Month: February 2018

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The time to act…is NOW!

One message I am constantly trying to get through to my kids as they grow older, is that instead of moaning and grumbling about  situation they don’t like, they should get up off their backsides and do something about it.  I’ve little time for folk who moan and whinge but who are too lethargic and/or lazy to at least attempt change.  I guess it’s a life lesson, and one I hope they learn.

What’s this got to do with us and our betting?  Well, let me ask you this…for how long have we all been complaining about unfair bookmaking practices?  For how long have we complained, mainly amongst ourselves, of being restricted to pennies on a bet we want to place, of opening an account only to have it closed again just days later, and of bookmakers accepting our deposits without question but making it more difficult to withdraw our funds than it is to nick the Crown Jewels?

So when we hear that the UK Gambling Commission wants to hear from and consult with punters as part of their analysis of their member’s (ie. the bookmakers) ‘Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice)’ then we really do need to respond.  We need to let the UKGC know of our frustrations about our lack of ability to place a bet.  If we truly want to see the introduction of a new condition for holding a bookmaking license here in the UK that the bookmaker must stand a bet to a certain liability, as is the case in some parts of Australia, then NOW is the time to let the UKGC know!

All points must be made to the Gambling Commission in a respectful, considerate and logical way.  We need to calmly explain our issues and concerns.  A rant will not do.  Think of a defence lawyer building a case in court on behalf of his or her client – a jury will be more impressed and influenced by a rational closing speech that highlights in a logical way, the evidence that demands his client must be judged as not guilty.

The review and consultation being initiated by the UKGC is not limited solely to unfair account closures and restrictions.  They’re also looking at dispute resolution procedures.

To register your opinions and comments, simply email to:

This is a real opportunity to make a difference and to do something about out punting plight – so let’s not be mute.  Who knows when we might have another chance to have our voices heard?

Betting from Monday 19th February – Sunday 25th February

A slow week, but you know what?  I’ll take that after the previous two weeks which as you read last week, were nothing short of extremely hard work!

The figures show a marginal ROI and ROC, but at least there were no massive ups and downs.  Hopefully this will be the start of a good run.

It was a good week for… the Morning Value (Lite) service who reversed what had been a terrible first half to the month to actually put itself into profit!  Wednesday and Thursday saw four winners from four bets and by dint of a couple of the selections drifting in price the returns were strong. Of course this meant that the MVS Multiples benefited and from going what seemed like weeks without a successful double, we had two in two days!

Figures for February to date:

AH Edge: Staked 54pts, +5.856pts, ROI 10.84%, ROC 9.76%.

Racing Service C: Staked 25pts, -10.9pts, ROI -43.6%, ROC -10.9%.

Football Service 1: Staked 26pts, -2.792pts, ROI -10.73%, ROC -5.58%.

Jason James: Staked 97pts, -32.162pts, ROI -33.15%, ROC -16.08%.

MVS: Staked 45pts, +1.5pts, ROI 3.33%, ROC 1.66%.

MVS (Multiples): Staked 94pts, -15.5pts, ROI -16.48%, ROC -3.87%.

Northern Monkey: Staked 50.625pts, -29.412pts, ROI -58.09%, ROC -36.76%.

Pilelist Racing: Staked 26.833pts, -12.975pts, ROI 48.35%, ROC -17.3%.

Racing Service A: Staked 25pts, +44pts, ROI 176%, ROC 73.33%.

Racing Service B: Staked 53.5pts, +10.994pts, ROI 20.54%, ROC 5.49%.

Week’s Total: ROI 1.26%, ROC 0.11%.

Month’s Total: ROI 0.08%, ROC 0.03%.

It’s a funny old game.

Bloomin’ ‘eck!  What a month this has been so far!

You know all that stuff about diversification and how spreading risk across a number of different services ought to help smooth the ride a bit?  Well, I guess if we take this month to date as an example, that theory has proven to be entirely accurate.  My bottom line figures up to and including last Sunday (18th) is that my ROI is -0.22% and my overall bank growth -0.08%. In other words, almost dead even.

To all appearances then, things look boring.  Not losing, not winning.  Just toddling along waiting for the next profit jump.  Scratch at the surface a little though, and you can see that these last couple of weeks or so have been anything but!

Before I go into detail, let me explain that generally speaking, if a tipster can generate a double figure bank growth percentage in a month, it’s been a pretty darn good one.  So 10%+ ROC is a strong month.  Of course, -10% or more loss is a bad one.  You follow?  Generally, most fall somewhere between the two extremes.  Now, remember this when I tell you…

…Of the ten services in the portfolio, only one is currently tracking somewhere between 10% and -10% ROC for February to date.  Six tipsters are sadly -10% or worse, three at 10% or better.  One of them is tracking at 77.5% ROC!!!

I’ve had one of my worst ever losing days this month, and one of my best ever day’s return from one service.  I’m telling you, it’s been manic, and quite frankly, I wish to goodness it would all calm down a bit!

It’s been a horrible few weeks for Northern Monkey, Jason James, and the Morning Value (Lite) Service (and by default the multiples).  It’s been an amazing few weeks for Racing Service A, who managed to tip a 40/1 winner over in Ireland and has followed up with a number of other good priced winners!

At times like these it can become difficult to stick to the basics.  There have been an awful lot more losing days than winning ones, and it can become very easy for everything to become a bit of a drag.  It can also be emotionally exhausting when you sit and suffer for a week and then get a mahoosive rush from a 40/1 winner.  So much for staying calm, focused and professional – when that 40/1 shot got home I was shouting, screaming and jumping up and down like a mad thing.  And what’s the overall outcome?  An ROI of -0.22%.  Funny old game, this.

(Figures for February up to and including Sunday 18th)

AH Edge: Staked 45pts, +7.627pts, ROI 16.95%, ROC 12.71%.

Racing Service B: Staked 22pts, -10.5pts, ROI -47.72%, ROC -10.5%.

Football Service 1: Staked 20pts, -1.867pts, ROI -9.33%, ROC -3.73%.

Jason James: Staked 74.5pts, -29.662pts, ROI -39.81%, ROC -14.83%.

Morning Value Service (Lite): Staked 35pts, -14pts, ROI -40%, ROC -15.55%.

Morning Value Service (Multiples): Staked 79pts, -58pts, ROI -73.41%, ROC -14.5%.

Northern Monkey: Staked 37.25pts, -23.537pts, ROI -63.18%, ROC -29.42%.

Pilelist Racing: Staked 16.333pts, -10.083pts, ROI -61.73%, ROC -13.44%.

Racing Service A: Staked 22.5pts, +46.5pts, ROI 206.66%, ROC 77.5%.

Racing Service B: Staked 42pts, +22.494pts, ROI 53.55%, ROC 11.24%.

Total: ROI -0.22%, ROC -0.08%.

January Review


Apologies for what is a somewhat delayed review of January’s betting.  I blame holidays…and having the temerity to take one!

So, what did January bring?  Not a lot, really, and when all was totted up and profit and loss calculated, I was left looking at a small red number indicating that January 2018 is the first losing month in what feels like a long time.

Of the ten services followed, five ended the month in profit and five in loss.

The only notable high performer was Pilelist Racing, who supplied a steady enough stream of winners at good prices to end with an ROI as high as 49.23%.  Chapeau to PR!

New entrant Racing Service C managed to hit a similar level of ROI but turnover was down so actual cash in the hand was not nearly so weighty.  A nod of appreciation too to Racing Service A and Racing Service B.

Northern Monkey’s start to 2018 was not what Wayne would have wished for on New Year’s Eve I’m sure, and it’s been a pretty nasty month for this admirable service and perennial medallist in the SBC Annual Tipping Awards (more on this in my next post).  Losses were also relatively substantial at AH Edge and MVS (Lite).

Here are the figures:

AH Edge: Staked 48pts, -5.1pts, ROI -10.62%, ROC -8.5%.

Racing Service C: Staked 14pts, +6.635pts, ROI 47.39%, ROC 6.63%.

Football Service 1: Staked 19pts, -0.77pts, ROI -4.05%, ROC -1.54%.

Jason James: Staked 84pts, +2.549pts, ROI 3.03%, ROC 1.27%.

MVS (Lite): Staked 35pts, -8.833pts, ROI -25.23%, ROC -9.51%.

MVS (Multiples): Staked 59pts, -18.42pts, ROI -31.22%, ROC -4.6%.

Northern Monkey: Staked 58.5pts, -19.138%, ROI -32.71%, ROC -23.92%.

Pilelist Racing: Staked 28.166pts, +13.866pts, ROI 49.23%, ROC 18.48%.

Racing Service A: Staked 26.25pts, +3.75pts, ROI 14.28%, ROC 6.25%.

Racing Service B: Staked 65pts, +13.137pts, ROI 20.21%, ROC 6.56%.

January Total: ROI -1.32%, ROC -0.53%.