🎧SBC Podcast #75: Dylan From Pinnacle Odds Dropper On Market Moves, Automated Alerts & Beating Soft Bookmakers!

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by Dylan, the co-founder and co-owner of Pinnacle Odds Dropper (or POD for short!) who’s service was the focal point of the major review in our latest magazine!

Chasing steam‘, ‘top down betting‘, ‘market movers‘ and ‘warm money‘ – all of these terms broadly mean the same thing – following in smart money to make a profit.

With sharp bookmakers (like Pinnacle) focusing their resources on keeping their prices up to date and ‘soft bookmakers’ often lagging behind, services like POD help followers to make profit when the former cut prices and the latter are slow to follow them.

Automation drives this kind of service and provides ‘every day bettors’ with the opportunity to beat soft bookmakers with a steady stream of sharp information.

In this podcast, Dylan and I discuss the concept, the software he and his team have built to help execute it and much more besides. The tipping landscape is constantly changing and this type of service is part of a new breed of customisable products that give bettors the edge!

You can listen to Episode 75 now via Apple Spotify / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)


In this episode, Dylan and I discuss:

  • Dylan’s history betting and deciding between punting and starting a business
  • Building betting software from scratch
  • The evolution of POD and improvements that Dylan and his brother have made along the way
  • Using user feedback to improve the service
  • The differences between sharp bookmakers and soft bookmakers
  • Efficiency in markets and how filtering can improve P & L performance
  • The markets and sports that POD focus on
  • Timing, staking and bankroll management
  • Filtering and alert configurations
  • Vig/margin and why beating the odds is not (quite!) enough
  • Which bets to take, which ones to leave and ‘rebounds’
  • CLV and why averages are more important than individual bets
  • Results from POD users
  • The need for patience, even with an extremely consistent service
  • How high turnover and deploying your bankroll is a necessity
  • Future plans for the POD Service
  • Subscription costs and SBC Member discounts

We recently reviewed Pinnacle Odds Dropper in Issue #143 of the SBC Magazine, with detailed proofing and analysis of large data sets that come from real life users.

To read this review in full and access an exclusive discount for the POD service you will need a SBC subscription, options for which can be found here

🎧SBC Podcast #74: An Expert Panel Discuss The Andrew Rhodes Interview & What It Means For Punters

Following up on last week’s special podcast interview with Andrew Rhodes from the Gambling Commission, we’ve just released a special ‘reaction episode’, which is now available for download.

Joining me were three betting experts – Dan Waugh, Harry Stewart-Moore, and Chris Fawcett – as we delve into the key points discussed and offer insights on both what Andrew did and didn’t say and the work of the under-fire regulator.

We also debated the growth of the black market and what its increased usage tells us about the frustrations felt by so many punters.

So whether it be affordability or stake limits, issues getting bets on and getting paid out by bookmakers OR simply whether they can be trusted or not to oversee the change the regulator wants to implement, this is a podcast for you.

You can listen to Episode 74 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

Not Yet Heard Episode 73?

If yet to hear Episode 73 and my interview with the UK Gambling Commission CEO Andrew Rhodes – you can find download links and information about it here.

Via that link I also share some of my thoughts on the interview and what I hope might happen next from the Gambling Commission.

Given how infrequently Andrew speaks to those who enjoy betting, this episode has proven to be very popular with lots of interest in it from all across the betting world.

Thanks to all of you who have commented, shared and messaged about this interview. Your support is much appreciated!

SBC Podcast #73: Andrew Rhodes – CEO Of The Gambling Commission

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by The Gambling Commission CEO Andrew Rhodes for an in-depth chat about the regulation of gambling in the UK.

‘The White Paper’ was published last year and this document has resulted in some fierce debate across the gambling world, with the Gambling Commission coming under fire as accusations of bias, secrecy and incompetence have been levelled at them.

This chat provides Andrew with the opportunity to refute those claims and to discuss some of the issues that are of interest to you – the punters.

I didn’t get to ask about every topic on our list (restrictions, Minimum Bet Liability (MBL), the debate around statistics in gambling and many more items were considered) but it was great to get some clarity on things like affordability, the black market and bookmaker behaviour.

You can listen to Episode 73 now via Apple / Spotify Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)


Given how seldom we hear from Andrew Rhodes or the Gambling Commission, especially when it concerns the perspectives of bettors, I genuinely appreciated the opportunity to interview him on this podcast. It was a unique chance to address numerous pressing issues and represent the concerns of the average bettor.

With only about an hour of his time available, I made it my priority to delve into four key areas: Affordability Checks, Open Banking, Bookmaker Behaviour, and the Black Market. These topics often intertwined, prompting questions like why should we trust bookmakers with intrusive affordability checks and open banking given their track record?

I focused on these areas, not because others aren’t important, such as a Minimum Bet Law or the Gambling Commission’s use of statistics and data, but because of the necessity to prioritize.

Reflecting on the interview, I felt a mix of frustration and intrigue. There were moments of frustration where clarity seemed elusive, particularly regarding the specifics of frictionless checks and their implementation, and the perceived lack of urgency in addressing issues with bookmaker behavior. Open banking, just like bookmakers restricting stakes was a ‘consumer decision’, which might be correct but yet when 80% of those confronted by open banking refuse to engage with it, clearly it’s not a tenable solution.

However, there were also glimpses of progress, such as the confirmation that checks could be scrapped if proven ineffective or non-frictionless. Additionally, acknowledging the growth of the UK black market and a willingness to address it signalled a step in the right direction, although the Commission’s capacity to tackle it effectively remains in question. Exactly what kind of impact can an organisation with just 370 employees realistically have against the wave of black market websites and WhatsApp bookies out there currently?

I emphasised the importance of the Gambling Commission engaging directly with bettors and their representatives, rather than solely with anti-gambling organizations or industry bodies like the Betting and Gaming Council. This podcast marked a significant moment as it seemed to be the first time Rhodes engaged with a pro-betting organization, potentially paving the way for more open dialogue with punters and their representatives such as Justice for Punters and the Gamblers Consumer Forum.

While disagreements persist regarding the Gambling Commission’s policies and approaches, the opportunity to voice concerns about the UK betting landscape remains crucial. Here at the SBC, we have been extremely critical of the Gambling Commission and what we perceive to be regulatory failures both before and during Andrew Rhodes’s tenure.

Despite that, we thought that it was important to get him on the show, to let him speak and to get the opportunity to pose questions that punters want answered – something that we haven’t seen him do before.

This chat was difficult as unlike most of our previous podcasts, I quite strongly disagree with the guest on a whole host of issues! I hope that you enjoy it and as I said at the end of the show, I hope that it represents a fresh start, with the regulator interacting with punters and bodies who represent them more regularly.

SBC Editor – Peter Ling

🎧SBC Podcast #72 – Betting Clever: Horse Racing, Black Market Bookies, Oddschecker Unlimited & Exchanges

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by SBC’s Josh as the Betting Clever podcast returns to tackle a whole host of important topics in the betting world.

With this chat recorded during Cheltenham, betting on horse racing takes centre stage, with some recent news about a black market bookmaker discussed in the wider context of getting money down on a sport beset by problems.

Andy Holding, Oddschecker Unlimited, missing account balances, accusatory emails, a listener question and exchange chat are also on the agenda in an action packed show!

You can listen to Episode 72 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

For those of you who would like to access the BETDAQ sign up offer we reference in the show, you can do so here – please remember, this promotion is available to all listeners, not just SBC Members!

As ever, if you have any topics or areas of the gambling world that you would like us to discuss, please get in touch!

🎧SBC Podcast #71: Andy Holding From Oddschecker on Speed Figures, Punting & Tipping

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by Andy Holding, the well known racing expert who tips for Oddschecker and commentates on William Hill Radio.

Andy has been in love with horse racing from an early age and he has put in the hard yards to get to where he is, working in bookmaker shops, crunching numbers and building up a reliable system to beat the bookies.

He is that rarest of beasts – someone in the betting media who not only talks the talk but walks the walk as he became a professional punter at the age of 30 so knows what it takes to win.

Speed figures and sectional timing are central to his edge and this feeds into his betting and tipping alongside his service, Andy Holding Speed Figures (recently reviewed by us at SBC!) where clients can access a plethora of tips, data and resources to help them make their punting pay.

Andy wears many hats and this means that we had plenty of topics to cover. Dealing with losing runs as a tipster, affordability checks and the names of the 4 major bookmakers who lay him a bet are on the agenda – I think there is something for everyone in this chat!

You can listen to Episode 71 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

An In-Depth Chat With A Hardened Bettor And Tipster

In this episode, Andy and I discuss:

  • Andy’s grounding in racing (and betting)
  • A mentor who changed everything
  • Time!
  • Going professional and how Andy ‘got in’ at the right time
  • Opportunities that have arrived along the way
  • Speed Figures and how they can provide an objective view of races
  • Market reactions to speed figures and sectionals (and how they are still underestimated)
  • The work that goes behind the scenes at Andy Holding Speed Figures
  • Irish Racing and Andy’s daily podcast
  • Tipping for Andy Holding Speed Figures and Oddschecker (and the differences between the selections)
  • Price contractions
  • Dealing with losing runs as a tipster
  • Andy’s betting activity and how he gets on!
  • The firms that Andy has a relationship with and restrictions that turn punters away
  • Affordability Checks and Andy’s thoughts on the future of horse racing
  • Some tips from Andy for betting at Cheltenham (with some early selections!)
  • General advice for betting on horse racing
  • Andy’s football allegiances!
  • How to find Andy and a special SBC discount

You can find out more about Andy’s work on his website, www.andyholdingspeedfigures.co.uk, by following his work on Oddschecker or by following his service’s Twitter/X account, @figuresAndy .

We recently reviewed Andy’s service in Issue 139 of the SBC Magazine, with detailed proofing and analysis of the tips as published by his Speed Figures service (Spoiler – they are excellent!).

To read this review in full and access an exclusive discount on the cost of joining Andy’s service, you will need a SBC subscription, options for which can be found here.

🎧SBC Podcast #70: Betting Lawyer, Harry Stewart-Moore On Representing Big Punters & The Betting Industry

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by Harry Stewart-Moore, a gambling law specialist who works as Litigator Partner in the Gardner Leader Dispute Resolution team.

You may associate high powered lawyers with corporate bookmakers but Harry is different as he specialises in working for punters against these multi-million pound behemoths.

Jockeys, horse racing owners and high-rolling punters – Harry has a history of dealing with litigation in all of these fields, often representing David against Goliath.

Giving him unique insight into the workings of disputes between bookmakers and punters, with extensive experience of dealing with regulators and other industry bodies too.

You can listen to Episode 70 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club

An In-Depth Chat With An Experienced Industry litigator

In this episode, Harry and I discuss:

  • Harry’s father’s impact on his career choice (& love of gambling!)
  • Gambling and what Harry has learnt working with successful gamblers
  • Cases, clients and the life of a gambling lawyer
  • The increase in punter vs. bookmaker disputes and the possible reasons for this
  • The most common issues that Harry deals with
  • The lengths that bookmakers will go to to avoid paying liabilities
  • The anatomy of a gambling dispute case
  • AML & other regulatory checks and how bookmakers weaponise them
  • The Gambling Commission
  • The National Lottery & the Gambling Commission’s attitude towards it
  • The regulatory future in the UK & the growth of the black market
  • Criminal elements’ hold on certain gambling jurisdictions
  • The law and how it relates to black market betting
  • The White Paper and Harry’s take on ‘frictionless’ affordability checks
  • How issues with law and regulation keep reappearing
  • The competitive advantage that major firms have when dealing with onerous checks and regulation
  • IBAS, eCogra and how dispute resolution services just aren’t working
  • Bookmaker Terms and Conditions and how some are drafted to shaft punters
  • How treating ‘skilled’ and casino/fixed odds betting differently could well help with regulation and dealing with problem gambling
  • How to access Harry’s legal expertise!

I can’t think of a previous guest who was as unique as Harry and it was fascinating to learn about his work and some of the cases he has been involved in.

If you would like to interact with Harry, you can do so on Twitter/X by following him @HarryStewartMo1 or by using the contact details provided on this page.

For anyone looking for legal support in the gambling dispute arena he is no doubt the man to go to!


🎧SBC Podcast #69: Exclusive Interview With Matchbook & Social Media Affiliate Danger Revealed

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by SBC’s Josh as the Betting Clever podcast returns to tackle a whole host of important topics in the betting world, including an in-depth chat with Matchbook on the rise of their betting exchange.

As a follow-up to this article from Sunday on Matchbook’s growth, we were joined by Head of Exchange, Ronan McDonagh to talk about how and why their betting volume has grown and their plans to take it even further. We also get into topics such as affordability checks and the possibility of a Matchbook SP to compete with Betfair SP!

Its an action packed episode as we also explore a very important topic on the dangers posed by popular social media tipsters (some of whom you might follow!) and the questions posed by their affiliate relationship with several large bookmaking firms.

We also get into booming tipsters, an intriguing new free SBC service on extending the life of your bookmaker accounts, golf betting frustration and bet brokers!

You can listen to Episode 69 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)


If you would like to learn more about Matchbook and access the 150 day introductory offer then click here for our analysis and the relevant sign-up links.

As ever, if you have any topics or areas of the gambling world that you would like us to discuss, please get in touch!


🎧SBC Podcast #68: Pre-Event & In-Play Golf Edges ⛳

In the latest SBC Podcast I was joined by some returning guests who I last hosted on SBC Podcast #25 over 2 years ago.

Duncan and Neil Campbell are the sibling duo whose expertise makes up Golf Betting Club, the fantastic tipping service that has been going strong since its inception in 2020.

2 years is a long time in the golf world so I had lots of new things to talk to the Campbells about! Tours, markets and media coverage are all quite different from our last chat in 2021 so we covered lots of new ground.

Tipping ‘etiquette’, exotic markets, finding value in play and odds availability were some of the other topics that we focussed on.

With ‘GBC’ and SBC sharing a philosophy when it comes to betting, we have ‘partnered up’ for 2024. We love the way that GBC do things, think their in-play angle is a really strong USP and are delighted to welcome them to our Premium Tipster Stable.

We talk a little about that in this chat, alongside everything touched on above and so much more.

You can listen to Episode 68 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

An In=Depth Chat With Hardened Golf Punters

In this episode, Duncan, Neil and I discuss:

  • Duncan & Neil’s dynamic, how they balance betting & tipping with other work and managing time with such an all-consuming business
  • Watching tournaments to find value and keep abreast of player performance
  • Getting on, exchanges and the challenges of backing value once you have found it
  • Place terms, the timing of bets and balancing value with attainability for members
  • Tipsters betting on Mondays and how GBC’s approach is different with ‘Best’, ‘Tracked’ and ‘Minimum’ prices all provided for their subscribers
  • Betting in-play and why the Campbells often prefer it over pre-tournament action
  • Exotic markets, 3-balls and the edges available outside of the core markets
  • How player profiling can help with in-play betting, especially for those players consistently disrespected by the markets
  • Reflecting on performance, planned improvements and changes in the golf betting markets
  • LIV, The PGA Tour, The DPWT and how the politics of golf may well offer up betting opportunities
  • Statistics, popular metrics and how the Campbells have their own approaches to assessing players, especially when they play on different tours
  • Pre-event vs. in play & using the first round to gauge whether a player makes the shortlist
  • Variance, losing runs and dealing with this (as both tipsters and punters)
  • Where to find GBC and how to access their content (much of which is free!)
  • Predictions for 2024 and beyond

It is great to speak to tipsters who take so much care in how and when they release tips, with attainability at the forefront of their mind with every message they send out.

This chimes with our ethos at the SBC and with so much else on offer, I can recommend following Golf Betting Club on social media (@golfbettingclub) or visiting their website if you have an interest in the sport (and betting on it!).

You can also learn more about ‘GBC’ on their SBC page, with sign up options for SBC members (and non-members) available at the bottom of the page.


⛳2024 Golf Betting: Watch Our 4 Golf Strategies Play Out LIVE In January⛳

Golf has been our main focus over the festive and New Year period, with a detailed 28-page report release being accompanied by a special podcast, where Tom Brownlee from Bookie Bashing joined Rowan, Josh and I to discuss how we bet on golf using Weekly Golf Value and the Bookie Bashing Golf Tracker.

To follow up, we will each be posting all of our golf selections in the month of January (with a possible extension if this goes well!).

There will be no after timing here! Once tournaments have started on Thursday, we will reveal our selections on social media and in this blog post, with the odds we have taken for both win and each-way bets detailed for anyone who wants to see our strategies play out in real time.

It’s going to be less about bragging about winners (or sulking about losers!) and more about outlining how each of the 4 us take a slightly different approach to golf betting based on our preferences, time and of course bookmakers or exchanges available.

For all of this week’s bets, just scroll down!


Our Bets For The Dubai Desert Classic & The American Express

As discussed in our podcast, we all employ slightly different strategies using the tracker and the other facets of the Bookie Bashing service to arrive at our selections.
This week we have two tournaments with both the Farmers Insurance (PGA) and Ras Al Khaimah (DP World). Here is who we have each selected:










🎧SBC Podcast #67: How To Profit From Golf Betting in 2024!⛳

In the latest SBC Podcast I was joined by Tom Brownlee from Bookie Bashing and SBC’s very own Rowan and Josh to discuss everything golf betting for 2024

The great thing about assembling a ‘panel’ like this is that we all do things in our own way, we all have different levels of experience and we all have circumstances that dictate how we can bet.

This includes 2 strategies for betting each way (with bookmakers) and for the first time – betting to win (on exchanges mainly) and how each of us do this.

We covered the various options for different levels of bettor in our latest Special Report on Golf Betting and in this pod, we ‘add some meat to the bone’, with practical tips, insight and experiences that can help you.

You can listen to Episode 67 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

An In-Depth Chat With Hardened Golf Punters

In this episode, Tom, Rowan, Josh and I discuss:

  • ‘Cliff golfers’ – those who have cost us the most but who we dare not leave off our shortlists!
  • How we bet on golf, including shops, online soft bookmakers, exchanges and even Fantasy Golf
  • How the Bookie Bashing Golf Tracker works
  • Odds ranges, ‘sweet spots’ and which bands of odds can deliver massive profits from places
  • Timing, bookmaker profiling and when we bet to balance every consideration
  • Lesser known bookmakers and exploring firms not on the Oddschecker grid
  • Win only betting – why the tracker finds value (if it does!)
  • Quirks in the data between different tours
  • Drawdowns, tempering expectations and finding strategies that match individual risk appetites

You can learn more about the Bookie Bashing Golf Tracker by clicking here and the service we run together, where we share weekly tips using the powerful algorithm is profiled here.

As ever, if you have any questions, comments or feedback please get in touch via the normal channels!