“Best service I have ever followed…I am up 5k since February” – The free tipster with rave reviews

It has been an outstanding 12 months for one of our free tipsters at SBC: The Betting Man and whilst their time with us is now coming to an end, their performance only serves to highlight how our free tipsters can give you a head-start with your betting.

All told, since he began sharing his tips for free with SBC members in November 2017, The Betting Man has made 317.4 points profit at 27.82% ROI from 613 bets.

That’s over £3000 at simple £10 stakes…not bad for a free tipster!

Yet don’t take my word – listen instead to these SBC members on their experiences following The Betting Man…

“Best service I have ever followed as the tips are on the same day not the night before like so many tipsters so the odds are available to within half a point or so on the exchanges. Personally I am up over 5k since February “

“I’ve seen an ROI on his selections of 29% which is remarkable

“I’ve got nothing but positive things to say about my experience with The Betting Man. Very simple to follow, reliable and profitable- all the key things you want from a service.

“My total profit is 1226,00 € from the 1st May, with ROI of 27,28% with just 10€ per unit. Impressive!

“This service is peerless in my view. Tralee Hills first win was advised as a 1 point each way wager and is the single best piece of tipping I have ever encountered. Highly recommended if you are serious about making the game pay!

Get Your Betting Off To A Flyer With Our Free Tipsters

Whilst The Betting Man is shortly to stop supplying his advice for free (to be fair he did do this for 12 months!) there remain several other tipsters you can follow for free with a Smart Betting Club membership.

Each of them provide an ideal solution for those of you not wishing to spend big on tipster subscriptions but keen to get started punting profitably.

Here is a brief synopsis on 5 of the best experts on our books – all 5 are available to follow via the SBC Tipping Forum and also via direct email supply of tips.

1. Rooster Racing Tips – Averages 30 to 40 tips per month, usually at big prices. Since 2014, he has made in excess of 430 points profit at 23.8% ROI including 5 winning months on the run.

2.The Accountant Lays – Advises lays in the ‘place’ racing market at short prices. From the 131 qualifying lays so far, he has made a profit at Betfair SP of £3,232.71 to £100 stakes. This includes a deduction of 5% commission Betfair SP on any winning lays.

3. Five Star Favourites – Advises regular short priced racing tips (favourites) with an excellent record of performance to date of just under 60 points profit @ 11% ROI over 550 bets.

4. Chris Baker Tips – Chris was the 2017 winner of Racing UK’s ‘Tipstar’ competition to find the UK’s best amateur tipster and since 2015, he has put up 1704 tips and made 125.30 points profit at a ROI of 8.09%

5. *NEW* Lay The Draw Football Strategy – A very simple strategy laying the draw in football matches – in 2018 this tipster has made a 42.7 pt profit at 5.4% ROI from 254 lays. He has been posting all tips on the SBC Forum since May and later this week he will also begin sending them via email as well.

Follow These Tipsters With A Risk-Free SBC Membership.

The tipsters mentioned above are available to follow for free each day as part of your Smart Betting Club subscription (Silver, Gold or Platinum).

Simply choose the tipster(s) you wish to follow and sign-up to get their selections sent via email by following the links in the SBC ‘Free Tips’ membership section.

Alternatively, you can also follow each of their tips as they are posted on the SBC members only Tipping Forum.

So, if you are looking to get started betting with tipsters and don’t want to splash the cash on expensive subscriptions, why not consider following our free tipsters as part of your Smart Betting Club membership.

Best of all, you can now sign-up totally risk-free thanks to our 90-day money back guarantee ,which ensures if you find our service (and these free tipsters) not for you, then you can get a full refund.

Meaning you have everything to gain and nothing to lose from joining our exclusive club!


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Peter Ling

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2 must-watch video interviews on a minimum bet guarantee & bookie restrictions

For those of you following the ongoing topic of bookmaker fairness and a right to bet without restrictions (AKA Minimum Bet Guarantees), then I want to point you in the direction of 2 excellent video interviews published recently by the bookmaker, Star Sports.

Firstly, we have the ‘ordinary punter’ viewpoint with 3 fascinating interviews with Brian Chappell (AKA Jimmy Justice) from the Justice For Punters pressure group on the fantastic work he and his organisation have undertaken on behalf of bettors.

Across the series of 3 videos, Brian discusses the need for Minimum Bet Guarantees and why he feels this is the best way forward for punters looking to ‘get on’ with traditional bookmakers. He also reveals plenty on the negative tactics some bookies and casinos have employed and continue to employ to frustrate punters. Brian and the other volunteers at Justice For Punters have also been able to get some very high profile stories on bookies behaving badly covered by the likes of the BBC and the Times (a front page story no less) and credit must go to Simon Nott of Star Sports for the interview.

Brian’s approach to gambling and demand for ‘fairness’ is in direct contrast to that from another very recent Star Sports interviewee – Skybet head honcho, Richard Flint, who in 3 more videos tackles a series of hot betting topics including why Skybet don’t accommodate winning punters.

By my reckoning, this is the first time a bookie CEO has openly stated they don’t wish to take bets from winning punters as part of their business model. They only want losers.

Whilst I certainly don’t agree with many things Richard says, especially when it comes to why such a profitable business as Skybet can’t afford to accommodate the tiny proportion of gamblers that win, his willingness to engage on the topic should be noted and encouraged.

Keeping Up The Min Bet Guarantee Pressure

Both Richard and Brian’s interviews are important as they keep the conversation going on the topic of Minimum Bet Guarantees and the need for all punters to have the right to get a fair bet on.

Only last year a meeting was held in parliament to discuss the problem of restrictions (amongst other topics) and it’s a story that is continually being covered by the mainstream media who like most of us, find it hard to understand why it’s not a level playing field for all.

Richard Flint’s firm – Skybet are in fact one of three bookies currently trialing Minimum Bet Guarantees with the public – although it is Bet Victor who are leading the charge on this front with the most extensive offer. Their ‘Bet Guarantee’ markets are available for every UK/Ireland race, where you can win up to £500 from 11am onwards backing both to win and each-way.

According to a recent article published in EGR Intel, Bet Victor are persevering with the Guarantee despite some ‘bad business’, specifically surrounding those taking advantage of bad each way races. This in turn has led to them at times offering different odds in their ‘Guaranteed Bet’ markets compared to those on offer via their traditional racing markets. A move that makes sense, especially if it leads towards the long-term adoption of such Guarantee Bet markets by Bet Victor and other firms – many of whom will be watching the results of their trial very closely indeed.

For more on the current situation with Minimum Bet Laws, Brian Chappell has also written an interesting Justice For Punters update on exactly where we stand from his perspective, which outlines several points including questions on the legality of restrictions.

For those of you interested in this topic, I will continue to keep you in the loop on all major developments including any changes or new additions to the Min Bet Guarantee ranks.

If you want to join in the conversation, you can find SBC on twitter (@sbcinfo) and you can also read a full lowdown on the 3 main Min Bet Guarantees here.

Best Regards
Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club Owner and Founder


4 budget tipsters to follow at small stakes – ideal for newcomers

If you missed the release of our latest ‘Tipster Profit Report earlier this week and its focus on tipster services making big profits, yet charging small fees, I wanted to outline a few examples of this in action.

By small fees – I mean those tipsters charging less than £30 per month (sometimes a lot less) and by big profits – I mean those making substantial returns over and above the cost of joining them. All of our Tipster Tables quote profits after fees to make sure you get a realistic picture of what you can make.

Here are a few examples from this month’s Tipster Profit Report:

Exhibit 1: The Boxing Tipster Up 153 Points @ 21.7% ROI (Last 12 Months)

Cost: Just £15 per month.

This simple to follow Boxing expert has a superb record since 2015 including a fantastic past 12 months, where he has made 153 points profit @ 21.70% ROI. All for just £15 per month.

Following him at even as little as £10 a point would have made you a £1530 profit since October 2017. A classic example of a small fee, big profit tipster in action.

Exhibit 2: The Football Tipster Up 66 Points @ 16.3% ROI (Last Season)

Cost: £275 Per Season (effectively £22.92 per month)

This long-running football tipster has a tremendous record advising bets on English, Scottish and International football (he has been tipping since 2006) and last season made 66 points profit @ 16.3% ROI.

He costs a little more at £275 per season, although that works out at just £22.92 per month. It is actually priced at £375 but as an SBC member you can save £100 on the price as part of our Tipster Savings.I would recommend you follow him at least £25 a bet, which would have made you a £1650 profit before costs last season.

Already this season he is up another 16.4 points, which at £25 a bet is a profit of £410 before fees.

Exhibit 3: The Racing Tipster Up 110.75 Points @ 33.97% ROI (Last 12 Months)

Cost: Sliding Scale: £30 for 1 month or £204.72 for 12 months (Effectively £17.06 per month)

An easy one-bet-a-day racing tipster with a phenomenal record lately, including 110.75 points profit at 33.97% ROI over the last 12 months alone (again this is a tipster with a winning record dating back to 20090.

Costing just £17.06 per month if you sign-up for 12 months, following him at even a simple £10 each bet will have made £1107.50 before fees during this period.

As an SBC member you can also claim your first month for free with this tipster as part of our Tipster Savings.

Exhibit 4: The NH Racing Tipster Up 110.75 Points @ 33.97% ROI (Last 12 Months)

Cost: £200 per NH season (Effectively £33.33 per month)

The 4th and final tipster is a National Hunt expert charging just £200 per jumps season (November to April) and so whilst just a tad over £30 per month on average, is included due to the outstanding record enjoyed.

Since inception in 2014, over 1191 NH bets, he has made a profit of 219 points at 36.3% ROI.

Last season that rose to 77.8 points profit at 40.8% ROI and at even simple £25 stakes per bet, that is a profit of £1,945 before fees.

Full Details In The Latest SBC Report

Inside the Latest Tipster Profit Report, you can read the latest results and comparative league tables for 61 different tipsters, including the 23 experts holding a prestigious ‘Hall of Fame’ rating.

With several top tipsters making big profits, yet only charging small fees (under £30 per month), it’s everything you need to help you make your betting pay.

Sign-up now to gain instant access (and the entire SBC back catalogue) or read on for more details…


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Peter Ling

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Small Fees, Big Profits / The Best Tipsters Revealed

The latest SBC ‘Tipster Profit Report’ has just been published featuring details on the best tipsters we have uncovered since 2006.

Inside you can read the latest results and comparative league tables for 61 different tipsters, including the 23 best tipsters holding a prestigious ‘Hall of Fame’ rating.

With several top tipsters making big profits, yet only charging small fees (under £30 per month), it’s everything you need to help you make your betting pay.

Sign-up now to gain instant access (and the entire SBC back catalogue) or read on for more details…


Find The Best Tipster(s) For You

Each Tipster Profit Report is designed to help you find the very best betting tipsters – those that have proven themselves to be successful over a long period of time.

Anyone can pick a few winners every now and then but it takes REAL SKILL to beat the bookmaker year after year after year – which is exactly what this report reveals.

To help illustrate just how good the best tipsters are and to help find the right one for you, we break them down into different categories so you can easily compare.

So, for example you can find comparison tables detailing:

  • The best Horse Racing only tipsters;
  • The best Sports tipsters (covering Football, Golf, Tennis, Boxing, Darts, Rugby, Baseball, Basketball & Ice Hockey);
  • The most profitable overall tipsters across all sports;
  • The best tipsters from the last 12 months only;
  • The best low cost tipsters;
  • The best free tipsters;
  • The best betting bank growth tipsters;
  • The best ‘odds availability’ tipsters (those that quote realistic prices);
  • And much more besides…

We also know that it’s not just profits in theory that you want but in practice. Which is why you can also view:

  • The Best ‘Adjusted Profits’ Tipsters – Discover how each tipsters profits stand up if betting 15 to 30 minutes after a tip is supplied (ideal if you are worried about not getting the advised prices)
  • Unique ‘Suggested Profits’ Tables – Discover how much money you need to risk on each tipster to make a profit – and how much you can make if doing so. Fully tailored to each tipster to be entirely realistic.

Save £££ On The Cost Of The Best Tipsters

As a Smart Betting Club member you can benefit from a large number of exclusive special deals including free trials and large discounts on many of the very best tipster services – including several of those featured in this latest Tipster Profit Report.

Very often these exclusive discounts will help you save more than the cost of joining the Smart Betting Club in the first place!

These deals and offers are all thanks to the combined power of the Smart Betting Club, where through our unique contacts we are able to negotiate exclusive deals for you as a member with these top tipsters.

Sign-up today and see how much we can save you on the cost of joining the best betting experts.

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Peter Ling

Real-life ‘tipster portfolio’ examples for newcomers & exchange only punters

If you are looking for help understanding how to make money betting using tipsters, then make sure you check out the improved SBC Bet Diary – now expanded due to popular demand.

Including the introduction of two new tipster portfolios – one for total newcomers starting afresh AND one for those of you limited to exchange or brokerage betting.

To quickly recap for those of you unfamiliar – the SBC Bet Diary is penned by profitable punter, and SBC writer, Rowan Day who each week discusses his ongoing betting journey including the tipsters he follows, and his performance (win or lose) following their advice.

The idea behind it all is to provide a real-life, genuine experience of just how the tipsters we rate and recommend can actually make you a realistic extra income stream. After all, over the last 3 years posting on the Bet Diary, Rowan has made a 164.40% Return on Capital from his betting so he knows his stuff.

New Exchange & Starter Tipster Portfolios

Firstly – the expansions and this surrounds the introduction of two new tipster portfolios on the Bet Diary – Starter and Broxchange – explained below:

STARTER Tipster Portfolio: If you are new to betting with tipsters – this portfolio is for you as Rowan is starting from scratch and proving it can be done from a standing start. Beginning with just 4 tipsters, Rowan will be raising stakes for each service as they make a profit and then reinvesting them into the portfolio as it (hopefully) grows.

BROXCHANGE Tipster Portfolio: So called as its a mixture of tipsters you can follow using Bet Brokers & Betting Exchanges – the Broxchange!
If you are restricted or unable to use mainstream bookmakers then this portfolio will show how to make a profit with Bet Brokers or Betting Exchanges who welcome winning customers. Again the Broxchange portfolio is starting small with 4 tipsters and more suitable services will be added in time.

You can discover more about both the Starter, Broxchange and the expanded ‘Main’ portfolio and their most recent performance via Rowan’s latest Bet Diary Post, which is titled: As keen as mustard’.

Get All Bet Diary Updates Via Email

You can also now sign-up to receive each Bet Diary update sent to you via email. These are posted once a week (usually on a Wednesday)

To receive this each week simply click here to register your interest

164.40% Betting Bank Growth Since April 2015

Rowan’s simple and easy to follow tipster portfolio has been reaping strong dividends ever since he first began writing about it on the Bet Diary in April 2015.

Since then, from this low-maintenance set of tipsters, his ‘Main’ portfolio has made a total of 164.40% Betting Bank Growth and accumulated some excellent profits along the way.

You can read more about this and the tipsters used to make the profit via his Free Bet Diary Report from earlier this year.

Download Rowan’s Bet Diary Report PDF

The 164.40% figure is of great interest as it indicates just how a betting bank will have grown in relation to these profits.

If for example, Rowan began with £5,000 in April 2015, then 164.40% growth would have made him a £8,220 profit by the end of April 2018.

Not bad for placing just a handful of bets each day. Yet the profits could be far better…

Here are a few more examples of how the 164.40% figure would have helped with different starting points:

£15,000 Starting Bank in April 2015: Profit of £24,660.00

£25,000 Starting Bank in April 2015: Profit of £41,110.00

£50,000 Starting Bank in April 2015: Profit of £82,200.00

So whatever size bank you start with, there is an exceptional return available to you.

It doesn’t matter about your background, experience or thoughts on tipsters – we know that here at the Smart Betting Club, our reports and reviews can make a difference to your betting bottom-line.

Helping you towards the goal of making money betting with tipsters.

How To Copy Or Even Improve On Rowan’s Profits

If you are keen to emulate Rowan (or even to simply copy his approach) then you might like to consider a Smart Betting Club membership.

We provide you with all the information, both theoretical and practical, to help you make the most of betting for profit using professional tipsters.

Through access to the Smart Betting Club you can read all of our reports and magazines on the best tipsters for you to follow.

As an SBC member you can also access the Bet Diary Pro – featuring a full listing of each tipster within Rowan’s portfolio. This information is available in full to Smart Betting Club members.

Best of all – you can sign-up now for either a Gold or Platinum subscription and enjoy a 90-day risk free membership. So if you find our service not to your liking (we don’t imagine you will!) then you can get your money back, no questions asked.

Best Regards

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MustardBet – Interview with the new ‘winners welcome’ UK bookmaker

One of the biggest obstacles facing punters these days is the simple act of finding a regular place to get your bets on – specifically those firms that won’t penalise you for placing winning or ‘shrewd’ bets on a regular basis.

Which is why at SBC we have been looking at alternative options and a variety of up-and-coming bookmakers, betting exchanges & bet brokers who not only offer good odds, but actually accept bets from winning gamblers .

One such firm fitting this mould is MustardBet – who were 1 of the 6 firms we investigated in our recently published Betting Exchange, Bookmaker & Bet Broker Guide.

MustardBet are a fully regulated UK based firm who are using their own proprietary statistical models to offer competitive odds to all punters, including winners, on a variety of sports and markets.

Keen to carve out their own path and provide something unique, their in-built system works to low margins and updates odds extremely quickly, allowing shrewd and sharp punters like many SBC members to access a fully transparent betting system.

To help discover more on their service, MustardBet were good enough to answer some of my questions as part of an exclusive interview first published in the guide – an extract from which I have copied into today’s post.

More on MustardBet and 5 other ‘winners welcome’ firms can be found in the aforementioned guide, available only to Smart Betting Club members. Join the club today.

Exchange 468X60




SBC: For those unfamiliar, can you outline a little bit about MustardBet, your origin and what you offer customers?

MustardBet: A cursory look at MustardBet reveals how different it is. It is a bookmaker built by punters for punters. It looks like no other, because we have built the platform ourselves, rather than opt for a white label. It has a greater granularity of pricing and smaller house margins. It always shows the stake available at a price, because it treats all customers equally and nobody is stake-factored. It only shows the markets which we know punters bet on, and deliberately does not force punters to wade through reams of markets which they never play.

Essentially, our proposition is to offer super competitive prices and a no-nonsense betting experience that’s built around speed of bet placement, tighter margins and an innovative UI.

What type of punter is MustardBet aimed at?

MustardBet is aimed at all customers, naturally. But we suspect that frequent players will appreciate the unique features of our platform most e.g. lower margins, instant re-betting of max amounts and transparency around market turnover.

What is your approach is to odds compilation and accepting bets from customers?

We seek to automate as much as we can. Odds compilation is done by proprietary statistical models and our automated market maker, which responds to customer activity. We do indeed welcome winners – their action assists us in offering what we think is an optimal price to all customers at all times.

What are the main sports you offer markets on and those which see the most volume? 

All sports will be offered, and we are working our way down from the most popular to the more niche. Football, tennis, baseball and golf are widely featured. Basketball, American football, rugby league, rugby union, and darts are nearly there and we are constantly looking to expand the offering.

Focusing on football – what leagues and competitions do you cover here?

The customer will find matches from most European leagues and cups, as well as major international competitions for club and country. A global coverage is imminent.

How do your football odds compare with those from the big Asian firms in the main markets such as 1X2, Over/Under and Asian Handicaps?

Our odds will always be different as they respond to the unique client base which we have. In terms of margin, we have set out to work to similar over-rounds to the best Asian facing firms, but our prices will only be similar by accident, rather than design.

How quickly do the odds or lines move in the football markets?

This is something we pride ourselves on. We’ve built the technology in such a way that our prices react incredibly quickly to game events and to every bet placed on that event by all customers across the sportsbook. It’s this speed, and transparency, that will help our customers react quicker.


Do you offer in-play betting on football?

We do offer in-play betting on football, and, of course, it is in-play betting with a major difference. Unlike other sportsbooks who impose betting delays within their in-play products, MustardBet does not. Our ‘Dangerball’ feature means that as long as there is not an increased likelihood of an imminent goal or game changing event (e.g. red card), bets are struck without any delay at all. As a customer experience, it is dramatically better than what prevails today.

Aside from football and golf, which other sports and markets are popular?

With a summer of grand slams almost over, we’ve seen good uptake on our tennis markets. Darts and baseball are not far behind, and we have high hopes for basketball and American football.

Do you have any plans to expand into other sports in the future and if so, which ones?

We feel we have expertise in American sports such as MLS, MLB, NBA and NFL so we’ll be adding this to the site more regularly. Alongside Football Tennis and Golf – darts, cricket, rugby league and rugby union are all regulars on the site and it’s our intention to keep adding to this list. 

How does the MustardBet website work on mobile/tablet and is there an app available?

We have an Android and iOS app in the app stores, which both feature our innovative rotating betslip. Like our desktop product, we’re committed to continuous development of the mobile offering.

Are you on or do you plan to be featured on any major odds comparison websites such as Oddschecker or Oddsportal?

Yes we are in talks with some of the major odds comparisons portals. This is a key part of our marketing strategy, as we believe our prices will stand out in these settings.

For each of the bets you place, there is a max staking limit on offer. Why is this in place and what happens if the maximum stake for a bet is taken up. Do you then offer lower odds?

We don’t see this as a max bet limit per se, as customers can use this facility to go in again and again. It’s a common frustration for customers not knowing how much they can bet at a particular moment in time. So, making that amount visible on the MustardBet site removes that uncertainty.

How can customers deposit or withdrawal funds and are there any fees/restrictions on the latter?

Deposits can currently be made via Visa and Maestro debit cards and are not subject to any fees. We do also have direct bank transfers available on request. We obviously recognise that we need to add more payment options and rest assured we are working with various providers to implement further options.

Who are you regulated by and what assurances can you provide customers that money deposited with you is safe and secure?

MustardBet maintains two betting licences, one with the Gambling Commission in the UK, and one with the GSC on the Isle of Man. It is a fundamental condition of these licences that customer funds are maintained securely within a separate client funds account that can in no way be used for the day to day operating of the business.


Open a MustardBet account 


So there you have it – revealing insight into just 1 of the 6 firms as recommended in SBC’s Exchange, Bookmaker & Bet Broker Guide and the difference they can make to your profits.

If you are keen on learning more about MustardBet and the 5 other firms included within this guide, make sure you grab a copy of this guide right away.

All 6 firms also welcome winners as they make their profit either based on betting turnover or the commission they charge you on each bet. So, whether you win (or lose) they will never ban you from their service – unlike so many of the ‘major firms’.

Offering solutions for punters on all sports including but not limited to Horse Racing, Football, Golf, Tennis and all major US Sports like NBA or NFL, this guide will help show you the best firms to bet with to make long-term sustainable profits .

As soon as you join the Smart Betting Club, you can download your very own copy of the guide and start placing your bets where the professionals do.