former professional snooker player turned successful tipster and punter, Craig Edwards.

Craig has used his snooker expertise to beat the bookmakers for decades whilst also developing a profitable golf strategy along the way.

Being a former professional sportsman, he looks at markets slightly differently and in our chat he shares some insights that can improve any punter’s betting!

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We talk about:

  • Craig’s snooker career and his near miss against one of the all-time greats!
  • His introduction to betting, early edges and meeting shrewd punters
  • How a player’s frame of mind is a key component in Craig’s selection process
  • Betting psychology, tipping & focussing on the long-term
  • Bookmaker skulduggery!
  • Bet timing and how the exchanges can provide excellent value
  • Balancing value betting with keeping bookmaker accounts open
  • Why taking a break is vital & Craig’s plans for the future


Craig’s service, Edwards’ tips was the subject of a detailed review in Issue #133 of the SBC Magazine. It’s 4 year record of profitability in both snooker AND golf has resulted in the service being elevated into the SBC Hall of Fame.

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Independent Bookmakers Guide

Account restrictions and limits are more common than ever. Beat a price or profit enough and the well-advertised ‘Oddschecker firms’ will often reduce maximum stakes to pennies or stop you betting altogether.

This can be disheartening, but there are alternatives to the big bookmakers and exchanges in the form of smaller, independent bookmakers and on this page, you can explore some of the information we have collated on just a few of the firms out there.

Many of these bookmakers are experienced layers, fully licensed and with years of history behind them, yet perhaps not the marketing budgets or presence of the likes of Bet365, Betfair and their ilk.

Although you may not get all of the frills that are widely advertised by the big Oddschecker bookmakers, many independents offer concessions and special incentives such as sign up offers, extra place races, Best Odds Guaranteed, fallers insurance, daily boosts and cashback on any monthly losses.

Despite all of these positives, please be aware that independent bookmakers are not a silver bullet!

Bets of thousands of pounds on a 20/1 shot at 8pm the night before racing are likely to be knocked back and purely betting each-way on second favourites in 8 runner races is likely to be met with resistance.

You might not also get the best price out there compared to some of the bigger firms either. Instead of 11/4, you might get 5/2 for example.

Equally some of the same issues experienced with other firms, may still take place on everything from account limits to affordability checks and at times restrictions. So again, its not a silver bullet but further options to guide you as to places to bet.

A guide & advice from a professional punter

This was a primary topic of conversation in SBC Podcast #49 with professional punter and SBC Premium tipster, Quentin Franks (the discussion about Independent Bookmakers starts at 21:10):

Quentin frequently uses independent books to get his bets down and so to help our members, the SBC have collected a group of those firms below with their:

  • Key digital information
  • History
  • Lay-to-lose policies
  • Sign-up offers
  • Covered markets
  • Additional information

Explore Our List Of Independent Bookies

Below you can explore a summary of some of the smaller, independent firms that are currently out there and a snapshot of what they offer including Twitter and website links.



Twitter: @Macbet1972

About: Established in 1972, Macbet have been licensed bookmakers ever since. They have racecourse pitches all over the UK and specialise in horse racing betting.

Markets covered: All UK & Irish horse racing.



Twitter: @McCartanBet

About: An independent bookmaker with racecourse pitches across the UK & Ireland (and shops in Northern Ireland), McCartanbet have expanded over recent years to offer a wider range of markets. Remote betting is now available with numerous offers and concessions to benefit customers.

Markets covered: all UK & Irish horse racing, football & various other sports.

Star Sports


Twitter: @StarSports_Bet

About: Based in Brighton, Star Sports was established in 1999 under the stewardship of an industry stalwart, Ben Keith. The company has grown, offering bets on course, in shops over the telephone and online, catering for most customers from the very small to the ‘high rollers’.

Markets covered: all sports covered.

Joe Jennings


Twitter: N/A.

About: A family run business established in 1961, Joe Jennings Bookmakers is one of the largest independent firms in the UK, trading from over 100 branches nationwide. A business that constantly changes with the times, Joe Jennings have various remote ways to get bets down.

Markets covered: all sporting events.

Goodwin Racing


Twitter: @Goodwin_Racing

About: Goodwin Racing started as a retail operation over 25 years ago and has developed into one of the biggest telephone betting organisations in the UK. This expansion can also be seen in their range of markets with everything from football and floorball to baseball and basketball included in their online offering.

Markets covered: all sports covered.

Kalooki Sportsbook


Twitter: @KalookiR

About: A ‘bricks and mortar’ bookmaker based in Kent, Kalooki have a unique offering for remote customers. Well regarded by professional punters, their special offers and promotions make them an excellent alternative for those unable to place bets with the larger firms.

Markets covered: all sports covered.



Twitter: @DragonBetWales

About: DragonBet are a family run business with over 50 years of experience from laying bets on course. They focus on Welsh sport (pricing up some local and regional events that no other bookmakers do) alongside offering odds on most sporting events from around the world.

Markets covered: all sports covered.



Twitter: N/A

About: A relatively new bookmaker (opened in 2021), Fafabet offer a comprehensive range of sports for customers to bet on. Odds are sourced from the FSB Tech Platform, meaning that prices are often similar to some of those on the Oddschecker grid. Not technically a true ‘independent’ but one for this list nevertheless!

Markets covered: all sports covered.

Jem Racing


Twitter: @2021_jem

About: Jem Racing are a Dorset based firm who run a remote service alongside their four betting shops. Established in 1986, they pride themselves on providing a personal service for clients and provide numerous promotions and concessions.

Markets covered: all sports covered.



Twitter: @Fitzdares

About: A bookmaker that has been taking bets since 1882, Fitzdares offer markets on sporting events from all over the world. Well regarded by both recreational and professional punters alike, they offer services that are in line with most of the Oddschecker firms whilst maintaining a personal touch with their customer service.

Markets covered: all sports covered.




More Available With A SBC Membership

For even more on these independent bookmakers including some of the special offers they provide, concessions and markets to be aware of, we also have now created a dedicated section of the Smart Betting Club members area to this topic.

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SBC Podcast #49: Quentin Franks – His Tipping Edge & Independent Bookmakers Explored

The first instalment of the SBC Podcast in 2023 is now available and it features a returning guest for the very first time in Quentin Franks.

Quentin joined me to talk about his life as a professional punter, why he is not retiring, his new and improved tipping service and some of the independent bookmakers he uses to get his bets on (and why more punters should check them out!)

You can listen to Episode 49 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

Episode Contents:

  • How Quentin’s popular tipping service complements his professional punting, his 15.77% ROI and maintaining an edge over nearly 10,000 bets
  • The issues every racing tipster should tackle as per odds movement and avoiding tipping to early in the market.
  • Self-analysis, improving methods and why Quentin feels he may have under performed!
  • Quentin’s experience with specific independent bookmakers and why being limited by Oddschecker firms is not the end of the world for getting bets down

If you would like to learn more about Quentin’s service and how you can sign up, our Quentin Franks Racing page has detailed information alongside a full betting history.


2022 was a great year for the SBC Podcast with a wide variety of guests from all walks of life – from pro punters to bookmakers and every one else inbetween.

More episodes are planned for 2023 and if you have any feedback or wish to request a guest for an interview on the Smart Betting Club Podcast, please send us a message on Twitter @SBCinfo or via email: