A Winning Tipster Treble – 3 New Affordable Racing Tipsters Reviewed

The latest SBC Magazine (Issue 107) has just been published and features detailed reviews of 3 new racing tipsters – each with profitable long-term records.

With ROI figures ranging from 17% up to 25.6% and with several years and thousands of proofed bets behind them, our reviews explore in-depth the realistic profits they can make for you if following them in

All 3 tipsters are affordably priced with low-cost trials on offer followed by ongoing fees of just £20 per month to mark them out as tipsters that won’t break the bank.

You can read about each of the 3 tipsters, who they are and a lot more with access to SBC 107 – which is available to download the instant you join the Smart Betting Club as either a Silver, Gold or Platinum member.


Why SBC Reviews Are Different!

Smart Betting Club tipster reviews are renowned for being some of the most detailed you can find – here is why you should trust us to help you find the right tipsters for you:

  • Independent, Expert Analysis: SBC has been reviewing tipsters since 2006 so we know what to look for when it comes to making a profit betting. Best of all, as we are 100% independent (never using affiliate links in our reviews) you can be assured that when we say something is good, it really is.
  • Odds Availability Reports: When scrutinising horse racing tipsters, its vitally important to understand just how easy (or hard) it is to get the advised odds. Our unique odds availability studies (published in each review) track this and keep you fully informed on the best tipsters not just in theory, but practice.
  • Exchange Profits & Suitability: For every tipster that goes under our review microscope, we also examine the profits that can me made following them on betting exchanges. Marking out those suitable for those of you unable to bet with traditional bookmakers.
  • Ratings & Recommendations: Alongside our detailed review, we also provide you with informed ratings and recommendations on those tipsters we encourage you to join to make you money betting. Helping you find the best tipsters quickly.

How To Get Your Copy Of SBC 107

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Matchbook Exchange: Analysis & Interview

Discover one of the best places to bet and pay less commission with our detailed examination of the Matchbook betting exchange.

This article is taken directly from the recently released ‘Betting Exchange, Bookmaker & Bet Broker Guide’ where Matchbook are just 1 of the 6 firms recommended to help shrewd punters make more money.



In Brief: The Matchbook exchange is another must-have betting account for any punter. Offering low commission rates, excellent liquidity and a genuine alternative for punters unable to hold accounts with the likes of Pinnacle Sports.

The SBC View: We highly recommend all punters open accounts with the exchange – Matchbook, who offer extremely competitive odds and low commission rates for those of you betting on the likes of Horse Racing, Football, Tennis and all the major USA based sports

If you haven’t got a Matchbook account yet and you bet on any of these sports, it’s imperative you open one and start to use them for your bet placement. Especially given the fact that all new Matchbook customers can enjoy low commission rates on ALL markets. Compared to the 5% commission base rate that their main rival – Betfair offers, its easy to see why they are so highly thought of right now.

Football is the main sport for trading on Matchbook, yet we have seen significant growth in other sports such as Horse Racing and Golf in recent times. The markets for both these sports plus all the major US offerings: NBA, NFL, MLB & NHL offer competitive odds, often at similar odds you will see over in Asia. Compare the odds on offer from the likes of Pinnacle Sports with Matchbook and you will see they are very closely matched even after commission.

Horse racing is also now a major market for Matchbook customers, which is all the more impressive considering it was first introduced back in July 2016. They now offer competitive odds for both win and place betting in each UK and Ireland race at their low commission rates including growing liquidity for in-play traders.


There is however, one fundamental difference between Matchbook and their competitors that it is wise to be aware of. Whereas they only charge commission on winnings, Matchbook take a (smaller) commission on all bets, regardless of whether the bet wins or loses. This is because Matchbook operates a “per transaction revenue model”, identical to many financial exchanges.

A detailed explanation on this can be found here but in summary, it depends on the amount you trade and your location as the commission rate will vary with the base rate starting at 1.5% and rising to 1.75% if located in the UK or Ireland and accepting an existing bet. For those of you happy to post an offer for a bet, this reduces significantly to 0.75% (standard) and 0.85% (UK/Ireland).

Handily, Matchbook also features on two of the most popular odds comparison websites – Oddsportal and Oddschecker, allowing you to compare their odds (with the option to add in your commission rate on Oddsportal to get the true odds) across several major sports.

We have also been impressed by the ‘Insight’ section of the Matchbook website now available, which features links to podcasts, tips, advice and education on how to bet. Completely free to access, you can find some excellent content and guidance from several big name and most importantly of all, clued up punters.

Open a Matchbook Account

In Summary:

Positives: Large number of markets/sports available. Very strong Football & Horse racing markets now offering very competitive odds. Similarly, strong odds on Golf, Tennis & US sports. Excellent ‘insight’ section full of advice for gamblers. Included on Oddschecker and Oddsportal. Lower commission rates for those posting odds.

Negatives: Commission charge on stake of losing bets with different rates per country. Some customers need to pay a withdrawal fee. In-play markets still developing.

Recommended For: All punters – another must-have account.



To understand more about the Matchbook service, they were also good enough to answer a series of our questions in this exclusive interview….

SBC: For those unfamiliar, can you outline how Matchbook works and what it offers customers?

Matchbook is designed for smart bettors who want more value. At Matchbook we offer deep liquidity in a whole range of sports and low commissions.

What are the advantages of betting through Matchbook compared to other exchanges or traditional bookmakers?

While you bet against the ‘bookie’ with a Sportsbook, at Matchbook you go head-to-head with fellow bettors. This means better odds across a whole range of sports and a betting site that is open to winners. While many of the big sportsbooks are in the habit of restricting winning players, at Matchbook we welcome them.

What are the main markets and sports you offer and see the most trading on?

Football Betting is consistently our top traded sport and the FIFA World Cup was a huge success with £260 million traded throughout the tournament.

Focusing on football for a minute – how do your odds compare with those from the big Asian firms in the main 1X2, Over/Under and Asian Handicap markets? 

We are consistently best priced on numerous Asian handicaps and Asian goal markets. On the Matchbook Betting Podcast our panelists regularly highlight the advantages of Asian handicaps minimising risks by halving your stakes on 2.0 and 2.5 for example. One of our key objectives is to provide our customers with content that enables them to become smarter bettors and we do this through the Matchbook Podcast and insights.matchbook.com.

Moving onto Horse Racing, it’s now been 2 years since you first introduced racing markets on Matchbook. How have these markets developed during this time?

We have made great strides with our Horse Racing product in recent times. While there’s always room for improvement, Matchbook customers can get substantial amounts matched on selections even a couple of hours before the off of each race. The needle may move a bit slower in the early morning but take a look as the day progresses and you can really see the action heating up.

What about in-play and live betting on sports like football and racing. Can you outline what you offer and the volume of money traded on Matchbook these days?

With football we have seen an uptick in in-play wagering and the vast majority of pre match markets are also offered in running which is ideal for any customers who are looking to trade out of their positions.

In play Horse Racing only launched this year prior to Cheltenham and while it started slowly we have seen a gradual uptick on customers getting involved in these markets. Flat racing is always a tougher proposition to trade in running but come the National Hunt season we would expect a lot more customers to get involved.

I understand Golf betting is a keen area of growth on Matchbook with a large array of tournament matchups now covered. How has betting on this sport grown on Matchbook recently?

Golf betting is now consistently in our top five traded sports and it’s not just when the majors roll around either. Tournament matchups, as you mentioned, cannot be found at any other exchange or sportsbook in this part of the world and we have seen from our customers reaction that there is a real appetite for these markets. We have Ollie Noonan (aka @fairwaywedge on twitter) on the Matchbook Podcast with us every Tuesday to preview these matchups and we’ve most definitely highlighted markets that may have been missed by many bettors in the past.

Are there any other new markets or innovations introduced over the past year to be aware of?

In running Horse Racing generally was a huge addition for us. That launched at a similar time to the 0% on Racing offer so it was a real fillip to our product and allowed customers to manage their position once the race was off. We have a few more exciting Horse Racing features to follow in the coming weeks and months so watch this space on that one.

One of our key motivations is a focus on customer service, which is our differentiating factor. We want to be the exchange that makes the difference, if you experience a problem or have a suggestion as to how we can improve the customer experience we want to know and have a dedicated team focussed on engaging with and sorting any issues for customers.

Can you explain the commission fees for using Matchbook and how they work?

There is no question we offer the lowest commission in the exchange market on Horse Racing with a 1.5% net win rate and as we head towards the end of the flat and into the National Hunt season we’re really excited with the level of activity on site.

In other sports Matchbook has two different commission rates of either 1.5% or 0.75% on all trades, depending on whether you accept another user’s offer or whether they accept your offer.

If you accept an existing offer in a market the standard commission rate is 1.5%. If you post an offer, which another user then matches, the standard commission rate will be 0.75%.

I understand the fees change slightly for UK and Ireland customers – can you outline how and why?

Since 2015 laws in both Britain and Ireland Matchbook is required to pay an additional 15% tax on all betting exchange commission payments received from its customers to the respective governments. Customers residing in the UK and the Republic of Ireland will be charged a portion of the Point of Consumption taxes. So if you accept an existing offer in a market the standard commission rate will be 1.7%. If you post an offer, which another user then matches, the standard commission rate will be 0.85%. If you are betting on Horse Racing which is 1.5% Net Win commission, the standard commission rate will be 1.7%.



So there you have it – insight into just 1 of the 6 firms as recommended in SBC’s ExchangeBookmaker & Bet Broker Guide and the difference they can make to your profits.

If you are keen on learning more about Matchbook and the 5 other firms included within this guide, make sure you grab a copy of it right away.

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All 6 firms in the guide also welcome winners as they make their profit either based on betting turnover or the commission they charge you on each bet. So, whether you win (or lose) they will never ban you from their service – unlike so many ‘major firms’.

Offering solutions for punters on all sports including but not limited to Horse Racing, Football, Golf, Tennis and all major US Sports like NBA or NFL, this guide will help show you the best firms to bet with to make long-term sustainable profits.

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The Latest on £500 Minimum Bet Guarantees & Sky Bet’s New Offer

Minimum Bet Guarantees have been in the news recently and last week the biggest firm yet – Skybet joined the throng with the unveiling of their own £500 ‘lay to lose’ offer – available to those betting on all Class 1 and 2 races from 10am each day.

Whilst it was welcome news that such a large bookie as Skybet had put up its own guarantee, their offer is not as extensive as some of the others available, yet is still another step in the direction for those of us fed up of restrictions and closures.

I covered the topic in more depth in my article on Min Bet Guarantees a couple of weeks ago and the hope is that these offers could be the start of a more widespread acceptance of bets from all punters (not just losing ones).

Especially if stories like this article in the Daily Mail continue to raise awareness of unfair bookmaker practice in limiting winning bets.

Min Bet Guarantee Round-Up

(Updated 30th November 2018 in light of Betfair’s expansion to offer the guarantee on all races)

To help keep you informed, I have penned a quick summary of what is on offer from each of the 3 firms offering these guarantees and the different terms and conditions. Please note – this covers online betting only.

Bet Victor – By far the most extensive offer initially, Bet Victor have rolled out a ‘Bet Guarantee’ market for every UK/Ireland race, where you can win up to £500 from 11am onwards. Both win and each way betting is allowed.

Those of you who have had Bet Victor accounts closed in the past are also welcome to apply to have them reopened to use in the guarantee market. Indeed already a dozen or so of you have emailed me to confirm previously closed accounts are now usable once again.

Despite initially offering the same odds in the ‘Bet Guarantee’ markets as in their normal racing markets, you can now expect to find worse odds at times, especially for smaller race meetings or those with unfavourable each way terms. Evidence seen by us recently suggests the ‘Bet Guaranteed’ market is now working regularly to higher over-rounds and lower value prices.

Therefore, do be sure to double-check the odds being offered in the Bet Guarantee market and how they compare before placing your bets.

Betfair Sportsbook – Initially offered a £500 lay to lose guarantee for all class 1 and 2 races for UK and Ireland, although this was recently expanded on the 30th November to cover ALL races.

You can bet up to £500 on all races win only from 10am and those of you previously restricted by Betfair Sportsbook will be able to get on without issue. Unlike Bet Victor’s offer there is no separate ‘guaranteed’ market and you simply bet as you would do in the regular Betfair win racing markets.

Skybet – They will lay a bet to lose up to £500 from 10am onwards, although this is for win bets only and in class 1 & 2 races.


As and when any other bookmakers roll out their own offers, I will keep you updated.

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6 More Places To Bet In This Unique Guide

For those of you after further recommendations on the best places to bet, especially some of the lesser-known options, then you can find a very detailed rundown on 6 firms in the latest Smart Betting Club publication: The 2018 Exchange, Bookmaker & Bet Broker Guide

The 6 firms included in this guide might not be household names, yet they offer some of the best value odds, lowest commission rates & best of all – they welcome winning gamblers. You will never have your accounts closed for being successful at betting

Offering solutions for punters on all sports including but not limited to Horse Racing, Football, Golf, Tennis and all major US Sports like NBA or NFL, this guide will help show you the best firms to bet with to make long-term sustainable profits.

You can access your copy of the 2018 Betting Exchange, Bookmaker & Bet Broker Guide with any Smart Betting Club membership (Silver, Gold or Platinum). As soon as you join the Smart Betting Club service, you are granted instant access to the guide.

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The Best Bookmakers, Betting Exchanges & Bet Brokers / 2018 Updated Guide Out Now


Discover the best up-and-coming places to bet with the 2018 ‘ Betting Exchange, Bookmaker & Bet Broker Guide ’ – available now to all SBC members

Tackling 6 of the best firms my team and I have used and examined – the guide avoids all the usual bookies you already know about and focuses on the lesser-known places that the professionals use.

Alongside the detailed analysis and recommendations, you can also read exclusive interviewswith all 6 firms on what they offer.

They might not be household names or bombard you with adverts every time you watch sport on TV, but what they do offer you is the chance to get better value odds on your bets.

Exchange Cover

All 6 firms also welcome winners as they make their profit either based on betting turnover or the commission they charge you on each bet. So whether you win (or lose) they will never ban you from their service – unlike so many of the ‘major firms’.

Offering solutions for punters on all sports including but not limited to Horse Racing, Football, Golf, Tennis and all major US Sports like NBA or NFL, this guide will help show you the best firms to bet with to make long-term sustainable profits.

You can access your copy of the 2018 Betting Exchange, Bookmaker & Bet Broker Guide with a Smart Betting Club membership.

If you have any questions on the guide or Smart Betting Club membership, you can contact me directly via pete@smartbettingclub.com

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