THREE Horse Racing Tipsters Perfect for Profitability on Betfair

Horse Racing. Long-Term Profitability. Excellent Results on Exchanges.

That is the short summary of what you will find in SBC Magazine Issue 135 as we profile three experts who are making it pay for their subscribers at the sharp end of the market (and all without bookmaker accounts!)

Whatever your point on the betting journey – whether you are after a good free expert or paid services to follow, this latest magazine will help!

Inside SBC Issue 135 you will find:

Review 1: The ‘Big Bank Expert’ with 30 years of winning experience brings his new and improved exchange friendly service back for members.

This long-term Hall of Fame service has adjusted its offering to supply minimum prices, making following on exchanges both practical and profitable.

Best of all, you only pay once you have won and SBC Members can get 50% off their first profit cycle!

Review 2: Paul Chandler Burns’ Filtered Pricewise Strategy, which takes the best of Tom Segal’s tips and curates them to smooth out variance and improve profitability.

This is working and Paul, who was a recent #BettingPeople guest, has shared his winning formula with SBC Members for years, producing over 100 points profit in the process.

We discuss the service’s exchange performance, with an emphasis on when and how to play to maximise returns.

Review 3: The Free-To-Follow Daily Value Tipster who shares his tips in video clips, providing concise and well researched reasoning for his selections.

These tips come from a bookmaker-turned-professional punter and with a profitable record dating back 13 years, we can attest to his ability to find an edge!

What this review does is test profitability in the exchange markets. Double-digit ROIs in some of the biggest races is impressive without bookmaker accounts – even more so when you factor in that they are free!

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Over £500,000 profit for this long-term SBC Member!

We recently posted an interview with a Smart Betting Club Member who won over £15,000 using the Bookie Bashing Horse Racing Tracker (all on a restricted account!). This content proved to be very popular with members so we have spoken to another long-term winner about what they do, how they get on and their plans for the future.

This success story is larger in scale (as you will see below) and begins in 2005, showing how our members can adapt with the times as we do!

What do you like most about the Smart Betting Club service?

100% genuine service, no affiliations, massive data on all tipsters including odds availability and ability to actually get on. Also tipsters who are profitable at BF SP, which is basically all I can use.

How many tipster(s) have you followed in the past and who do you follow these days – including those that SBC recommend?

Back in the day I remember following Lawrence from Equine Investments and I was doing £1,000 a point! Looking back is strange cause I can’t manage a score now! The best years we’re around 2006-2008. Now I follow 7 tipsters including PGA profit and the Bookie Bashing Racing Tracker, Golf and Football Coupon methods. Weekly Golf Value, Hanbury Racing and Edwards Tips are others that I follow after reading about their services on The SBC.

What are your betting plans for the future?

I don’t work, this is full time (for now anyway!). The affordability nonsense is a nightmare but I will adapt. I travel a lot so like to leave the betting alone when away. I will continue to bet and I have runners for shops etc. and this is all I’ve known since I started back in 2005.

How much have you made betting since you joined the Smart Betting Club?

Around £525.000 over 18 years. 2005-2009 was where the main chunk came from, I could have anything on! They were slower to restrict obviously and there was no affordability nonsense.

What would you say to others considering an SBC membership?

I recommend SBC because they are a genuine tipster proving service, luckily I found SBC early and only have ever used them. It works hand in hand all the ‘so called best tipsters’ will only use SBC for proving unless they have something to hide! For example odds availability or overnight prices! SBC call them out for this behaviour there not just tracking profit their tracking accessibility and odds availability. If you want to make betting pay then you need to sign up to Smart Betting Club.

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🎧SBC Podcast #57 : Johnny Dineen on punting, bookmaking, media work and much more!

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by someone who has done it all. Bookmaking, professional punting, media work… two Silver medals at 2023’s SBC Awards – welcome to the world of Johnny Dineen!

Johnny has received many plaudits for his ‘Upping The Ante‘ podcast along with his partner David Jennings, making him a household name in UK & Irish racing media.

But this is just a tiny fragment of the story. Johnny is also a full-time punter, a former bookmaker and someone with decades of experience in the betting world.

Having opinions and backing them is a common theme with Johnny and we talk about everything from punting (and laying) horses, the state of the betting industry and his work with the media. This chat was one of the most informative yet so sit back and enjoy a chat with a true racing expert!

You can listen to Episode 57 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

An in depth chat with a true racing expert

In this episode Johnny and I discuss:

  • A changing betting environment and how Johnny has adapted
  • Getting on and the range of methods that a pro punter can employ to get money down
  • Johnny’s selection process and how discussing horses with other judges helps his decision making
  • Favourites, long-shots and how the shape of the market can decide whether Johnny ‘pulls the trigger’
  • Backing vs. laying and how Johnny learnt to trade from both sides of the fence
  • The journey from clerking to going it alone as a bookmaker
  • ‘Kamikaze bookmaking’ and standing out from the crowd
  • How Betfair changed everything
  • Johnny’s transition from being a layer to a backer
  • The publics’ perception of gambling & gamblers
  • Bad behaviour and shoddy service from modern bookmakers
  • The black market and how affordability checks may well change how we bet
  • ‘Upping The Ante’ and Johnny’s other media work
  • Social media and dealing with criticism
  • Plans for the future

Johnny was knowledgeable, funny and has an excellent gambling philosophy, making this podcast a must listen for anyone interested in ‘the game’.

If you would like to know more about Johnny and read his thoughts then his Twitter profile is a good place to start.


🥇SBC Awards Results!🥇 Your Best Tipsters, Websites, Podcasts, Bookies & More

After weeks of speculation, wall-to-wall media coverage and many behind-the-scenes shenanigans (see the report!), the biggest and best betting awards of the year have been settled!

Thousands of votes have been counted, with some categories decided by just a handful of respondents’ preferences.

In the report linked below you can read about everything from the Best Free Horse Racing Tipster and Best Podcast through to the Best and Worst Bookmakers and the Best Betting Expert.

All as decided by YOUR votes!


Prize Draw Winners

Earlier today we also drew at random the winners of the prize draw for entering the SBC Awards. Well done to Ronald C, Simon K & Josh W who won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes!

11.18% ROI, nearly 100 points profit and profitable on exchanges!

All by following one of the country’s leading tipsters!

Tom Segal is one of the most well-known and respected judges in racing. For over two decades his ‘Pricewise’ column has guided followers to profits by selecting horses at value prices.

Despite this success, we all know that there are issues with following tipsters like Tom in such as:

  • Drastic price cuts with bookmakers on the tips he puts up (especially immediately after its advised)
  • Little or no exchange liquidity when bets are advised
  • The need for ‘copy’ to be written and tips advised even when a ‘no bet’ message would be preferred.
  • Long losing runs given preference for larger priced horses

Pricewise with PCB

All of the above and more are reasons why many smart punters feel unable to use tipsters like Tom.

That is until we introduced our solution – Pricewise with PCB.

This service uses a series of filters to curate Tom Segal’s tips, making it easier to follow with bookmakers and even with exchanges!

Run by the professional punter Paul Chandler-Burns, it filters Tom’s bets by

  • Using a more blended staking strategy to reflect different confidence levels
  • Employing each-way/place betting to smooth out variance
  • Filtering bets using data such as RPRs (Racing Post Ratings) and Paul’s own expertise as a professional bettor
  • Adding in PCB’s own bets

Results To Date

It’s fair to say that this curated strategy has been extremely successful.

Since the start of 2022, Tom Segal’s column has had a difficult period, with a small loss over a 514 bet sample if taking ALL of his bets.

Despite this, Pricewise with PCB has recorded a 12.41% ROI over the same time period, outperforming the standard service by over 20 percentage points as you can see below.

This is in line with our proofing period that dates back to 2021, with an overall ROI of 11.18%!

This performance is not just confined to bookmakers either. Results at the Betfair Starting Price (or BSP) are also strong with a 9.49% ROI being reflected in a healthy looking P&L graph.

Learn more & sign up

After 2 years and 4 months of supplying these tips for free to SBC members, Pricewise with PCB is now available to all for a membership fee.

Best of all there is a 10% earlybird discount for those of you subscribing before the 10th June 2023.

You can learn more about Pricewise with PCB by visiting the service’s SBC page.

Here, you will find detailed analysis, a deeper explanation of the service’s edge and a bet-by-bet record so that you can assess the data in greater detail.

Pricewise with PCB joins 6 other members of our SBC Racing stable.