3 tipsters revealed from March’s report including a service thats turned £1000 into £9500+ in under 4 years

The latest Tipster Profit Report from the SBC Team is out now and it contains over 40 tipsters reviewed, across multiple sports, price points and membership options.

All told, it’s a surefire way to find a profitable tipster that fits your budget and betting portfolio strategy.

Today I wanted to give you a taster of some of the fantastic services reviewed in the report, so you can get an idea of the sort of betting content on offer and how it might help you in your profitable betting journey.


First up we have Kieran Ward’s 13/2 – 8/1 service, which picks out horses he sees as value between you guessed it – 13/2 and 8/1.

Kieran is a veteran of the betting space and runs a number of profitable horse racing tipping services including this one. The great thing about this service is that he gives his tips away for free to Smart Betting Club members.

With long term results being as good as they are, it’s great to see Kieran’s 13/2 – 8/1 offering as part of the SBC membership package.

58 points of profit through 2021, at 11.4% ROI is a big reason for its popularity especially when a fee is not charged.

Since July 2011, the service is just shy of 1,00 points profit at an ROI of 10.58%.


Winner Odds is a fantastic tennis value betting surface that is reviewed in the report and if taking all bets at average odds, would have returned over £12,000 in profit from a £2000 betting bank in the last 12 months. It was by far our best performing betting sports betting (i.e not horse racing) service and also tops the SBC all time profit list as well.

To break down the 2021 numbers a little further, over 600 points were returned at 5% ROI from the 12,118 average odds picks, which is some going!

With an advised 80 point bank this an astronomical 625% ROC if all bets were taken – something we recognise is unlikely but even if taking a proportion of them, its a great service with a great edge.

March’s tipster report has all the numbers for this high quality service and also contains a significant £50 discount on the price of joining Winner Odds if holding an SBC membership.


Golf remains a firm favourite of many an SBC member and its easy to see why when you look at the returns of the likes of Weekly Golf Value – one of the stars of this report.

Starting from a £1000 base almost 4 years ago, the current bank has risen to £9575.44 – at an ROI of 38.34%.

We know many people like internet challenges like ‘Turn £1000 into £10,000’ and this service has almost achieved that – just by backing a dozen or so golfers each week.

Weekly Golf Value is ideal for those of you looking for a profitable betting service that doesn’t take up too much of your time. Again there are discounts for SBC members.


Like the sound of these 3 tipsters?

Well with over 40 tipsters reviewed in the March Tipster Profit Report, including the trio above, we’re confident you’ll find a service that is a perfect fit for your betting portfolio.

The report also features our latest Hall of Fame (HOF) ratings, which are the best services we recommend you use. Very often a Hall of Fame rating has been won over a long period of time, with the majority of tipsters listed within it having a track record dating back several years.

Longevity and consistency of profits is key to receiving a Hall of Fame rating.

Each service is independently reviewed with no affiliate deals in place whatsoever so you can be sure the reviews are trustworthy and that we’re on your side.


An SBC membership grants you access to the report and a host of other great features, all designed to help you make money with betting.

It’s a great time to sign-up too as our memberships are currently at super low prices, starting from as little as £37.99 + VAT for 3 months.

It gets even better value if you choose a longer-term membership instead.

At these prices you can often make back the subscription fee with the numerous exclusive discounts and free trials we have available.

Plus we’re so confident that you’ll love our subscription that we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked for up to 90 days, depending on your membership term.

If you have yet to make a profit betting OR if you are looking to add more profit on top of what you already make, then the time to get started is right away.

As soon as you sign-up you are given INSTANT access to the Smart Betting Club members area and all of our expert betting content.

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September Tipster Profit Report – The top sports tipster of the past 12 months made a staggering £10,712.25 profit using a £2000 bank

Is betting on horse racing your go to sport?

Perhaps you prefer betting on football?

Or maybe golf betting is your number one choice – also a firm SBC favourite.

Whatever you like to bet on, the recently released September 2021 Tipster Profit Report covers pretty much every serious betting sport out there and is bound to have an angle that will fit into your betting portfolio.

From football, horse racing and golf to tennis, basketball and darts.

The report will show you just how successful some of the top betting services are – and let you know how much profit you can expect to make from following them.

Here’s a taster of how we break the report down into the information you need to know in order to pick a winning service.

Best Low Cost Racing Service

Looking to test the water on a racing service? Or perhaps you’re looking to build your betting bank before fully committing?

The Best Low Cost Racing Service table features the best low cost horse racing tipsters.

Each one of these tipsters will have an average cost of no more than £30 per month.

As you can see you can still get plenty of bang for your buck!

Best All Time Tipster Service

The greatest to ever do it.

If it’s not in this list then it’s likely not worth your attention.

These are the top 25 tipsters of all time rated by total annual profit using a £2000 bank.

Some of these services are making some serious cash!

Best Tipster Service Last 12 Months

And just to show you that some of these services have not gone off the boil, we break down the best performers of the last 12 months; again using a £2000 bank.

Here you can see some pretty staggering ROC figures (bank growth).

Best Low Workload Sports Service

Your final Tipster Profit Report taster is the Best Low Workload Sports Service table.

As the name suggests, here you will find the services that require the least effort, but can still turn a healthy profit.

We measure this by services that average 40 or less bets per month.

Get Details on Every Tipster in the Full Tipster Profit Report

In The September 2021 Tipster Profit Report you get 18 betting performance tables, plus the Hall of Fame reports and details of SBC savings and free trials available including several free to follow experts.

To access this gold mine of information that is likely the best way to find a profitable tipster out there you will need an SBC membership.

With a membership, not only will you get this report but you’ll also get access to the rest of the goodies that SBC membership provides.

Tipster Reports, free profitable tipsters and discounts to some of the best betting services around are just some of the benefits that you can enjoy as an SBC member; each benefit designed to help improve your betting whatever level of experience you may have.

As soon as you sign-up you are given INSTANT access to the Smart Betting Club members area and all of our expert betting content.

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Anatomy of a profitable tipster: 5 KEY pointers to find a genuine tipping expert


I recently released the 2nd review from SBC’s 2018 Best Tipster Guide, focusing in great detail on one of the very best tipsters my review team and I have ever had the pleasure to examine.

But exactly what is it that the SBC review team (and therefore you) should look for in a tipster?

And what qualities does a tipster have for us to enter it into our Best Tipster Guide?

To help answer these questions, today I want to explore the anatomy of a profitable tipster with 5 KEY pointers for you to consider when weighing up whether a tipping service is for you or not.

To help, I will be using this latest Best Tipster Guide expert as a reference point and tackling topics like staking plans, profit levels, exchange backing, odds availability & much more besides…

Here then is my 5 point guide to finding a genuine tipping expert...

1) Long-term, consistent & realistic profit

Just like football managers, tipsters live and die based upon the results they achieve. If they don’t make a simple profit for you (over and above the cost of joining) then there really is no point to them.

Once there is a profit to view, then its also important that it is both relatively consistently achieved and realistic. You would be amazed at how many ‘profitable tipsters’ are nothing of the sort on this front.

For example – I recently explored a tipster with on the face of it a profitable record from over 800 bets, yet by digging into their results I found this record was massively skewed by a 200/1 winner. The profits from that 1 bet aside, the service had made a combined loss from the other 799 bets!

Contrasting with this, our Best Tipster Guide (BTG) expert has a consistent, long-term record with a profit from each season active. Some seasons higher, some lower but each profitable and an average seasonal profit of around 45 points.


This general consistency is further backed up by the profit graph below that is useful as we can see any spikes (like a 200/1 winner) that might suggest problems.

Beyond a small plateau between the 600 and 700 bet marker, its been generally smooth upward progress for our BTG expert.


2) A staking plan that works

When a tipster has a profitable strategy, one other simple way they can maximise this is through a staking plan.

The theory here is that you should stake more when there is greater perceived value from a tip and less when the opposite applies.

Once again our BTG expert ticks these boxes and by viewing their staking plan, we can see how the greater the amount staked, the greater the ROI.


For example, the smaller staked bets (0.25 points) return a 16.8% ROI, whereas the maximum staked bets (1.5 to 2 points) hit a 38.8% ROI.

Proof positive this expert knows where the value lies as the greater you stake, the greater your profit.

3) Odds you can actually get

In today’s modern betting world, we must also be aware of the issues we might suffer in trying to get our bets on.

Bookmakers shift prices very quickly at the smallest sign of shrewd money on a racing bet, especially those placed early away from the big race meetings.

Even if you do manage to obtain a good price for your bet, if it should win and especially if it shortens in price dramatically before the off, you run every chance of suffering a bookmaker account restriction or closure.

Which is why its important to follow a tipster that takes this into consideration. If they are putting up a 33/1 hot racing tip at 6pm the night before racing and not accounting for any price movement should the odds be slashed, its a problem.

Again though, our BTG expert leads the way here with a policy of only tipping in big raceswhen markets are already formed and when you are able to back them easily in shops.

He explains more on his fair policy here:

Whenever I issue a tip now, it is my belief that it is possible for people to back it in bookmaker shops, should they choose to do so.

So, if I issue a tip the day before a race, it will be in races which are generally priced up at that time; whilst those tips issued in the morning, are only issued when shops are open and the horses can be backed within them.

I’ve actually got a few guys in the service who do exactly this (they have no online accounts) – and they achieve around 90% of the prices by backing in shops.

This also means that the prices of all the tips are relatively robust, because the markets have some maturity. Therefore, it should be possible to back the horses at (or close to) the price specified an hour or so later both with bookmakers and on exchanges.

My focus on big races, helps massively in this whole area, because they tend to be competitive fields, and therefore most of the horses get backed.”

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4) Backable on the Exchanges

Leading on from this last point – if you are restricted or shut down by the bookies, then the best route open to you is that of betting exchanges.

Smarkets, Matchbook & Betdaq are all now improving, low commission alternatives to Betfair and offer a genuine route to punters unable to bet with bookies.

Exchanges allow you to win as much as you want and won’t shut you down. They welcome your business, even if you are a winner.

Best of all, our BTG expert is one you can follow on the exchanges with only a 2.6% ROI drop (after exchange commission) from the sample of data we gathered following them with Smarkets.


So rather than obtaining the 30.1% ROI as seen in my first point, you might instead make 2.6% less = 27.5% ROI. Still a very strong edge.

During the study, bets were generally placed between 9.30 and 10.15am, roughly 45 minutes to 1.5 hours after bet release.The sample size was decent – 508 bets and in short, the results demonstrated that backing these selections on big race days is viable on the Exchanges:

5) Affordable & easy to follow

Last but not least, there are some sensible things any good tipster will think about – namely the price and how and when they supply tips.

The price is right

The cost of any tipster should be reasonable and will allow you to make plenty of profit beyond it. The profit also should be within your reach to make a profit without staking at huge levels.

Our BTG expert charges just £250 for a full NH season and averages around 45 points profit each time out. Even a simple £50 per point strategy would see you make around 10X the cost of joining in an average season.

Time of bet supply

Its important to also have a clear understanding of how many bets are supplied by the tipster and when they are sent on.

If tips come through at random times with no warning then realistically how are you going to be setup to follow them properly? They might send them at 10pm one day and 10am the next. If you need to get on them quickly then you will often miss out on value altogether.

Again, the BTG expert ticks the boxes here as he uses three possible tipping windows: 17.00-18.00 the evening before racing, 8.30-9.30 am, and 11.00-12.00am.

You know therefore when to look out for possible bets and when exactly they might be heading your way.

Thanks For Reading..

Hopefully these 5 key points will help to guide you towards those genuinely profitable tipsters that can help you make money betting.

There are naturally more than just 5 points to consider for every tipster but the 5 above are some of the most important and where many punters are unwittingly caught out.

Reviewing and tracking tipsters is what we do best here at the Smart Betting Club – having been at the heart of the industry since 2006.

For those of you after more information on our service, you can read about our tipster review process here and crucially our 100% independent stance.

More details on the Best Tipster Guide can also be found here.

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See you on the inside.

Read more on how the Best Tipster Guide can help YOU

Best Regards,

Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club Editor


Updated: How Much We Have Made Betting This Year (So Far)

Yesterday I published my interview with the SBC member up £4,200 in just 2 months from following some of the top tipsters recommended by my team here at the Smart Betting Club.

And to further showcase how easy it can be to make money betting, today I have more evidence of the profits being made following tipsters by SBC blogger, Rowan Day.

Rowan writes about the tipsters he follows on the free Bet Diary blog and inside his latest interim report (which you can download below), he writes about the exact profits made so far this year.

The good news is that its been another profitable year for him….Providing yet more evidence (were it needed) that the top rated tipsters we recommend are well worth following.

Click the link below now to read his latest report on the profits he is making!

Download Rowan’s Bet Diary Report PDF


159.55% Betting Bank Growth

Rowan’s simple and easy to follow tipster portfolio has been reaping great dividends ever since he first began writing about it on the Bet Diary in April 2015.

Since then, from this low-maintenance set of tipsters, he has made a total of 159.55% Betting Bank Growth and accumulated some excellent profits along the way.

The 159.55% figure is of great interest as it indicates just how a betting bank will have grown in relation to these profits.

If for example, Rowan began with £2,000 in April 2015, then 159.55% growth would have made him a £3,190 profit by the end of October 2017.

Not bad for placing just a handful of bets each day. Yet the profits could be far better…

Here are a few more examples of how the 159.55% figure would have helped with different starting points:

£5,000 Starting Bank in April 2015: Profit of £7,975.00

£15,000 Starting Bank in April 2015: Profit of £23,925.00

£25,000 Starting Bank in April 2015: Profit of £39,875.00

£50,000 Starting Bank in April 2015: Profit of £79,750.00

So whatever size bank you start with, there is an exceptional return available to you.

Whatever your background, experience or thoughts on tipsters – we know that here at the Smart Betting Club, our reports and reviews can make a difference to your betting bottom-line.

Helping you towards the goal of making money betting with tipsters.

Read More On The Bet Diary

If you want to read more from Rowan, then for the past 2 1/2 years, he has been writing a free weekly betting blog called the ‘Bet Diary‘ for SBC, through which he has outlined the ongoing profit (and occasional losses) the tipsters he follows have made.

Rowan follows just a handful of tipsters, which are a mixture of horse racing, football and golf tipsters that suit him and his commitments.

Its just one, very useful example of how with the right information you can beat the bookies (or exchanges) long-term.

Updated weekly, check out the Bet Diary for the latest from Rowan.

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How To Copy Or Even Improve On Rowan’s Profits

If you are keen to emulate Rowan (or even to simply copy his approach!) then you might like to consider a Smart Betting Club membership.

We provide you with all the information (both theoretical and practical) to help you make the most of betting for profit using professional tipsters.

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Revealed: One Man’s Summer of Profits Following 6 Tipsters

To help showcase how YOU can realistically make money betting with tipsters, make sure you read the latest blog posts from SBC writer, Rowan Day on his own profitable betting performance this Summer.

Via his FREE Bet Diary Blog, Rowan details the performance of his tipster portfolio and exactly how much he has made (or lost) each month following them in.

Its fair to say its been an outstanding summer so far for him with 4 very profitable months, rounded off most recently by a 12.03% ROI and 6.88% Betting Bank Growth (AKA Return on Capital – ROC) made in August. Best of all, 5 out of the 6 tipsters he follows made a profit last month.

Here is what Rowan has achieved so far since his new ‘betting year’ began in April 2017:

All told, he has made an overall Betting Bank Growth (ROC) of 29.82% in just 4 months – nicely on target for another winning year.

Read His 2016/17 Bet Diary Profit Report (FREE)

The profits made by Rowan this summer are no flash in the pan as he has been betting profitably following tipsters for several years.

To highlight more on this, you can download FREE Rowan’s 2017 Bet Diary Profit Report, which illustrates the exact profits he made in the 2016/17 tax year following tipsters.

The good news is that it was another profitable year for him….Providing yet more evidence (were it needed) that the top rated tipsters we recommend are well worth following!

Click this link or the banner below to download your free Bet Diary PDF Report

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How To Match Or Even Improve On Rowan’s Profits

For the past 2 & 1/2 years, Rowan has been writing the ‘Bet Diary‘ blog for the Smart Betting Club, through which he has outlined the ongoing profit (and occasional losses) the tipsters he follows have made.

Check out the Bet Diary every fortnight for the latest from Rowan.

If you are keen to emulate Rowan (or even to simply copy his approach!) then you might like to consider a Smart Betting Club membership.

We provide you with all the information (both theoretical and practical) to help you make the most of betting for profit using professional tipsters.

Through access to the Smart Betting Club you can read all of our reports and magazines on the best tipsters for you to follow.

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10 Informed Tipster Ratings To Help You & Your Betting

Earlier this week saw the release of the very latest SBC Tipster Profit Report, featuring updated tipster league tables, tipster ratings and recommendations on the best betting experts to follow in 2017.

Did you know that for each of the tipsters we report back on, you can also find a dedicated ‘Key Facts’ tipster ratings page, which provide unique and informative ratings on everything they offer?

Whether it be the profits a tipster is making, how much they cost, how patient you might have to be if following or even just how achievable their advised odds might be – we regularly update these tipster ratings to keep you fully up to speed on just who the best (and sometimes worst) tipsters actually are.


Tipster Ratings & How They Can Help You

My team and I rate each tipster we monitor on 10 different aspects of the service they offer. This is based on a scale of 1 (very bad) to 5 (very good) and we constantly update these ratings to ensure they are relevant.

To help showcase how they can help you, here is a brief guide to the ratings we provide for each tipster and exactly what they indicate:

Returns (AKA Profits!): This is always the first rating we supply as ultimately a tipster is only as good as the profits it can make you. The greater the profit, ROI or betting bank growth, then the higher this rating will be!

Risk: There is always an element or risk in following any tipster, yet for some the level of risk is greater than others. For example, a tipster with only a 1-year history of profitable tips is in essence a riskier proposition than a tipster with a 5-year profitable record.
Equally a tipster that chops and changes strategy every few months is going to rate poorly compared to an expert with a more settled method. Our risk rating communicates exactly how ‘safe’ your money might be when following a tipster.

Cost: Exactly how much does a tipster charge and how does that compare with others offering a similar service? The cost rating rewards those offering the best value for money service and helps you find the best, more affordable expert.

Odds Availability: For many tipsters, especially those supplying racing tips, odds availability is a critical tipster rating. After all, if you as a potential customer of a tipster are unable to obtain the odds they claim, then there is little reason in following them.
We base our odds availability rating on the in-depth odds tracking we perform in each review we publish. This odds tracking gauges the individual price movements of any advised tip over time (e.g. after 15, 30, 60 minutes) and compare it to the results the service utilises. The easier it is to obtain or improve on the settled odds, the greater this rating and appeal to you as a potential member of their tipping service.

Transparency: With this rating, we relate just how open and honest a tipster is. For example – do they publish accurate and detailed results on their website or do they keep them hidden from view? Transparency and openness is key in the tipster industry.

Customer Service: We also keenly observe the customer service experience you might receive if a member of any given tipping service. How quickly do they reply to emails and how do they treat you as a customer? This rating outlines our experience and understanding of the quality of service on offer.

Suggested Portfolio Weighting: Should you choose to join a tipster, exactly how much money and what proportion of your betting bank should you apply to them? This rating outlines our recommendation, based on our overall confidence in the service and the strength of our ratings.

Patience: How long might you need assign in terms of time to ensure a clear profit from following any given tipster? Our patience rating outlines this and is based on the profile of the tipster, their historical record and the odds/strike-rate they operate to.

Points Betting Bank: For each tipster we analyse, we also suggest the size ‘points betting bank’ we advocate you use to maximise your profits. This is designed to cover potential losing runs and maximise winning runs without ever going ‘bust’! Its all part of the money management advice we provide to help you make the most from your betting.

Recommendation: Our final rating provides an overall guide to the recommendation we currently apply to any tipster. The higher a tipster rates and the longer it has been in service, then the greater the recommendation for you to purchase a subscription with them.

Currently we provide each tipster with one of the following 5 recommendations:

  1. Strong Buy – We fully recommend this service as one to follow.
  2. Speculative Buy – We recommend this service although with some noticeable caveats, which can be observed in their SBC review.
  3. Hold – If you have a current subscription to this service, we recommend you continue to follow. Those of you without a subscription to the service, should not start following.
  4. Watch – A tipster we need to observe further. We do not recommend anyone joins and if you do have a subscription, we recommend you proceed with extreme caution.
  5. Sell – We do not currently recommend. If you hold a subscription, we recommend you stop following.

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Get A Fully Informed Tipster View

All the ratings when combined can help provide you with a fully informed view of just who the best tipsters might be to suit your preferences.

  • If you are looking for the most affordable tipster going – then the cost rating will help
  • Perhaps you are looking for the safest tipster out there – if so, the risk rating is your friend
  • Maybe you simply want to join the tipster with highest profits – the returns rating is what you need.

As we list 10 ratings for each of the 57 tipsters we currently track – in total you can currently access 570 different ratings as an SBC member. More than enough to help you find the right tipster for you!

Hall of Fame & Member Funded

To help you even further, we also put the very best tipsters in our ‘Hall of Fame’, which is our regularly updated list of top tipster recommendations.

Best of all, as the Smart Betting Club is 100% member funded, all our ratings and Hall of Fame recommendations are totally independent and affiliate/kickback free – unlike almost all other ‘tipster review’ websites.

We accept no payments or rewards for penning favourable tipster reviews. So if we say a tipster is good, it’s because they genuinely are, not because we have been paid to say so!

(And if you want to know more about this – feel free to search for other tipster review sites and see how they link to the tipsters they feature. Very often they will use affiliate links such as from clickbank or their own in-house affiliate programs, which pay the reviewer a share of income if you join the tipster services they recommend)

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Up To £35 On An SBC Membership!

You can pick up your copy of the latest Tipster Profit Report and access all of our tipster ratings, the instant you join our service at the Smart Betting Club.

You can also now join and save up to £35 as part of our specially discounted 2017 membership prices. 

Making it a great time to sign-up and see how we can help you and your betting!

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Peter Ling
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