SBC Podcast #53ūüéß Anthony Kaminskas of AK Bets on his new online bookmaking website and doing things differently

Following my¬†fascinating chat¬†with David Lovell of DragonBet last week, the latest Smart Betting Club Podcast sees¬†another¬†‘poacher turned gamekeeper’ join me for an interview.

Anthony Kaminskas has done it all. Cashiering in bookmaker shops, trading at the sharp end for Paddy Power and pro-punting with specialisms in multiple sports.

His bookmaking venture, AK Bets, started life in the form of pitches across Irish racecourses and Anthony stood out from the crowd immediately by introducing his own way of doing things.

Now, he has expanded into the online betting market with¬†¬†and he has big plans to shake that market up too…

You can listen to Episode 53 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

Note: The YouTube link is a full video feed featuring Anthony in his AKBets office as he chats to me!


In this episode, Anthony and I discuss:

  • The challenges of launching an independent bookmaker online.
  • The process of building the site, ‘White Labelling’ and the struggles that AK faces day-to-day as he tries to prioritise different plans that he has for the site
  • Anthony’s motivations and where he feels that he can out-do the industry’s ‘big boys’.
  • Criticisms that he has faced on social media for outsourcing certain website functions.
  • Plans for pricing at AK Bets and how this is a work in progress.
  • How AK Bets sacrifices concessions such as BOG in order to stand bets and trade with customers fairly.
  • Customers who aren’t welcome at AK Bets and behaviours that will result in restrictions or account closures.
  • How ‘smart money’ is more than welcome – even if it costs the business money.
  • How personal service and honest conversations with customers (both good & bad) are at the centre of how AK Bets will operate.
  • Casino products and why they are hosted on the site.
  • Anthony’s plans for the future.

Anthony was a brilliant guest and his outlook can provide something of value for anyone looking to profit from their betting.

If you would like to learn more about AK Bets, or if you want to open account with this independent firm, then you can do so by visiting


Our last two SBC Podcast guests both run independent bookmakers and here at the SBC we have been doing lots of work to profile firms like DragonBet and AK Bets, detailing what they can offer smart bettors.

A profile of both of these firms (and other likeminded bookmakers) is available on our regularly updated Independent Bookmaker page, providing a comprehensive summary of the different options available with these lesser known firms.

(Note – a more detailed dossier on all bookmakers is available to SBC members)


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By doing so it helps ensure we can produce more free podcasts in future. As a reminder, all SBC podcast episodes are bookie and advert free with the central goal of helping educate, inform and empower punters.

SBC Podcast #52 ūüéß: David Lovell From The Bookmaker DragonBet

In the latest Smart Betting Club Podcast I am joined by ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’ David Lovell, who is one half of the duo that runs the independent bookmaking firm,¬†DragonBet¬†alongside his brother, James.

Immersed in the betting world from an early age thanks to their bookmaking father, John Lovell, both David and James have recently launched to go alongside their on-course bookmaking in Wales.

David provides a refreshing vision for what a bookmaker should be as we discuss the mechanics of running a smaller firm and how they differentiate themselves from the faceless corporate books.

You can listen to Episode 52 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

In-depth Chat with DragonBet

In this episode, David and I discuss:

  • The Lovells’ history in bookmaking
  • The innovations that David’s father John introduced into the industry
  • How the Lovell brothers complement each other and have the right mix of skills to make their business work
  • The inspiration behind DragonBet, its Welsh identity and pricing up markets that no-one else does
  • ‘White Label’ bookmaking – how it works, its benefits and its drawbacks
  • Hosting casino and E-Sport products on the DragonBet website
  • The day-to-day challenges of running a bookmaker operation & the regulatory changes on the horizon
  • Managing sharp punters and how David views them differently from arbers or fast-feeders
  • On-course bookmaking, the benefits of face-to-face interaction with customers and the challenges that rail bookmakers are up against
  • The Lovell brothers’ future plans for DragonBet

David was a fascinating guest and it was so informative to learn about the bookmaking industry and day-to-day operations at an independent firm.

You can learn more about DragonBet by visiting their website or by interacting directly with David and James on their social media accounts (their Twitter handle is @DragonBetWales).

More on Firms Like DragonBet

Many of us have grown tired of dealing with the impersonal and incompetent service at larger bookmakers and here at the SBC we have been doing lots of work to profile firms like DragonBet and what they can offer smart bettors.

An SBC profile of DragonBet (and other likeminded bookmakers) is available on our regularly updated Independent Bookmaker page, providing a comprehensive summary of the different options available with these lesser known firms.

We also invite your comments and experiences on this page as we build up a dossier of helpful information for those of you looking to bet away from the main firms we all know about!


SBC Podcast #51 ūüéß: Ryan Bruno – His Making A Million Betting Quest

In the latest Smart Betting Club Podcast, I am joined by expert trader and winning punter, Ryan Bruno РAKA the Smart Sports Trader,

Ryan’s story is one of persistence, patience and the use of various strategies to make¬†over 6 figures of profit¬†in today’s ‘restriction heavy’ gambling industry,¬†including almost ¬£40,000 in 2022 alone.

His journey is the perfect template for those looking to build a portfolio from scratch or step up from recreational punting towards consistent, sustainable profits. That said, his range of knowledge is not limited to newcomers – there is something here for everyone!

You can listen to Episode 51 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

We discuss:

  • Ryan’s 7 year journey to profitability – making¬†¬£168,308 since he began!
  • How Ryan has followed the well trodden path of poker to value betting
  • His blog, the strategies he employs and how he never stands still
  • The transition from using ‘soft’ bookmakers to making profit on exchanges
  • The tools and software that help Ryan to profit from market moves
  • Why flexibility and reflection are just as important as finding profitable edges
  • How listening & learning from experts can help your betting
  • His MMA background and his betting on this fast-growing sport
  • Why ‘multi-accounting’ and matched betting are more difficult than ever
  • Ryan’s ¬£1 million challenge!


If you would like to learn more about Ryan’s work, his¬†website¬†has a detailed history of his profit & loss, the strategies he uses and some helpful reviews of related services.

He is also on Twitter @SMSportstrader and has his own YouTube channel where Ryan talks through some edges and strategies with practical examples.

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SBC’s Recommended Podcasts for 2023

SBC’s Recommended Podcasts for 2023

Hello. I’m Josh, a full time punter and SBC member. I’ve started doing some work for The SBC over the last few months and thought I would share what I listen to whilst I’m typing away or flicking from one betting screen to another. I’ve no doubt missed off many great betting podcasts but there are only so many hours in the day!

Podcasts in 2023

The rate of new podcasts shows no sign of slowing in 2023 as more and more people collaborate to discuss anything from cooking or politics to sports or their personal lives.

This growth is also present in betting podcasts, with general racing chatter, football, gambling mathematics and other more niche subjects covered by one pod or another.

Here, I rank my Top 5 for 2023 (in no particular order) with a brief description of each. Most of these have quite general themes, so I also provide some more ‘specialist’ suggestions at the bottom of the page.

1. The BashCast

In a sentence: Hosted by Bookie Bashing founder Tom Brownlee, The Bashcast discusses betting from a mathematical point of view and is interspersed with Tom’s monologues about his week (with the odd guest appearance for discussions).

Who is it for? Anyone with an interest in betting, especially on horses, golf, football and darts. Tom explains the numbers behind betting odds and edges in a way that is easy to understand, providing extra context by discussing his own ups and downs with gambling.

Why it’s worth listening to: Firstly, because it’s great entertainment! Episodes have covered topics including a discussion of the probability that Mick Hucknall had at some point slept with your wife (if she was good looking) and how Tom’s attempts to diffuse a drunken argument by suggesting that he and his rivals ‘step outside’ went wrong.

Despite numbers and discussions of probability making up the core of the show, it is still light, covers lots of topics and is fun to listen to.

The second main reason to listen to the BashCast is what you learn along the way. Tom talks at length about how he and his team calculate ‘true odds’, how to exploit edges and the different strategies that listeners can use to make betting pay. Here at the Smart Betting Club we all use Bookie Bashing to profitable ends, so we can give our stamp of approval and assure everyone that Tom knows what he is talking about!

Where you can find it: A direct link is available here and The Bashcast can also be found on most podcast platforms.

2. The Barstewards Enquiry

In a sentence: A bi-weekly show (with a weekend preview released on Fridays and a ‘Sunday Sermon’), The Barstewards Enquiry, hosted by Lee Keys, is a hard-hitting horse racing podcast that talks about all aspects of the sport with both honesty and humour.

Who is it for? Horse racing aficionados, people interested in the gambling industry and punters looking for weekend selections (and advice about their own betting).

Why it’s worth listening to: The Barstewards Enquiry is a welcome relief in an industry that often skirts around the big issues, avoids offending at any cost and is compromised by commercial/vested interests. This podcast is completely independent and Lee, John ‘Jonjo’ Leng and Chris ‘Lorne Malvo’ talk about everything from their own punting and strategies through to the week’s news and the state of the gambling industry.

All of this is supplemented by regular guests, who share their advice when discussing the weekend’s racing in their competitive tipping competition. In addition, the pod has also hosted specials where they tackle issues in depth – an example of this came in a recent chat with Steve Donoughue about the industry which included the statement¬†‘Some of you may be wondering why these academics are smoking crack!’.

The Barstewards is entertaining, informative and well worth a listen!

Where you can find it: A direct link is available here and The Barstewards Enquiry can also be found on most podcast platforms.

3. Betting People

In a sentence: Hosted by recent SBC podcast guest and all-round nice bloke Simon Nott, the #bettingpeople series interviews a wide range of personalities from within the betting industry including jockeys, blood stock agents and trainers through to professional gamblers, traders and bookmakers.

Who is it for? Anyone who has an interest in betting. #bettingpeople is quickly approaching 300 interviews and most betting markets and topics have been covered at some point or another within that time.

Why it’s worth listening to: After learning of this series relatively late, I ended up going back to the beginning to listen to every episode. I did this because even though I may not have a personal interest in every interview topic, I have found every guest to be informative and have learnt so much about different aspects of sports and the gambling industry that I wouldn’t have elsewhere.

Simon is a great host and I can’t think of many interviews that have lacked flowing conversation. Personal favourites include the bookies’ ‘Enemy Number One’, Patrick Veitch, mathematical wizard, Matthew Trenhaile and the recent interview with trainer Tim Vaughan but like I said – every interview is worth a listen!

Where you can find it: A direct link is available here and #bettingpeople can also be found on most podcast platforms as well as YouTube for those who prefer to watch rather than listen.

4. Circles Off

In a sentence: Circles Off is an American-centric betting show co-hosted by podcast veteran Rob Pizzola and Johnny from Betstamp.

Who is it for? Those who have an interest in betting on North American markets and following the news from the major US & Canadian sports.

Why it’s worth listening to: I am a relative newcomer to this podcast but have enjoyed what I’ve listened to so far. Both of the co-hosts bet extensively so that makes up the bulk of the show as they discuss angles, the processes they go through and some software that helps them to price up events and find value bets.

This show has a similar feel to The Bashcast with the mechanics of odds being central to most discussions. The main difference is the markets discussed РI see it as the perfect gateway to North American sports if (like me) you are interested in getting involved in those markets.

Where you can find it: A back catalogue of all episodes on YouTube is available here and Circles Off can be found on most podcast hosting platforms.

5. The Smart Betting Club Podcast

In a sentence: Hosted by Smart Betting Club founder Pete Ling, The SBC Podcast has a library of more than 50 episodes interviewing the sharpest minds in the betting industry with a broad range of discussions centred on helping listeners to make their betting pay.

Who is it for? Anyone who bets or who has an interest in the betting industry. Guests normally discuss their careers and specialisms but conversations often include wider topics such as the industry, getting on with bookmakers and other things of interest.

Why it’s worth listening to: This podcast provides practical advice which is why I find it so useful. Guests often talk about their tipping services or profitable angles and this provides a lot of help for anyone looking to improve their betting or grow a portfolio (I have signed up to two services after listening to SBC pods and I wouldn’t have considered them but for listening to what the people who run them had to say).

The SBC Podcast is interesting to listen to, has guests from all sorts of backgrounds and has helped me in more ways than I can count in making my betting more profitable.

The host is okay too!

Where you can find it: A direct link is available here and The SBC Podcast can also be found on most podcast platforms.

Other podcasts to note:

From The Horse’s Mouth (available here): I tend to stay away from podcasts hosted by bookmakers but ‘FTHM’ is well worth a listen before a weekend’s racing. The panel is normally made up of Rory Delargy and Ruby Walsh, with trader Frank Hickey and Matt Chapman regulars too. Patrick Kennelly is a lively host, the pod is fun to listen to and it provides a good overview of what to expect from the big races on any given Saturday.

Upping The Ante¬†(available on the Racing Post YouTube Channel): A relatively new podcast (it is 15 episodes in in its current format), Upping The Ante is an excellent horse racing podcast with co-hosts David Jennings and Johnny Dineen. They discuss the main races of the week, answer viewers’ questions and look forward to big upcoming races, doing it all in a way that is great to listen to.

The Probet Podcast (available here): Co-hosted by professional punters Mark Holding and Andrew Lowrie, The Probet Podcast is an excellent listen for anyone looking to improve their horse racing betting. Decades of experience are behind their discussions, with betting strategies, angles into races and a follow/oppose list being regular features of the show.




SBC Podcast #50: Craig Edwards – Pro Snooker Player Turned Expert Bettor & Tipster

In the latest Smart Betting Club Podcast Episode, I was joined by former professional snooker player turned successful tipster and punter, Craig Edwards.

Craig has used his snooker expertise to beat the bookmakers for decades whilst also developing a profitable golf strategy along the way.

Being a former professional sportsman, he looks at markets slightly differently and in our chat he shares some insights that can improve any punter’s betting!

You can listen to Episode 50 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

We talk about:

  • Craig’s snooker career and his near miss against one of the all-time greats!
  • His introduction to betting, early edges and meeting shrewd punters
  • How a player’s frame of mind is a key component in Craig’s selection process
  • Betting psychology, tipping & focussing on the long-term
  • Bookmaker skulduggery!
  • Bet timing and how the exchanges can provide excellent value
  • Balancing value betting with keeping bookmaker accounts open
  • Why taking a break is vital & Craig’s plans for the future


Craig’s service,¬†Edwards’ tips¬†was the subject of a detailed review in Issue #133 of the SBC Magazine. It’s 4 year record¬†of profitability in both snooker AND¬†golf has resulted in the service being elevated into the SBC Hall of Fame.

‚ÄčSubscribe for full access¬†to read this review and all of our tipster reports and betting guides plus details on how you can save 20% on membership to Craig’s service (just another benefit of SBC membership!)

SBC Podcast #49: Quentin Franks – His Tipping Edge & Independent Bookmakers Explored

The first instalment of the SBC Podcast in 2023 is now available and it features a returning guest for the very first time in Quentin Franks.

Quentin joined me to talk about his life as a professional punter, why he is not retiring, his new and improved tipping service and some of the independent bookmakers he uses to get his bets on (and why more punters should check them out!)

You can listen to Episode 49 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

Episode Contents:

  • How Quentin’s popular tipping service complements his professional punting, his 15.77% ROI and maintaining an edge over nearly 10,000 bets
  • The issues every racing tipster should tackle as per odds movement and avoiding tipping to early in the market.
  • Self-analysis, improving methods and why Quentin feels he may have¬†under performed!
  • Quentin’s experience with specific independent bookmakers and why being limited by Oddschecker firms is not the end of the world for getting bets down

If you would like to learn more about Quentin’s service and how you can sign up, our¬†Quentin Franks Racing¬†page has detailed information alongside a¬†full betting history.


2022 was a great year for the SBC Podcast with a wide variety of guests from all walks of life Рfrom pro punters to bookmakers and every one else inbetween.

More episodes are planned for 2023 and if you have any feedback or wish to request a guest for an interview on the Smart Betting Club Podcast, please send us a message on Twitter @SBCinfo or via email:


SBC Podcast #48: Simon Nott – A lifetime in Betting and Bookmaking Explored

For the latest SBC Podcast and a festive special, I had a guest with a difference and a man more used to asking the questions than answering them – Simon Nott.

Simon is perhaps best known for his #BettingPeople interview series (I was a guest¬†earlier this year) but his expertise does not end there! He is a fountain of knowledge; punting, writing, bookmaking, blogging, publishing, broadcasting – he’s done it all!

You can listen to Episode 48 now via Apple / Spotify / Google and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

We talk about:

  • Simon’s book and his two professional loves – racing and rock ‘n’ roll
  • The magic of the betting ring, Simon’s experiences of the hustle and bustle of working for bookmakers and a beginner’s guide to tic-tac!
  • The background to Simon’s exotic wardrobe!
  • Punting and fruitful friendships that have boosted profits along the way
  • #BettingPeople, it’s back story and some gossip about the guests!
  • The future of bookmaking and the gambling industry

Simon was a brilliant guest and his enthusiasm shone through during all of the topics we discussed. As well as having enough anecdotes to fill 10 podcasts, his wealth of experience in the betting world provided so many valuable insights. He is also one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet so definitely go and say hello if you see him on course!

SBC Podcast #47: Twenty years as a professional racing punter with Declan Meagher of Learn Bet Win

In this week’s Smart Betting Club Podcast I am joined by professional horse racing punter and the brains behind the ‘Learn Bet Win‘ racing service, Declan Meagher.

Declan’s experience of professional punting spans 20 years and I had the pleasure of tapping into his wealth of knowledge to talk about how he beats both the bookmakers and the exchanges to make betting pay.

You can listen to Episode 47 now via Apple / Spotify / Google and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

We discuss:

  • Declan’s grounding in horseracing and betting & how his skills have developed
  • How Declan finds value for himself on Betfair and for his customers with bookmakers
  • How sophisticated modelling and sectional timing can aid racing analysis and finding value bets
  • The practicalities of getting bets down, staking strategies, responsible tipping practices & working efficiently
  • Premium Charges & how ROI is not as important as profit!
  • ‚ÄčLearn Bet Win’s¬†excellent performance (with a 16.9% ROI from over 5,000 bets!)

If you would like to learn more,¬†Learn Bet Win¬†is profiled in the latest SBC Magazine, Issue 132, where we provide a more detailed analysis of Declan’s edge and how to follow his advice to maximise profits.

Learn Bet Win is a service we have proofed, reviewed and tracked for several years and you can explore all aspects of the service and who it is suitable for with access to the Smart Betting Club members service.


Betting Tools: VPN’s, VPS’s, Virtual Machines & More With Neel Shah

This week’s SBC Podcast is the second part in our series that focuses on how bookmakers collect and use your data,¬†plus¬†the tools, software and resources to help you as a smart bettor.

You can listen to Episode 46 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

After discussing data collection and profiling methods in our chat last week, experienced bettor and technology expert Neel Shah is back with practical advice to help your online betting. We talk about:

  • Virtual Private Networks¬†(or VPNs) – how they work, the advantages, the limitations and what to look for when purchasing them
  • Virtual Private Servers¬†(or VPSs) – how they are different from VPNs, who they are most likely to benefit and how they mask your personal data
  • Proxifiers¬†– how you can enhance your technology (and confuse the bookmakers further!) by using additional IP addresses
  • Virtual Machines –¬†how you can ‘build a computer within your computer’, why this can be useful and how it can be limited by your computer’s power
  • Mobile Phones¬†– how this staple of our daily lives could be your best weapon when battling to get bets on!
  • Vysor¬†– The easy to use software that allows you to run your phone via your computer!

This chat helped me to understand the different technical tools available to serious bettors and Neel uses his experience to explain all of the terminology in layman’s terms so it is easy to understand. It should provide insight to bettors of all levels and I have no doubt that the practical tips will provide you with real value in your quest for profits!

‚ÄčCheck out all the episodes of the Smart Betting Club Podcast

New Podcast: Horse Racing Expert, Matt Bisogno of

In the latest SBC Podcast episode I was joined by Matt Bisogno, the founder of the website, racehorse syndicate owner and ex head of the Horseracing Bettors Forum.

Matt was a fascinating guest as he has his finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to everything connected with betting on horse racing. Whether it be the¬†popularity of Geegeez¬†and the tools and software it offers to those trying to ‘solve the racing puzzle’ or even the failure of the industry to grow itself and appeal to a wider audience.

That failure also expands to how it treats those who bet on racing and Matt outlines his understanding of how the land lies as per topics like¬†betting restrictions¬†and just why bookmakers struggle in the current ‘concessions’ climate to lay bets.

As someone who understands the arguments on both sides of the betting coin, he is in a unique position to share insight on this based on his time as chair of the punter-focused Horseracing Bettors Forum.
Matt is an engaging, articulate guest and this is a must-listen to episode for anyone with an interest in the world of betting on horse racing.

You can listen to this episode now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)