May betting review.

For the most part this year, I have been waiting for the racing services to all come together as a group to produce a strong profit.  One or two of the services have performed well at times, but collectively they had yet to show us what they can do.  May has shown what can happen when they all fire at the same time.

It’s been an excellent month.  Only  one service – Pinpoint Golf – has provided a loss.  All of the racing services have performed admirably, each generating a double figure rate of bank growth.

Chasemaster:  It’s fair to say that 2017 had yet to see Chasemaster fly, but looking at the history of the service we see a pattern emerge; we often have periods of treading water interspersed with bursts of strong profitability.  These might result from a short term purple patch or perhaps a very long-priced winner or two.  What this means is that we need to exercise patience.  That patience was rewarded this month.  Staked 25.5pts, +10.48pts, ROI 41.12%, ROC 10.48%.

Jason James:  After a spell that provoked one JJ follower to email me to ask if I had any concerns about Jason’s tipping, May proved to be a fruitful month for the service.  At one point it felt that Jason was knocking in big winner after big winner just for the hell of it.  I hope that JJ member who was concerned didn’t lose faith and stuck with it!  Staked 92pts, +61.468pts, ROI 66.74%, ROC 30.7%.

Morning Value Service (Lite):  For a service that generally goes about it’s business in a rather quiet and understated way, there were days of explosion from MVS (Lite) this month.  Thursday 11th saw five winners from six bets for an 11 point profit, and Tuesday 23rd witnessed a full house from four bets for another 11.5 points!  Anyone doing the ‘Doubles’ strategy would have cleaned up!  What has been very noticeable from following this service through May is the advantage of BOG.  Those four winners on the 23rd all went off at a longer price than that advised and the difference adds up. Thankfully, I’ve so far largely been able to maintain my BOG concessions from my new accounts, simply by splitting up my bets across different books and keeping stakes at each pretty low.  Long may it continue!  Staked 71pts, +16.375pts, ROI 23.06%, ROC 16.37%.

Northern Monkey:  Of all the racing services in the portfolio, this was the one who for a large part of the month, looked like it was finding the going a little sticky.  Then, on the last day of the month, it came up with the goods to end up with a very nice profit indeed.  Two horses, each backed singly and also as a double, did the business.  Lovely stuff!  Funnily enough, this came just a few days after an email from Wayne saying that he felt his tips were running well but without much luck, and that he believed a “profit explosion” wasn’t too far away.  He’s clairvoyant, that man!  Staked 108.325pts, +18.283pts, ROI 16.87%, ROC 22.85%.

Racing Service B:  Like the other racing services, Will excelled through May.  Guest starring for a week on At The Races was not enough to put him out of his stride and a 14/1 winning tip at the big Chester meeting mid-month set the tone.  Staked 110pts, +25.55pts, ROI 23.22%, ROC 12.77%.

Pinpoint Golf:  The only service this month to hit a bum note.  Of most interest in May though was a data analyst exercise carried out by PG that uncovered some interesting findings.  Sensibly waiting until the dataset was of a size to make such an exercise statistically relevant, the outcome has been a slight change in betting strategy moving forward.  The bank size recommended has also been increased, which is a change I have made to my own bank from 1st June.  All we need now is a winner or two! 🙂  Staked 138.5pts, -52.09pts, ROI -37.61%, ROC -26.04%.

Football Service 1:  Not a huge amount to say really, as May was a quiet month as the domestic leagues wound down.  It has however, been another successful season for the Combo System, and I look forward to following again through 2017/18.  Staked 8pts, +1.24pts, ROI 15.5%, ROC 2.48%.

So there we have it; a darned good month…

Portfolio ROI 16.71%, ROC 9.94%.

More of the same through June would be very nice indeed.  Here’s hoping.


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