New Podcast With Jesse May from the Matchbook Betting Exchange

In the latest episode of the SBC Podcast, I was joined by the head of strategy at Matchbook – Jesse May, to talk about their betting exchange.

You can listen to this episode now via Apple / Spotify / Google and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

Jesse was happy to talk about all aspects of Matchbook from the challenges of generating liquidity and operating in the competitive betting exchange marketplace through to some of the most popular and best value markets on site currently – including Football, NFL and Horse Racing.

He also tackled my questions on why Matchbook had their license suspended for 7 months in 2020 and he also outlined the changes that have taken place since then and why punters can now trust them as a safe and secure place to bet.

We also get into commission structures, affordability checks and how they are navigating the current betting landscape plus their desire to make Matchbook the place to visit for smart betting content – as witnessed by some of the excellent podcast and video content they publish.

Outside of Matchbook, Jesse also shares stories based on his 30 years working in betting including his time as a poker player and commentator on Late Night Poker!

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New SBC Podcast: Rowan Day explains how he makes a profit using tipsters

In the latest SBC Podcast episode I chatted with real-life tipster subscriber, Rowan Day to explore the results from his tipster portfolio and the profit he has made betting over the past 12 months.

You can listen to this episode now via Apple / Spotify / Google and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

This episode is a companion to the new Bet Diary annual report we published on Friday, which summarises the performance of the tipsters that Rowan follows.

You can download your report via the following link:

(Link opens up a PDF file containing the report in full)


My guest in this episode was SBC’s Rowan Day who has been writing the weekly Bet Diary blog on making a profit from tipsters for several years.

Once again it was another successful year with a strong profit achieved and Rowan outlines some of the best performing tipster services, who they are and why and how he follows them in.

For those of you keen to build your own tipster portfolio, he shares his thoughts on how best to approach this and how to choose tipsters that suit you, your budget, experience and bookmakers available.

We also get into the topic of bookmaker restrictions and how he gets around that with a few tips for account longevity and using the exchanges.

Its an ideal podcast for those of you interested in making money via tipsters and the experience Rowan can share on his success over the years doing exactly this.


The SBC Bet Diary was introduced in 2015 with the goal of helping to communicate some of the practical realities of following tipsters to make money betting.

It’s penned by profitable punter, and SBC writer, Rowan Day who each week discusses his ongoing betting journey including the tipsters he follows and his performance, using their advice (win or lose – he is always refreshingly honest!).

The idea behind the Bet Diary is to provide some real-life, genuine, experiences of just how the tipsters we rate and recommend can actually make you a realistic extra income stream.

Whether it’s to simply make some extra pocket money, fund a family holiday, or to generate a sustainable second income – his Bet Diary will be able to help you achieve your goals.

Updated weekly, you can read the very latest from Rowan at the Bet Diary homepage.

New SBC Podcast interview with betting professional, Paul Chandler-Burns

The latest SBC podcast episode is out now and features an interview with betting professional, Paul Chandler-Burns on his many years working in the industry.

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Paul’s time as a full-time bettor saw him take advantage of edges in football ante-post markets, entertainment and reality TV betting markets (and the inside information that so often flowed in them) as well as golf and horse racing.

These days, Paul combines his unique work as an entertainer on cruise ships with betting mostly on horse racing where he uses the Pricewise column and tips from Tom Segal as a starting point and guide to find excellent value in many of the big racing meetings and events.

By filtering through the bets Tom puts up, he is able to make a good return in these highly liquid markets – including via the Free SBC service ‘Pricewise with PCB‘ which has made in excess of 13% ROI since it began last year.

Paul also discusses his usage of independent bookmakers, including a few that happily will lay a bet on sports like horse racing and the convenience they bring.

All told its fascinating insight into a lifetime working in the betting world, the importance of evolving what you bet on as the industry changes and profitable angles to take advantage of in the modern betting world.


As an SBC member, you can enjoy access to an optimised version of Tom Segal’s Pricewise tips, as curated by Paul Chandler-Burns.

Since inception, over the course of 322 bets, this unique service has made 65.09 points profit @ 13.69% ROI.

You can read more on this service at the Pricewise with PCB page and also explore all the results as advised here.

New SBC Podcast with big priced winner specialist, Richard Hutchinson of Hanbury Racing

The very latest SBC Podcast has just been published featuring my in-depth discussion with the owner of the Hanbury Racing tipping service – Richard Hutchinson.

This episode is the perfect accompaniment for the detailed SBC review of Hanbury Racing and the edge it has to both bookmakers AND at Betfair SP.

Our review identified the service had a 32% ROI to bookmakers and 37.7% ROI at Betfair SP at the time of publication.

You can listen to this episode now via Apple / Spotify / Google and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

You can also watch both Richard and I record this episode on the SBC YouTube Channel


Richard began Hanbury Racing in 2020, after he won £188,000 after being victorious in the Tote Ten To Follow competition – giving him the platform to start a new life finding winners for a living.

His specialty is finding overlooked horses at big prices for each way value with regular winners over the past 2 years at prices as big as 100/1. Richard explains his process behind how he finds these horses and just why he prefers this approach to betting at short odds.

In fact – just last week Richard picked out yet another 66/1 winner to continue his phenomenal record!

We get into the challenges that betting to a high odds/low strike-rate approach brings and the mindset required to make it work.


To coincide with the release of the podcast and SBC review, Richard has put together a special 25% discount on the cost of joining his Hanbury Racing service.

This is exclusively available to SBC paid members only as part of the special trials and discounts we negotiate on their behalf.

The cost of a 12 month Hanbury Racing membership is £346, so you can save as much as £87.25 through this special deal.

Very often you can save more than the cost of SBC membership with these special deals, including others such as

  • Save 25% on the cost of your first 3 months with the Bookie Bashing service (worth £66.75)
  • Save 50 Euros on the cost of a month’s subscription to Winner Odds
  • Trial the Northern Monkey Punter service free of charge for 2 weeks (exclusive SBC member only deal)

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New SBC Podcast with professional racing punter & tipster, Quentin Franks

The very latest SBC Podcast has just been published featuring my chat with top racing expert and tipster, Quentin Franks.

Working 15 hour days and up at the crack of drawn each day, Quentin was good enough to share about what goes on behind the scenes as a pro punter and the reality of betting for a living – something he has been doing for the past 10 years.

As well as some of the things he looks for in a value bet and the tools he used to study horses, Quentin also discussed some of the smaller, independent bookmakers he often uses to get bets on and why more punters need to consider them.

He also outlines just why these firms welcome his business alongside his thoughts on the racing scene in general and his fears for it in the long-term.

We also explore his long-running SBC Hall of Fame rated tipping service which is now in its 8th year, during which time it has generated a 15% long-term ROI from over 8000 bets.

You can listen to this episode now via Apple / Spotify / Google and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

Quentin Franks Podcast


To coincide with the release of the podcast, Quentin has been good enough to setup a 15 day free trial of his service, which is offered via the Betting Gods platform.

This is exclusively available to SBC paid members only as part of the special trials and discounts we negotiate on their behalf.

Very often you can save more than the cost of SBC membership with these special deals, including others such as

  • Save 25% on the cost of your first 3 months with the Bookie Bashing service (worth £66.75)
  • Save 50 Euros on the cost of a month’s subscription to Winner Odds
  • Trial the Northern Monkey Punter service free of charge for 2 weeks (exclusive SBC member only deal)

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A UK Gambling Review Special Podcast With Pro Punter, Neil Channing

The latest episode of the Smart Betting Club podcast is out now and its a UK Gambling Review special with pro punter, Neil Channing.

Neil is one of the foremost minds on this topic and as he explains in the podcast, there has been a lot on the coming law changes from the perspective of those anti-gambling and the big bookmaking companies who have caused this mess, but very little on its impact on the vast majority of us who enjoy betting sensibly and with the aspiration of turning a profit.

This podcast is an attempt to tackle it on behalf of those of us who enjoy betting and to inform you on the situation as it stands and how to raise awareness and take action.

You can listen to this episode now via Apple / Spotify / Google and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)


Past experiences have shown that by grouping together on an important topic we can have an impact and once again its time to take action.

For example – the number of bettors who took part in the Gambling Commission’s consultation on what needs to change back in early 2021 seemed to surprise them and was something of a ‘win’ for punters.

Now its the turn of those in power to listen to us and this is why both Neil and SBC recommend those of you who live in the UK write to your MP to highlight these issues.

Neil has penned a few excellent articles on this topic including a template letter/email to send to your MP, which you can find at this link:

For more background and information on this topic, you can explore more in this additional podcast and article from November 2021.

As ever your feedback on this and other episodes is always welcome and if you enjoy the Smart Betting Club podcast – be sure to leave a positive review!


The ongoing debate on the law changes matter as if stringent deposit limits are brought in – this will only serve to send punters into the black market to bet.

Equally if the same bookmakers who created this mess are allowed to dictate how they monitor customers further, then the problems of an unfair, unbalanced betting market are not going to go away.

SBC care about this topic and ensuring punters get a better deal as we are one of the very few, truly bookmaker-independent voices in the betting space.

We rely on the funding of our members in the form of subscription fees and therefore take nothing in advertising revenue from bookmakers, unlike so many betting media outlets and journalists, who are directly or indirectly on their payroll.

We also believe that the gambling review should explore other important topics including bookmakers delaying or refusing withdrawals and abuse of the ID/security checks situation when dealing with customers they don’t like (i.e. winners). Expect to hear more from us on these points very soon!

Taking action on betting affordability limits, SCV and a Minimum Bet Law – important advice and guidance

My latest podcast with professional racing punter, Lee Key has caused quite a stir if judged by some of the emails, tweets and DM’s received about it over the past few days.

Including a few from some of you wishing to know more about some of the topics raised in our interview – answers to which I have in todays email.

Listen to the SBC podcast with Lee Keys via the following direct podcast links: Google / Apple / Spotify and on the SBC YouTube Channel


Alongside the increased usage of affordability checks by many firms, one of the chief concerns raised by Lee was regarding the proposed ‘Single Customer View’ (SCV) concept and its impact on UK bettors.

For those of you not familiar with it, SCV would allow each bookmaker to view your betting activity and deposits with all other licensed bookmakers.

Its introduction is in theory designed to help counteract ‘problem gambling’, yet the very real and live concern is that it will just be abused by the bookmakers as a way to further profile gamblers – including those of us winning or with the goal of winning.

Bookmakers deny this of course – but we know through painful experience that they can’t be trusted and that their greed coupled with the current regulatory environment has allowed them to create many of the issues now facing the industry.

As punters many things divide us, but what often unites us is a complete mistrust towards bookmakers, especially the big name firms who for too long have had it all their own way.

Bookmakers and those representing them are also hugely influential government lobbyists and it was only a few days ago that the Guardian reported how MP’s had taken more than 220k from the bookmaker lobby as they seek to influence coming gambling law changes in their favour.

You will notice they are not complaining about the introduction of SCV – perhaps because they know exactly how useful accessing a punters complete information across ALL firms will be.


The reality of the situation is that as punters we need to fight back and to raise awareness of this and associated issues with the people in positions of power and influence.

They need to know that bookmakers already have and use lots of tools in their possession to profile winning bettors, so why not apply this to losing ones too?

This New York Times article suggests Skybet know a scary amount about each of us that bet with them already.

We also need to raise the concept of a Minimum Bet Law (MBL) again because as another pro punter and ex-Paddy Power head of trading, Anthony Kaminskas raised in his recent Star Sports interviews, it might well make them a lot more money if they introduced even a £500 MBL law and got rid of Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) pricing on horse racing and other concessions.

After all most punters worth their salt can make money without the need for BOG to give their winners a boost. Often it only really helps perennial losers long-term as the winners have it quickly removed or their accounts closed.

The reality is that a MBL will only work if ALL firms are compelled to offer it at the same time, so it requires legislation and regulation. It works in Australia after all – so why not here?

It is time to raise this again – here is how…


Another man fighting back on this topic is Betting trader and blogger, Caan Berry, who has written an excellent piece about the dark side of regulation.

Caan explores further the issues with affordability limits, SCV and the roles of Government, the Gambling Commission and major bookmakers in the current mess we face.

He also proposes a solution of writing to your MP to raise this topic with them and to voice your opposition to SCV, frustration about betting restrictions and the imperative of a Minimum Bet Law.

Writing to your MP is something SBC have advocated in the past including back in January when we led a petition to separate skilled betting with casino betting – something that gained a lot of traction in the industry.

I received several emails from SBC readers and members who did exactly this and the discussions subsequently held with their Member of Parliament.

Whilst a few MP’s are happy to enjoy the fruits of bookmaker lobbyist money, the majority have no dog in this fight and might well listen to a reasoned, well made article on policy and legislation that can make a difference. I imagine most of them have no idea about these issues, so your voice could well cut through.

So, like Caan says, write to your MP, outline the key points as you see them and your concerns. It needn’t be an essay but just a few paragraphs to make them aware in your own words.

You can find details on your MP and their email address via this link

You might think – why bother – my MP won’t listen to me and indeed some might not, yet we can hardly complain about something if we take no action now can we?

The more noise we make about the fallacy of SCV, Bookmaker greed, a Minimum Bet Law and the separation of skilled sports and casino betting the better our chances of being heard!

And also perhaps even the better the chance the topics raised in this article might even be picked up by other media outlets to give the exposure needed.

Best wishes and good luck!

New podcast interview with professional horse racing punter, Lee Keys

For those of you interested in horse racing, the UK bookmaking scene or just profitable betting in general then the latest SBC podcast interview will be of major interest!

You can listen now via the following direct podcast links: Google Apple / Spotify
You can also watch us on the SBC YouTube Channel

My guest in Episode 24 is professional racing punter, Lee Keys, a man who has made a living from betting on racing for the past 25 years and someone who knows a thing or two about beating the bookmaker.

As well as exploring Lee’s edge in the racing world, we also discuss some of the changes being proposed for UK bettors and the serious implications they will have if introduced.

We also explore Lee’s recent issues with the Betfair exchange and why they have been making life so difficult for many at the top of their punting game, plus his usage of offshore and ‘whatsapp’ bookies as a solution to getting his bets on.

Lee also discusses why so many punters multi account these days using cheap mobile phones including his tips on how to prime new accounts and go under the radar.

All told it’s a revealing insight into not only what Lee has achieved over the years but his take on the modern betting world and how to carve out a continuous edge.

Available now at all major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club) and on the SBC YouTube channel


Lee is also the brains behind the Free SBC Tipster service – Magic Multiples which has been performing superbly since it started back in 2020.

The results to date show a profit of 236 points at 60% ROI from 408 different multiples.

Explore Lee’s service and the other Free Tipsters available to SBC members

Special new podcast/video on using AI to win betting on tennis & taking on bookmaker restrictions in court

The latest SBC podcast is out now and features my interview with professional bettor, Miguel Figueres about his usage of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to win betting on Tennis and his ongoing court battles with bookmakers who employ account restrictions on his accounts.

It’s safe to say that this is a must listen podcast for anyone interested in smart betting – especially if account restrictions have impacted you. Download links follow…

Using his Tennis algorithm, Miguel grew a bank of 200 Euros into 8000 Euros with one bookmaker, which then led to him setting up the SBC Hall of Fame rated service, Winner Odds for other users to back each of the value tennis bets his program uncovered.

As a successful bettor, Miguel has been impacted by bookmaker account restrictions and he also outlines his own legal battles with several firms, including Bet365 where he is challenging the clauses they rely upon to limit accounts.

Miguel and others have been engaged in an ongoing legal battle against these bookmakers since 2019 in Spain and he shares his experience on this process, what has taken place to date and his hopes for the future.

He also provides insight into why Spain has become a central point for this fight against restrictions, plus examples of how you can use GDPR laws in the EU to have bookmakers delete your data as well as a successful case he won against 888bet.

Listen To The Podcast

You can download this episode via the following directory links (or search ‘Smart Betting Club’ wherever you listen to pods)




You can also watch Miguel and Pete record the podcast via the SBC YouTube Channel.

Discover more and get the 50 Euros Winner Odds discount

Winner Odds is a long-running ‘Hall of Fame’ rated tipster service – one which we highly recommend to our members as one to follow to make them money betting.

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Betting Clever Podcast & Video – Tom Brownlee joins to talk football betting & more

At SBC we’re all about betting clever.

Our brand new podcast series is based on that ethos and it aims to bring you the very best winning betting content from real-life professionals making a living in the industry.

The 2nd episode in this series is out now and features special guest and professional bettor Tom Brownlee.

Tom is owner and founder of the advantage play site Bookie Bashing and is one of the sharpest minds in the professional betting space.

I get the chance to quiz Tom about some really interesting topics including…

  • How Tom bets on football to try and make a profitable edge.
  • The Bookie Bashing football coupon strategy that involves betting in bookmaker shops – this is a good one!
  • Withdrawal strategies – Tom provides some valuable insight into the minefield that is withdrawing your winnings from the bookies.

Tom, as always, is great value and I’m sure there’s plenty of content here that can help inspire your betting in some way. As well as listening to this podcast via all the usual channels, you can also watch Tom and I on YouTube for the first time!




Watch on YouTube