September Tipster Profit Report – The top sports tipster of the past 12 months made a staggering £10,712.25 profit using a £2000 bank

Is betting on horse racing your go to sport?

Perhaps you prefer betting on football?

Or maybe golf betting is your number one choice – also a firm SBC favourite.

Whatever you like to bet on, the recently released September 2021 Tipster Profit Report covers pretty much every serious betting sport out there and is bound to have an angle that will fit into your betting portfolio.

From football, horse racing and golf to tennis, basketball and darts.

The report will show you just how successful some of the top betting services are – and let you know how much profit you can expect to make from following them.

Here’s a taster of how we break the report down into the information you need to know in order to pick a winning service.

Best Low Cost Racing Service

Looking to test the water on a racing service? Or perhaps you’re looking to build your betting bank before fully committing?

The Best Low Cost Racing Service table features the best low cost horse racing tipsters.

Each one of these tipsters will have an average cost of no more than £30 per month.

As you can see you can still get plenty of bang for your buck!

Best All Time Tipster Service

The greatest to ever do it.

If it’s not in this list then it’s likely not worth your attention.

These are the top 25 tipsters of all time rated by total annual profit using a £2000 bank.

Some of these services are making some serious cash!

Best Tipster Service Last 12 Months

And just to show you that some of these services have not gone off the boil, we break down the best performers of the last 12 months; again using a £2000 bank.

Here you can see some pretty staggering ROC figures (bank growth).

Best Low Workload Sports Service

Your final Tipster Profit Report taster is the Best Low Workload Sports Service table.

As the name suggests, here you will find the services that require the least effort, but can still turn a healthy profit.

We measure this by services that average 40 or less bets per month.

Get Details on Every Tipster in the Full Tipster Profit Report

In The September 2021 Tipster Profit Report you get 18 betting performance tables, plus the Hall of Fame reports and details of SBC savings and free trials available including several free to follow experts.

To access this gold mine of information that is likely the best way to find a profitable tipster out there you will need an SBC membership.

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September 2021 Tipster Profit Report – The most comprehensive betting report out there

If you are trying to find a quality tipster and one with a long term record of success then the newly released September 2021 SBC Tipster Profit report is a must read.

With over 50 tipsters featured, this is the most extensive betting report we produce…it really does not get bigger than this when it comes to reviewing betting services. 

It’s the best way to see which services are performing and which are not and we go into great detail about their performance including how much money you could have made as a subscriber.

The report lets you separate the good from the bad, and the good from the exceptional. 

In the September 2021 Tipster Profit Report you will get access to…

  • Our unique Best Buy Tables to keep you fully informed
  • Independent SBC ratings for 50 tipsters
  • Details of SBC savings and free trials available including several free to follow experts
  • The best tipster services over the last 12 months starting with a £2000 betting bank

But is it really possible to make money with tipsters?

If you do have doubts about making money from tipsters, this report, along with an SBC membership can show you exactly how it is possible to make a healthy income from betting.

With the right guidance and expertise on the best tipsters to follow, an SBC membership will give you everything you need to know to start making your betting a success.

There is a reason that the Smart Betting Club has been in operation since 2006 – and that is the success we have brought to our members. Not many services last a few years, let alone more than 16 in this industry unless they bring genuine value to the table like we do.

Many people wrongly think they can beat the bookmaker on their own. The truth is you really need expert help, guidance and an understanding of who the best tipsters are to really give yourself every chance to make a profit betting. Most people who go it alone – fail!

To show you just how lucrative it can be to follow some of these experts, take a look at the preview below from the September 2021 Tipster Profit Report that shows profit for the top 10 services over the last 12 months.

The names have been blurred out as this is for SBC members eyes only, but it does show how  possible it is to make money with tipsters!

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Special new podcast/video on using AI to win betting on tennis & taking on bookmaker restrictions in court

The latest SBC podcast is out now and features my interview with professional bettor, Miguel Figueres about his usage of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to win betting on Tennis and his ongoing court battles with bookmakers who employ account restrictions on his accounts.

It’s safe to say that this is a must listen podcast for anyone interested in smart betting – especially if account restrictions have impacted you. Download links follow…

Using his Tennis algorithm, Miguel grew a bank of 200 Euros into 8000 Euros with one bookmaker, which then led to him setting up the SBC Hall of Fame rated service, Winner Odds for other users to back each of the value tennis bets his program uncovered.

As a successful bettor, Miguel has been impacted by bookmaker account restrictions and he also outlines his own legal battles with several firms, including Bet365 where he is challenging the clauses they rely upon to limit accounts.

Miguel and others have been engaged in an ongoing legal battle against these bookmakers since 2019 in Spain and he shares his experience on this process, what has taken place to date and his hopes for the future.

He also provides insight into why Spain has become a central point for this fight against restrictions, plus examples of how you can use GDPR laws in the EU to have bookmakers delete your data as well as a successful case he won against 888bet.

Listen To The Podcast

You can download this episode via the following directory links (or search ‘Smart Betting Club’ wherever you listen to pods)




You can also watch Miguel and Pete record the podcast via the SBC YouTube Channel.

Discover more and get the 50 Euros Winner Odds discount

Winner Odds is a long-running ‘Hall of Fame’ rated tipster service – one which we highly recommend to our members as one to follow to make them money betting.

As a Smart Betting Club member you can read our detailed review of Winner Odds, ongoing updates on performance and obtain an exclusive 50 Euro discount on the cost of Winner Odds.


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I have kept SBC memberships as low as I possibly can for years now. This is based on my desire to play fair and try and help as many of you as possible by pricing if affordably.

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We told you this football strategy was good…here is the proof (3 X betslips)

In the latest SBC Magazine – Issue 124, my team and I published a very detailed review of the winning football betting strategy for usage within bookmaker shops.

Well the good news is that its been working well since football returned and I have several winning bet slips from the weekend just gone to prove this to you!

First of all, I want to show you the best returning betslip (which I placed) – one that hit 6 out of 7 winners and netted a cool £1,463.18 profit.

Only the shortest priced bet of all – West Ham let us down after throwing away a lead twice!

And there was more!

As if more proof was needed, we also obtained some slips from another bettor using the strategy who made a £865 & £1014 in profit respectively from the following betslips


Skin in the Game

So there you go – real life evidence of the strategy in action and SBC’s skin in the game following it ourselves.

Don’t forget – these bets are placed in bookmaker shops meaning no name given, no account restrictions and the opportunity to get more money down.

It really is an amazing strategy that I am loving using!

Find out more about it here –

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor