4 budget tipsters to follow at small stakes – ideal for newcomers

If you missed the release of our latest ‘Tipster Profit Report earlier this week and its focus on tipster services making big profits, yet charging small fees, I wanted to outline a few examples of this in action.

By small fees – I mean those tipsters charging less than £30 per month (sometimes a lot less) and by big profits – I mean those making substantial returns over and above the cost of joining them. All of our Tipster Tables quote profits after fees to make sure you get a realistic picture of what you can make.

Here are a few examples from this month’s Tipster Profit Report:

Exhibit 1: The Boxing Tipster Up 153 Points @ 21.7% ROI (Last 12 Months)

Cost: Just £15 per month.

This simple to follow Boxing expert has a superb record since 2015 including a fantastic past 12 months, where he has made 153 points profit @ 21.70% ROI. All for just £15 per month.

Following him at even as little as £10 a point would have made you a £1530 profit since October 2017. A classic example of a small fee, big profit tipster in action.

Exhibit 2: The Football Tipster Up 66 Points @ 16.3% ROI (Last Season)

Cost: £275 Per Season (effectively £22.92 per month)

This long-running football tipster has a tremendous record advising bets on English, Scottish and International football (he has been tipping since 2006) and last season made 66 points profit @ 16.3% ROI.

He costs a little more at £275 per season, although that works out at just £22.92 per month. It is actually priced at £375 but as an SBC member you can save £100 on the price as part of our Tipster Savings.I would recommend you follow him at least £25 a bet, which would have made you a £1650 profit before costs last season.

Already this season he is up another 16.4 points, which at £25 a bet is a profit of £410 before fees.

Exhibit 3: The Racing Tipster Up 110.75 Points @ 33.97% ROI (Last 12 Months)

Cost: Sliding Scale: £30 for 1 month or £204.72 for 12 months (Effectively £17.06 per month)

An easy one-bet-a-day racing tipster with a phenomenal record lately, including 110.75 points profit at 33.97% ROI over the last 12 months alone (again this is a tipster with a winning record dating back to 20090.

Costing just £17.06 per month if you sign-up for 12 months, following him at even a simple £10 each bet will have made £1107.50 before fees during this period.

As an SBC member you can also claim your first month for free with this tipster as part of our Tipster Savings.

Exhibit 4: The NH Racing Tipster Up 110.75 Points @ 33.97% ROI (Last 12 Months)

Cost: £200 per NH season (Effectively £33.33 per month)

The 4th and final tipster is a National Hunt expert charging just £200 per jumps season (November to April) and so whilst just a tad over £30 per month on average, is included due to the outstanding record enjoyed.

Since inception in 2014, over 1191 NH bets, he has made a profit of 219 points at 36.3% ROI.

Last season that rose to 77.8 points profit at 40.8% ROI and at even simple £25 stakes per bet, that is a profit of £1,945 before fees.

Full Details In The Latest SBC Report

Inside the Latest Tipster Profit Report, you can read the latest results and comparative league tables for 61 different tipsters, including the 23 experts holding a prestigious ‘Hall of Fame’ rating.

With several top tipsters making big profits, yet only charging small fees (under £30 per month), it’s everything you need to help you make your betting pay.

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Peter Ling

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