Taking action on betting affordability limits, SCV and a Minimum Bet Law – important advice and guidance

My latest podcast with professional racing punter, Lee Key has caused quite a stir if judged by some of the emails, tweets and DM’s received about it over the past few days.

Including a few from some of you wishing to know more about some of the topics raised in our interview – answers to which I have in todays email.

Listen to the SBC podcast with Lee Keys via the following direct podcast links: Google / Apple / Spotify and on the SBC YouTube Channel


Alongside the increased usage of affordability checks by many firms, one of the chief concerns raised by Lee was regarding the proposed ‘Single Customer View’ (SCV) concept and its impact on UK bettors.

For those of you not familiar with it, SCV would allow each bookmaker to view your betting activity and deposits with all other licensed bookmakers.

Its introduction is in theory designed to help counteract ‘problem gambling’, yet the very real and live concern is that it will just be abused by the bookmakers as a way to further profile gamblers – including those of us winning or with the goal of winning.

Bookmakers deny this of course – but we know through painful experience that they can’t be trusted and that their greed coupled with the current regulatory environment has allowed them to create many of the issues now facing the industry.

As punters many things divide us, but what often unites us is a complete mistrust towards bookmakers, especially the big name firms who for too long have had it all their own way.

Bookmakers and those representing them are also hugely influential government lobbyists and it was only a few days ago that the Guardian reported how MP’s had taken more than 220k from the bookmaker lobby as they seek to influence coming gambling law changes in their favour.

You will notice they are not complaining about the introduction of SCV – perhaps because they know exactly how useful accessing a punters complete information across ALL firms will be.


The reality of the situation is that as punters we need to fight back and to raise awareness of this and associated issues with the people in positions of power and influence.

They need to know that bookmakers already have and use lots of tools in their possession to profile winning bettors, so why not apply this to losing ones too?

This New York Times article suggests Skybet know a scary amount about each of us that bet with them already.

We also need to raise the concept of a Minimum Bet Law (MBL) again because as another pro punter and ex-Paddy Power head of trading, Anthony Kaminskas raised in his recent Star Sports interviews, it might well make them a lot more money if they introduced even a £500 MBL law and got rid of Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) pricing on horse racing and other concessions.

After all most punters worth their salt can make money without the need for BOG to give their winners a boost. Often it only really helps perennial losers long-term as the winners have it quickly removed or their accounts closed.

The reality is that a MBL will only work if ALL firms are compelled to offer it at the same time, so it requires legislation and regulation. It works in Australia after all – so why not here?

It is time to raise this again – here is how…


Another man fighting back on this topic is Betting trader and blogger, Caan Berry, who has written an excellent piece about the dark side of regulation.

Caan explores further the issues with affordability limits, SCV and the roles of Government, the Gambling Commission and major bookmakers in the current mess we face.

He also proposes a solution of writing to your MP to raise this topic with them and to voice your opposition to SCV, frustration about betting restrictions and the imperative of a Minimum Bet Law.

Writing to your MP is something SBC have advocated in the past including back in January when we led a petition to separate skilled betting with casino betting – something that gained a lot of traction in the industry.

I received several emails from SBC readers and members who did exactly this and the discussions subsequently held with their Member of Parliament.

Whilst a few MP’s are happy to enjoy the fruits of bookmaker lobbyist money, the majority have no dog in this fight and might well listen to a reasoned, well made article on policy and legislation that can make a difference. I imagine most of them have no idea about these issues, so your voice could well cut through.

So, like Caan says, write to your MP, outline the key points as you see them and your concerns. It needn’t be an essay but just a few paragraphs to make them aware in your own words.

You can find details on your MP and their email address via this link

You might think – why bother – my MP won’t listen to me and indeed some might not, yet we can hardly complain about something if we take no action now can we?

The more noise we make about the fallacy of SCV, Bookmaker greed, a Minimum Bet Law and the separation of skilled sports and casino betting the better our chances of being heard!

And also perhaps even the better the chance the topics raised in this article might even be picked up by other media outlets to give the exposure needed.

Best wishes and good luck!

New podcast interview with professional horse racing punter, Lee Keys

For those of you interested in horse racing, the UK bookmaking scene or just profitable betting in general then the latest SBC podcast interview will be of major interest!

You can listen now via the following direct podcast links: Google Apple / Spotify
You can also watch us on the SBC YouTube Channel

My guest in Episode 24 is professional racing punter, Lee Keys, a man who has made a living from betting on racing for the past 25 years and someone who knows a thing or two about beating the bookmaker.

As well as exploring Lee’s edge in the racing world, we also discuss some of the changes being proposed for UK bettors and the serious implications they will have if introduced.

We also explore Lee’s recent issues with the Betfair exchange and why they have been making life so difficult for many at the top of their punting game, plus his usage of offshore and ‘whatsapp’ bookies as a solution to getting his bets on.

Lee also discusses why so many punters multi account these days using cheap mobile phones including his tips on how to prime new accounts and go under the radar.

All told it’s a revealing insight into not only what Lee has achieved over the years but his take on the modern betting world and how to carve out a continuous edge.

Available now at all major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club) and on the SBC YouTube channel


Lee is also the brains behind the Free SBC Tipster service – Magic Multiples which has been performing superbly since it started back in 2020.

The results to date show a profit of 236 points at 60% ROI from 408 different multiples.

Explore Lee’s service and the other Free Tipsters available to SBC members

Special new podcast/video on using AI to win betting on tennis & taking on bookmaker restrictions in court

The latest SBC podcast is out now and features my interview with professional bettor, Miguel Figueres about his usage of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to win betting on Tennis and his ongoing court battles with bookmakers who employ account restrictions on his accounts.

It’s safe to say that this is a must listen podcast for anyone interested in smart betting – especially if account restrictions have impacted you. Download links follow…

Using his Tennis algorithm, Miguel grew a bank of 200 Euros into 8000 Euros with one bookmaker, which then led to him setting up the SBC Hall of Fame rated service, Winner Odds for other users to back each of the value tennis bets his program uncovered.

As a successful bettor, Miguel has been impacted by bookmaker account restrictions and he also outlines his own legal battles with several firms, including Bet365 where he is challenging the clauses they rely upon to limit accounts.

Miguel and others have been engaged in an ongoing legal battle against these bookmakers since 2019 in Spain and he shares his experience on this process, what has taken place to date and his hopes for the future.

He also provides insight into why Spain has become a central point for this fight against restrictions, plus examples of how you can use GDPR laws in the EU to have bookmakers delete your data as well as a successful case he won against 888bet.

Listen To The Podcast

You can download this episode via the following directory links (or search ‘Smart Betting Club’ wherever you listen to pods)




You can also watch Miguel and Pete record the podcast via the SBC YouTube Channel.

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Betting Clever Podcast & Video – Tom Brownlee joins to talk football betting & more

At SBC we’re all about betting clever.

Our brand new podcast series is based on that ethos and it aims to bring you the very best winning betting content from real-life professionals making a living in the industry.

The 2nd episode in this series is out now and features special guest and professional bettor Tom Brownlee.

Tom is owner and founder of the advantage play site Bookie Bashing and is one of the sharpest minds in the professional betting space.

I get the chance to quiz Tom about some really interesting topics including…

  • How Tom bets on football to try and make a profitable edge.
  • The Bookie Bashing football coupon strategy that involves betting in bookmaker shops – this is a good one!
  • Withdrawal strategies – Tom provides some valuable insight into the minefield that is withdrawing your winnings from the bookies.

Tom, as always, is great value and I’m sure there’s plenty of content here that can help inspire your betting in some way. As well as listening to this podcast via all the usual channels, you can also watch Tom and I on YouTube for the first time!




Watch on YouTube


My top 5 betting podcasts

These days there is a wealth of sports betting content out there for aspiring sports bettors to expand their knowledge and improve their betting game. 

Blogs, YouTube channels, books, twitter and podcasts all are great sources of information and some of my favourite ways to consume content on betting.

In this article I wanted to share my top 5 betting podcasts that have helped me further my sports betting knowledge and improved my betting over the past few months. 

As a semi-professional bettor myself, it’s hugely important to keep on top of news, strategies, services and more in the industry and these 5 podcasts are some of the best at doing exactly that.

Trademate Sports

Trademate Sports is probably the first betting podcast I started listening to regularly when I first got into value betting. 

The podcast is hosted by Alex Vella who must be one of the most hardworking content creators in the space as he churns out multiple betting videos per week on the Trademate YouTube channel.

The Trademate podcast covers a few different angles to betting all centered around ‘helping you to beat the bookmaker.’ 

They regularly have betting experts on the podcast previewing major sporting events. This is often a gold mine for betting angles and gives listeners a real insight into how professional bettors find their edges. It’s certainly an aspect of the Trademate podcast that is a must-listen, especially for UK footy followers.

Episode 125 is a great example of this as the show previews the new English Football League season ahead. Nigel Seeley is the guest betting professional (a regular on the show) and he gives his expert opinion on who he thinks will do well and not so well in the coming campaigns.

The section where Nigel previews the new Championship season and talks about getting his team ratings in place for the start of the season is especially interesting. He usually finds an edge by doing his research, getting his team ratings in place and then betting accordingly in the first few weeks of the season whilst the opinions on the various teams are not fully formed yet. As long as his ratings are correct he’s onto a winner.

A really interesting angle then which gives you an idea about the mindset of professional bettors.

Expect: Expert opinion on UK footy and UFC, professional sport betting guests and tips!

Listen to Trademate Sports on Apple Podcasts

Smart Betting Club

I may be biased but the Smart Betting Club podcast is now a must-have resource for me when keeping on top of all things betting.

Hosted by SBC owner and founder Peter Ling, the show regularly interviews betting experts, normally those running tipster or betting services (such as Episode 20). This means you can often discover betting personalities or services that will be worth your consideration when adding to your betting portfolio. 

SBC pride themselves on independently reviewing betting services and tipsters so when a tipster is on the podcast and is recommended, you can be sure it’s a service that comes with a seal of quality.

My favourite SBC Podcast episode and one of my favourite betting podcasts ever was Episode 19 with special guest and professional bettor Anthony Kaminskas. 


Anthony was a fantastic guest and gave open and honest insight to his life as professional bettor. He talks about his journey from bookmaker employee to full time bettor and what it takes to beat the bookmaker on a large scale. This means betting in multiple territories, having access to multiple accounts and generally being able to get a lot of money down on his edges

Pete expertly guided the interview to ask the right questions and extract the answers we all wanted to hear; as much as Anthony was prepared to give away of course 🙂

Although AK is clearly further down the road than many, I urge anyone wanting to improve their betting to listen to this pod for a touch of inspiration.

Big fan of horse racing? Horse Racing betting and tipping plays a big part in SBC’s offering so expect plenty of great horse racing content on the pod.

Expect: tipster reviews, betting professionals, bookmaker industry expertise, horse racing 

Listen to the Smart Betting Club on Apple Podcasts

The BashCast

The BashCast is run by Bookie Bashing founder and owner Tom Brownlee. Tom is a character and is great value on his pods. He naturally combines comedic storytelling with his deep knowledge of numbers and betting. As the founder of the world class Bookie Bashing service it’s clear Tom is an innovator in the value betting space.

A favourite show of mine was Episode 175 due to the fact its content was different from anything I’d heard before and come across since. In the episode Tom reveals a recent court case he went through against William Hill after the company had refused a large payout on the grounds of a palpable error. It’s a fascinating look into a side of betting that you may not think  exists but can very much be a part of the battle against the bookmaker. 

Tom’s attitude towards the whole thing is admirable and it’s certainly worth a listen to hear how things turned out.

On other shows you’re likely to hear about topics that you won’t come across on any other betting podcasts.

Want to know about what it takes to avoid national service in South Korea and why that was a factor in the recent Olympic golf tournament? Check out Episode 176

Expect: compelling stories from Tom covering his betting, Bookie Bashing tools and random dramatic events that seem to frequent his life.

Listen to the Bashcast on Apple Podcasts

Business of Betting

The most established of my top 5 podcasts is the Business of Betting podcast, which as the name suggests, takes more of a look at the business side of the betting industry. This is from the angle of a bookmaker but also from the angle of those that are looking to profit from the bookies, again with a business twist to it. 

The podcast’s ‘about section’ says it ‘delves into the business side of the wagering, betting, investing, bitcoin, poker, bookmaking, and gambling industries’ – which gives you an idea of the diversity of the subjects the pod will cover.

Valuable betting websites and tools such as Smart Betting Club and Betstamp are featured so there are plenty of useful topics to help the aspiring profitable sports bettor.

A favourite episode of mine features the already mentioned Tom Brownlee from Bookie Bashing (Tom is great value on these pods whether he’s hosting or appearing as a guest!). I love this line from Tom where he shares his 4 ‘dark arts’ of professional gambling. These are 4 key areas that focus on the ‘art’ of betting rather than the science: the maths, EV, models etc. It’s a great listen and there’s an entertaining story thrown in there about one guy getting 6 figures down on a horse race using a team of 20 people to place wagers at various betting shops.

What to expect: Betting business CEOs, investors, entrepreneurs plus betting professionals 

Listen to the Business of Betting on Apple Podcasts

Circles Off

The Circles Off podcast is hosted by CEO of betting tracking software Betstamp and professional bettor Rob Pizzola. As both hosts are Canadians, there is a focus on the American betting markets which is a great way to expand your knowledge of how this game works over the other side of the pond.

Both speak eloquently about how to bet profitably and cover various topics with a strong focus on how they find edges, both themselves and the guests that they host.

A personal favourite episode of mine was Episode 18. As an England fan, it’s testament to the quality of the podcast that I still enjoyed them reminiscing about the Italy Euro penalty shootout win as both are Italy fans!

A key takeaway from the show for me was the discussion on what Johnny believed was the most pivotal personality or character trait to becoming a higher earning full time bettor. He believes that a person’s business sense is the most important factor in getting to the point of a higher earner. It’s something that resonated with me as I’m seeing this more and more the further I get into my betting journey. Building networks of bettors to help get money down, building relationships to share knowledge and edges, overcoming challenges that are part of beating the bookmakers are all key skills that are transferable between business and betting.

Expect: A focus on US betting markets/industry, a focus on finding your own edges, a natural podcast chemistry between the two.

Listen to Circles Off on Apple Podcasts

Consume, consume, consume. It’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole with betting content as I’ve found out when refreshing my memory for writing this article. 

There is a ton of great content out there and this of course only brushes the service. 

Feel free to contact me on alex@smartbettingclub.co.uk about any content that you think is worth highlighting.

Alex Lyons – SBC Writer








Talking Tipsters – Listen to this betting podcast interview with SBC

For those of you keen to learn more on the Smart Betting Club and the concept of using tipsters for profit, then make sure you listen to the recent betting podcast interview I recorded with Alex Vella from Trademate Sports.

During the interview, Alex and I discussed the tipster industry, how SBC verifies, measures and ranks tipsters plus an outline of what kind of ROI you can expect to make betting on sports long-term.

Clocking in at just over 50 minutes long, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the independent work of the Smart Betting Club, our analytical role exploring the tipster market and the central goal of the SBC service – helping our members make money betting.

Those of you interested in listening to it, can do so now for free via Apple podcastsPodbean or Spotify.

Best Regards

Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club Owner and Founder

SBC interviewed in new betting podcast series from gambling.com

For those of you keen to learn more on the Smart Betting Club and the concept of using tipsters for profit, then make sure you listen to a new betting podcast featuring SBC Editor, Peter Ling.

Interviewed as part of a new Gambling.com podcast series entitled ‘The Knowledge’, host Jessica Lamb explored several topics including the SBC review process, the tipping world itself, the concept of value betting and most crucially – dealing with the psychological challenges of betting for profit.

Those of you interested in listening to it, can do so now via SoundcloudSpotify or directly via your browser through this link

Clocking in at just under 25 minutes long, its a great opportunity to learn more about the work of the Smart Betting Club team and our quest to help ordinary punters make a profit betting using tipsters.

About The Knowledge

The Knowledge’ is a longform, bi-monthly podcast from Gambling.com which gets to the heart of the betting industry through interviews with some of the biggest names, spanning across a range of gambling genres. Think Ted Talks for punters, think education with a betting edge.

The series will cover a wide range of topics, including the key issues facing the gambling industry, the growth of online poker, the latest betting technologies being implemented, plus much more as Gambling.com brings listeners valuable insight from industry leading expert guests.

Best Regards

Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club Owner and Founder